The Treacherous Treasure Hunt of Forrest Fenn

  • Published on Sep 7, 2018
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  • BuzzFeed Unsolved Network

    We're shooting our post mortem episode Monday, so make sure to leave your questions down below!

      GHOST WIZARD 20 days ago

      pls dont stop when i saw your vids i like it so much keep up the goodwork

    • Cptn
      Cptn 27 days ago +1

      Home of brown can also relate to brown trout

    • You Grow
      You Grow Month ago

      You should check and see when the properties became private what year maybe they weren't when fenn was hiding the treasure

    • Remon Santiago
      Remon Santiago Month ago

      Can you do a case on MH370

    • IV H
      IV H Month ago

      someone think that tha treasure have been found but not shown to the public it can also be a bear or wolf that have taken it

  • Leilani Maldonado
    Leilani Maldonado 2 hours ago

    They seemed like they were on a lead. They should have kept going

  • FBI
    FBI 10 hours ago

    Just wait till he dies He said the treasure is where he would like to be laid to rest just be patient

  • Emma Cook
    Emma Cook 12 hours ago

    'welp we're still poor' -Ryan Steven Bergara

  • Muzammil Parkar
    Muzammil Parkar 14 hours ago

    What if the watcher got it???

    MOFUZ 16 hours ago

    what if warm water refers to the river in colarado next to a volcanic mountain

  • Sean Tobin
    Sean Tobin 18 hours ago

    what if “where warm waters halt” literally means that the water halts. is there a lake full of non trout water near a canyon along the mountains?

  • Duck Seong
    Duck Seong 22 hours ago

    Lmao imagine if the treasure hunt is just a reason to make people learn more about geography n stuff and do some outdoor stuff and the treasure is actually appreciating the things u learned and shiz

  • INeedaSocialLife

    Gah, you should do a mini series for treasure hunting. I'd love to see more :)

  • Ungali
    Ungali Day ago

    What if the box was the rock but since it was wet it melded shut but they didn't check it well enough so they literally touched it but did not attempt to pick it uo

  • danielson archer

    He hid it and he did it to make people go out looking the lucky one who ever finds must keep he did it for whoever found it keep it so if anything the person who finds it personally should keep for finding it what Fenn would want I bet u shame u didn’t lads shame cracks me up 😂😃

  • Leentje Bouwman
    Leentje Bouwman Day ago

    The question is, when are we going to see Shane's wall?

  • Nevie Peevie!
    Nevie Peevie! Day ago

    okay but shane looked sHoOk when ryan came out in his costume

  • Joseph Patrick
    Joseph Patrick 2 days ago

    Goes in the woods for a metal box and doesn’t bring metal detector

  • KayKay2513
    KayKay2513 2 days ago

    Forrest Fenn on the other side of the screen: warmer, warmer, hot, super hot, colder 😅

  • Lenny Guy
    Lenny Guy 2 days ago

  • Kathy M
    Kathy M 3 days ago

    Anyone think blaze is the name of a plant?

  • Elizabeth Nelson
    Elizabeth Nelson 3 days ago

    Just watching this now. That montage tho... 😂🤣

  • Miss Ld
    Miss Ld 3 days ago

    They said how upsetting it would be upsetting to find the box empty....(Well, the box itself is still worth $25,000, that's somethin anyway.)

  • Jar___of___MAYO
    Jar___of___MAYO 3 days ago +1

    The treasure has been a snowplow worker clearing snow earlier in 2019

  • TheMichguff
    TheMichguff 4 days ago

    Home of the Brown Brown trout? Just sayin!

  • SJ _Assassin Teen
    SJ _Assassin Teen 4 days ago

    Bright place
    Great recession
    Air force guy
    Likes jewels/rocks
    Near home
    Hard to get there
    Tbh I would just go to travel

  • Bran Bran
    Bran Bran 4 days ago

    It's already been found and fenced.

  • OH Yeh!
    OH Yeh! 5 days ago +1

    It will never be found even if it exists

  • Ashley Harris
    Ashley Harris 5 days ago

    NO Shane it's NOT cool at all. Indiana Jones worked for a university and did not have his own private collection. Also that was set in what? the 30s? So even Dr Jones is a bit outdated. Looting artifacts or buying looted artifacts leads to the damage of important archaeological sites, in many cases destroying evidence that archaeologists could learn from and losing that information forever. Remember when Indiana said "IT BELONGS IN A MUSEUM!" that's because Indiana Jones believed that scientific knowledge and public access to history was important, and he would never have looted artifacts for his private gain

  • Maidoua Xiong
    Maidoua Xiong 5 days ago

    Lol At 14:22, I laugh so hard. Love that you guys dressed up for the hunt. After all, it should be fun, like Mr. Fenn says.

  • Bruno Vazquez
    Bruno Vazquez 6 days ago

    Too far to walk. It’s just a long hike 🤦‍♂️ it’s not near a spot where you can park a car

  • Michaelroonie
    Michaelroonie 6 days ago

    This is basically a real life version of one piece

  • Jonathan 82
    Jonathan 82 7 days ago

    Guys it's under my bed

  • Amnesia 365
    Amnesia 365 7 days ago

    Fenn is literally a real life Gol D Roger lol

  • Ambrajah Harris
    Ambrajah Harris 7 days ago

    What if the clues were backwards

  • Mark Dillow
    Mark Dillow 7 days ago

    Guys I figured it out if you read it water stops if you look high you see water I’m thinking it’s under a waterfall if you find it I get 50%

  • Mark Dillow
    Mark Dillow 7 days ago

    The real question is what would he put in the chest I don’t think it’s gold I think it’s something more valuable we place a value on gold silver bronze but you know the real valuable things is time spent with family so it’s kind of interesting that he would want people to get out in the outdoors and search for a treasure that he supposedly buried I don’t think he buried any gold silver but I’m kind of curious about what the treasure would be if somebody was to find it

  • Jason Tandria
    Jason Tandria 7 days ago

    the montage ,Lmao

  • the flying Scotsman fan

    Wonder if there's a GPS on/in the box.

  • Syntext Band
    Syntext Band 9 days ago

    No wonder you guys didn't find the treasure - according to your map with the cartoon plane, you landed somewhere in Texas or Louisiana, not New Mexico. *Solved*

  • mark Landis
    mark Landis 9 days ago

    If a couple or several people were within 200 yards of the treasure as you stated earlier in the video, why wouldn't you just start there?

  • Feed The Nation
    Feed The Nation 9 days ago +2

    He didn't bury a treasure. He lied to sell more book copies and it probably worked. Lol
    If her did bury anything it was probably only worth a little bit.

  • Alice Storm
    Alice Storm 10 days ago +1

    i love how i fall asleep to these 😂 so asmr-y

  • michael shechter
    michael shechter 10 days ago

    *find a different kind of gold out in these hills*

  • Isabella Ruffalo-Burgat

    Just because I cannot let this lie without saying something - Indiana Jones and Forrest Fenn are not "treasure hunters." They are looters.
    It doesn't matter if what they find ends up in museums or if they are doing it in some misguided attempt to help further our understanding of ancient history, because in actuality they are ruining it. Without archaeological context (where the object was found EXACTLY, in what position it was in, in what stratigraphic layer, in what relation to the objects found around it, etc.) these objects are USELESS to archaeology.
    There is a reason why archaeological digs are so extensive - we grid out the entire area, take measurements of every kind, take extremely detailed pictures of the objects in situ, and much more. If you ever find something you believe to be an artefact please please PLEASE do not pick it up - report it to your local Cultural Heritage department. If you absolutely MUST pick it up (and this is only in absolutely extreme cases) - look up what kinds of information archaeologists need to provide a context for it - write down the exact coordinates if you can, take pictures with rules next to it, measure out the stratigraphic layer it is in. The measurements archaeologists take are so extensive that you can recreate the exact scene and positioning of an artefact as it was found in situ. Without this context, any information we may gather about the artefact itself will hold no bearing in regards to archaeology as a whole and effectively ruins and destroys its history.


  • Dani O.
    Dani O. 10 days ago

    People have found the treasure and are trying to get it - you guys should try again

  • Răzvan D. Pușkin
    Răzvan D. Pușkin 10 days ago

    What if he dies and no one will be able to find the treasure (giving the fact that he knows where it is and can guide ppl), assuming that the treasure exists?

  • Janelle Kavanaugh
    Janelle Kavanaugh 10 days ago +1

    You know a man found the treasure right? He was just plowing snow and found it

  • C C
    C C 10 days ago

    I also think you guys should try this again, you did a great job on all the clues.

  • Hashan Shen
    Hashan Shen 10 days ago

    looks like a easy job for Captain Jack Sparrow

  • Travels of fastjet
    Travels of fastjet 10 days ago

    Could it be behind the falls

  • Jetty
    Jetty 10 days ago +1

    Anyone who finds this interesting should look into geocaching 😊

  • Eric Willoughby Vlogs
    Eric Willoughby Vlogs 11 days ago +1

    You may be poor money-wise however you are rich in adventure

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn 11 days ago +9

    There is 3 possibilities
    1. Someone already found the treasure but won’t say anything because of some obvious reasons
    2. There is no treasure
    3. Shane and Ryan found the treasure and secretly left buzzfeed 😂 (Ik they didn’t)

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn 11 days ago +3

    What if Shane and Ryan did really found the treasure and now they bought a new house in Paris and enjoying a wine without us knowing

  • Sreyashi Purkayastha
    Sreyashi Purkayastha 11 days ago

    You should have taken the metal detector thingy... That should have been helpful

  • v a
    v a 11 days ago

    the treasure could be fake to get people active

  • RenegadeBio
    RenegadeBio 12 days ago

    20:42 what if he wasn't the one who hid it?

  • Wolfie Cat
    Wolfie Cat 12 days ago

    I believe the treasure has been found

  • Upasana Roy chowdhury
    Upasana Roy chowdhury 12 days ago

    Ryan is so cute

  • George Wilson
    George Wilson 12 days ago

    I found the treasure already.

  • Patricia Hamilton
    Patricia Hamilton 12 days ago

    Look for the Dutchman's lost treasure in AZ lol.

  • Ellazy chavito
    Ellazy chavito 12 days ago

    Your have to take a boat down the river it literally tells you too

  • Aditha _k
    Aditha _k 13 days ago

    If they found the treasure this wouldn't be on buzzfeed UNSOLVED