Claire Makes Brûléed Pumpkin Pie | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appetit


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  • ideamissing
    ideamissing 11 months ago +2835

    Claire is a very good host. The videos are fun and informative but the process is never intimidating when she explains it.
    Also, thank you for posting so many Thanksgiving prep ideas!

    • The three musketeers
      The three musketeers 2 months ago

      ideamissing so true though

    • Amin Ibnu Lotfi
      Amin Ibnu Lotfi 3 months ago +2

      The editing is the key thou. Look at Bard video editing. Kudos. Fun.

    • V2638
      V2638 4 months ago

      100% agree

    • Diek454
      Diek454 6 months ago +2

      Also thank you for being super, super cute and knowing a lot about stuff :D Heart you Claire!!!

    • Franz Anthony
      Franz Anthony 6 months ago +20

      I like how she explains not just how but also why! Grasping the underlying logic really helps people in the long run.

  • Eldritch Shire
    Eldritch Shire Day ago

    Oh that's why my pie last year filling cracked! Thanks Claire for that tip!

  • Declan McCarthy
    Declan McCarthy Day ago

    6:27 a wild Molly appears

  • Jared Neal
    Jared Neal 2 days ago

    Claire is so sexy!

  • SociallyAwkward Wolf

    PROTIP and *whisk*

  • Diana
    Diana 4 days ago

    6:29 MOLLY!

  • sweetninabean81
    sweetninabean81 4 days ago

    yay THANKs so much! I'm needing a sugar free pumpkin recipe

  • Curtis Thacker
    Curtis Thacker 6 days ago

    Where's the whipped cream? Looks yummy!

  • Bobbi Martin
    Bobbi Martin 6 days ago

    What was the crust?

  • lukaea
    lukaea 6 days ago

    Came back to watch this just because I miss Claire. Still the best BA cook!

  • John Random
    John Random 7 days ago

    Claire’s beautiful

  • M M
    M M 8 days ago

    It’s October 2018. Why am I JUST seeing this? My two loves in cooking in one video! :D

  • Jacob Flo
    Jacob Flo 8 days ago

    Claire is a goddess

  • nello
    nello 8 days ago

    shes cute

  • Scott Thomas
    Scott Thomas 11 days ago

    Really enjoy the accessibility of these videos - nice job BA.

  • Anthony M Falbo
    Anthony M Falbo 14 days ago

    Wow... Saved for later. You guys are killing this USclip thing!

  • Alyssa Kitty
    Alyssa Kitty 18 days ago +3

    Claire is my favourite =]

  • Mariana Valle
    Mariana Valle 18 days ago +1

    She's so gorgeous and so smart!

  • IridescentBanana
    IridescentBanana 19 days ago

    I want to make this recipe but the pumpkin puree is not sold here like that. Anyone have any alternatives or know where to order it online?

    • ArgentAbendAzure
      ArgentAbendAzure 11 days ago

      They sell it on Amazon.UK.If you're in Europe you may be able to get it from there.Libby's Pumpkin Puree.

  • Kapparino
    Kapparino 19 days ago

    >no sugar
    >it's all maple syrup

  • Ras Alghul
    Ras Alghul 20 days ago

    Claire is such a wifey material - totally want her.

  • Aralthir
    Aralthir 20 days ago

    Real talk: I don't really care for candy or pastries, I just have a massive crush on Claire

  • Shu Vang
    Shu Vang 20 days ago

    Claire will you go on a date with me?!

  • ActionParfait
    ActionParfait 20 days ago

    Can I use molasses instead of maple syrup?

  • Adlee Jaafar
    Adlee Jaafar 21 day ago

    Claire, you're beautiful

  • DrMario Pepper
    DrMario Pepper 21 day ago

    Thank you Claire! I will be able to blind bake my pie crust like a pro thanks to you! I know you don’t have to but I blind bake all my pies even Apple. I do not like when the bottom does not cook.

  • DrMario Pepper
    DrMario Pepper 21 day ago

    I want to use vanilla bean so bad but it is so expensive☹️

  • DrMario Pepper
    DrMario Pepper 21 day ago

    Claire is awesome! STL people are the best😉

  • simple guy
    simple guy 22 days ago

    the oooold tapa tapa

  • Fatma Atma
    Fatma Atma 22 days ago

    She burnt the crust

  • Scott Krempel
    Scott Krempel 22 days ago

    that pie looks almost as good as your feather ear rings.

  • OffroaderCat
    OffroaderCat 25 days ago

    This channel is going to make me fat! Good lord the food is so good, and easy enough to follow!

  • MoonLight Neji
    MoonLight Neji 25 days ago

    Beat the devil out of it

  • Blake Mauro
    Blake Mauro 25 days ago

    Another option is to just brûlée each slice individually so you can move the sugar around as it melts for full coverage! If you've got the time/patience for that...

  • Razid
    Razid 25 days ago

    6:28 Random Molly :D

  • atwostarhotel
    atwostarhotel 26 days ago

    Claire should make a gourmet version of that pumpkin purée!

  • Maya Rouillard
    Maya Rouillard 26 days ago

    I legitimately want to know, is her hair dyed like that? I think it looks great, I'm just curious

    • ArgentAbendAzure
      ArgentAbendAzure 11 days ago

      It's natural.She stopped dying it black a few years ago,and let it grow out.

  • vicky1114
    vicky1114 27 days ago


  • yorocco1
    yorocco1 27 days ago

    Claire is an excellent instructor!!

  • Ossian Bohnaroo
    Ossian Bohnaroo 27 days ago

    4:06 how spiceist of you Claire lol

  • Katie Caufield
    Katie Caufield 29 days ago

    This looks amazing. I'm am definitely doing this for Thanksgiving. I always like to try out new recipes every years as well.

  • Pinoy Life in Italy

    Looks yummy.Just visit your channel. Hope to visit it again

  • STAN Kim chungha uwu

    She lowkey looks like Amy from Brooklyn 99

  • The English American
    The English American Month ago +1

    Claire and Brad are my favs! Definitely making this for Thanksgiving this year



  • Jillian Henriques
    Jillian Henriques Month ago +1

    I wish Claire could make tutorials on every subject.

  • beathitus
    beathitus Month ago

    wish you would give the cocoa dough recipe , cant find those where I live ^^

  • P Iris
    P Iris Month ago


  • Harry Eichelberger
    Harry Eichelberger Month ago

    O M G drool

  • roomforthefiiixins
    roomforthefiiixins Month ago

    Claire uses mace to both attack and feed guys

  • Greendotz
    Greendotz Month ago

    6:27 A wild Molly appears!

  • mtl47
    mtl47 Month ago

    It's just impossible to read the "tips" unless you pause the video... 😒

  • Hloni Motsohi
    Hloni Motsohi Month ago

    Claire you are the best. Absolutely love watching your videos.

  • Moth Boots
    Moth Boots Month ago

    Seeing pretty girls named Claire makes me hate my name a little less

  • bobobradford
    bobobradford Month ago

    Oooh yum!

  • TDanger1911
    TDanger1911 Month ago

    I already miss Claire's videos. BA won't be the same without her.

  • Ed McLaughlin
    Ed McLaughlin Month ago

    Claire, grey hair is so cool. You have half of America planing their families. Good luck. Nice video.

  • Eric Gomez
    Eric Gomez Month ago

    USclip: "Claire makes--"
    Me: "Yes."

  • ?????
    ????? Month ago

    Could you do this with sweet potatoes?

  • Karolina Sikora
    Karolina Sikora Month ago

    Dang, i really wanted to make this, but we don't even have canned pumpkin here :/

  • noshavenohaircuts
    noshavenohaircuts Month ago

    Claire please be my wife.

  • Gaz Wilson
    Gaz Wilson Month ago

    Claire is so beautiful

  • Mark Milotay
    Mark Milotay Month ago +1

    Claire and Brad are my favourite ba presenters

  • Chesela Smith
    Chesela Smith 2 months ago +1

    I got a kitchen torch for Christmas a few years ago, and it is hands down my favorite kitchen tool. Any excuse I can find to use it, I will. Saving this one for the holidays!!

  • Rich Wats
    Rich Wats 2 months ago

    Claire is a hottie...... No I'm not being sarcastic, i think she is beautiful.

  • Beth Vrantsidis
    Beth Vrantsidis 2 months ago

    I have been binge watching all the BA videos with Claire. She is wonderful and a great host. But GIRL HAVE MORE FAITH IN YOUR SKILL AND MAKE YOUR DECISIONS WITH CONVICTION! I have noticed Claire always explains why she chose to do something with a indecisive tone and all I can say is that you would not hear the same self doubt from a man. OWN IT GIRL AND DINT UNDERESTIMATE YOUR KNOWLEDGE OR UNDERMINE YOUR KNOWLEDGE WITH QUALIFIERS. ok feminist rant complete love this and also love Its Alive

  • Falbium Asmodeus
    Falbium Asmodeus 2 months ago

    I really need a girl like Claire in my life

  • MochaTater
    MochaTater 2 months ago +1

    People who cut individual slices out of a pie or pizza instead of cutting the whole thing are savages 😂

  • Luke
    Luke 2 months ago

    Um, I noticed the pie being burnt on the edges... (Still looks absolutely delicious)

  • Nathan Hering
    Nathan Hering 2 months ago

    I have such a crush on you Claire. You're great.

  • Eric Magee
    Eric Magee 2 months ago

    That looks 1000x better than a traditional pumpkin pie! I am making this 💯. Thanks Claire!

  • Orma rose
    Orma rose 2 months ago

    Claire should try to make Irish soda bread!

  • Arandor Thinnorion
    Arandor Thinnorion 2 months ago

    I think I want to marry Claire. :-)

  • David Luna Velasco
    David Luna Velasco 2 months ago +1

    you've just conquered my heart. Through my stomach. I love you Claire

  • dog.
    dog. 2 months ago

    can we get a claire and brad collab thing pls!!

  • ha ro
    ha ro 2 months ago

    She didn’t try any

  • Ryan Posadas
    Ryan Posadas 2 months ago

    The music kinda sounds like I wanna be your lover by Prince at 2:40

  • laura knapper
    laura knapper 2 months ago +1

    The queen of Bon appetite does it again

  • Ben Berg
    Ben Berg 2 months ago +1

    I think I'm in love with Claire 🤔

  • Rachel Dobbins
    Rachel Dobbins 2 months ago

    I'm upset we didn't get to see anyone taste it.

  • Paul Hathaway
    Paul Hathaway 2 months ago +1

    Thank you, Claire!

  • sjane 722
    sjane 722 2 months ago

    Is Claire on IG?

  • Ella Harrison
    Ella Harrison 2 months ago

    Honestly, I used to binge watch another food youtube channel but switched to BA because you are just so much more fun to watch, and informative, you can really tell you are professionals. Thank You ❤

  • Leo Joey
    Leo Joey 2 months ago

    WHHHYyyYYY do Americans like pumpkin so much
    eat a fish or something.

  • LoganLee
    LoganLee 2 months ago


  • Calypso11111
    Calypso11111 2 months ago

    I use fresh pumpkin puree every year from my garden pumpkins.... WAY better than canned...

  • Paul Aguirre
    Paul Aguirre 2 months ago

    not a fan of pumpkin all....but ill def eat claire's pie....

  • katana2k
    katana2k 2 months ago

    It's so good to see genuine competence

  • Violet's Velvet Vortex
    Violet's Velvet Vortex 2 months ago

    Claire it looks beautiful, I suggestion a ginger snap crust would be good too.

  • Julian
    Julian 2 months ago

    She needs a her own show or more ep for her

  • Banira
    Banira 2 months ago

    Pro tip!

  • jingles bellez
    jingles bellez 2 months ago

    Anyone know if I can just use the bbs from like a BB gun? Is that the same???

  • Christian Turner
    Christian Turner 2 months ago

    That looks really good!!!!!

  • Peter Harper
    Peter Harper 2 months ago

    Great Job!

  • Julian
    Julian 2 months ago

    She's so beautiful

  • Eduardo Moreira Dias
    Eduardo Moreira Dias 2 months ago

    I love the videos with Claire! I do actually learn from her instructions, and she is super nice and charismatic.

  • alongfortheride84
    alongfortheride84 2 months ago

    what happened to the other piece Claire?!

  • Aldo Parziale
    Aldo Parziale 2 months ago

    How do you not at least show fork cutting through it and taking one good bite for us and yourself, that's so satisfying and I think the best way to end this sort of thing 🤔

  • Jessica Nurack
    Jessica Nurack 2 months ago

    And now I'm hungry, and I wish it were the holidays.

  • Hamish Scarborough
    Hamish Scarborough 2 months ago

    But how do I make the base🙁