Irish People Try Southern Food For The First Time

  • Published on May 31, 2016
  • -- Irish people taste test southern food like Gizzards, Grits, Tater Tots & more
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    Behind the video :
    In this video we asked our contributors to try Southern food for the first time. Some foods they loved and some they didn't like. Check this one out for a laugh!
    Thanks to our chef, Neil Barrett.
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Comments • 12 534

  • D Lynn
    D Lynn Hour ago

    Grits are called porridge out there. This video is bullshit.

  • nasgaillean69
    nasgaillean69 3 hours ago

    You need Gritz and Eggs... Best Breakfast ever!

  • sheena vaught
    sheena vaught 3 hours ago

    That’s not how you prepare collards or grits. Where’s the rice for the gumbo? Tater tot casserole? Never seen that in the south. Y’all just need to come to the house to get some real southern food.

  • Penny Davis
    Penny Davis 11 hours ago

    I'm from Alabama and I have never heard of tater tot casserole

  • Tamyrah S
    Tamyrah S 13 hours ago


  • Tamyrah S
    Tamyrah S 13 hours ago

    “chicken arse”

  • OutnBacker
    OutnBacker 16 hours ago

    To our Irish friends...I'm not even a Southerner and I can say that was the most anemic gumbo I've ever seen. Gizzards are the pre-stomach of certain birds like turkey and chickens. Very tasty and often used minced with the liver and used in gravy and holiday bird stuffing for flavor. grits are eaten in many ways. Your poor sample looked pretty dull. I'm sorry for that. I like them with honey and another American staple - peanut butter - sorry, Johnny Reb, but I'm a Yank. Real peanut butter, not that crap with the axle grease in it. I don't care for collard greens, but they are full of vitamins. I'd rather just have fresh spinach. Bon appetite.

  • R Glass
    R Glass 17 hours ago

    This Video makes me want to apologize to Ireland.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 17 hours ago

    How to make creamy and savory grits.
    Your liquid ratio should be 3/4 heavy cream and 1/2 chicken stock heated to a strong simmer. Seasoned with salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, and butter. Cheese is optional. People make the mistake of adding to much grits to their liquid and cooking it too fast which causes thick and lumpy grits. Low and slow.

  • Everybody Panic
    Everybody Panic 19 hours ago

    I love cheese on my grits

  • Dawn Johnson
    Dawn Johnson 19 hours ago +1

    I know who didn't cook this when I saw the gumbo. it's ain't right

  • RandomOCITY
    RandomOCITY 19 hours ago

    That is not how we eat our grits! Where is the butter, where is the cheese, where in god's name is the fried shrimp?!?

  • President Cater
    President Cater 20 hours ago

    Eat grits with 1 square slice of fake American cheese, shit ton of pepper m, salt and butter! So good

  • President Cater
    President Cater 20 hours ago

    Chicken livers are ok. Not gizzards. Like leather😣

  • Nikki Hatcher
    Nikki Hatcher 21 hour ago

    Who cooked this?

  • Diamond 2wavyyy
    Diamond 2wavyyy 23 hours ago

    The Gumbo wasn’t right mate and there wasn’t much food... where’s the Crawfish... biscuits and gravy.....

  • darriett johnson

    Lmao!! This is NOT SOUL FOOD😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jessi Hang
    Jessi Hang Day ago

    As a southerner, this has to be the bleakest and least appealing menu and plating possible. Bless your heart! 🙄🤦‍♀️

  • Chelsalina
    Chelsalina Day ago +3

    Im sorry but they need black ppl to make these southern foods. Im disappointed asf. That gumbo and collards look like they was in the can 😷😭

  • 4mySweetheart369

    Southerner born-and-bred and lived here all my life and have never heard of a tater tot casserole.

  • Zaria Lane
    Zaria Lane Day ago

    The guy in the blue shirt's voice omg 😍😍

  • vshadafly1
    vshadafly1 Day ago


  • Logos pathos
    Logos pathos Day ago

    Looking at the thumbnail i thought they gave them chitlins for a sec 😂. I'd love to see their reaction to that.

  • Josie Lavish
    Josie Lavish Day ago

    All of those dishes were made completely wrong. I wonder why they didn't like them.

  • Charlese Harrell

    I’m sorry 🤨 that was not corn beef hash!! Wtf is some tater tot casserole? Like who tf is cooking these dishes? This does not represent the south at all? What south are they representing? South of Europe?

  • Puck Life
    Puck Life Day ago

    I’m American, (from the North) and I don’t eat a lot of Southern foods. I like Tater Tot casserole. I don’t think that Tater Tot casserole is specific to the south. Everyone I know eats it. I have no idea what a prawn is, but it sounds gross. I don’t eat gizzards. They are like the kidneys of the chicken, but I call them “chicken balls” because that’s what they look like.

    • Puck Life
      Puck Life Day ago

      Also, the collard greens don’t look right.

  • Bridget Baker
    Bridget Baker Day ago

    I could listen to them talk all day!!

  • JusticeShldRule
    JusticeShldRule Day ago

    --The way to eat Grits is to mix butter, salt, pepper,& cooked eggs all together & Eat.

  • Megan Jeneise
    Megan Jeneise Day ago

    As a Deep South native (Mississippi), this video irritated me to my soul..

  • Princess Rikku
    Princess Rikku Day ago

    The first guys accent is beautiful

  • alexis stolling
    alexis stolling Day ago

    This is not the black southern sorry never seen anything like this 🤢 grits was not grits collard green was not collard green

  • Joelles
    Joelles Day ago


  • Shawntel Davis
    Shawntel Davis Day ago

    The fuck. Come to Lafayette, LA n get some real gumbo... Prawns???? Shrimp lol

  • Briyanna Beamon
    Briyanna Beamon Day ago

    No ma’am who made this food ! Making a bad name for the people from the south 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Heather Ghere
    Heather Ghere Day ago

    Coming from a Cajun and Creole, that was not Gumbo xP EW WTH

  • Grateful Majesty

    This is a disgrace coming from a Georgian. A lot of this is what white people make but the rest of us don’t eat like this.

  • Drip 20k
    Drip 20k Day ago

    “Americans think we eat BAHDADOES all the time” 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Drip 20k
    Drip 20k Day ago

    If y’all didn’t have a southern born and raised great grandmother make these dishes I’m highly disappointed.

  • Cars and Guitars

    This is not southern food , like it’s not even done right! 😂

  • Aseop
    Aseop 2 days ago

    You can tell white ppl cook all this unseasoned fuckery! Smh

  • Janice's Bowen
    Janice's Bowen 2 days ago

    Grits are traditionally served Savory not sweets. I wasn't sure how y'all prepare them.

  • Lashone High
    Lashone High 2 days ago

    His accent 😍🤣

  • Debbie's doggie stuff White

    The gumbo was not southern at all!! Lookwd canned. Grits without eggs, cheese or butter ? Unheard of!

  • Tash PC
    Tash PC 2 days ago


  • Glamorous Taee
    Glamorous Taee 2 days ago

    That was definitely bullshit gumbo! lol. And this southern food was NOT prepared right! WTF?!

  • Hamlet M
    Hamlet M 2 days ago

    How do their grits not have butter and salt in them?!

  • CowBoy Grizzly
    CowBoy Grizzly 2 days ago

    I speak for everone from tennessee that this is not southern food

  • lostxlx 00
    lostxlx 00 2 days ago

    That was definitely not southern food ..

  • Sionnain Dee
    Sionnain Dee 2 days ago

    Who cooked this shit??

  • S aM
    S aM 2 days ago

    They need to be taken to ah good hog roast 🤤 ...either that or mmmm deer

  • akira Thurmond
    akira Thurmond 2 days ago

    This is not southern food... who ever cook did a poor example

  • Hayley Wallace
    Hayley Wallace 2 days ago

    Where the fuck is the chicken bog

  • Queen’s Theme
    Queen’s Theme 2 days ago

    Y’all need to know there is different parts of the south so the food is way different for example I never had no grits with milk before and collar greens never had bacon in it.

  • Simply Jenn
    Simply Jenn 2 days ago


  • Kayla Harrison
    Kayla Harrison 2 days ago

    They forgot to put rice and sausage and crab in the gumbo 😭

  • JoelleisAce
    JoelleisAce 2 days ago

    Jesus those grits were not made right

  • Katlyn & Tylor wahl
    Katlyn & Tylor wahl 2 days ago

    Omg no none of this is how its suppose to be cooked! Come to mommas house lol

  • n M
    n M 2 days ago

    The man with the black hair can get it

  • Kyaia Anderson
    Kyaia Anderson 2 days ago

    As a true southern person I just want to say they either cook or serve all the foods wrong especially gizzards and collard greens🤣

  • Dalepatrick Frost
    Dalepatrick Frost 3 days ago

    Southern grits, no sugar. Salt pepper and cheese lads.

  • Jeremy Campbell
    Jeremy Campbell 3 days ago

    Grits are suppose to be eaten with salt pepper and cheddar cheese!

  • 4cMePlease
    4cMePlease 3 days ago

    Im almost certain a white person cooked all that food. All this needs a damn redo

  • Errion Robinson
    Errion Robinson 3 days ago

    I’m born and raised in Florida and that was a sad excuse for southern food😤

    YOU FUCKED UP 3 days ago

    The cook disrespected them grits

  • Mr. Latex
    Mr. Latex 3 days ago

    That is not grits

  • Monique Thompson
    Monique Thompson 3 days ago

    All southern people (me included) are ashamed of how these look😅 should've had a southerner cook your food

  • sweetie pie
    sweetie pie 3 days ago

    Where are the Collard greens and smoked neck bone, fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, sweet potatoe pie,corn bread and ham hocks ( real southern food)

  • L Complex
    L Complex 3 days ago

    I'm insulted by that Gumbo...a native didn't make that.

  • Queenofhell 666
    Queenofhell 666 3 days ago

    I wanna know who tf is cooking gumbo and grits like that cuz it just ain't right 😂😂

  • Sparky Sky-wolf
    Sparky Sky-wolf 3 days ago

    Come on they didn't give them any good BBQ! Like mesquite smoked ribs or brisket!! What about chicken fried steak (with white gravy, not that gross knock off stuff northerners use) and omg ROLLS how could you forget a good batch of homemade rolls?!

  • tlittle8807
    tlittle8807 3 days ago

    Wish I ate steak all the time.

  • Justin Lethco
    Justin Lethco 3 days ago

    Them grits look like sheeeeeeeittt!

  • Keli Whitley
    Keli Whitley 3 days ago

    Who in the hell cooked that shit!!! That’s not southern food

  • Asha Lyn
    Asha Lyn 3 days ago

    The first thing they eat is “gumbo” I’m from Louisiana born and raised and that most definitely was not gumbo. They should’ve gotten someone from here to make actual gumbo 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Simply Destini
    Simply Destini 3 days ago

    Your chefs can’t cook

  • Urban Developments
    Urban Developments 3 days ago

    As an African American... This hurts to watch a but especially one with southern roots

  • Narrative Knight
    Narrative Knight 3 days ago

    Grits = Polenta lol

  • Quincy Drinker
    Quincy Drinker 3 days ago

    Yall can't cook. Cause that dont look right from a MS person

  • Caela Bond
    Caela Bond 3 days ago

    This Triggered me 😂

  • Caela Bond
    Caela Bond 3 days ago

    I LOVE ya’ll but i’m from texas and this is literally a disgrace to southern food 😭😭 chile what was in the gumbo? 😂😂

  • dat watson
    dat watson 3 days ago

    know what southern part of America did that southern gumbo come from not Louisiana I know😬

  • victoriakapshaw
    victoriakapshaw 3 days ago

    Ya'll be skimming on these recipes. Watered down ass foods. Insulting cultures from left to right....smh, do better Facts.

  • DemonFox26
    DemonFox26 3 days ago

    Ummmm Which group in the south is that from.... Looks like it’s lacking... Color if you catch my drift

  • Latasha Shambley
    Latasha Shambley 3 days ago

    This is disappointing!

  • Yuuki Kisaragi
    Yuuki Kisaragi 3 days ago

    A lot of southerners are descended from Irish immigrants so many iconic Southern foods are heavily based on Irish recipes...0 of them were in this video. Honestly the fact I even know this is weird...I’m Russian??? But I guess living in America for a few years teaches you some stuff.

  • Lul Red
    Lul Red 3 days ago

    Gizzards are so damn good but they needed some hot sauce

  • The Real Brezil
    The Real Brezil 3 days ago

    A black person clearly did not make this food

  • charles fulton
    charles fulton 3 days ago

    Ha it smells like ass at 1:40 dont mind me guys im high as shiskerbobs weed for president💨😵😂👌✈

  • charles fulton
    charles fulton 3 days ago

    By the way thats not real southern gumbo smh and somebody doesnt kno how to cook and it looks watery

  • Michael Ammann
    Michael Ammann 3 days ago

    Thats some damn bs. Dont rep southern food like that!!!!

  • TwentyØneHalsey
    TwentyØneHalsey 3 days ago

    why are the grits thick 😭

  • bella bella
    bella bella 3 days ago +2

    Tater tots casserole is not a southern food. All that food was probably cooked by a person in a test kitchen with no knowledge of any southern cuisine. The foods that were picked to represent southern cuisine were not very good representations.

  • cynsmi
    cynsmi 4 days ago

    Funny, they said Americans think they only like potatoes but they seemed to like the tator tots the best.

  • mldavis79
    mldavis79 4 days ago

    Lord, born and raised in southern Alabama on the coast and I’ve never seen gumbo or grits look like that, haha. Good job on the southern dishes, although the execution left me scratching my head. 😬

  • J Garrick
    J Garrick 4 days ago

    Southerners wish we could afford steak all the time!

  • Molly Kelsey
    Molly Kelsey 4 days ago

    Those grits needed butter, salt, and pepper. The gumbo didn’t look right to me. Needed more peppers and the color was off. I’m not a gumbo expert, but I have been doing research...isn’t the roux supposed to be a light reddish brown like milk chocolate which makes the gumbo that color? The greens...I DO know how to make those. Needed onions and smoked turkey neck and legs in it. They shoulda asked somebody’s grandma for help. Also, they should have served them some beef stew. They would have loved it! It’s an American twist on an Irish type recipe. So good! My mother used to make beef stew for my Irish boyfriend and he loved it. He is back in Ireland now and he still craves the stuff lol.

  • Josh Jones
    Josh Jones 4 days ago

    Dude wit the long hair was irish as fuck

  • Kyndra Barlow
    Kyndra Barlow 4 days ago

    Girl looks like that lady who plays in the notebook.. Forgot her name.

  • Amber Uphoff
    Amber Uphoff 4 days ago

    Tater tot hotdish is a Midwest thing

  • Lindsay Jarmon
    Lindsay Jarmon 4 days ago

    I'm from minnesota and I've visited my grandparents down in Tennessee many times and I can definatly say that food looks nothing like southern food.