The Treacherous Treasure Hunt of Forrest Fenn

  • Published on Sep 7, 2018
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  • BuzzFeed Unsolved Network
    BuzzFeed Unsolved Network  5 months ago +9784

    We're shooting our post mortem episode Monday, so make sure to leave your questions down below!

  • Joseph Chapman
    Joseph Chapman 3 hours ago

    Idk if anyone has mentioned this yet.. but I'm from Montana, and there are two definitions we have for a "blaze":
    1: A white marking on a horse's muzzle from between the eyes, down between the nostrils, and
    2: (More appropriate for your purposes) A marking made on a tree by stripping bark, usually in the shape of a diamond or oval to mark your path of direction whilst traveling through a wooded area.
    Seems to me, if u were "wise" to what "blaze" meant, you'd look for the mark Fenn carved into a tree, and the treasure would be below it.

  • Tabetha Neal-Manis
    Tabetha Neal-Manis 5 hours ago

    man what if the treasure is just chocolate gold coins

  • sparklecurly abcd123
    sparklecurly abcd123 9 hours ago

    What if the clues in the poem are out of order?

  • IAm Falcon
    IAm Falcon 11 hours ago


  • Lexie O
    Lexie O 13 hours ago

    "...a cold case nor a crime, it is in fact *que dramatic head glance to the quarter right camera* a mystery. *que less dramatic head turn to forward-most camera* you see folks..."
    (I don't know why I found this so amusing)

  • Mckenna Kropf
    Mckenna Kropf 13 hours ago

    What if blaze is white water when water goes fast and wild it froths up and turns white

  • Miah Puckett
    Miah Puckett 14 hours ago

    hey i live in albuquerque

  • Toasty Tree
    Toasty Tree 21 hour ago +1

    The treasure was the beauty of the falls and the mountains 🏔 for the view would be worth more than a million dollars 💵

  • LastDropOfCustard
    LastDropOfCustard Day ago +1

    They left so quickly after the square rock rouse. Everything lined up but they gave up after one mistake. I hope to god they searched vehemently because they left so fast.

  • Brooke Kelly
    Brooke Kelly Day ago

    I would have checked in any of the hollows of the trees. Either the fallen trees or the trunks. Idk. They seemed whitish & maybe they caught fire at some point and that’s what he meant by blaze?

    • Brooke Kelly
      Brooke Kelly Day ago

      Also “look quickly down” would make sense if it were inside a tree trunk of a standing tree. I saw them pass one a few times.

  • Karina Jackson
    Karina Jackson Day ago +1

    Omg Shane is almost 7'0 and I'm over here done growing only a little over 5'0

  • ᴍɪʟᴋ ᴛᴇᴀ

    Some substitute I had a few weeks ago was 100% convinced he knows where the treasure is. he hasn’t said anything about it since then.

  • ᴍɪʟᴋ ᴛᴇᴀ

    Plot twist: the treasure doesn’t exist.

  • Barrett Warner
    Barrett Warner Day ago +1

    Home of brown.... brown trout mabye?....

  • candied vi
    candied vi Day ago

    I'm not kidding this is my fave, especially 12:45

  • waltdisney566
    waltdisney566 Day ago

    "I mean the water is high... higher than a bathtub."

  • Jake Spradlin
    Jake Spradlin Day ago

    This is the only thing that buzzfeed had to offer that is actually good content

  • Kewl Idc
    Kewl Idc Day ago


  • Diego Bretanha
    Diego Bretanha Day ago

    they underestimated what a eighty year old could do

  • Izzie
    Izzie 2 days ago

    Was the white blaze literally just that, a blaze? That is, a trail blaze. Aka- a trail marker. They’re painted in a bright redish/orange or WHITE to be easily visible.

  • Izzie
    Izzie 2 days ago

    Damn I wish they found ittt that’d be so cool. But somebody prolly found it, kept it and sold the gold and artifacts without telling the government so they wouldn’t steal it.

  • Pyromaniac .
    Pyromaniac . 2 days ago +1

    Do you think the treasure is the great outdoors and he just wanted people to enjoy it

  • Temperature
    Temperature 2 days ago

    Next video: The bizzare case of disappearance of Shane and Ryan

  • Amiya Kumar Sahoo
    Amiya Kumar Sahoo 2 days ago

    Do Cicada 3301

  • ❵Ʉ͜ൢ֟፝Ƀൢ❴-Shøçk-

    Wait did they really found the chest???


  • butch bragg
    butch bragg 2 days ago +1

    Ya turn it in so government can steal it

    DRGIZMO29 2 days ago

    well what do i expect tho, the show is called buzzfeed UNSOLVED

  • Bella
    Bella 3 days ago +1

    I wish they would’ve found it... they should’ve kept looking!!!

  • Thatone Guitardude
    Thatone Guitardude 3 days ago

    Blaze could also mean you skim part of the bark of the tree with an axe people use it while hunting to find there way back

  • ro gamer
    ro gamer 3 days ago

    I think someone help him to bring it up because it 42 pound a 80 year old man can't lift that

  • Felicia Pringle
    Felicia Pringle 3 days ago

    Everyone keeps saying that he should have brought a metal detector, but he didn’t say you needed one in the list of things

  • Felicia Pringle
    Felicia Pringle 3 days ago +1

    I bet you that legal guy found it

  • Natalie . Nugent
    Natalie . Nugent 3 days ago

    Maybe it’s behind a waterfall

  • hola senior209
    hola senior209 3 days ago

    I think solve 1 was correct because the land could have only been owned after Fenn hid it. The thought of a chest full of wealth sitting in someone's private property with out them realizing it, drives me crazy.

  • Keldroc
    Keldroc 4 days ago

    Not everyone can pull the Indy look off, but Ryan's doing it.

  • Teen Fitness
    Teen Fitness 4 days ago +3

    Everytime I watch this I always get mad when they talk about the blaze. I live near a national park. Blazes are trail markers painted on trees and usually come in the color orange or WHITE. It makes since that the old man would walk an established trail and plant the treasure box near a blaze marker on a tree. It would explain why a sickly old man could travel three miles into the woods. It’s a well establish trail.

    • Izzie
      Izzie 2 days ago

      Exactly what I was thinking!!! People are saying the blaze could have been rocks or waterfalls but it’s obviously a trail blaze tf.

  • Allison Reynolds
    Allison Reynolds 4 days ago

    they never accomplished anything but here i am, still addicted to it.

  • Ari Dudwick
    Ari Dudwick 4 days ago

    You guys talk about how so many trails are too treacherous for an 80 year old man... Storms and stuff happens to a trail all the time. You should have done some research on what trails were like when he was hiding it

  • Justin Puyear
    Justin Puyear 4 days ago

    Lol yeah. If y’all found the treasure you wouldn’t be in buzzfeed anymore

  • Justin Puyear
    Justin Puyear 4 days ago

    What if he actually hoaxed everyone

  • Justin Puyear
    Justin Puyear 4 days ago

    What if he put it inside the hollow trunk of a tree?

  • emmys7301
    emmys7301 4 days ago +1

    idk but i want that wheeze cup

  • Animals Rule
    Animals Rule 4 days ago +1

    For the white blaze, it could have been the white foam the waterfall creates. that would also mean that when he said the treasure was wet it could be moist from water droplets from behind the waterfall.

  • Pernilla
    Pernilla 4 days ago

    I feel like the person who finds it won’t be looking for it they will just like come across in the future

  • deiprofundis
    deiprofundis 5 days ago

    i have a thing. the blaze, if it's something white, it has the potential to be white water. maybe guy wanted some real fuckin oxymorons (oxy/moronic/, if you will) in that poem, and called the white water a "blaze" because a blaze often pertains to fire. i don't know, man. just maybe.

  • FuckCroydonJunkies
    FuckCroydonJunkies 5 days ago

    Imagine the box corroded and the square rock Ryan found was the box 😂

  • DoT_TBen177
    DoT_TBen177 5 days ago

    So glad to see the child in Indiana Jones became his successor.

  • StarStudios
    StarStudios 5 days ago

    They're "The Golden Ghouls"

  • Jessica Albright
    Jessica Albright 5 days ago

    You need a boat

  • Bryan Peng
    Bryan Peng 5 days ago

    The blaze is probably white foamy water maybe under a waterfalls water

  • TheBored Person
    TheBored Person 5 days ago

    My question is, how far can an eighty year old walk holding a 40/50lb chest with stuff inside in one afternoon?

  • EmAwake24x7
    EmAwake24x7 6 days ago

    Don't underestimate 80 year old men...

  • nate higgers
    nate higgers 6 days ago

    what if the million dollar value of the treasure is to just go out and explore nature

  • TheWhiteConspiracists

    Get 4chan on this... right now

  • lewis jones
    lewis jones 6 days ago

    What if they found Bigfoot instead?

  • Mark Paul Estanislao

    I really hope that they find the tressure

  • Katie W
    Katie W 7 days ago

    DO MORE😭😭

  • Liv Loft Thomsen
    Liv Loft Thomsen 7 days ago

    i have a theory that it its in a lake or a river

    • J B
      J B 5 days ago

      Liv Loft Thomsen I had that same exact thought. The box would be water proof and very heavy duty

  • Susan Caroline
    Susan Caroline 8 days ago

    Blaze doesn’t mean white. One noun definition is a stripe on a tree or other object used as a marker. Like a strip of bark takes from the trunk of a tree to mark a path. It could be in plain sight at the base of a tree and never be seen if hunters don’t know all the definitions of a word.

  • Alan Shanks
    Alan Shanks 8 days ago

    Imagine if the box was like in the big part of bushes right next to the rock Ryan found

  • Jaz Tlatelpa
    Jaz Tlatelpa 8 days ago

    1 I really wish they did find the treasure and two why wouldn't they publicize it???

  • Sandra Näks
    Sandra Näks 8 days ago

    But there was a line ‘worth the cold’ did anyone thought that it could be a clue?

    • Sandra Näks
      Sandra Näks 8 days ago

      I mean I don’t think he put it there just so something could rhyme with gold

  • Lady ivy heart
    Lady ivy heart 9 days ago

    The "blaze" could be the sunset, maybe you were supposed to go in the direction of the sun set.

  • Ayden Moyers
    Ayden Moyers 9 days ago

    Look to the left of your screen behind the dude

  • Ayden Moyers
    Ayden Moyers 9 days ago

    Go to 22:36 in the video I think I might have found the house of brown

  • funniest 101
    funniest 101 9 days ago

    At 25:57 there is a very white rock in the top right corner

  • sqvintings
    sqvintings 9 days ago

    ryan can like ... Get it....

  • Braelynne Stuard
    Braelynne Stuard 9 days ago

    Ryan: hope I dont end up on that wall.
    Shane: keep running your mouth and mabey you will.

  • Cara Grace •
    Cara Grace • 9 days ago

    i think he buried it for a week then recovered it and is looking at all these people searching and thinking : what fools😂

  • Sunishtha Nangal
    Sunishtha Nangal 9 days ago

    Shane hides his smile while acting
    Aweeeeeeeeeee 😍🙈
    I love these two Mann!!!

  • Ethan Doss
    Ethan Doss 9 days ago

    Do more like this please 💰

  • Cynthia Kendi
    Cynthia Kendi 10 days ago

    You guys are the best!! You should have a tv show... from kenya 🇰🇪 with love 🤗

  • Avery Schafer
    Avery Schafer 10 days ago +2

    Demons, ghosts, and hauntings, not to mention going on a possibly dangerous search for a multi million treasure
    but he like...
    "Naw fam those flowers look dangerous"
    Not to mention how they were so ready to throw buzzed under the bus, like THAT TREASURE IS MINE

  • Allen Jay
    Allen Jay 10 days ago +1

    Just because it WAS above or below ground doesn't mean it is anymore. Dirt can turn to mud and get washed away. Revealing/concealing the treasure years later. Or if strong enough erosion or mudslides occur even the treasure itself could be washed away.

  • Jenna Porter
    Jenna Porter 10 days ago

    the white rock is actually marble....

  • Brynn Morgan
    Brynn Morgan 11 days ago

    Plot twist: it’s in CanAda

  • Gamers Games
    Gamers Games 11 days ago

    What if a blase was the wite water below the water fall

  • Landon
    Landon 11 days ago

    6:54 minecraft intensifies

  • springtrap123#BO4HYPE
    springtrap123#BO4HYPE 11 days ago

    The real Nathan drake!

  • Lilly Brewer
    Lilly Brewer 11 days ago

    i mean they could have possibly found it and that “rock” was the actual box bc it rlly did look like it so they went for a double bluff and at the end they seemed happier than i would b if i hadn’t found the treasure

  • Lucy Smart
    Lucy Smart 12 days ago +2

    I don’t think the treasure exists, as mentioned, he wanted people to go out and explore the place he loved so much. Perhaps that was his only goal.

  • Ashanti Maturan
    Ashanti Maturan 12 days ago +2

    I really think Moreno river is the right way to go but maybe not.

  • Park Jimin
    Park Jimin 12 days ago +1

    Just be his very trusted best friend then ask him where it is located then he will tell you

  • Lourenco Vieira
    Lourenco Vieira 12 days ago

    probably not even the US lol

  • Zach McCarthy
    Zach McCarthy 12 days ago

    Wouldn't it be so funny if there was never a box?

  • Kasia Z.
    Kasia Z. 12 days ago

    I don't understand how people know that they have gotten as close as 200 ft if they don't know where the chest is

  • Kayla Tavarez
    Kayla Tavarez 12 days ago

    Under that really bright rock could've been it, there was a dark discoloration in the ground there and it looked about rectangular-shaped.

  • aoitennyo
    aoitennyo 13 days ago

    The montage and the mountain view were my favorite part.

  • Laura Vander Horst
    Laura Vander Horst 13 days ago

    Interesting that Ryan literally makes an argument for colonialist looting in this episode LMAO

  • min sooky
    min sooky 13 days ago

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure lol

  • Cia Sea
    Cia Sea 13 days ago

    What if the blaze was the white foam of the waterfall and it was just behind there. Haha that would be fugcked up

  • Yadira Morales
    Yadira Morales 13 days ago +1

    Wait... What if the old man lied about the treasure. He said that while that "find" the treasure they get to go of the out doors. And the end of the video the guy said "well, at least I get to go outside" (something like that) maybe he wanted that along for people to go outside.

  • SEJ
    SEJ 13 days ago

    the blaze could be the water, when the water is moving down the falls what does the water appear to be WHITE the water is a blaze!!!!!!!!!

  • Lokesh Reddy
    Lokesh Reddy 14 days ago +3

    This would make a Great Movie!
    Note: With the main characters casting these two guys.

  • xSilas
    xSilas 14 days ago

    Fuckin square rocks man

  • Maira Carrasco
    Maira Carrasco 14 days ago

    Shane looks like a fisherman

  • Sapphire Tempest
    Sapphire Tempest 14 days ago +4

    So, I have a question. What if his whole 'not far, but too far to walk' was about going horseback? I work at the stable in red river (they actually showed it in the video) and have tons of tours going out. One of which goes right to middle fork. So, what if the guy took a horse or a mule up there?

  • Gwennan Mogs
    Gwennan Mogs 14 days ago

    someone finds it and it’s just a box of twigs and stones covered in gold spray paint

  • McKenzie Warren
    McKenzie Warren 14 days ago

    I need a full-length film about the buzzfeed unsolved boys on a treasure hunt. Thrills! Chills! Gold up to our gills!