Dance Moms: Abby Appears at Nia and Kendall's Performance (Season 6 Flashback) | Lifetime

  • Published on May 13, 2019
  • New episodes Tuesdays at 9/8c!
    Abby surprises everyone by showing up for Nia and Kendall but refuses to offer any positive feedback on their performances in this clip from Season Six's episode "Two Teams, Two Studios Part 1". #DanceMoms #AbbyLeeMiller #KendallVertes #NiaSoux
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    "Dance Moms" follows Abby Lee Miller and the nation's favorite tween dancers as they take on Hollywood while new auditions, new competitions, and new studios raise the stakes.
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Comments • 547

  • Lifetime
    Lifetime  2 months ago +405

    New episodes Tuesdays at 9/8c!

    • The Best Channel.
      The Best Channel. 18 hours ago

      S w N W I P\ S O x\ T4 E.🦄🦌🐄🐱🐕🐩🌼⚘🌴🌻🐙🦐🐙🐡🐊🐥🐿🐨🐎🦄🐅

    • The Best Channel.
      The Best Channel. 18 hours ago

      N e W. e P i s O b e S

    • Lisa Marie
      Lisa Marie Month ago

      where can i watch this... iam from austria, germany???

    • Savannah Short
      Savannah Short Month ago

      Season 8

    • Tomy9878
      Tomy9878 2 months ago +1

      This season won’t be as successful as the others.

  • gillian mooney
    gillian mooney 19 hours ago

    Is that the music to Maddie's solo cry ??

  • Hibdjdbekdh Bshenrj
    Hibdjdbekdh Bshenrj 23 hours ago

    They can’t - nvm 🤣

  • kitty fairy
    kitty fairy Day ago

    say what you want about the moms but they truly are good and supportive moms

    SHATAKSHI PRIYA Day ago +2

    Oh my god, Nia could seriously have a music career!

  • Lia Molina
    Lia Molina 2 days ago

    Abby is a witch she laughed at nia when she started singing cri

  • Maria Świercz
    Maria Świercz 2 days ago

    Kendall is So beautiful☺️😍🤩😘
    Nia has a good talent of singing🎶🎤
    They are both great!
    Nia is beautiful too!

  • Kalia Gonzalez
    Kalia Gonzalez 2 days ago

    Nia sing ugly

  • Caitlin Hibberson
    Caitlin Hibberson 3 days ago +1

    She’s so good so SHUSH ABBY

  • KOᑎᗩ ᑕOᒪE
    KOᑎᗩ ᑕOᒪE 3 days ago +3


    Literally nobody

    When a mom walks in the room

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°): hhhheelelellllOoOOo

  • Patrice chapman
    Patrice chapman 4 days ago

    Holly is a kind woman, the way that Jill treated her and Nia, I wouldn’t have invited them to be apart of the performance

  • Ferocious Tiger
    Ferocious Tiger 5 days ago

    She killed it

  • Joy Gill
    Joy Gill 5 days ago

    Why are they putting ideas of success in the music industry in these kids heads? They are tone deaf and have no range or vibrato
    Every girl dreams about being Madonna, just because you want something doesn't mean you can have it.

  • lavonne greene
    lavonne greene 6 days ago

    Emma I loved your comment

  • Jessica Moore
    Jessica Moore 8 days ago


  • Ballin’ Life
    Ballin’ Life 8 days ago

    Honestly it sounded like Kendall was trying to over power Nia in Cry. No hate just my opinion.

  • Nonny Mouse
    Nonny Mouse 9 days ago +2

    Okay I love Nia and she's super talented, but if you can't tell she's lip synching here you're naive asf.

  • Gabriella Morello
    Gabriella Morello 10 days ago

    They can’t sing I’m sorry😤

  • Stefania HON
    Stefania HON 11 days ago

    I hate nia she alwayign

  • Hashir Mansoor
    Hashir Mansoor 12 days ago +1

    i hpe maddie and abby notice me and i wish i meet them even tho i am 10 yrs old

  • Angelica Lopes
    Angelica Lopes 12 days ago

    They sang Maddie’s solo and Kenzie

  • alan green
    alan green 13 days ago

    abby is a disgusting human sorry about it

  • NT MC
    NT MC 13 days ago

    well i mean Nia , but Kendall's ... MMMMMM...

  • NT MC
    NT MC 13 days ago

    Such a pretty voice !

  • Semah-Sophia Sulemann Mohamed

    I think that Nia can sing better than Kendall

  • Sydney Fowlkes
    Sydney Fowlkes 14 days ago +1

    Kendall SUCKS. Nia is so good.

  • Blah blah Black Sheep
    Blah blah Black Sheep 15 days ago

    Nia is like what auto tune wants to be like god she’s amazing!!

  • Avakin Kenzie 101
    Avakin Kenzie 101 17 days ago

    I’m not hating but I don’t think that nia and Kendall sing well together .I mean don’t get me wrong they are both wonderful singers but separate they both have different styles of music and I just don’t think it matched up .Again no hate 💞

  • Llama Lime
    Llama Lime 17 days ago

    Wait a sec i think i remember this from nic

  • Ally West
    Ally West 17 days ago

    Nia can’t sing

  • the artsy man sam bye
    the artsy man sam bye 18 days ago


  • Karm a
    Karm a 18 days ago

    Abby is such a big mood.

  • Cristina Belloso
    Cristina Belloso 18 days ago

    Please no one come for me but I think the song didn’t fit nia I’m not saying she’s bad I’m just saying Kendall’s voice sounded more complemented.

  • Fatou Mbaye
    Fatou Mbaye 19 days ago

    Abby looks l'îke she is un a bad state ans i still hate her

  • Payton Dewett
    Payton Dewett 20 days ago +1

    abby needs to learn to be nice
    like come one
    they were good

  • Rita Wood
    Rita Wood 20 days ago +2

    I loved how Kira and Kalani reacted when Abby came

  • d u s t i e s
    d u s t i e s 21 day ago

    I mean I loved Nias voice but when Kendall came on she kind of ruined it for Nia. (Don’t hate its just my opinion)

  • xoxo chante
    xoxo chante 22 days ago

    Kendall can’t even sing 😬

  • mickenna dodson
    mickenna dodson 22 days ago

    Nia looked so pretty so did Kendall

  • Mared Owen
    Mared Owen 23 days ago

    nia and Kendall sang lovely together

  • oh! theresmaria
    oh! theresmaria 24 days ago

    i hate to say it but they both sound like very little girls when they sang here...

  • Tamia Vlogs
    Tamia Vlogs 24 days ago

    When they sung cry I Cryed cause of maddie

  • Tosin Odetola
    Tosin Odetola 24 days ago

    Kendall Ruined it

  • Christina
    Christina 24 days ago

    Kendall was so flat. I’m sorry. She looked so pretty though.

  • Addisyn Winston
    Addisyn Winston 27 days ago

    Oooo the second song 😬🤭

  • S k
    S k 27 days ago

    I Love Nia n Kendall they both shy but soo much potential in them. They both can go far in life. They both soo beautiful, lovely, intelligent young ladies. Abby done noting but put them down told them they was noting even made fun of them. When Nia started singing i started crying they both winners.

  • Kailea K
    Kailea K 28 days ago +1

    Did Abby just didn’t like nia Bc she black or what that rude I am black and I love both of them Abby has pushed down nia since season 1 wow abby

  • Yeah Nah
    Yeah Nah 28 days ago

    lol both of them need to know their limits....

  • 🌈
    🌈 28 days ago

    i want maddie to dance at that song

  • Riviere Patricia
    Riviere Patricia 29 days ago

    Wow nia and kendall sings good

    BYE SISTER 29 days ago

    everyone trying to sing when they can’t

  • Ikram Rafi
    Ikram Rafi Month ago

    Nia is so good she should definitely focus on singing, but I didn't like Kendall...

  • Rayven bird
    Rayven bird Month ago


  • Maddie Bennett
    Maddie Bennett Month ago +4

    Look how proud Holly was, true mother daughter relationship 💕

  • Joud Joud
    Joud Joud Month ago

    Abby is the meanest teacher I have ever seen

  • Jasmin Meziane
    Jasmin Meziane Month ago


  • Carissa Blacksmith
    Carissa Blacksmith Month ago

    Wait.......... A club????

  • Simply Sharon
    Simply Sharon Month ago

    Abby should have stayed home she be talking about jealous she act jealous of these children.

  • Larissa Torres
    Larissa Torres Month ago +46

    No HATE intended but for me personally a perfer Nia's singing for me it feels more from the heart

  • Christen Gardner
    Christen Gardner Month ago

    Why did the songs seem so depressing

  • Regina Mejia
    Regina Mejia Month ago

    Cry was Maddie's solo in season 1

  • Ryndee Cortez
    Ryndee Cortez Month ago +4

    The second song sounded like karaoke 🤷‍♀️

  • Adriana Abreu
    Adriana Abreu Month ago +5

    Abby had tor ruin it😪😪 She’s starting the drama and nia and Kendall sang together so just stop😂😂😡😡😂

  • Caiti Murphy
    Caiti Murphy Month ago

    There voices don’t go great together

  • Kenzis World
    Kenzis World Month ago +2

    Hi can I say I did my job. lol

  • Mimi Aborawash
    Mimi Aborawash Month ago

    Nia and kendall's voice are beautiful and they don't sound like little baby's wich I like

  • Oscar Critchlow
    Oscar Critchlow Month ago

    Kendall your so beautiful

  • Gareth Cheney
    Gareth Cheney Month ago

    Abby did make mad 😡 but at the same time I think it unfair that she was all on her own

  • Kylie King
    Kylie King Month ago +25

    I don’t think that nia and Kendall sing that well together... no offense there both amazing!!!!

  • Catrin Nowaczek
    Catrin Nowaczek Month ago

    Nia was in her element