The Treacherous Treasure Hunt of Forrest Fenn

  • Published on Sep 7, 2018
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  • BuzzFeed Unsolved Network
    BuzzFeed Unsolved Network  9 months ago +11044

    We're shooting our post mortem episode Monday, so make sure to leave your questions down below!

    • Vinslayin 082
      Vinslayin 082 Month ago

      The real adventure would be Yamashita's treasure but the question is are you ready for the journey and the mysteries ahead?
      I think you cant even if you wanted to, buzz feed isnt ready for Yamashita gold 🤣

    • Henriette Hillary
      Henriette Hillary 3 months ago

      I might be a little late to this party but I might be seeing things but at the timing 27:10 , is it just me or the square shaped rock at tree trunk has like a “key shaped” embellishment on it. It might be my eyes seeing things?

    • manny pol
      manny pol 6 months ago Didn't expect to find the treasure anyway but was entertaining and made a good video

    • Zach Wong
      Zach Wong 6 months ago

      Should of gone to Colorado, MOLLY BROWN!

    • max kight
      max kight 7 months ago

      Please do a pt 2. Also, these 2 are amazing together

  • Bianca Witermark
    Bianca Witermark 2 hours ago

    I’m so mad they didn’t keep looking around the white, marble rock

  • Dore King
    Dore King 3 hours ago

    Hi Ryan, Hi Shane... this is quite late in the game, but I tend to watch old episodes of your show between seasons. I was wondering, what if the "Blaze" is a waterfall that is tricky to find because it is seasonal? And, suppose its at its base? And suppose "Marble gaze" is a hint that there are marble boulders in the vicinity? If, on the off chance, you go treasure hunting again, and if any of this is helpful, let me know? And I just want to add that I appreciate your show. You two have great, energy that I truly enjoy. Keep doing what you do, please. You two rock. :)

  • Cassidy Oberparleiter
    Cassidy Oberparleiter 3 hours ago

    I want them to do a whole lot of research again and try harder because they already have three solutions that didn’t work

  • Callum Brennan
    Callum Brennan 9 hours ago

    For the blaze clue it could very well be the burning or burnt trees/bushes because a wild fire can be classed as a blaze and blaze is also liked to fire

  • Sakurakoji Souriyakhat
    Sakurakoji Souriyakhat 18 hours ago +1

    The treasure has been in found.

  • urbn xplrr's
    urbn xplrr's 20 hours ago

    Fettish necklace

  • ReignbowBrite00
    ReignbowBrite00 21 hour ago

    Blaze, maybe like a horse blaze? He was a horseback riding country life kind of guy *shrug*

  • Bandit Xxx
    Bandit Xxx 21 hour ago

    Apparently, a “Blaze” can also be known as a trail marker. A piece of bark chipped off a tree to act as a marker. Maybe there was a tree somewhere in the area with an alteration and the box was below the tree. Also tardy and scant I feel are important. A tar tree maybe. Or maybe, because it means tar and inadequately that you shouldn’t just look at it for a long time and just take it and be done with it. Don’t “stick around” too long maybe

  • Rosie Nikitara
    Rosie Nikitara 21 hour ago

    Make a part two

  • Filip Popovici
    Filip Popovici 23 hours ago

    I think one clue is false and the bold is a clue

  • Niamh Wilding
    Niamh Wilding Day ago

    I saw it I saw it get Ur asses off unsolved and get Ur button into that water fall now!!!!!!!

  • Niamh Wilding
    Niamh Wilding Day ago

    Urhm... I saw the box.. the water fall has a stone and there's a shade bit it was there !! 30:55 there was a chest a wooden small chest right next to a stone which had a gap for the chest to be put in its really dark no wonder you didn't see it but I swear I saw it dude!!!

  • Morgan-Lee Snell

    a white man stealing things from PoC and putting them in museums (colonialist institutions) doesn't make it ok! FYI

  • Carson Hunt
    Carson Hunt Day ago

    A little late to the party, but: Theory about the "blaze" clue: refers to trees. The birch tree becomes white and there is a native american story about "how the birch tree got it's burns." This could allude to the color white, and the fact that birch trees "have burns" and are very good for firewood. They aren't super common to New Mexico, but are possible in high altitudes. that being the case, heres another *better theory* it could refer to the White Fir tree. These trees are very common to santa fe, are regarded as extremely good softwoods to burn as fire wood, and in a forest fire, low handing limbs on this tree are referred to as a fire ladder, because the fire can climb "the ladder" quickly to reach the canopy of this incredibly tall tree. This could refer to the idea that these trees, when burned, could become an incredibly tall blazing structure. It is a reference to "white" and to "blaze". These trees occur in high elevation, and would be perfect for this mountain area.

    The term "Wise" in that clue as well leads me to think about plants. "Sage" is a synonym for wise, and the sage plant grows well in new mexico at high elevations. If you find Sage and White Fir together, it could be below that grouping in the ground!

  • Travis Thompson
    Travis Thompson Day ago

    I really want buzzfeed to look into the disappearance of Natalee Holloway maybe you guys can help bring closure to the family or revive the case

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star Day ago

    fenn was my relative and he actually told me the greatest clue. there's only one thing i could say, "you missed it but its already there"

  • Megan Sw
    Megan Sw Day ago

    Do you think you could do another part of this

  • That guy Brian
    That guy Brian Day ago

    I don't think he actually hid anything he wrote that so people would get out amd walk and think

  • Goddamn Jam
    Goddamn Jam Day ago +3

    You should pay The Watcher to let the young bloods to find the treasure

  • Hassan Naeem
    Hassan Naeem Day ago +1

    Foresr Fenn prob watched this and was like
    "those buckaroo's were walked right past it"

  • Angelaアンジェラ

    I live in Santa fe nm. Yasssss

  • fistick
    fistick Day ago

    I went to find this treasure like 5 years ago

  • Anne Margaret
    Anne Margaret Day ago

    He seems like a cool bloke 😁

  • Zoe Liddle
    Zoe Liddle Day ago

    Guys seriously you need to try this again i think youre so close

  • Mathieu C
    Mathieu C Day ago

    What if someone saw him put the treasure where he put it and just took it without knowing about the treasure hunt? And just... never said anything.
    What if Forrest is super evil and said that there was a treasure, but really he's just trolling with everyone before he passes?
    What if someone else put it there? Like you said, he's an 80 year old. That 80 year old man has/had kidney cancer. He, most likely, had a helper.
    Also, I doubt the last brown theory was right. One of Moreno or Bear creeks were 100% the right one (Bear being the most likeliest, in my opinion). Bear being "too tough for an 80 year old man" adds to my theory that it was the right creek and that he had a helper. I mean, he has kids and grandkids. He most likely shared some riches with them or will give those riches after he passes, they wouldn't NEED this treasure, so..., again, he might have had a helper to put the treasure in a "harder" location to reach.

  • Harshita Kulkarni

    What if that treasure isn’t there only? Lol.

  • YanskiPlays Gaming
    YanskiPlays Gaming 2 days ago

    The water fall thew showed has dark rocks....then it turns out the treasure box was under or hidden in all that xd

  • Veronica C
    Veronica C 2 days ago

    Imagine if he just hid a bunch of pokémons in there...things would've been different

  • Amy Wells
    Amy Wells 2 days ago

    Imagine if there was no treasure and he was trolling everyone of those 60 thousand or so people to get them outside 😂😂😂

  • Chipsus
    Chipsus 2 days ago +1

    Blazes are in the neather idiots

  • 방탄 아미
    방탄 아미 2 days ago

    Is it just me, but did they just make the hunt easier for others to find since they talked about their research and stuff?

  • Mahkyah Meyer
    Mahkyah Meyer 3 days ago

    It's the Grand Canyon it's in the waters of the Grand Canyon

  • Velvin Klaus
    Velvin Klaus 3 days ago +1

    The grand canyon of yellow stone

  • Al Rose
    Al Rose 3 days ago

    1:66 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • theSystem's malfunction

    Looks like you guys stayed at my grandma's hotel in red river! I got a few theories as to where the treasure is.
    - the watcher

  • vannah strid
    vannah strid 3 days ago

    He just wanted everyone to go out into the world he said it himself, I dont think there's any treasure and that the treasure is exploring the world.

  • James
    James 3 days ago

    They act like a fit 80 year old can't hike. Some of these older guys are more active than much younger people.

  • joeydoesstupidshit
    joeydoesstupidshit 3 days ago

    if you pause at 23:31 you can see "Caro" marked on the tree

  • Jamie Tattersfield
    Jamie Tattersfield 3 days ago

    False alarm it’s a ROCK

  • Mireya Diaz
    Mireya Diaz 3 days ago

    At least yall were so near it just by a couple of feet

  • Joao Gonzalez
    Joao Gonzalez 3 days ago

    I feel like it’s fake Nd he just wanted for ppl to have a taste of mystery Nd adventure

  • Bearingz
    Bearingz 3 days ago

    That montage was perfect! xD

  • Bubblegum Bloke
    Bubblegum Bloke 4 days ago

    Props to the cameramen + women, they did this entire thing with them and don't get any recognition

  • Tracey Marshall
    Tracey Marshall 4 days ago

    The "Blaze" could mean a mark on the tree/s - like blazing a trail so he didnt get lost??? Also, look DOWN when you see the blaze??
    Just a thought from an ex cub scout leader!! :-) #Boogara..

  • ashton baker
    ashton baker 4 days ago

    I’ve never seen this episode before

  • Wimrfin
    Wimrfin 4 days ago

    5:03 song name?

  • Jey N
    Jey N 4 days ago

    I really want to have Ryan's hardwork when doing research so I can finish my thesis without sulking.

  • MGE Fredo
    MGE Fredo 4 days ago

    “With all due respect what typa fuckin game are u playin” best line ever 😂😂

  • Maria Fritsch
    Maria Fritsch 4 days ago

    behind a waterfall?

  • Saint
    Saint 5 days ago

    how is this crime btw

  • otaku TV
    otaku TV 5 days ago

    The poem said something bout wood? Could it have been in a tree?

  • jochanxwretch
    jochanxwretch 5 days ago

    After hearing the "clues" in the poem my initial thought was that it was down a river and that it would eventually be behind a waterfall: not quite buried, but hidden. But that seems kind of obvious... haha.

  • Matthew Mitchell
    Matthew Mitchell 5 days ago

    the white blaze could have been the water splashing since its white and looks like sparks when somethings set a blaze kinda like metal work

  • Cody Boothe
    Cody Boothe 5 days ago

    He was obviously buried with his treasure

  • TGA games abq
    TGA games abq 5 days ago +1

    I live in Albuquerque, is it weird that I knew were they were in the airport

  • TGA games abq
    TGA games abq 5 days ago +1

    I was watching this and was like, I’ll never have enough money to go there to find it but then I realized I live in Albuquerque.

  • Kristine Skjerve
    Kristine Skjerve 6 days ago

    I wonder when those trees were felled? Because, as I'm sure most of you already figured out, "noun: blaze; plural noun: blaze: a mark made on a tree by cutting the bark so as to mark a route." Maybe the blaze is missing?

  • Jackie Botta
    Jackie Botta 6 days ago

    Ryan’s voice literally puts me to sleep

  • Pyper Mcfarlane
    Pyper Mcfarlane 6 days ago

    Plot twist :

    There was no treasure

  • Kevin HazMat
    Kevin HazMat 6 days ago

    Didnt even take a metal detector smh

  • violetsuga
    violetsuga 6 days ago

    Watch the treasure was underneath the square rock XD

    Or maybe this is all just a big ruse and the treasure didn't exist

  • Habanero Jones
    Habanero Jones 6 days ago

    People have died looking for it, and he's refused to end the hunt, even after authorities asked him to do so. With that in mind, even if it's found, and he's told it's found, he would never reveal that, he wouldn't tell the world the hunt was over, that's the whole point of the treasure, to get people out into nature, why would he announce someone finding it, it's counter to his wishes - it was probably found years ago but he won't say a damn thing, even though people are dying.

  • HX3 EN/FR
    HX3 EN/FR 7 days ago +1

    Bru yicked

  • viperisout TY
    viperisout TY 7 days ago

    The blaze are the white blaze flowers. Find those and you are good to go

  • Nikol S. Ervant
    Nikol S. Ervant 7 days ago

    The "treasure" is probably just a bunch of old crap that his kids don't want. "Antiquities," LOL.

  • kushviper
    kushviper 7 days ago

    Lol you guys are idiots😂 Great show!

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi 7 days ago

    25:57 is that in the corner

  • wato Q
    wato Q 7 days ago

    Yall remind me of harold an kumar

  • Delilah Poehner
    Delilah Poehner 7 days ago

    *ignores white waterfall*

  • Wizard Of Oz
    Wizard Of Oz 7 days ago

    white blaze- waterfall mist

  • Aleks Pro
    Aleks Pro 8 days ago +1

    Warm waters, could also mean Yellowstone hot springs. Or the rio grande river in New Mexico means that rio grande in Brazil is hot

  • HoneyPink Productions

    Damn I REALLY wish y'all had made this episode literally as long as possible. fuk.

  • AverageGamer
    AverageGamer 8 days ago

    Home of the brown ? Mountain goats ? Worth the cold ? In the mountain ???

  • Austin Asbury
    Austin Asbury 8 days ago

    Did they think the blaze could be a trail blaze? (the marks on trees to indicate trails)

  • Michael Byfield
    Michael Byfield 8 days ago

    In the house of brown brown house pottery he even quoted something I don't exactly remember the quote about treasure Hunt is like broken pieces of pottery you have to find all the broken pieces perhaps you have to go into the pottery shop and find information

  • Michael Byfield
    Michael Byfield 8 days ago

    Like Forrest Fenn said in a word The blaze is one singular object when he is referencing The blaze he only says it one time so it has to be part of a landmark or a clue and not the gold itself or the chest when he's talking about the gold he uses the words riches chest trove and gold and the possibility that the gold is not with the chest considering the poem suggest that they are two different things

  • Kyle Bick
    Kyle Bick 8 days ago

    Couldn't the insistence of blaze and it referring to white be semi-oxymoronic given the cold nature of a waterfall and the white gleam it gives off?

  • Sara Mobley
    Sara Mobley 8 days ago

    Retry this episode pleaseeeee

  • Sebastian Zegarra
    Sebastian Zegarra 8 days ago

    the blaze is the white runnin water

  • Parker Davis
    Parker Davis 8 days ago

    this cracks me up, because we have a cabin 15 minutes away from red river, and I have never once heard of this, I guarantee you nobody is looking in red river for the treasure. Its also funny because i recognize all the streets and roads

  • Uniquely Geek
    Uniquely Geek 8 days ago

    A blaze can also be a white stripe on an animals face.

  • josema7111
    josema7111 9 days ago

    Come on, its so simple, the poem is to distract from the answer wich he gave. He said " its beliw Browns home ". How simple can it be. His rich enough to have access to Browns home, if he went inside , no one could see what his doing, he just took out a couple of floor boards, made a small hole, cause his old, then put the boards back. So its under Browns home, and since they put a fence around it, no one can get in to look for it, and it will take hundreds if not thousands of years before its torn down, then it will be found. Ok i told you where it is. Find me and give me 10%, if you dont i will find you and sue you for not sharing. See you soon.

  • OutlawSlayer
    OutlawSlayer 9 days ago +1

    Guys, everybody can call of their search. I’ve already found the treasure

  • Mu91c14n
    Mu91c14n 9 days ago

    Okay, I'm going to give you a VERY unpopular opinion on this case and the treasure. If you don't want to hear it, I'd suggest you leave now!

    ...You still here? Oh well, don't say I didn't warn you.
    Here it is: THERE IS NO TREASURE! Fenn just made up the whole treasure hunt so people can buy his books.

  • aminoacidcereal
    aminoacidcereal 9 days ago


  • VinaKay95
    VinaKay95 9 days ago

    he did steal those items, Ryan.. He should've given it to the authorities of that country since it belonged to a person from that land.. quite disrespectful to take it and make millions out of it in my opinion..

  • Jeff Pierson
    Jeff Pierson 9 days ago

    Im sry but if your going to talk about finding forest fenn treasure at least get your facts right about it

  • Drue Schneider
    Drue Schneider 9 days ago

    Why not take an extra strong metal detector??

  • Kawaii Kitten
    Kawaii Kitten 10 days ago

    You guys need a tv show loke boi your that good

  • J-Rock Eastwood
    J-Rock Eastwood 10 days ago

    Awesome montage. Looking at the maps

  • DJX_Xavi
    DJX_Xavi 10 days ago

    Fck Indiana Jones this man is Nathan Drake😍

  • qwerty 48
    qwerty 48 10 days ago

    What if he is the treasure

  • Emrick Avila
    Emrick Avila 10 days ago +1

    *i’ve got good eyes*

  • Aaron Kim
    Aaron Kim 10 days ago

    I think where you guys went wrong was when your misinterpreted "blaze" I think blaze was referring to scorched earth as in burnt trees.

  • TBS 123
    TBS 123 11 days ago

    U know they found it 😂

  • TBS 123
    TBS 123 11 days ago

    Imagine they find it, and it be fake 💀😭

  • Travis Haskell
    Travis Haskell 11 days ago

    Maybe were the brown live is reference to brown trout... o quick Google surch suggested that they are found in certain parts of the river

  • Sarah Pearl
    Sarah Pearl 11 days ago

    please come back to this

  • Trey Penman
    Trey Penman 11 days ago

    He actually hid the treasure before he was cured of cancer.