BUYING Anything the PUPPY touches!! Puppy NAME Announcement!

  • Published on Oct 15, 2019
  • You picked the NAME! Which puppy will buy teh MOST?! Watch WHO BUYS the MOST GETS TO NAME THE PUPPY:
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    Mom - Rachel
    Dad - Jase
    Klai 16
    Rykel 14
    Shae 12
    Wyatt 10
    Evelin 9
    Cora 7
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  • Kylie Watson
    Kylie Watson Day ago

    Lol you’re puppies are super adorable 😍! I also recently got a puppy. He’s 18 weeks and half his size. He’s a husky, and he’s super funny....when he stretches he always talks to us, if you pet him randomly he will most likely move away, he also likes to eat ice (I’m assuming because he likes that it cold and it is something he can chew on). Love you guys and the new addition to your family😍😍❤️❤️❤️.

  • Michael Goralski

    Can it be molly

  • Lillian Baker
    Lillian Baker Day ago

    The name should be winner

  • Kyra Chilafoe
    Kyra Chilafoe Day ago

    Jace spoiled the name because he said it earlier in the video

  • Noely Estrada
    Noely Estrada 3 days ago

    You keep saying her name and you said what to the end to she her name

  • Fahiimah Roxstar
    Fahiimah Roxstar 8 days ago

    Plzzz name it what I asked

  • Delara Alaa Ali
    Delara Alaa Ali 8 days ago

    Name the puppy luke

  • Samantha Robinson
    Samantha Robinson 9 days ago


  • María Jimenez
    María Jimenez 9 days ago


  • Giselle Santiago Mendez

    This reminded me of diezzle I think that how you spell it 😪😪😭😭

  • Christina Vines
    Christina Vines 10 days ago +1

    I think you should named other puppy hot chocolate or hot Cocoa

  • It’s me GG
    It’s me GG 12 days ago

    Imagine Belle and Shaw lol

  • Fay Elson
    Fay Elson 13 days ago

    Love the puppy’s

  • boost customer
    boost customer 13 days ago

    You should name it cocoa

  • Totally Torii
    Totally Torii 14 days ago

    You should get another another puppy and you shouldn't admit diesel

  • Brandon Porter
    Brandon Porter 14 days ago

    My favorite dog breed is a australian sheperd puppy

  • Zenitta Lee
    Zenitta Lee 15 days ago

    Jace said Shaws name so many times before announcing😂😂

  • Olivia Schaefer
    Olivia Schaefer 15 days ago

    We had brought our Huskey into Walmart before and we didn't get in trouble at all. And She was walking with us. So you guys would have been fine. But yeah. You guys are awesome! And for some reason, The teen Crush video wouldn't let me comment. So I just wanted to say, Klai, you were amazing. I know that was years ago but I just wanted to say that now. That was the first video that I watched from you guys. I really wish I could meet you guys. I live in St.Marys Kansas. So, that is probably really far from where you guys live. So, yeah. Again, Good job Klai and Toa Squaud!!!!!!!!!! :) I love you guys!!!!!

  • Claudia Franco
    Claudia Franco 15 days ago +1

    Can you sneek into a USclip house with the puppy please I think it will be funny please can you do it please

  • Superb Nick
    Superb Nick 15 days ago

    I have a cousin who has a Doberman

  • Marley Joseph
    Marley Joseph 16 days ago

    They said the name so much before they announced it the name is so cute

  • Melanie Hernandez
    Melanie Hernandez 16 days ago

    but it is a cute name

  • Melanie Hernandez
    Melanie Hernandez 16 days ago

    and jays kept on saying the name

  • Melanie Hernandez
    Melanie Hernandez 16 days ago

    but one of them had a name so that’s why because they only name one at first

  • Elizabeth Mejia
    Elizabeth Mejia 16 days ago


  • Kool Kayla
    Kool Kayla 16 days ago

    Did u guys get 2 puppys bc in the trick or treating early video, i saw 2 dogs

  • Logan Snape
    Logan Snape 17 days ago

    Omg it would have been so cute if they named the dog Rolo ❤️💜💞💕

  • Everything Kay Kay
    Everything Kay Kay 17 days ago

    The puppy names are so cute!

  • Kristin W
    Kristin W 17 days ago

    they said shock at 5 35

  • kc Singleton
    kc Singleton 17 days ago

    Lavender attracts spiders 🕷 creepy 😭

  • Clutch
    Clutch 18 days ago

    The name is browny and vilite

  • Alejandra Cruz
    Alejandra Cruz 18 days ago +1

    5:30 Shae: Shaw come
    5:34 jase: cmon Shaw

  • Jackie Mackenzie
    Jackie Mackenzie 18 days ago

    during the video dad/jas said the name of the puppy so I knew what the name was

  • Jasmine Castro
    Jasmine Castro 18 days ago

    The name should be June

  • Jasmine Castro
    Jasmine Castro 18 days ago +1

    Cute puppies

  • Ella Hoge
    Ella Hoge 18 days ago

    they are so cute!

  • Ella Hoge
    Ella Hoge 18 days ago

    you said Shaw before you anounced it

  • rabia basri
    rabia basri 18 days ago

    This should be blue if you think Cora and evie are cute and the puppies❤🧡💛💚💙💜💗🦄🍬

  • Lindsay Graham
    Lindsay Graham 19 days ago

    I wanted to call it mable but I was to late

  • Diverse Details
    Diverse Details 19 days ago

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    Many people are also very undereducated about Emotional support animals. ESA’s, or emotional support animals need no trained and their sole purpose is to provide emotional support. (Pretty self explanatory) with that said, ESA’s have NO public access rights. They’re only rights are to fly on MOST airlines for free, and to live in no pet housing units. (Housing where the landlord doesn’t allow pets) (again, just some more education!)
    Soooooo Why is it such a big deal if I take my pet into a store? Well it’s super dangerous to those who have real service dogs. If your pet barks or distracts a real working service dog, the service dog might miss an alert to an oncoming seizure, and their owner could get really hurt. Also, many service dogs have been attacked by fake service dogs or pets who were in places that they shouldn’t have been in because it wasn’t a pet friendly establishment. Because of the trauma or injury that dog attacks can cause, it could end their service dog/working career. These service dogs are not only outrageously expensive, but also people’s Lifelines! These people cannot live without the assistance from their service dog. Ontop of all of this, it’s not right, and also, like I said before, illegal.
    Thank you for your tome reading this. I hope I was able to educate you more on service dogs!!

  • reece
    reece 19 days ago +1

    What kind of puppy it is so cute

  • Kebra Poe
    Kebra Poe 19 days ago

    Fila is so cute

  • Emily Shaw
    Emily Shaw 19 days ago

    Shaw is my last name :)

  • JL_its Me
    JL_its Me 19 days ago

    Finally you guys got two puppy's

  • Kaî_Playž_Gachalîfê alønê


  • Emma Evans
    Emma Evans 21 day ago

    Call it misty

  • Brooklyn Rademacher
    Brooklyn Rademacher 21 day ago

    I love you guys and I love when klala got a phone

  • Bella LeBoeuf
    Bella LeBoeuf 21 day ago

    my black doberman is named Zoe, I remember when she was that small.....SO CUTE

  • Addison Hughes
    Addison Hughes 21 day ago

    i miss the doverman from the old place

  • Vivian Sumi
    Vivian Sumi 21 day ago

    Who else heard Jace say Shaw in the beginning of the video

  • Jacqueline Bromley
    Jacqueline Bromley 21 day ago

    I dont think that they really noticed...But they said the puppies name like many other times throughout the video lol. Like if you love File and Shaw😘😘😘😍😍😍👍👍👍

  • Erica Robertson
    Erica Robertson 21 day ago +1

    Who else heard Jace say shaw a few times before they announced the name ?

  • Lisa Smith
    Lisa Smith 21 day ago


  • Lisa Smith
    Lisa Smith 21 day ago


  • We_ AreLivingArt
    We_ AreLivingArt 21 day ago

    They’re so cute.

  • chocolitti_ chip
    chocolitti_ chip 21 day ago

    The dad kept calling the name so i think we knew it before the end

  • Val Jensen
    Val Jensen 22 days ago

    Why are the puppies tails cut off or what ever it’s called

  • Sophie-Mae Lemieux
    Sophie-Mae Lemieux 22 days ago +1

    Are you sure you not just gonna get rid of them when there older like you last Doberman🙄

  • Molly Bear 31
    Molly Bear 31 22 days ago

    There ship name could be shela

  • Geetanjali Dhawan
    Geetanjali Dhawan 22 days ago

    A very nice name