Cooking our own Food in Restaurants! Kicked out! How to cook burgers in McDonalds!


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  • John Bradford
    John Bradford 8 days ago

    Lmao. Had me rolling with the first manager at Wendy's. "wanna see my work?" rofl.

  • Maaz Khan
    Maaz Khan 16 days ago

    Hi am sorry to miss miss him so so sorry to miss miss you guys so so far I miss ya

  • Qe2
    Qe2 18 days ago

    It’s been 2weeks! Time for another “making your own food” video again!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ this!

  • Mark Cornell
    Mark Cornell 21 day ago

    The anxiety! Very funny stuff.

  • Rob’s Adventures 713

    Lolol awesome

  • Jesse Wightman
    Jesse Wightman 22 days ago

    Hahahahahahah making your own buger in Wendys

  • Bryce Czirr
    Bryce Czirr 24 days ago +1

    44 cents for ONE piece of cheese? Damn!

  • Eco Loki
    Eco Loki 26 days ago

    BA da da da, I'm loving it.

  • Ed Jr1970
    Ed Jr1970 28 days ago

    Go to every fast food restaurant and ask for a large diet water

  • Sosa Pelon
    Sosa Pelon 29 days ago

    Liking this new stuff

  • Chandler Powell
    Chandler Powell 29 days ago

    A juicy shart would have been perfect while talking to mickey d's manager. You hiring ? im a good cook lmfao sploooge

  • Inspire Wire
    Inspire Wire Month ago

    But i'm vegan tho 😂

  • Adventures of MIKE & STEVE

    This is great stuff guys lol!!!😅😅

  • Allycia Tamar
    Allycia Tamar Month ago

    So funny & unique 😂

  • Joshua
    Joshua Month ago

    lol too funny

  • Wild1995
    Wild1995 Month ago

    Next time wear a Wendys outfit

  • David Coll
    David Coll Month ago

    Lol wendy's doesn't give a shit

  • Juan Zapata
    Juan Zapata Month ago +1

    Great o idea 💡 and very very funny 😁

  • Black Cobra
    Black Cobra Month ago

    Wendy's chilled.

  • William Goddard
    William Goddard Month ago

    Uncle is a vegan meat farmer🤣

  • waupfoo
    waupfoo Month ago

    Go to a sushi restaurant and start slicing a dead fish and ask for soy sauce. Good work on this one, ask for ketchup next time or some lettuce, or even a bun.

  • FNMCaffeine
    FNMCaffeine Month ago +2

    LOL. I'm vegan... but I really like your cheese.

  • Lucas Argandoña
    Lucas Argandoña Month ago

    Stick to farting

  • David Gifford
    David Gifford Month ago +1

    Not remotely funny or entertaining.

  • Cuisine Marocaine
    Cuisine Marocaine Month ago +1

    thank you👍👍

  • Kenny Dodd
    Kenny Dodd Month ago

    Like it ..... butt u need to get sharter out while u cooking

  • Thor Guntersson
    Thor Guntersson Month ago

    Try cooking while you shart in a food dispensary..would be the ultimate

  • John W 696 wardell
    John W 696 wardell Month ago

    If you do something like this again you should do a sharter on the way out LOL.

  • ArticruciA Williams
    ArticruciA Williams Month ago +1


  • Uncle Rich
    Uncle Rich Month ago

    Hillarous idea!

  • Misty scott
    Misty scott Month ago +1

    You guys r too funny😂😂❤😍

  • SuperPostmayhem
    SuperPostmayhem Month ago +2

    This shit was funny and different, i loved it!

  • Dan Bremer
    Dan Bremer Month ago +7

    Bring a microwave to the movie theater and cook some popcorn.

  • cornelius1241
    cornelius1241 Month ago

    What's next? Are you going to make your own tacos at Taco Bell?

  • B-lee A
    B-lee A Month ago

    Its an unwritten rule lmao

  • willie makit
    willie makit Month ago

    Y'all look high as fuck! Much love

  • Rob Twietmeyer
    Rob Twietmeyer Month ago

    That is awesome, you should do the same deal but have a group planned to come in and watch coming in one by one every 2 minutes and then have them start cooking with you and or buying your burgers...also bring in a TV and chips and condiments the whole works!

  • AllforPranks
    AllforPranks Month ago +13

    You guys are nuts LOL. How did you ever think this up? 😂😂

  • Chris Huffman
    Chris Huffman Month ago

    You guys are idiots...Lol!

  • TheBeautifulGoldenhour

    awesome video guys i really enjoyed this very funny to get their reactions lol!

  • longnecker81
    longnecker81 Month ago

    Wendy's don't give a fuck!!🤣🤣

  • Bovver74
    Bovver74 Month ago

    Stick with the farts guys.

  • RockinRob69
    RockinRob69 Month ago +5

    *Stick to're better at it*

  • J dubayou
    J dubayou Month ago

    You should buy a slot machine and try to put it in a casino

  • George Lewis
    George Lewis Month ago

    "Got the hamburgers on me" I cannot stop laughing my neighbors can hear me hahaha

  • Douglas R
    Douglas R Month ago +1

    Grass fed makes it vegan?😂🤣😂

  • Ahoohi
    Ahoohi Month ago


  • anno domini
    anno domini Month ago

    Man you guys are nuts but funny as hell and Im over 50.

  • Lazlo
    Lazlo Month ago +1

    The bawlz this takes is incredible!!! Thanks for thinking out of the box on your prank videos!

  • Happy Day
    Happy Day Month ago

    You could actually do a one-man homeless food drive if they let you use their outlet for your George Foreman grill. Then they win too, cause the homeless will have some food and McDonalds can tell the vagrants to gtfo and go get a free burger from you. And you only hand burgers out when someone in the street pays you a $4 donation.

  • glockster19
    glockster19 Month ago

    Guys, this is genius !

  • Keyboardbeatz
    Keyboardbeatz Month ago +1

    this is hilarious

  • Logan Carpenter
    Logan Carpenter Month ago +9

    McDonald's are butt hurt

    • Mark Cornell
      Mark Cornell 21 day ago

      Because they weren't eating them Soylent Green Burgers.

  • Tracy Patzo
    Tracy Patzo Month ago +4

    Should of went to the library. I luv the video though. Only 1 piece of cheese lol

  • Logan Carpenter
    Logan Carpenter Month ago +9

    Wendy was cool about it

  • Billy O
    Billy O Month ago


  • My Opinion
    My Opinion Month ago

    I wouldn't have the nerve, even for that brief moment, looking like a complete fool.

  • Houston Brummette
    Houston Brummette Month ago

    "Can I buy a slice of cheese please "fo sho factz Lmaooo awesome Video u vegans fo realz

  • Linda Smith
    Linda Smith Month ago

    HA! HA! HA!

  • Qe2
    Qe2 Month ago +2

    OMG! Love This... lmfao! Take it to the next level, have friends sitting at tables eating hotdogs so they flip out about taking their business!! 😂

    • Ahoohi
      Ahoohi Month ago +1

      Yes omg,please do that

  • Alex Eaton
    Alex Eaton Month ago

    yum cook me a burger

  • gary stewart
    gary stewart Month ago

    Same idea...Chinese restaurant

  • sah 22
    sah 22 Month ago +9

    You've got a point, grass fed beef is vegan. Never thought of that.

  • Draven Mcfalls
    Draven Mcfalls Month ago

    I’m dead 😂😂😂

  • William Sousa
    William Sousa Month ago


  • Patrick Larry
    Patrick Larry Month ago +14

    Should've sharted while cooking them burgers son!

  • Garreth Boland
    Garreth Boland Month ago +3

    Maybe I was just too high, but I laughed my ass off to this.

  • John Sampson
    John Sampson Month ago +10

    They should've hired you on the spot for showing such initiative!!

  • Warpig
    Warpig Month ago +4

    Where were the big farts tho?

  • carlos ocana
    carlos ocana Month ago

    Great video broskies!! Way better thank McDoggie for sure! Blessings 😂😂😂😂😂🤙🏽🤙🏽

  • Tim Areskog
    Tim Areskog Month ago

    Once got thrown out of Macca's for setting a table with table cloth, plates, silver cutlery, lit candle, champagne flute and bottle of champagne. Everything was ok until I started to drink the champagne, tried arguing that I like a drink with my meal, didn't work, but the table sure looked grand.

  • Jose Cuervo
    Jose Cuervo Month ago

    Love this video . ^_^

  • PapaKryptoss
    PapaKryptoss Month ago


  • The last European
    The last European Month ago +4

    Next video - burning Tylers hat!

    • TN4P
      TN4P  Month ago +2

      It won’t burn I’ve tried

  • Jony Cash
    Jony Cash Month ago

    Excellent job

  • Bill A
    Bill A Month ago

    Something new for a change. This has to be one of your best. Hilarious!

  • 2006Crusader2006
    2006Crusader2006 Month ago

    Roadkill special!

  • Rene M
    Rene M Month ago

    Lmao the first guy couldn't stay mad

  • Duneedon
    Duneedon Month ago +7

    Mmmmm...I love me some HAMBERDERS!

  • Helmut Schmacker
    Helmut Schmacker Month ago +12

    Eating out, hillbilly style, lol

    • cmac2119
      cmac2119 Month ago +4

      Eating out hillbilly style here means going down on your cousin lol 😂

  • Reinier Lara
    Reinier Lara Month ago +4

    This is the best prank ever!

  • GilstrapTV
    GilstrapTV Month ago +23

    Lol LOVE it fellas!!!

  • shane g
    shane g Month ago

    Cooking and Shitting in a restaurant combined!

  • suzy smith
    suzy smith Month ago +6

    Wendy's is awesome McDonald's sucks ass

  • hotLanta
    hotLanta Month ago +1

    . 😂 👍👍👍

  • Tony Buhagiar
    Tony Buhagiar Month ago +3

    Well this is a novel idea guys : very clever. well done!

  • Kevin Clements
    Kevin Clements Month ago +12

    LOLOLOLOL awesome LOLOLOL !!!! More videos like this

    BILO SAGATIEVE Month ago +6

    Restaurants are not for cooking food!!!!

  • Tom Martinez
    Tom Martinez Month ago +5

    Funny idea

  • Robbie H
    Robbie H Month ago +1

    O well guess am 2nd..😁

    • Robbie H
      Robbie H Month ago +1

      +Helmut Schmacker 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

    • Helmut Schmacker
      Helmut Schmacker Month ago

      always the bridesmaid, buddy :)

  • Lena Lin Meadows
    Lena Lin Meadows Month ago +8

    Whah??? Lol you guys are so funny.

  • A Lil Kangaroo
    A Lil Kangaroo Month ago +5

    Heck yeah i be first 😎