Movies That Will Blow Everyone Away In 2020

  • Published on Aug 24, 2018
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    The year 2020 might feel far away right now, but that hasn't stopped Hollywood's major studios from lining up a slew of projects to compete for your movie budget, even a couple years out. Some of the upcoming releases on the calendar are highly anticipated sequels, but that isn't all we're expecting to see; the studios have also set up new adaptations of existing properties and all manner of would-be blockbusters, making for what should be an epic year at the movies. Start marking your calendar now, we've rounded up an in-depth look at the biggest releases coming along in 2020…
    Bad Boys For Life | 0:31
    G.I. Joe: Ever Vigilant | 1:05
    Fast & Furious 9 | 1:35
    Godzilla vs. Kong | 2:18
    The Six Billion Dollar Man | 2:50
    Red Notice | 3:26
    Indiana Jones 5 | 3:51
    Bios | 4:34
    Fantastic Beasts 3 | 5:05
    Avatar 2 | 5:38
    Sherlock Holmes 3 | 6:17
    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 | 6:46
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Comments • 1 977

  • Looper
    Looper  Year ago +188

    Which movie are you looking forward to the most?

    • 박 찬열
      박 찬열 3 days ago

      Hamilton 😍

    • RUSH
      RUSH 18 days ago

      SH3 of course

    • Jeremy De Avila
      Jeremy De Avila Month ago

      Sherlock 🕵️‍♂️ Holmes 3😆🤘🏼

    • IAmIronBanana
      IAmIronBanana Month ago

      Black Widow for sure.

    • krishna DUBEY
      krishna DUBEY Month ago

      I search a movie Hollywood
      In which hero work a lab and by some medicine or machine he saw future and for his safety he save a parcel with 16 things.... Which survie and he won also 1cr dollar end of movie

  • chris hudj
    chris hudj 8 hours ago

    I don't want to see the monkey killed by Godzilla. No competition.

  • Hales Wayne
    Hales Wayne Day ago

    So nothing new

  • Porfirio Diaz
    Porfirio Diaz 3 days ago

    The Rock is getting boring. Every of his movies look like the same movie....

  • Porfirio Diaz
    Porfirio Diaz 3 days ago

    Most of those suck....

  • Mike Grayson
    Mike Grayson 7 days ago

    I guess Hollywood no longer can come up with an original idea.

  • Boo Ya
    Boo Ya 12 days ago

    The Rock goes through more moves than a girl goes through a case of shampoos.

  • matthew bai
    matthew bai 15 days ago

    5 years later
    Fast and the Furious:final fantasy

  • Shivam Srivastava
    Shivam Srivastava 17 days ago +1

    No John Wick 4!?!??!?!

  • RUSH
    RUSH 18 days ago

    2020 s sooo hype

  • Watches Sneakers
    Watches Sneakers 19 days ago

    I’m just waiting for The Matrix...Better be good!

  • Zanariah Abdullah
    Zanariah Abdullah 19 days ago

    You forgot black widow man!!

  • joão brito
    joão brito 22 days ago

    cloverifield would kill both kong and godzilla by pooping over their head

  • Not Your Business
    Not Your Business 22 days ago

    Look at all these movies with Guns, Guns and more Guns. So much for anti-gunners in Hollywood, guess their beliefs only go so far until there is a buck to be made. What a bunch of hypocrites. Oh well, I am pro second amendment, so bring it on.

  • Ron Jeffrey
    Ron Jeffrey 29 days ago

    For the love of God! Someone come up with an original idea... can't Hollywood see that all these reboots and sequels are never as good as the originals... And come on people stop settling for this same old crap.

  • Jeremy De Avila
    Jeremy De Avila Month ago +2

    Love the 2020 movie line up. Looks like 2020 is going to be a great year for movies 🎭🎥🍿🥤🤠✌🏼

  • Soujiro Seta
    Soujiro Seta Month ago

    shit movies, the hell are you guys thinking

  • John Fury
    John Fury Month ago

    I'm pretty sure that guardians of the galaxy vol 3, won't be coming out in 2020

  • Luis Almanza
    Luis Almanza Month ago

    Godzilla V.S. King Kong

  • R Stark
    R Stark Month ago +2

    Well Sherlock Holmes is shifted to 2021

  • Raymond Rogers
    Raymond Rogers Month ago

    Love the movies keep it coming

  • Grimm 1313
    Grimm 1313 Month ago

    To this DAY speed 2 still sucks BAD

  • Pedro Estallone
    Pedro Estallone Month ago

    I like the fast muscle cars and the monster movies BAD Furious AND Family bring it on my friends!🌹STALLONE

  • Mike National
    Mike National Month ago


    G.J. KOSTER Month ago

    No one will be blown away, you dumb ass. Cinema is dead. American cinema that is.

  • Matt McCarthy
    Matt McCarthy Month ago

    Last Blood II

  • Luis Ishmael
    Luis Ishmael Month ago

    Fast and the furious need to retire already!

  • Jake Vasquez
    Jake Vasquez Month ago

    Please no Shia LaBeouf in Indiana Jones 5. And yes to Sherlock Holmes 3!! Finally!

  • Jack Theobald
    Jack Theobald Month ago +1

    Wasn't on here but I'm really looking toward to kingsman 3

  • Tom B
    Tom B Month ago

    Only Sherlock Holmes and Guardians 3 caught my attention.

  • mark travis
    mark travis Month ago

    The six billion dollar man

  • Umar Kazi
    Umar Kazi Month ago

    Who's here for RDJ ❤❤❤

  • ChiefJudgeDredd
    ChiefJudgeDredd Month ago

    Interesting news, its a shame there are no new trailer clips to go with it.

  • ChiefJudgeDredd
    ChiefJudgeDredd Month ago

    Interesting news, its a shame there are no new trailer clips to go with it.

  • Jaylen Lenear
    Jaylen Lenear Month ago

    Im most excited about Morbious and his showdown against Hunger. very happy less explored characters are being brought to the big screen

  • Bill Gilkerson
    Bill Gilkerson Month ago

    So next year they are going to start making good movies? Sure......

  • Abel Juarez
    Abel Juarez Month ago

    Mario Almada movies

  • glencocoa22
    glencocoa22 Month ago

    GI Joe: Ever Vigilant is no longer coming out in 2020, instead the GI Joe Joe spinoff movie "Snake Eyes" is coming out on October 16, 2020 and is a Snake Eyes origin story that will star "Crazy Rich Asians" actor Henry Golding as Snake Eyes.The next GI Joe team movie will likely be a complete reboot with none of the original characters, except Snake Eyes and Jinx, and will probably come out in 2021 or sometime after

  • Vinoth Shepard
    Vinoth Shepard Month ago

    What about DC universe?

  • b3makinn
    b3makinn Month ago +1

    Hollywood sucks It needs a bullet to be out of its misery

  • Molly P. Sasser
    Molly P. Sasser 2 months ago

    shilling for more bloated HWD tent-pole dogshit... no wonder everyone's so fuggin' sick & cynical...

  • Strange Sightings
    Strange Sightings 2 months ago +2

    None of the new shows impress me. Only one Bad Boys that's it, Will Smith is the best

  • Jay Gatsby
    Jay Gatsby 2 months ago


  • alex042687
    alex042687 2 months ago +2

    Kong is a 39 foot tall 🦍. Godzilla is 900 feet tall and can shoot a damn Lazer out his mouth. I don't need to see the movie to know who wins that fight.

    • Strange Sightings
      Strange Sightings 2 months ago

      Lol just watch the old 1975 movie Kong Versus Godzilla Kong wins I'm sure it's will be the same story line.😀😀😀😀😳😳😳😳🤔🤔🤔🤪🤪🤪

  • nikhil hembrom
    nikhil hembrom 2 months ago

    They haven't talked about tenet Christopher Nolan film that will blow everyone mind away

  • Critical Weiner
    Critical Weiner 2 months ago +1

    Tom Hanks is a fricken legend, I remember watching him as a comedy actor in the 80s.. anyone remember Splash and The Money Pit?

  • Brax M
    Brax M 2 months ago

    Believe it when I see it with bad boys

  • Gospito
    Gospito 2 months ago

    Fast and Furious 9

  • Gospito
    Gospito 2 months ago

    Can't wait for these movies.Great job Pal

  • mckendreeaugustas
    mckendreeaugustas 2 months ago

    surprised you didn't mention the new Dune movie coming out in November 2020. That's the ONLY movie I'm looking forward to that year so far

  • Strange Dee* Lee
    Strange Dee* Lee 2 months ago

    Looks like same old same old. Oh well at least I won’t be wasting any money at the theatre. 🙄

  • Boats n Hoes
    Boats n Hoes 2 months ago

    More CRAP

  • D3DSTR1K3R
    D3DSTR1K3R 2 months ago +2

    I'm looking forward to fast and furious 9i don't care what people say

  • Joseph Lenard
    Joseph Lenard 2 months ago

    F&F (GREED) has been dead to me as a franchise (or any potential spin-offs) for some time. ZERO interest anymore! Good to see 6BMan finally coming after years of rumors.

  • Yu-Gi-Oh cards Extreme
    Yu-Gi-Oh cards Extreme 3 months ago

    What about Hamilton a movie

  • samim s
    samim s 3 months ago

    Looking forward to Tony "Sherlock" Stark

  • Glenn Ng
    Glenn Ng 3 months ago

    Totally forgot Disney's live action "Mulan"? REALLY??? Would have liked your take on the movie. Totally wasted my time.

  • Hitman 888
    Hitman 888 3 months ago

    Tom Hanks is paedophile. Don’t watch his movies.

    CPE PRODUCTIONS LLC P 3 months ago

    And to which Movie are you referring to as Blow everybody away????? You guys are pretty stupid.

  • Gary Lewis
    Gary Lewis 3 months ago

    How in God's name can any one spend $1 billion makeing a movie. what does J. Camoron pay himself.