i’m quitting youtube

  • Published on Nov 19, 2019
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  • Someone's wife is typing

    Take a break from USclip hun its really really not good to feel u gotta make videos to entertain people when you yourself need a break. I feel like we're so pressured to please others we forget to please our self's

  • Beatriz Candeias
    Beatriz Candeias 3 hours ago

    Girl, the thumbnail looks like you’ve done lip fillers.

  • Vulpik
    Vulpik 4 hours ago +1

    No one cares

  • Buse
    Buse 4 hours ago

    nooo don't quit youtube you're too sexy haha x

    ISAAC LIEW 6 hours ago

    Did I ask

  • Liz idunno
    Liz idunno 12 hours ago

    Dang...she killed the thumbnail

  • Marcela ChU
    Marcela ChU 14 hours ago

    I love the spider cosplay

  • Kristiina Kapinen
    Kristiina Kapinen 14 hours ago

    Just the perfect amount of chaos, to myself and my friend, in this video🚂😃💘🌀 Love from Finland 🇫🇮💙❄️

  • Everett
    Everett 14 hours ago

    Please fucking leave this platform, you cancer to society.

  • Tara Newton
    Tara Newton 15 hours ago +1

    i have tic tok

  • Tara Newton
    Tara Newton 15 hours ago +1

    why why why why why why whhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Nessa Reino
    Nessa Reino 18 hours ago

    Okay but I’m that white wig she looks like ELSA🤪😍😍😍

  • tea slurp
    tea slurp 19 hours ago

    i forgot antonio was alive😅

  • john smith
    john smith 20 hours ago

    fuckin pathetic and you need a fuckin wash badly your a disgrace

  • XlittlegothicgirlX
    XlittlegothicgirlX 20 hours ago

    Which contact lens color are you using lately? I can’t find out anywhere 😫

  • Jair Espinoza
    Jair Espinoza 20 hours ago

    Wait this a boy right

  • _ shiteu_
    _ shiteu_ 22 hours ago


  • George Jetson
    George Jetson Day ago

    3.66 Million subscribers and you are quitting? Girl take a month break and think about this lol.

  • mckenzie grant
    mckenzie grant Day ago

    Am I dumb but is she , he a boy or girl I feel back asking but I really want to know 😬 sorry

  • emantsrif emantsal

    But on another note, how is Antonio ACTUALLY doing because sissy seems very sad. Like is she good or..?

  • London Luna
    London Luna Day ago

    No don’t go 😭

  • Olivia Nicole
    Olivia Nicole Day ago

    HEY whats up you guys YeS
    Soooooo i figured Antonio's channel would be the best place for me to plug my own....... not that anyone cares BUT since Antonio is *quitting youtube* i figured you all need another tuber to keep up with! So here i am🙃🙃🙃 subscribe pleeez id really appreciate it 😋✌🏼XD

  • kai Ibarra
    kai Ibarra Day ago

    Whats the song she plays @5:19???

  • Julia Lauren
    Julia Lauren Day ago

    this video made me kinda emotional ngl

  • jackie wilcox
    jackie wilcox Day ago

    i dont know why but you legit fucking look like elena from tvd and i dont even understand because i just started watching the show again.

  • Rylee Milone
    Rylee Milone Day ago

    I dont have that much money to give so

  • liz marshall
    liz marshall Day ago

    can u stop playing with my emotions antonio

  • Deku
    Deku Day ago

    The song is called "Wiggle it" if anyone wants to know ...

  • Gracey Kira
    Gracey Kira Day ago

    Wellll but will u still have youtube but you not posting???

  • Anyah Gilmore-Jones

    The clip with Clairo lmaooooo

  • Sankofa m
    Sankofa m Day ago +2

    when u said the two-sided mirror thing i felt that

  • Amy. Olivia_
    Amy. Olivia_ Day ago

    Nobody noticed EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HER VIDEOS have 1 million + views WHATTT she prob rich richhh

  • Alastor
    Alastor Day ago

    why is she orange in the thumbnail tho

  • sis, thats the tea
    sis, thats the tea Day ago +1

    Antonio: youtube don't sue me
    also Antonio: sue me

  • Karate The Cat
    Karate The Cat Day ago

    I don't even know this USclipr, USclip are you trying to tell me something ._.

  • Smoking Thin rat

    Dude what did you do to your eyebrows

  • Kira G.
    Kira G. Day ago

    *plays video at 0.5x speed*

  • Alexyn Park
    Alexyn Park 2 days ago

    "SoY PpUtha"JAJAJA

  • Yahya Rana
    Yahya Rana 2 days ago

    what's the song that starts at 7:04?

  • Pinkity Drinkity
    Pinkity Drinkity 2 days ago

    Sorry but I screamed when she brought noob on screen a hahahah

  • I SeLL kOoKiE SHshhSsH
    I SeLL kOoKiE SHshhSsH 2 days ago +2

    All of her videos is her doing her make up and said LaTiNdAaa

    *but its a gud content bc she being herself*

  • HaMCyA
    HaMCyA 2 days ago

    Antonio: Im quitting yt..

    Me: DA HECKK

  • Thë Sad *
    Thë Sad * 2 days ago

    Kto od Filipa Szyca?

  • Abi Dodge
    Abi Dodge 2 days ago


  • Kristy Payne
    Kristy Payne 2 days ago

    This kid got issues

  • Dawson Kramer
    Dawson Kramer 2 days ago

    Dat acne thigh like woah

  • Cuba
    Cuba 2 days ago

    Nails are so pretty😭💖💕💘💝💗💞💓

  • slay
    slay 2 days ago

    bye bitch

  • Grayson Coll
    Grayson Coll 2 days ago +2

    ANTONIOO: DO A VIDEO CALLED "Painting with noob"

  • Alex
    Alex 2 days ago

    Ru gonna do a vid with jeyjey or benji?

  • Aubrey W
    Aubrey W 2 days ago

    I just wanna know what you use to edit your videos lol

  • Jahyra
    Jahyra 2 days ago


  • Curiosity
    Curiosity 2 days ago


  • emma markoss
    emma markoss 2 days ago +2

    pls get to the point and DO NOT leave cancel out the haters cause there are 3 million people who really do like you

  • Gretchen Hughes
    Gretchen Hughes 2 days ago


  • Gretchen Hughes
    Gretchen Hughes 2 days ago

    you can do tik tok and youtube just do your videos 2 times a day

  • Gretchen Hughes
    Gretchen Hughes 2 days ago

    don't leave please my sister will cry because loves you she comes everyday to watch u with me and she HATES I MEAN HATES bad news so please don't leave

  • Caitlin Turner
    Caitlin Turner 2 days ago +3

    "I'm quitting USclip"
    *I start crying*
    "Just jk guys ahahha"

  • Syd Siegman
    Syd Siegman 2 days ago

    while i was watching this i looked at myself in the mirror and you made me feel mad ugly. i love u pretty girlie

  • McKinley Smith
    McKinley Smith 2 days ago +4

    me: reading the comments to check if this is clickbait before watching it so that i dont have a mental breakdown