Fox News Caught Telling The Truth About Founding Fathers Of United States Being Black

  • Published on Nov 4, 2015
  • It is very rare that Fox News report something that gives black people the respect that they deserve. Lets just call a spade a spade, Fox News is probably the most racist television station not only on earth, but in the universe. They might as well have the Ku Klux Klan as news reporters. But even in darkness, sometimes light can shine through. Well what exactly are we talking about?
    Fox News anchor Glenn Beck did some research on who really founding this country. What he came up with was astonishing. Like most people, he was taught that black people were only slaves in the United States and really didn’t contribute anything to the country other than being a slave. After doing his research, boy oh boy was he wrong. He was so surprised that he decided to contact historians on why information like this was left out of the history books. I salute Glenn Beck of Fox News for not being scared to report this on Fox News. Watch it for yourself.
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  • karl partridge
    karl partridge 6 days ago

    When Columbus arrived He was meet by blue eyed indians who had meet da Vikings

  • karl partridge
    karl partridge 6 days ago

    I wonder if Liberia needs librarians

  • Kaleah Collins
    Kaleah Collins 10 days ago

    And he said that to say what that blacks now shouldn't have no bitterness oh please what about the millions of blacks that did Harbor something white people don't understand black people talking to voices always have what we tell and let y'all know and what we know and what we really say they said what they had to say to get along in the time where they needed to but trust me it wasn't kowtowing or bowing out of any of them men

  • Steve Bano
    Steve Bano 11 days ago


  • KrOsS Zant
    KrOsS Zant 16 days ago

    George Washington was the 1776 Chuck Norris.

  • James Percell
    James Percell 22 days ago

    There was 17 moors that was President before George washington

  • Karl Shaner
    Karl Shaner 23 days ago

    Anyone who paid attention in school learned much of this history. It doesn't do any justice to speak lies about the Founding Fathers.

  • Merry Christmas Happy New Year

    Wow - I never knew this, I've always wondered..but the power of written records and what powerful people will do to stop it.

  • Quincy Scott
    Quincy Scott 24 days ago

    That's why it's important to Teach your children! They must know who they are! Knowing who you are builds Self Esteem! knowing who you are and where you come from builds character! Teach your people the Truth and the blind folds will fall off!

  • I love everyone even the jews

    Glenn beck fake conservative

  • patterson7059
    patterson7059 Month ago +1

    Yes all those individual African Americans achieved a degree of success, but Black people as a whole suffered unmatched Evil in history of humanity from slavery from white people in America.... Never forget That..Look up Willie Lynch

  • justrosie1
    justrosie1 Month ago

    These are republicans getting out the history the DEMOCRATS HAVE HIDDEN FROM BLACKS FOR DECADES. pLEASE WATCH.

  • justrosie1
    justrosie1 Month ago

    Oh my goodness NehemiYAH the republicans freed the slaves, didn't you know that? We ended slavery, our party was black and white. Repubicans know this history but our schools are run by liberal democrats who have been changing and hiding true history for decades. the democrats don't want black people to know the truth because you might not vote democrat if you knew they enslaved you.

  • Christie Maxey
    Christie Maxey Month ago +1

    This isn't good .........something bad must be going to happen cause we starting to learn so much and decode topics ....

    • L. C.
      L. C. 25 days ago

      Christie Maxey....Agreed, most likely civil war.


    And all the crackers are cracking lol

  • Aaron Esteban
    Aaron Esteban Month ago +1

    Glen Beck is such a fucking CUCKOLD. LMAO & SMDH

  • The softest part of a woman's breast is?

    *Why? you pig shit you know why!*

  • demeka braziel
    demeka braziel Month ago

    its in the bible that the founders fathers were indeed black and because of their disobedience to the most high our people where scattered into slavery.

  • Tre Monroe
    Tre Monroe Month ago

    Our country has lied to us from the beginning. There was a real Lone Ranger but he was a black man! I forget his name but look it up!

  • Prestige Anonymous
    Prestige Anonymous Month ago


  • Mark Peter
    Mark Peter Month ago

    Obama and Hillary are great admirers of Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood. A racist and eugenicist, who spoke at KKK rallies. Abortion has caused genocide in the black community. The welfare system has destroyed the black community (Keyes. Masters of the Dream.)

  • Mark Peter
    Mark Peter Month ago

    No the KKK must be anchors on the Clinton News Network or MSNBC since they carry the water for the Donkeys. A racist political party that blocked the Civil Rights legislation. First black Congresspersons were all Republicans. (D' Sousa. Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party and there's documentary on PragerU).

  • laokram
    laokram Month ago


  • Deangelo Mains
    Deangelo Mains Month ago

    Who control the media and the school system?

    • L. C.
      L. C. 25 days ago

      Deangelo Mains...Jooooos

  • Fi Yah
    Fi Yah 2 months ago

    Because there is people who want to change history . And leave blacks out ..

  • Celtic Jay
    Celtic Jay 2 months ago

    Jews and Isreal. Both need to be eradicated. The world would be such a better place

  • Joshua Johnson
    Joshua Johnson 2 months ago

    Black communities teach black history to one another, what is tripping me out is the crazy storylines that they have scrolling on the bottom of the screen.

  • John Guillory
    John Guillory 2 months ago

    One of the best vids on USclip!

  • Good Karma
    Good Karma 2 months ago

    We are not african. We were already here and that is one of the things not always taught in history but my history book in elementary school said there were blacks here before slavery. Yes a public school text book!

  • ju rai
    ju rai 2 months ago

    This presenters a joker

  • K
    K 3 months ago

    fox putting this info out it was a recruiting tool for republicans

  • LT Choice
    LT Choice 3 months ago

    This why they fear us!!!!! We are a great people !!!

  • John Luke Brand
    John Luke Brand 3 months ago

    There are not black founders you fucking retards.

  • Quentin Baggett
    Quentin Baggett 3 months ago

    White schools aren't allowed to teach black history they claim it's not in their curriculum, that's Racist

  • SalBtheGhost
    SalBtheGhost 3 months ago

    The answer to why is simple.... The VICTORS write history.

  • MrBochie Da2nd
    MrBochie Da2nd 3 months ago

    I know all of this and a lot more. The hidden history.

  • Jamal Polk
    Jamal Polk 4 months ago


  • Golden  Fantasy
    Golden Fantasy 4 months ago

    This is very rare indeed.

  • Rhys Nichols
    Rhys Nichols 4 months ago +1

    Just waiting for the wonderful day the truth about the Holocau$t comes out!

  • Dzyroth808
    Dzyroth808 4 months ago


  • Eric Miller
    Eric Miller 4 months ago

    the natives" found "here are the real whites the european is the black man. black is old german, it means pale

  • Big Pearl
    Big Pearl 4 months ago +1

    White people just love to glorify themselves, take credit for everything and make everything about America about them even if they weren't the ones to make a specific change in certain events in history. Just as long as it's about them, they are satisfied.

  • Laquisha Bennett
    Laquisha Bennett 4 months ago

    This is so interesting they don't want us to have shit in this white mans 🌎. This crazy why why do my people take this shit and just go with. Most untold story. Every white man taking the credit of a of my people like that

  • Laquisha Bennett
    Laquisha Bennett 4 months ago

    Thank u fox for putting our people on a top of the globe. Like only white men did everything. The black men are strong that's why they leave us out the story. We had minds to think back in the day. All the movies pictures and schools lied to our children all of our lives

  • dillinger dillinger
    dillinger dillinger 4 months ago

    Black people help build this country and we still don't get the props that we deserve from this biggeted country.

  • Brandon Johnson
    Brandon Johnson 5 months ago +1

    This was great, It would’ve been better if Glen Beck didn’t turn into propaganda piece.

  • Travis Warren
    Travis Warren 5 months ago

    So when did they let you out your bubble? You know dam well why.
    They didn't leave others out you fruit, they left *US* out.... by design. Stop being a dumbass.

  • john doe
    john doe 5 months ago

    ...stop using the word, "black!" It is not a race, it's a legal status that diminishes your rights! This is European mind control at its best...if you are of African decent, then stop using that word to describe yourself. Research it. Research Christian Black Codes and 14th Amendment citizen. It's time for a wake up call. Check out Taj Tarik Bey for more on this...

  • chemykl
    chemykl 5 months ago

    Standard divide and conquer. The people who run things want to see blacks and whites divided and quarreling and the way they're doing that is by convincing black people that they're nothing more than victims of the whites. Unfortunately for many blacks it's a very seductive narrative that let's them avoid responsibility for their lives. If you think long enough the strategy becomes clear: how do you make one person angry at another? You make them believe that the other person is getting undeserved privileges over them. Think of how it felt when a sibling got more attention or a better present or when a coworker got promoted over you for no apparent reason, all despite you, in your own mind, being just as good. That's exactly what's happening today, regardless whether you think it's justified or not, the rulers do give black people privileges just for being black (affirmative action, hiring quotas, race based scholarships, social programs, political groups, race card, ect.) while at the same time convincing them that it's the whites who are getting the privilege based on skin. For any American struggling with modern life, as many of us black and white are, it's all too easy and convenient to accept a lie that frees us from responsibility such as your predicament is someone else's fault and that's why this lie is so effective. This country desperately needs a great black leader to come along and breaks the myth of black victimhood and destroy the mental chains that keep ordinary blacks and whites divided in squabbles over who's really got the privilege while the ones with the real privilege watch and laugh

  • skeptic-observer
    skeptic-observer 6 months ago

    People always say that Fox news is Fake news. They will say this is fake news. so is fake for some things but not for others.

  • CESR
    CESR 6 months ago

    And they had no idea that their forward progress would scare a certain element to the point that they inacted laws to ensure this level of Black determination and success was halted and erased.

  • Louis Byron
    Louis Byron 6 months ago

    Damn...if that's true then that means that Black folks owe US (White people) reparations!

  • Tyrel J.
    Tyrel J. 6 months ago

    White guy points at fake picture LOL let the brainwashing begin!!

  • Your Highness
    Your Highness 6 months ago

    NO, The Black John Hanson Was NEVER President. All groups no matter how well meant lie to feel proud. Do you really think this racist nation would let a black man run this country? When you google his name you get two images. Obvisoly the White one was the first. And there were seven before him running the Articles of Confederation. but that didnt work well. Do over wa la the United states was formed

  • Tyler Israel
    Tyler Israel 6 months ago

    Man this is no different from how these so called white people Lied about Jesus color and the Hebrews israelites color who where and still are black people today they are so good at keeping secrets tf outta here....

  • Mademoiselle Minou
    Mademoiselle Minou 7 months ago

    This is why Beck lost his job at FOX. The one and only time FOX has been fair and balanced.

  • Wicked Jester
    Wicked Jester 7 months ago

    Anyone else realize that the most commonly racist people are black people? Just an observation.

    FORALL2HEAR TV 7 months ago

    The only time I would ever give Glenn Beck a pound for bringing this vital information to light!!!

  • God 74
    God 74 7 months ago

    How does this information improve the current racial wealth gap between blacks and whites?

  • SymbIoticNature
    SymbIoticNature 7 months ago

    Man that was pretty cool I never heard any of that shit in's

  • TheRapper10000
    TheRapper10000 7 months ago

    Oh please. People change the race of the Founding Fathers to fit their agendas.

  • Mary Hildebrandt
    Mary Hildebrandt 8 months ago

    I miss beck on fox.

    STEINonIT 8 months ago

    so confusing, one thing that gets me is that if we had some elite black leaders, why did we carry discrimination for so long?

  • Jaimeson Sales
    Jaimeson Sales 8 months ago

    Lmfao is this man still alive, speaking all this truth?

  • TheSlyStalloneFan1 Stallone


  • Valentino Falcon
    Valentino Falcon 8 months ago

    Look up RACISM...ISM...the end of a race...cmon...WAKE UP. Teach ur kids and errbody else

  • Valentino Falcon
    Valentino Falcon 8 months ago

    The all seeeing. All knowing,forever showing

  • Valentino Falcon
    Valentino Falcon 8 months ago

    Thank you for you wrath and blessings. HALLELUJAH to you MOST HIGH GOD. GOD of moses,abraham,issac and jacob

  • Valentino Falcon
    Valentino Falcon 8 months ago

    Thank you HEAVENLY FATHER for your love,mercy and grace

  • Valentino Falcon
    Valentino Falcon 8 months ago

    Read GENESIS PPL and ull see why we were spread out

  • Valentino Falcon
    Valentino Falcon 8 months ago

    We were here first. If u wanna be BIBLICAL....we are GOD'S chosen

  • Valentino Falcon
    Valentino Falcon 8 months ago

    C.colimbus didnt discover america ppl. He got lost and came upon it by accident

  • Valentino Falcon
    Valentino Falcon 8 months ago

    So that makes me a MESTIZO....look it up

  • Valentino Falcon
    Valentino Falcon 8 months ago

    As for roots are mexican and native american indian

  • Valentino Falcon
    Valentino Falcon 8 months ago

    They are AMERICAN,but their roots are JA and MEX

  • Valentino Falcon
    Valentino Falcon 8 months ago

    But their natianality are not mexican nor JA

  • Valentino Falcon
    Valentino Falcon 8 months ago

    My kids are half mexican and black. The other 2 are half jamaican and black

  • Valentino Falcon
    Valentino Falcon 8 months ago

    The real secrect is to research yourself

  • Valentino Falcon
    Valentino Falcon 8 months ago

    The teachers ARE TOLD TO TEACH

  • Valentino Falcon
    Valentino Falcon 8 months ago

    Got love for this WHITE man

  • Detra Edwards
    Detra Edwards 8 months ago

    History is always a bit biased and is never 100 percent factual.

  • StandingAgainst TheEnemy

    1.) The founding fathers of America were White Anglo Saxons who are the True Israelites of the Bible.
    Yahweh→Adam→Shem (Semite)→
    Eber (Hebrew's)→Abraham→
    Isaac (Saxon's)→Jacob/Israel→
    Children of Anglo Saxon Israel→
    13 Tribes from Joseph's two sons→
    Manasseh=United States of America
    Ephraim=Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa
    From Judah's two sons:
    Judah-Pharez=Germany, Russia, Ukraine
    Judah-Zerah=Scotland, Ireland
    Simeon=White Spain
    Gad=White Italy
    Dan=Denmark and
    Asher=Sweden) from the man Jacob-Israel.
    Levi=The Priesthood tribe was dispersed among all the 12 Tribes of White Israel
    (Yahshua the Christ became Our Priest-Hebrews 7:22-27)
    Today's True Israelites are the White Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Celtic and Scandinavian Peoples and are found in All of White western civilization.
    If you are of this race, wake up O Israel! Yahweh Elohim only came to Redeem His Kinsman (Race-Anglo-Saxon Germanic Celtic Scandinavian True Houses of Israel and Judah only!)
    The Romans were White,
    the Corinthians were White,
    the Galatians were White,
    the Ephesians were White,
    the Philippians were White,
    the Colossians were White,
    the Thessalonians were White,
    Timothy was White,
    Titus was White,
    Philemon was White,
    the Hebrews were White Israelites,
    James is addressed to the 12 Tribes of Israel scattered abroad,
    Peter is addressed to the estranged Israelites scattered,
    John and Jude were White and
    the Book of Revelation is written to His Servants, the True People of Anglo-Saxon Israel ONLY!
    Mat 10:6 But go rather to the lost Sheep of the House of Israel. (Family Tree)
    Mat 15:24 But He answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost Sheep of the House of Israel. (Family Tree)
    Who controls the news? Jews!
    Who controls the radio? Jews!
    Who controls television? Jews!
    Who controls Hollywood? Jews!
    Who controls advertising? Jews!
    Who controls Wall Street? Jews!
    Who controls the economy? Jews!
    Who is behind gun control? Jews!
    Who controls Judeo-Xtianity? Jews!
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    Who controls the mass media? Jews!
    Who controls the music industry? Jews!
    Who controls American International Group? Jews!
    Who controls the Treasury Department? Jews!
    Who controls the Federal Reserve System? Jews!
    Who controls the White House? Jews!
    Who controls the Senate? Jews!
    Who controls the Congress? Jews!
    Who controls the Supreme Court? Jews!
    Who controls the State Department? Jews!
    Who controls the Justice Department? Jews!
    Who controls the Defense Department? Jews!
    Who controls the Ivy League? Jews!
    Who controls the Think Tanks? Jews!
    Who controls professional sports? Jews!
    Who controls the Anti-Defamation League? Jews!
    Who controls the Southern Poverty Law Center? Jews!
    Who controls the American Civil Liberties Union? Jews!
    Who is behind the Climate Change hoax/scam? Jews!
    Who controls the Group of Thirty? Jews!
    Who controls the Bilderberg Group? Jews!
    Who controls the Trilateral Commission? Jews!
    Who controls the Council on Foreign Relations? Jews!
    Who controls the International Monetary Fund? Jews!
    Who has bought up all Christian Bible Publishing companies? Jews!
    You had better wake up True Anglo Saxon Israelite Christendom! These antichrist devil Jews rule over you and control almost every aspect of your lives!
    Glenn Beck got fired from FOX NEWS for exposing antichrist jews like George Soros, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Henry Kissinger, etc.

    • StandingAgainst TheEnemy
      StandingAgainst TheEnemy 9 months ago

      Several different Hebrew words have all been indiscriminately translated man or men in the King James Bible, although some very important differences of meaning show clearly on the face of these words. First, let us consider the word which denotes our White Race. The Hebrew word Awdawm, called Adam in your Bible, is from the root word meaning, to be of a ruddy complexion, to show blood in the face, something obviously not applicable to negroes or mongolians, but only to the White Race. When used to denote the first White Man Adam, the Hebrew always says the Awdawm. When used of his descendants, the Hebrew just says Awdawm, the King James Bible translates it man.
      Another word used in contrast to Awdawm is Enosh, which is always used in a derogatory sense. Its root meaning is mortal and implies weakness, physically or morally, wretchedness. It is applied to non-Adamic races, which are of course all pre-Adamic. It should be noted the pre-Adamic races are not limited geographically to just certain parts of the earth, but some of them are found mingled among the Adamites.
      A third Hebrew word translated man is ish (eash), literally, it means a male person or a husband. It is used for mankind in general and can be applied to either an Adamite or a pre-Adamite. The feminine form is isha (eesh-shaw), the plural of which is naw-sheem. This is so similar to the plural of Enosh, Anashim, they have often been confused, leading to many mistakes in translation.
      There are three other closely related words, gheh-ber, gheb-ar and ghib-bawr, which are all derived from a root meaning to be strong. These are usually translated mighty man or warrior, these last three can cause no confusion, so they need not concern us further.

      Appendix 14. THE SYNONYMOUS WORDS USED FOR "MAN". (Taken from the Companion Bible by E.W. Bullinger)
      There are four principal Hebrew words rendered "man", and these must be carefully discriminated. Every occurrence is noted in the margin of The Companion Bible. They represent him from four different points of view :--
      'Adam, denotes his origin, as being made from the "dust of the Adamah" ground (Lat. homo).
      'Ish, has regard to sex, a male (Lat. vir).
      'Enosh, has regard to his infirmities, as physically mortal, and as to character, incurable.
      'Geber, has respect to his strength, a mighty man.
      'Adam, without the article, denotes man or mankind in general (Gen. 1:26; 2:5; 5:1, followed by plural pronoun). With the article, it denotes the man, Adam, though rendered "man" in Gen. 1:27; 2:7 (twice), 8, 15, 16, 19 (marg.), 22 (twice); 3:12, 22, 24; 5:1; 6:1 (rendered "men"), 2, 3, 4. After this, the Hebrew 'Adam = man or men, is used of the descendants of Adam. Hence, Christ is called "the son of Adam", not a son of Enosh.
      With the particle ha ('eth) in addition to the article it is very emphatic, and means self, very, this same, this very. See Gen. 2:7 (first occurrence), 8,15.
      Rendered in the Septuagint (anthropos) 411 times; (aner) eighteen times (fifteen times in Proverbs); (brotos), mortal (all in Job); once (gegenes), earth-born, Jer. 32:20.
      'Ish. First occurrence in feminine, Gen. 2:23, 'ishah = woman. Therefore, 'ish = male, or husband; a man, in contrast with a woman. A great man in contrast with ordinary men (Ps. 49:2, where "low" are called the children of Adam, and the "high" = children of 'ish. So Ps. 62:9 and Isa. 2:9; 5:15; 31:8). When God is spoken of as man, it is 'ish (Ex. 15:3. So Josh. 5:13. Dan. 9:21; 10:5; 12:6, 7. Zech. 1:8, &c.). Also, in such expressions as "man of God", "man of understanding", &c. In the early chapters of Genesis we have it in chapters 3:33, 34 and 4:1.
      Translated in Septuagint 1,083 times by (aner), Latin vir, and only 450 by (anthropos), Latin homo.
      It is rendered "husband" sixty-nine times, "person" twelve times, and once or twice each in thirty-nine different ways.
      'Enosh. First occurrence Gen. 6:4, men of name. Always in a bad sense (Isa. 5:22; 45:14. Judg. 18:25). Morally= depraved, and physically= frail, weak. It is from 'anash, to be sick, wretched, weak, and denotes inability, for strength, physically; and for good, morally (cp. 2Sam. 12:15. Job 34:6. Jer. 15:18; 17:9; 30:12, 15. Mic. 1:9). Note the contrasts, Isa. 2:11 and 17, "The lofty looks of man ('Adam) shall be humbled, and the haughtiness of men ('Enosh) shall be bowed down" (Cp. Isa. 13:12. Job 25:6. Ps. 8:4; 90:3; 144:3. Job 4:17; 10:5; 7:17. Dan. 4:16). Other instructive passages are Isa. 8:1; 66:24. Ezek. 24:17 (afflicted, or mourners. Cp. Jer. 17:16, "day of man"). In 1Sam. 4:9 it is probably plural of 'Ish (so probably Gen. 18 and 19, where the indefinite plural must be interpreted by the context, because 'Adam would have denoted human, and 'Ish, males).
      It is rendered "man" 518 times, "certain" eleven times, and once or twice each in twenty-four other and different ways.
      Geber. First occurrence in Gen. 6:4 (*1), mighty men, and denotes man in respect of his physical strength, as 'Enosh does in respect of the depravity of his nature. It is rendered "man" sixty-seven times, "mighty" twice, "man-child" once, "every one" once. In the Septuagint rendered fourteen times (anthropos) and the rest by (aner).
      For illustrative passages see Ex.10:11; 12:37. 1Sam. 16:18. 2Sam. 23:1. Num. 24:3, 15. 1Chron. 26:12; 28:1. 2Chron. 13:3. Ezra 4:21; 5:4, 10; 6:8.
      Methim (plural) = adults as distinguished from children, and males as distinguished from females. Occurs Gen. 34:30. Deut. 2:34; 3:6; 4:27; 26:5; 28:62; 33:6. 1Chron. 16:19. Job 11:3, 11; 19:19; 22:15; 24:12; 31:31. Ps. 17:14; 26:4; 105:12. Isa. 3:25; 5:13; 41:14. Jer. 44:28.
      In Gen. 6:4, we have three out of the above four words: "daughters of men"= daughters of [the man] 'Adam; "mighty men"=geber; "men of renown"= Heb. men ('Enosh) of name, i.e. renowned for their moral depravity.
      Identifying Adam: In seeking to determine what the Bible teaches, it is necessary to start at the beginning. Nobody can squirm around the basic premise of Adam and Eve being of the same race. I don't know of any versions that say they were the first two mongoloids or negroids. History depicts them as White.
      We can identify them by rightly dividing the word Adam, which means man. Strong's Concordance elaborates on this kind of man (#119, 120) being ruddy, to show blood in the face, i.e. to blush or turn rosy.
      From Thomas O'Brien's book "Verboten" we glean from his commentary that, "Even the ability to blush (show blood in the face) is confined to only the White Race."
      This is caused by our subconscious which only Yahweh controls, as He breathed His Living Spirit into Adam who passed it on to Us, His White descendants.
      We are an infinitesimal projection of Our Creator, so when we do or say something embarrassing, Our subconscious rushes blood to Our face and we blush and turn red or ruddy...
      The colored races, not having been endowed with God's Spirit have no abstract sense of right or wrong, consequently are never embarrassed…He never gave them Our Laws either, Psa 147:19 He sheweth His word unto Jacob, His statutes and His judgments unto Israel. 20 He hath not dealt so with any nation [race]: and as for His judgments, they have not known them. Praise Yahweh. [Yahweh is a Racist!]

    • StandingAgainst TheEnemy
      StandingAgainst TheEnemy 9 months ago

      (((✡)))'s...the Seed of the Serpent of Genesis 3:15
      Communist Zionist Judaism
      Satan's Serpent Seed→(Gen 3:14-16)
      (via the Seduction of Eve)→(2 Cor 11:3)
      Cain→Kenites (Sons of Cain)→(Gen 4:16-25/1 John 3:12)
      Canaanites→(Gen 15:19-21)
      Nephilim (Fallen Angels)→(Gen 15:19-21)
      Rephaim (Fallen Angels)→(Gen 15:19-21)
      Edomites→(Gen 26:34,35/Deu 7:1-4/Oba 1:18/Mal 1:2-4/Rom 9:13&22)
      Shelahites→(Gen 38:1-30)
      Sephardim→(2 Kings 17:24-31)
      Pharisees→(Mat 15:1/Mat 23:2-36/John 8:30-47)
      Ashkenazi→(Gen 10:3/Jer 51:27)
      Khazars→(Asiatic/Mongolian Converts to Judaism)
      International Jewry (All antichrist jews aka The Synagogue of Satan Revelation 2:9 & 3:9 & The Bastard State of Israeli-1948)

    • StandingAgainst TheEnemy
      StandingAgainst TheEnemy 9 months ago

      Narrated by a mulatto

    • StandingAgainst TheEnemy
      StandingAgainst TheEnemy 9 months ago

      The Jews brought the Africans to America, yet the White Man is to blame for slavery!

  • Kim Biggins
    Kim Biggins 9 months ago

    Thank you so much for this history it is a shame that white America is leaving Black America out of History like we did not contribute anything to this country thank you for that information

  • Rayveloper HMTC
    Rayveloper HMTC 9 months ago

    gods plan

  • James Richardson
    James Richardson 9 months ago

    As most will agree, this will not be taught in any public school system. Due to the fact that the system itself is ran by the Federal government.

  • Haz The Hitboxless
    Haz The Hitboxless 9 months ago

    So wait you are telling me the founding fathers, Paul revere, Abraham Lincoln, JFK, And George bush are all black? this is news to me

  • O A
    O A 9 months ago

    How is it the white man that is white washing history, if blacks have been given a whole month to celebrate black Americans? Sounds like the deep state is starting some more trouble.

  • beastly
    beastly 9 months ago

    Also we are the first americans...

  • only_zero_subs
    only_zero_subs 9 months ago

    They only remember the generals from great battles, the fine details are often left out :/

  • TechNOGeek Reviews
    TechNOGeek Reviews 9 months ago

    my theory the minority of the rich no matter race made us devided so they stay rich I don't deny this happeing in history this is astounding and interesting as long as were all devided the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor.

  • LasVegas Showgirl
    LasVegas Showgirl 9 months ago

    Black and White will fight t0gether again in the 2nd rev0luti0n. #MAGA!

  • Hammer Time
    Hammer Time 9 months ago

    Lol this is really funny, but not true... we wuz founderz an sheit thats why wez be selling crack and collecting welfare checks wez be owed

  • Douglas Shaver
    Douglas Shaver 9 months ago


  • 2 kcool
    2 kcool 9 months ago

    500 years from now i bet all our black heroes they gon say they was white.

  • Nani Bubbles
    Nani Bubbles 10 months ago

    7:22 The reaction of me: A young black girl who's grown up in white-run neighborhoods going to to school with almost all white teachers for most of her life. I've also noticed that while we do learn about black history, we only ever learn about slavery... it's like, why don't we learn about the ancient African Dynasties, ancient African kings and Queen's? My mother always says "If only black people could really know who they were..."

  • J Jk
    J Jk 10 months ago

    Yeah no wonder they fired him. He told the truth

  • Davide Surilie
    Davide Surilie 10 months ago

    Lol What is this crap? WE WUZ...

  • Eric Smith
    Eric Smith 10 months ago

    I wish you'd get rid of the fat commercial before your video starts thank you

  • Skadoosh
    Skadoosh 10 months ago

    I’m in AP us history right now and We most definitely learn about blacks. You should learn about the most important people throughout history, not just random blacks for the sake of diversity.

  • Pamela H.
    Pamela H. 10 months ago

    I am glad that These Founding Fathers are being recognized!