Binging with Babish: $5 Shake from Pulp Fiction

  • Published on Oct 15, 2019
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    This week, Babish takes a turn for the sweet and opulent as we explore the possibilities of a $5 milkshake. Or rather, the lack thereof: there aren't many ways to inflate the price of a plain vanilla shake, outside of simply being served in an overpriced theme restaurant in LA. So let's see just how expensive we can make this sucker!
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  • Binging with Babish
    Binging with Babish  2 months ago +24909

    Moral of the story: add a shot of bourbon or cognac to your milkshake sometime. If you're of age. And not driving. And not lactose intolerant. And not taking the boss's wife out on a date with a bag of horse that she might mistake for coke.

    • Marshmallow Arkleseizure
      Marshmallow Arkleseizure 7 days ago

      a lot of qualifiers and superlatives attached with the assemblage of that particular milkshake...not that disagree...always best to be careful even more so when you associate with characters and individuals of this given circle and who breathe this given mixture of rarefied air

    • Niko Gagnon
      Niko Gagnon 18 days ago

      Binging with Babish 5$ is not the most expensive XD

    • Random Videos HQ
      Random Videos HQ 19 days ago


    • NiaJada Jeffries
      NiaJada Jeffries Month ago

      Babish is dee man!

    • Donal Welch
      Donal Welch Month ago

      Hey Babish, I just realized that a good amount of these comments are about you girlfriend Jess.

  • Danielle M Hall
    Danielle M Hall 4 minutes ago

    The absurdity of the expensive milkshake became palatable with the introduction of the cute couple antics

  • Dalton Riser
    Dalton Riser 10 hours ago

    You already covered how to make clotted cream in the phantom thread episodes

  • p
    p 10 hours ago

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  • drkinferno72
    drkinferno72 12 hours ago

    Your milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard

  • Abe Coulter
    Abe Coulter 15 hours ago

    its not the shaft...its called a mix wand or blend wand

  • Valerie Murphy
    Valerie Murphy 16 hours ago +1

    Babish is no longer thee single-straight-good-looking-guy-making-food anymore.......unsubscribe.

  • Just a Top hat
    Just a Top hat 17 hours ago +1

    *Puts Burbon in the milk shake*
    Minors: I feel a great disturbance in the force. As If a million 12 year olds lost all hope to drink this, and then were silenced.

  • David Kratzenberg
    David Kratzenberg 18 hours ago

    AE isn't high quality bourbon. Its the whiskey equivalent to pumpkin spice latte and marketed to guys too old for their own hipster beards. true story.

  • Rhubarber
    Rhubarber 23 hours ago

    A bottle of Louis the 13th Cognac is $3500... Who did you borrow yours from?

  • spankkky beast
    spankkky beast 23 hours ago

    That louis xiii

  • Chase
    Chase Day ago

    He was super high everything is good when you're high!

  • Hazey
    Hazey Day ago

    Babish: *whips out second straw*
    My lonely depressed ass: "I SWEAR TO FU-"
    Babish: "meet jess, jess is my girlfriend"

  • Hazey
    Hazey Day ago +1

    Your girlfriend trying it with you made this video one of your best

  • Muhammad Fauzan
    Muhammad Fauzan Day ago

    Nice Flex in the end i see you babish

  • Pro Blox
    Pro Blox Day ago

    i love the way he says saucepan

  • MaltheGaming
    MaltheGaming Day ago +1

    All Shakes in Denmark cost like 10 dollars, it’s stupid

  • Mai Lee Vang
    Mai Lee Vang Day ago

    Congratulations on your book! 📚 👌🏻😁 love your hard work and tips put into making the food! 👌🏻

  • dougerber
    dougerber Day ago

    places try and charge like $10 for a bullshit shake nowadays
    i put valhrona cocoa in my protein shakes at home

  • abbaby555
    abbaby555 Day ago

    I think I need a little insulin after watching

  • Sam maddison
    Sam maddison 2 days ago

    You think that milkshake is good but Jesse's milkshake bring all the boys to the yard

  • Iqbal Hardito
    Iqbal Hardito 2 days ago

    So, this video is just a flex on us?

  • abeeboo
    abeeboo 2 days ago

    babish: spends an outrageous amount of money in making a milkshake not worth its price
    also babish: couldn’t be bothered to buy a classier glass for said milkshake
    i mean, same. lol

  • GJ TE
    GJ TE 2 days ago +1


  • Kim Chi
    Kim Chi 3 days ago

    You guys are a cute couple!

  • TheCephalon
    TheCephalon 3 days ago +1

    Serindipidy 3 is straight up trash. They have the world’s most expensive grilled cheese and ice cream, and literally all they do is cover it in edible gold. How about you actually make some good food

  • Demopan Gaming
    Demopan Gaming 3 days ago

    I’m sorry to tell you Babish but she only likes you for your kosher salt

  • Helene Sellereite
    Helene Sellereite 3 days ago

    Wait... you guy’s milkshake doesn’t cost around $5?!

  • Lucy Collis
    Lucy Collis 3 days ago

    As a Brit, I am actually very impressed on the way he said ‘Clotted’. A lot of people (who are not British) can’t say it lol

  • verbalassault87
    verbalassault87 4 days ago

    She’s so flat chested

  • The mighty bean
    The mighty bean 4 days ago


  • Josefine Gfys
    Josefine Gfys 4 days ago +1

    I love how he introduced us to Jess like we’re family

  • A. Charles
    A. Charles 4 days ago

    This is some SERIOUS gourmet sh%t.

  • Michelle Bressette
    Michelle Bressette 4 days ago

    All this talk about "girlfriend" and I'm looking for the vanilla extract in the cheap shake. *That's* what makes it taste like it costs fi-dollas.

  • bigfellabaleb jr
    bigfellabaleb jr 4 days ago

    Okay, but like that bottle of Louis XIII cognac is priced at $3650

  • Qwenz Chroniclez
    Qwenz Chroniclez 4 days ago +2

    Me : He has a Girlfriend how could he do that to me
    My Husband: so you just gone be hurt in front of me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ren C
    Ren C 4 days ago


  • Matt Gregg
    Matt Gregg 5 days ago

    Am i alone in thinking any booze ruins a milk shake? give me a side car of bourbon any day over dumping it in.

  • A Sausage Egg and Cheese Biscuit

    You absolute mad lad the distance you’re willing to go for these videos wtf it’s a milkshake

  • The Silenced
    The Silenced 5 days ago

    why would you put ratatouille on the cover of your book

  • The Gamer 0907
    The Gamer 0907 5 days ago

    Basically in every video “Just gonna add some KOSHER SALT.”

  • Elijah H
    Elijah H 6 days ago

    I work at Starbucks and someone once’d payed $9.96 for a Frappuccino, they added a lot of stuff

  • Larso Calix
    Larso Calix 6 days ago


  • Cloverbows95 S
    Cloverbows95 S 6 days ago

    Aww cute

  • Andy W
    Andy W 6 days ago

    Totally thought he was gay lol so bummed !

  • Juan Carlos Escobar
    Juan Carlos Escobar 7 days ago

    Excellent video!!!!

  • Kevin McIlwain
    Kevin McIlwain 7 days ago

    This is the God Tier content I come for. Well Played

  • BlueGlasses
    BlueGlasses 7 days ago

    I thought

  • yeetus_cletus13
    yeetus_cletus13 7 days ago

    Is it me or when he was making the ice cream is you were able to smell it

    FANGSUP7 7 days ago +2

    For anyone else curious, calculating for inflation, that 5 dollar milkshake would go for roughly 13 dollars nowadays.
    Edit: Didn't realize he was going to go over that in for video.

  • some retard idk
    some retard idk 7 days ago


  • Emily Canfield
    Emily Canfield 8 days ago +2

    "In a large....SAUCEPN"

    Also I didn't know your book came out Oct 22! That's my birthday :o

  • Hussain Thunder
    Hussain Thunder 8 days ago

    Uhhh so sweet

  • Anandya Ena
    Anandya Ena 8 days ago


  • Nightdemon Wolf
    Nightdemon Wolf 8 days ago

    Definitely got the cute couple part man

  • God
    God 8 days ago

    fuk dis nigga and his girlfriend


    Holy shit its Jessica!! im fuckkking her! Dude my bad! She didn't say anything about a boyfriend met her in New York!! She's got a great pussssssy hey great vids!

  • charles allen
    charles allen 9 days ago

    i want a milkshake

  • Señor Big Boi
    Señor Big Boi 10 days ago


  • Aaron G
    Aaron G 10 days ago

    Is babish alt right?