Irish People Try Southern Food For The First Time

  • Published on May 31, 2016
  • -- Irish people taste test southern food like Gizzards, Grits, Tater Tots & more
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    Behind the video :
    In this video we asked our contributors to try Southern food for the first time. Some foods they loved and some they didn't like. Check this one out for a laugh!
    Thanks to our chef, Neil Barrett.
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    Credits :
    Produced by Creative Nation
    Music licensed from AudioMicro and Epidemic Sound
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Comments • 14 377

  • Sunny star
    Sunny star 2 hours ago

    Southern food is best eaten out of your grandmother's kitchen. This is so processed and basic.

  • Jeffery Stamps
    Jeffery Stamps 2 hours ago

    Dear Ireland, i apologize for this video experience as well...come to Alabama and get REAL GREENS AND CORNBREAD, REAL BARBECUE RIBS, PINTO BEANS....REAL FRIED CHICKEN....smh I dont know what type of southern food this is....

  • Austin Gibson
    Austin Gibson 7 hours ago

    Milk in grits!
    Grits made with water!

  • WestsidePatriot
    WestsidePatriot 12 hours ago

    Tater tot casserole? I've lived in the south my whole life and never seen that shit on any menu or ever seen anyone ever cook or talk about tater tot casserole.

  • Kitu Umm Saalih Muhammad

    WTF cooked that shit?!?!

  • Shelby
    Shelby 22 hours ago

    I know who didn't cook this food, lmfaoooo

  • Shannon Hicks
    Shannon Hicks Day ago

    The grits was a fail... It's supposed to be shrimp and grits.

  • Jacob Masters
    Jacob Masters Day ago

    silly food items

  • Ken Gray
    Ken Gray Day ago

    Who in the world was the idiot who came up with this food? They are NOT SOUTHERN...!!

  • Misty hollowmist83

    Grits usually have some salt and pepper or butter and sugar or spices and shrimp not just milk and water...

  • Bianca Lomax
    Bianca Lomax Day ago

    What in the hot ham sandwich is a tater tot casserole?

  • Un wanted_ Guest
    Un wanted_ Guest 2 days ago

    The lady with the flower in her hair is very not weird i promise

  • Douglas Scott
    Douglas Scott 2 days ago

    Whadda you mean you don't just eat potatoes

  • Wanderer101
    Wanderer101 2 days ago

    Grits must be flavored with cheese. It's the law...

  • artistpw
    artistpw 2 days ago

    Grits are basically Italian polenta. All birds have gizzards and they swallow small stones that lodge in the gizzards. It's just a muscle that functions as teeth to grind up the food they eat. New Orleans cooking usually has the base three flavors of onions, carrots and peppers, while everywhere else it is onions, carrots and celery. Gumbo needs file powder. I've eaten grits for breakfast, because I live in Missouri, and we are just slightly southern.

  • oof man
    oof man 2 days ago

    This aint southern food lmao ian ever heard of some of these lol and that wasnt gumbo bruh

  • Amber Jones
    Amber Jones 3 days ago

    Nobody from the south make grits like that. We use plenty of butter and salt.

  • Bill Avery
    Bill Avery 3 days ago

    You think that's how we eat grits? Seriously? Why not just give them the hard grits out of the box and let them chew on those for a while!

  • Wesley Kelly
    Wesley Kelly 3 days ago

    You seriously need to find another cook or production manager. There's nothing Southern about what you serve those people

  • Dad Lit
    Dad Lit 3 days ago

    That was the worst representation of southern food I have ever seen. Don't joke like that.

  • Nono Ford
    Nono Ford 4 days ago

    Everything is wrong here

  • Cassandra Brown
    Cassandra Brown 4 days ago

    Oh my they wrong for that who cooked that because babbbeee that's not southern cooking.. 🤦🤦🤦

  • Jess Gatt
    Jess Gatt 4 days ago

    A gizzard is what the chicken grinds its food with, there are very small pebbles inside it which grinds as the organ flexes, and it pretty much acts as teeth, which a chicken does not have. All birds have gizzards, just like all humans have teeth.

  • sana cole
    sana cole 5 days ago

    I'm from the south& am truly grossed out by gizzards 🤭

  • Leonard Henderson
    Leonard Henderson 5 days ago

    I am from South Carolina, Mom was from GA, Dad from TX my ex is Cajun that was not true southern food.

  • Leonard Henderson
    Leonard Henderson 5 days ago

    Grits with egs and , Bacon, or ham not so much water no milk no brown sugar just salt and pepper and butter. shrimp and grits for supper is ok

  • Leonard Henderson
    Leonard Henderson 5 days ago

    this is not true food from the US south

  • Latrice Mitchell
    Latrice Mitchell 5 days ago

    First of all! 🗣️🗣️ Who's collard greens recipe was that?!? 🤦🏽‍♀️ Southerners have been disrespected smh

  • Daniel Stucky
    Daniel Stucky 5 days ago

    A lot of southerners families came from Ireland, England and Scotland..I don't see how they haven't had some of these foods before..But I guess thing's developed differently from generation to generation.

  • Darlene Lopez
    Darlene Lopez 6 days ago

    LOL..Have to go with Andrew on this...where the heck is the sausage gravy over biscuits, and why in the WORLD would anyone eat plain grits? If you like savory put some cheese on those grits, but a lot of us in the south treat grits like oatmeal..plop on some butter and sugar and we're home!

  • Angie Yawn
    Angie Yawn 6 days ago

    They eating grits the wrong way. You add some butter and crop up sausage or bacon. Mixing it all up 👌

  • Desiree Badong
    Desiree Badong 6 days ago

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they liked it! Irish foods are heavy, as are soul food recipes!

  • Lisa Kaye
    Lisa Kaye 6 days ago

    Put some crispy bacon, fried eggs, and cheese in those grits, then you've got a dish!!!

  • Ree Novacaine
    Ree Novacaine 6 days ago

    "I'm not a fan of cabbage but i find myself always eating it" same

  • F Mirth
    F Mirth 6 days ago

    Who made the chicken noodle soup...I mean the gumbo? I’m straight out of Cali with strong southern roots. They may not have been ready for the hog maws but y’all could have served up the basics: fried chicken or pork chops, yams, Mac n cheese, cornbread, greens or cabbage, black eyed peas, butter beans or something.

  • Mikella Dunnell
    Mikella Dunnell 7 days ago

    Y’all... I’m from Alabama and we eat tater tot casserole... but that’s not how it’s made...

  • David Kight
    David Kight 7 days ago +1

    These dishes looked like Facts asked a yankee what southerners eat.

  • David Jefferson
    David Jefferson 7 days ago

    Where's the oxtails,okra,Lima beans with rice?

  • Eric Spencer
    Eric Spencer 8 days ago

    Tatter tot casserole is not Southern that's some bull shit ass Yankee food

  • Hye Tension
    Hye Tension 8 days ago

    No wonder why their skin complexion is lacking color, they aint got no soul!!

  • Nicole Craig
    Nicole Craig 8 days ago

    As a person born and raised in Tennessee, I apologize on behalf of all southern people. That was not southern. If you’d like ACTUAL southern recipes let me know. Or you know just fly me out and I’ll feed you real southern food.

  • WatchListenLearnDoTeach Regularly

    Where is the chicken fried steak? Where is the barbecue? Where is the fried chicken? The greens dont look right at all. The grits are probably undercooked and underseasoned. Why is there milk in it? It should also be made to be shrimp and grits, the grits, butter, cheese, lemon juice, wild caught shrimp kind. Where is the jambalaya? Where are the pig feet? Where is the MACARONI and CHEESE??? Damn this is like taking someone to Panda express talking about Chinese food.

  • william badovinac
    william badovinac 8 days ago

    How long have these Polish immigrants been practising English?

  • Clint Whatley
    Clint Whatley 9 days ago

    Your channel is a farce. Really shitty renditions of southern cuisine

  • Clint Whatley
    Clint Whatley 9 days ago

    That was NOT Gumbo

  • Meishawn1374
    Meishawn1374 9 days ago

    what are they doing? Traditionally ham hocks go incollard greens and they didn't cook them long enough... they should not be chewy, hello! Who made this? you owe us an apology.... Bless your heart, the South

  • Vincent Mileto
    Vincent Mileto 9 days ago

    Okra! UGH! Worse than lima beans!

  • jamie baxter
    jamie baxter 10 days ago

    i honestly am dissapointed in the fact they gave them pretty much nothing but conneticut and ohio style southern food wish they gave them alabama,more louisiana and texas food

  • Marcela Geiger
    Marcela Geiger 10 days ago

    I agree with the guy who said grits taste like an ingredient of food that hasn't been cooked yet.

  • Raven Moonsinger
    Raven Moonsinger 10 days ago

    Hilarious! Well, at least they know now that we don't live on hot dogs, hamburgers and pizza. You should give them a Budweiser to wash that crap down.

  • Daniel Huffman
    Daniel Huffman 10 days ago

    Shoulda gave em cheese grits, and gumbo comes in all kinds. I prefer just the Andouille sausage and shredded chicken kind myself.

  • papawx3
    papawx3 10 days ago

    The reason these Irish folk identified and liked the southern foods is not by chance. The south is full of people with Scotch-Irish ancestors, and traditional southern dishes have a strong influence from old Scotch-Irish recipes.

  • John Ales
    John Ales 10 days ago southerner would call this food.

  • tyrone blacklight
    tyrone blacklight 10 days ago

    what a bunch of wanabees . they are not irish they what u call irish lite

  • jacob carolan
    jacob carolan 11 days ago


  • love black
    love black 11 days ago

    ..... No

  • Doreen Mitchell
    Doreen Mitchell 11 days ago

    I'm Irish and I live in New Orleans. After 30 yrs. I have not warmed up to grits.

  • Karen Patterson
    Karen Patterson 12 days ago

    There’s a soul food restaurant here in Dallas y’all that is the best food I ever had in my life. These people need to have some of that. The food in this video has no seasoning no fat back no gravy. I don’t know what they were eating in this video but it isn’t southern food.

  • jarocla66
    jarocla66 12 days ago

    That was funny that was cool, and they had the basic southern food, I can only imagine what would happen if they got the real deal, which of course is different depending on who's cooking it and how they cook it, but that's definitely a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10, and if they like that then, they're in for a treat

  • Nunya Bizniz
    Nunya Bizniz 12 days ago

    Wtf is tater tot casserole? 44 years on the deep south and never heard of that. Grits at the minimum you put salt and pepper better with cheese

  • Ilene Edmonds
    Ilene Edmonds 12 days ago

    You gave these poor kids plain grtis they needed eggs,cheese,sausage,salt pepper and hot sauce no one eats grits plain unless your a yankee and put sugar on rhem like cream of wheat.please

  • Calista
    Calista 13 days ago

    Gumbo no rice? First 👎
    Tater tot casserole as soul food? Second👎
    Collard greens with bacon and not ham hocks or oxtail? Third👎 also if it takes a long time to chew you need to cook them longer.

  • MischievousKittie
    MischievousKittie 13 days ago

    I am crying for them. You gave them horrible

  • Adam Goss
    Adam Goss 13 days ago

    A correct southern supper is chicken breast, collard greens, black eyed peas, cornbread or biscuits and gravy, and a big cold glass of sweet tea.

  • summer duskin
    summer duskin 13 days ago

    Coming from New Orleans..that food looks trash.

  • Debbie Lee
    Debbie Lee 14 days ago

    I love these videos..........These accents are soooooo amazing!! I could just listen to it all day. I'm a Texan with an Irish dad who was raised on a farm in Georgia and I can honestly say that he is now Southern to the bone. I agree with Belle Serra's comment. Each southern state stands on it's own cuisine for sure. Texas has it's Tacos, Mexican food and barbecue, and pecan pie. Louisiana has it's cajun and creole food, Gumbo, Georgia, has it great fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans biscuits (all over the south) and gravy, with cornbread with peach cobbler and homemade ice-cream for dessert and the list just goes on and on as far as our Southern States go. One thing you will NEVER get in the south though is bland food and rude people. They don't know the meaning of those words.If they have one green bean , they will split it with you . Period. I don't know who prepared these foods for you but I am cringing as I am watching you eat these dishes and I AM SOUTHERN!!! Gizzard, gumbo, these are tough dishes to eat even for southerners. It is like a Scottish person eating Haggis. It is Scottish yes, but how many Scottish people really love it?? You guys need the good offense to the cookie this video though. Grits should NEVER be runny.
    They should be thick, buttery, salted and peppered. Never runny. aghhhhh...this is making me cry.❤️

  • Her Creative Works Candice D.

    No mac n cheese? Fried chicken, cornbread or yams I see

  • Zergon7
    Zergon7 15 days ago

    Who puts milk in their grits in the South??? Not this guy!!!

  • bodhisattva99
    bodhisattva99 15 days ago

    tink a-bay-yowt fee-yew-d

  • bodhisattva99
    bodhisattva99 15 days ago

    suddern freud chick'n

  • David Muterspaugh
    David Muterspaugh 15 days ago

    I’m sorry you folks had to eat such a limited and horribly prepared selection of “Southern “ food. Not one item was cooked right. And southerners would not be caught dead eating grits with milk and sugar. This was as bad as the episode for US seafood. Please, Mr producer , you and your chief, do your research.

  • Jefferson Mason
    Jefferson Mason 15 days ago +1

    As many fellow UScliprs have said, this food just looked depressing (especially the grits). To any non Americans watching this, this is NOT how southern food looks. It has a lot more flavor than what these people had. Seriously, I bet the cooks weren’t even southern themselves and probably just watched “how to make southern food”

  • Jeremey Britton
    Jeremey Britton 15 days ago

    As a cook with 30+ years of experience; born, raised, and still living in the south (southern Arkansas to be exact); gizzards was the only correct dish. All of the others were wrong. Please do more / better research before doing these.

  • Mick Jamieson
    Mick Jamieson 16 days ago

    I havent eaten yet and after watching will probably cook enough to feed an army, yum to all of it.

  • Raven Baxter
    Raven Baxter 16 days ago

    If you can find Irish people, you can find a decent southern cook

  • Sylvia Carter
    Sylvia Carter 16 days ago

  • Mark Alibozek
    Mark Alibozek 16 days ago +1

    Gotta have butter and salt in your grits!

  • Erica Fisher
    Erica Fisher 17 days ago

    NOBODY in the south approves of this foolishness ya'll gave them. Bless their hearts SMH.

  • PurpleZinnia
    PurpleZinnia 18 days ago

    Bogus menu. This is not Southern food! Theses Facts. are %#!$

  • Kurogane 556
    Kurogane 556 18 days ago

    No fried catfish, no crayfish, no fries chicken, no pulled pork, no BBQ. Can we get someone who is actually southern to handle the food options next time? This was pathetic.

  • Vino5150
    Vino5150 19 days ago

    They should have gave them some real seafood gumbo. Fried catfish with hush puppies. jambalaya and some boiled crawfish crab and shrimp seafood boils or some country friend steaks with mash potatoes and Mac! That is not a good representation of southern food

  • whitney graves
    whitney graves 19 days ago +2

    This is NOT southern food. Somebody tried to make it but failed. Who puts chili in collard greens 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • S.R.
    S.R. 19 days ago

    Did a black woman who has grand children cook this?? If not it's not soulful food!!!!! You should have feed them soul food not southern food. Wtf

  • chilaw2004
    chilaw2004 19 days ago +1

    Ireland is not a wealthy country and it has chickens. Do those chickens not have gizzards? Livers? Are we supposed to believe no one in Ireland has ever eaten a gizzard? C’mon now. This may be news to Irish city folk, but I bet there’s not a lot of waste or pickiness out in the country. Country boys (and girls) can survive everywhere.

  • Jacklynn Jackson
    Jacklynn Jackson 19 days ago

    And then theres SOUL FOOD, the REAL DEAL.

  • Mirozen
    Mirozen 20 days ago

    I'm not a southerner, but how could they not include hush puppies? (And maybe some sweet tea to go with them, because I wouldn't feel like I was in the south if sweet tea weren't at least available!!!)

  • Alec Maltz
    Alec Maltz 20 days ago

    “Gumbo always has rice” - ChefPaul Prudhomme and also Chef Emeril Lagasse.

  • Erika Stalling
    Erika Stalling 21 day ago

    Tater tot casserole? Who cooked this mess of food here, looks pretty un tasty

  • Becki Williams
    Becki Williams 21 day ago +1

    Who eats gizzards? I'm Southern and I've never even seen them.

  • UrbanRomance
    UrbanRomance 21 day ago

    That was NOT gumbo! Please come to New Orleans and have a proper southern meal.

  • Grilo Mestre
    Grilo Mestre 22 days ago

    That food looks depressing even for Irish standards.

  • Zachary Younger
    Zachary Younger 23 days ago

    Um, excuse me? There was no sugar or butter in those grits? Plus, I saw no sweet tea.

  • Jerome S
    Jerome S 23 days ago

    Being from Texas I am disappointed at the lack of size and seasoning in that food

  • jackson cabisca
    jackson cabisca 23 days ago

    tater tot casserole is not southern food

  • Hope Flores
    Hope Flores 23 days ago

    Whoever prepared this food is one of two things hell maybe both at this point!
    1) aint a cook!
    2) aint southern!

  • Alvin Wine
    Alvin Wine 24 days ago

    You forgot the chitlins

  • igeek912
    igeek912 24 days ago

    This grits looked like an abomination

    THE ATOMIC CLAP 25 days ago

    That like brady bunch southern food man wow

  • JYvonne
    JYvonne 26 days ago

    I’m from NY and my ex husband is from North Carolina. For Christ sakes I know this ain’t proper southern food! Where is the biscuits and gravy, the North Carolina BBQ, Brunswick stew, sweet tea, etc etc that gumbo wasn’t even right wtf!

  • Robert Redfield
    Robert Redfield 26 days ago

    Please come to the south I’ll make you some southern homecoming just like momma used to make