The Treacherous Treasure Hunt of Forrest Fenn

  • Published on Sep 7, 2018
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  • BuzzFeed Unsolved Network
    BuzzFeed Unsolved Network  14 days ago +7547

    We're shooting our post mortem episode Monday, so make sure to leave your questions down below!

    • Madison Shitface
      Madison Shitface 12 days ago

      I live in Albuquerque!! I'm so glad they visited here lmao

    • Vartika Pandey
      Vartika Pandey 14 days ago +1

      #postmortem what would shane and ryan do if they ever found a treasure?? #boogara #butwouldmarryshane

    • David Goliath
      David Goliath 14 days ago

      I dont watch you guys other stuff but I love the unsolved series.

    • Miracle Emery
      Miracle Emery 14 days ago

      history, starting in the 1660's 'Blaze' was a term used to describe cuts in trees used to mark trails in the woods, (I also believe although I'm not certain that it may also be used by firefighters to refer to a spot where trees have been removed to hamper forest fires. You'll have to fact check this as I'm unsure) Either way go back to the Browns Creek area and pay closer attention to the trees!

  • artsymiz
    artsymiz 7 minutes ago +1

    #postmortem it is maybe under the water behind one of the waterfalls ..

  • sofia dolbear
    sofia dolbear 3 hours ago

    I would look like inside the waterfall tbh like in the movies behind the waterfalls you know

  • Leanna Fodor
    Leanna Fodor 7 hours ago

    god dammit i thought u guys had it

  • MaskyVlogs
    MaskyVlogs 7 hours ago

    What if that square rock was the treasure? What if the real treasure is an adventure to cherish?

  • retarded dragon
    retarded dragon 7 hours ago

    A blaze could just be where the sun shines on.

  • Inlet Reg
    Inlet Reg 8 hours ago

    How fucked up would it be if there wasn’t any treasure in the end. I mean the title of his memoir was “The Thrill of the Chase” and it was made during poor economic times in America. It could be possible that he made this scavenger hunt to get the depression off peoples minds, and it’s not about the treasure but the thrill of chasing it. But what do I know, someone probably already found it and told no one because they have a brain.

  • Caitlyn Tjandra
    Caitlyn Tjandra 9 hours ago


  • Maxxramus
    Maxxramus 10 hours ago

    what a waste of my hard earned time

  • Aidan Walker
    Aidan Walker 10 hours ago

    All this research and they didn’t know what a blaze was!! It’s not a pile of rocks, it’s a swatch of paint (usually on a tree or something) or, more traditionally, a shaved away patch of bark revealing the light wood underneath.

  • Adrienne DeVoe
    Adrienne DeVoe 11 hours ago

    Another definition of blaze is a marking on a tree, sooooo. I mean the really white rock was cool and all but...

  • Connor Fischer
    Connor Fischer 13 hours ago

    Just a thought but what if the treasure is fake or by treasure he means exploring/discovering the beauty of the outdoors

  • mj m
    mj m 13 hours ago

    You guys should go to Mary’s Grave in Long Island next season!!

  • Big Hoodie
    Big Hoodie 14 hours ago

    You fools. You can't just think like an 80 year old man. You must *bring* an 80 year old man.

  • Koda Spotted Bead
    Koda Spotted Bead 14 hours ago

    I live in a town called Browning and it's in Montana

  • Mary Anne
    Mary Anne 14 hours ago

    Make Part 2 maybe?? this time researching even more? xD

  • Zandra135
    Zandra135 16 hours ago

    I could watch more videos of you being treasure hunters!

    ZOMBIE CHICK 16 hours ago

    Shane kinda reminds me of Benedict Cumberbatch. Also side note he is so good looking id love to meet him.

  • Yoot
    Yoot 16 hours ago

    Dudeski, shouldn’t underestimate an 80 year old 😫👊

  • sky lar
    sky lar 17 hours ago

    y’all could some day become and independent company with sponsors to go treasure hunting ! u never kno who’s watching these episodes....

  • Amanda Nic
    Amanda Nic 18 hours ago

    "too far to walk" doesn't necessarily mean he drove. he could have taken a boat as well since he said he barely walked?

  • Ryuzaki Echizen
    Ryuzaki Echizen 18 hours ago

    What if they actually managed to solve the clues and just missed something crucial? Real treasure hunters might be on their way to follow their trail.

  • RobinHood
    RobinHood 18 hours ago

    One of the definitions of a blaze as a noun, is a mark made by cutting the bark of a tree so as to mark a pathway or route. Where there any significant marks that you may have overlooked?

  • The Florida Blog
    The Florida Blog 19 hours ago

    A “blaze” is a trail marking, like spray paint on a tree.

  • Reality YT
    Reality YT 19 hours ago

    what if they box they found was the treasure... gold is very heavy and they said it was camouflaged...

  • Daphne Tomlin
    Daphne Tomlin 20 hours ago

    I feel like it's more than a bit problematic that it's 2018, and you guys didn't start with a disclaimer that it's not okay to loot or pillage other countries artifacts/history/culture...... kind of makes me question BuzzFeed a little bit

    • Daphne Tomlin
      Daphne Tomlin 20 hours ago

      I'm a fan for sure and think you guys are great, so I think this is why I was so disappointed by the lack of acknowledgment of looting other cultures not being okay

  • Leah Fahey
    Leah Fahey 22 hours ago

    you guys have to make a video on Madeline McCann it's like the biggest unsolved case in europe

  • TokiDoki♡
    TokiDoki♡ Day ago

    From how I interpret it you should be on the left side of the falls.
    Have you evrr seen a waterfall where the spray at the top catches in the sun? like a blaze? You would look down (from the top left side of the waterfall) and see (probably in a picturesque valley) either a path or something of note and that's where the treasure would be (I just think you should have been standing at the top of a waterfall for that clue).

  • XxProGamerxX
    XxProGamerxX Day ago

    Check behind the waterfall

  • Guru Tugginmapudah

    The blaze is also known as marking/ chipping of a tree

  • Edward /michelle Bloom/ liza

    Are you guys gonna have a show about 'the boys from yuba' (the American dyatlov pass )?

  • Judy Carley
    Judy Carley Day ago

    Next time one of you looks for the treasure consider the stanza "as I have gone alone in there and with my treasures bold" as going in a nude hot springs, there are tons within the highlighted area, within miles of his home!!!

  • BelleJones
    BelleJones Day ago

    Can you do the port Arthur massacre

  • Abbie Nicholson
    Abbie Nicholson Day ago

    If they were looking for something white or somewhere you can’t raft/paddle, why would they not think to look for a place where the water is white or where you would go white water rafting. If that makes sense, even though you can’t really paddle it’s still white so I guess that’s a little bit more of a clue.

  • AI Dusty
    AI Dusty Day ago

    The blaze in the huge white tree!!!!!!

  • EOgletree25
    EOgletree25 Day ago

    I think yall made a hell of a search, but IMO, i believe it’s somewhere in Yellowstone

  • Ngai 22b
    Ngai 22b Day ago

    Assasination of benigno aquino ii

  • Tianna Rose Treadway

    I live in new mexico. Its weird to see Albuquerque and the airport in a video like this. So awesome tho to see a video be based out here . I love your guys videos too 😁. I've been watching them all day. Probably about 15 of them haha

  • Eliza Jane
    Eliza Jane Day ago

    You guys should look at the Min Min Lights in Outback Australia. We barely get a mention and there’s so much weird stuff here to look at here! 😁

  • Neely Martin
    Neely Martin Day ago

    What if the Blaze was the sun and on a very sunny day the treasure could be revealed somehow IDK

  • Himmat Mehndi
    Himmat Mehndi Day ago

    Why dont you guys get a metal detector and scan the area

  • Don D
    Don D Day ago

    Unsolved ?? More like solved by this guy.

  • Gamers Planet
    Gamers Planet Day ago +2

    Like = TRUE CRIME
    Comment = SUPERNATURAL
    Comment If you are a ryaniac or shaniac too

  • Guillermo Calderon
    Guillermo Calderon Day ago +1

    Ryan Shane don’t give up guys you should try again

  • Jared Peek
    Jared Peek Day ago +1

    Not going to lie - this was a fun episode

  • claudia vargas
    claudia vargas Day ago

    But why didn’t they take a metal detector?

  • Douglas Crabbe
    Douglas Crabbe Day ago +2

    What if it’s behind a Waterfall?

  • Laurel Britt
    Laurel Britt Day ago

    Lol I wonder how many people have pasted it... I think he hid it in the most obvious place just as you lose something and you've been looking for it for sometime and it's been right under you nose the whole time

  • erin peeters
    erin peeters Day ago

    Didn't he already retrieved it?

  • awkward mint
    awkward mint Day ago +2

    *plot twist: he was a prankster the whole time*

  • Caitlin Rudolfs
    Caitlin Rudolfs Day ago

    We need Nicholas Cage to come and bring some National Treasure magic to this hunt

  • sofa bear
    sofa bear Day ago

    I would love to see you cover the case of Gurcharn Singh Landa, he was a 33-year-old British taxi driver and I think his case is very interesting (but I don't want to give anything about his murder away) :D

  • Aysha Albahri
    Aysha Albahri Day ago +1

    What if Forrest said there was a chase but there wasn't because he wanted ppl to go out and experience nature

  • N M
    N M Day ago

    Watch one of the viewers find it now.

  • Rory Beglin
    Rory Beglin 2 days ago

    Do Madeleine McCann ghoul boys

  • Combat Medic Mercy
    Combat Medic Mercy 2 days ago

    Four people have died looking for this thing (well, four *identified* people) and it could be a wild goose chase. I'm not sure how to feel about the situation.

  • Various Styles
    Various Styles 2 days ago

    This could be a start of a new series. Unsolved treasure hunters. Get on it Buzzfeed.

  • Carla Mendio
    Carla Mendio 2 days ago

    can you please do the flight MH370.

  • NyanCat1907
    NyanCat1907 2 days ago

    I really wanted them to find it

  • Ustole myMusterd
    Ustole myMusterd 2 days ago

    Hheheh Pretty sure my dad figured out where it is, might go to find it. Funnily enough it took my dad like 15 minutes to find on google maps where it *Might* be. So sad people have died for it, hopefully we can find it! Even if we cant get it, it will be a fun adventure!

  • Polarbear11000
    Polarbear11000 2 days ago +15

    This is just an excuse for Ryan to cosplay as Indiana Jones

  • Kadeem A Thomas
    Kadeem A Thomas 2 days ago

    I tend to think this Forrest Finn guy just wanted attention after he died and never really hid a treasure🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Nursyairah Azrul
    Nursyairah Azrul 2 days ago

    I mean, they're doing this with the mindset 'an 80 year old man can't do things this hard'. Did they even look up on Mr. Fenn when they started. Some folks are pretty damn tough even when they've reached 80. Just saying tho..

  • Paulin Bique
    Paulin Bique 2 days ago

    Looks like "One Piece anime" to me hahaha please read this in the post mortem Shane and Ryan :)

  • Regine Magbitang
    Regine Magbitang 2 days ago

    I have a unsolve mystery for shane and ryan its "chop chop lady lucila lalu" here in the philippines.

  • Martina Mazzotta
    Martina Mazzotta 2 days ago

    glad they made this a channel. I hate buzzfeed but love unsolved

  • Rhyleigh Abel
    Rhyleigh Abel 2 days ago

    I think it’s in Brown’s Canyon Colorado, given the brown and canyon clue, and the fact that Colorado is known for trout and forest fires

  • Squita L Martin
    Squita L Martin 2 days ago

    This may sound a wee bit crazy, but what if the treasure doesn't actually exist. The treasure is him simply getting people outside to explore areas of the unknown?

  • L0serlety ,
    L0serlety , 2 days ago

    My old bus driver would tell us about this and we would always talk about it and made jokes about taking a road trip to the Rocky mountains

  • Nancy P
    Nancy P 2 days ago

    The 'blaze' part could also refer to a forest fire. Especially in Wyoming and Montana there have been a lot

  • Adeela
    Adeela 2 days ago

    I want to date Ryan for some reason..
    But wait.. im happily married 🤷🏻‍♀️
    Hey Ryan.. if U ever come to Dubai, I’d love to have coffee and a little chat with you :)

  • Seth Boyle
    Seth Boyle 2 days ago +3

    How have they not covered the Amityville murders yet?

  • Cn7Playz
    Cn7Playz 2 days ago

    When they found the square rock I was like of course 2 weird f*cking buzz feed employees found that treasure out of 65k ppl

  • Grace Hamilton
    Grace Hamilton 2 days ago

    Paul Mcartney theories

  • petr Ton
    petr Ton 2 days ago

    my dad has been looking for this for years, he's spent over $20000 and relentless hours each day looking and researching for it. The treasure aint worth it.

  • Crystal Dorta
    Crystal Dorta 2 days ago

    In an interview with nightline, Fenn says “The grizzly bears are dangerous enough” which means it won’t be in New Mexico! I want y’all to keep going back and looking!

  • Luker Head
    Luker Head 2 days ago

    My father and I used to live nearby a Rocky Mountain. We used to go on these hikes, and I hated them. About one year ago, we decided to go fishing. The water was waaaaaaaay to wild, however i fell in and fell saw a very small box. It was heavy, but I pulled it out. I had no clue it was of this value. I currently have it in my attic. I had no idea until I saw this video.

  • NikoR
    NikoR 2 days ago

    But how is this true crime ?

  • Jessy Boyd
    Jessy Boyd 2 days ago

    This was a really fun and different episode. More like this, please!

  • Savannah Mendes
    Savannah Mendes 2 days ago

    Can we PLEASE get a treasure hunting season!?

  • DominicanMerida
    DominicanMerida 2 days ago

    The adventure music hahaha

  • Adele Alsulami
    Adele Alsulami 2 days ago

    I beg you, do the CHRIS BENOIT homicide/suicide.

  • Karma95
    Karma95 2 days ago

    "You want my treasure? You can have it! I left everything I've gathered together in one place. Now you'll just have to find it!"

  • Meghan Dunn
    Meghan Dunn 2 days ago

    Do the curse of OAK ISLAND next season!!!!!

  • Jessica Scornigan
    Jessica Scornigan 2 days ago

    When hearing the poem did anyone think that he buried it below a portapotty?

  • fangirlvstheuniverse

    I reasoned that someone could have found it and just not said anything and then two seconds later Ryan says that exact same thing

  • Alex Chatzithomas
    Alex Chatzithomas 2 days ago


  • Ashley Scanlon
    Ashley Scanlon 3 days ago

    I would acc love if buzzfeed would make a playlist of just them talking about myths and their opinions on it , don’t get me wrong I love true crime but it would be a good to see something like that

  • Funny Bunny
    Funny Bunny 3 days ago

    Id find it funny if they were actually like really close to it and just missed it

  • Andrew Ryan
    Andrew Ryan 3 days ago

    "With all due respect here, what kind of
    f u c k i n ' g a m e a r e y o u p l a y i n g ? "

  • OznapitsameSarina
    OznapitsameSarina 3 days ago

    Wait but. What if the white blaze is the literal water fall. And if it would be supposedly wet but not drenched wouldn't that fit? If it were placed behind it within the rocky terrain

  • Jeffrey Riley
    Jeffrey Riley 3 days ago

    Shane has that queer obsession with wanting his body to be left out to rot and be eaten by animals.

  • Khushi Avvari
    Khushi Avvari 3 days ago

    Maybe this treasure was supposed to be done in winter when warm waters halt to cold waters

  • EM Gold
    EM Gold 3 days ago

    Ryan Bergara-Jones

  • yu shuang
    yu shuang 3 days ago

    I really enjoyed this episode! I was rooting for you guys to find it!! The square rock got me SHOOOOKT.

  • Bunny
    Bunny 3 days ago

    The only way you'd ever find that treasure is if they cut down all those trees, leveled the terrain and dig it all up.
    Nature has sadly taken over so it maybe lost forever or someone found it maybe.

  • Bianca Medaglia
    Bianca Medaglia 3 days ago

    The both of their personalities together make for the most hilarious footage and they are literally just being themselves. Love that buzzfeed picked these two and I absolutely adore the show!

  • Fay A
    Fay A 3 days ago

    Very underwhelming episode to close the season, should’ve done the Steven Avery case

  • Avery Castleberry
    Avery Castleberry 3 days ago

    You Guy were in NEW MEXICO!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH I'm so hurrt😭😂

  • Anna Salas
    Anna Salas 3 days ago

    I hope you could do one on princess doe