Fox News Caught Telling The Truth About Founding Fathers Of United States Being Black

  • Published on Nov 4, 2015
  • It is very rare that Fox News report something that gives black people the respect that they deserve. Lets just call a spade a spade, Fox News is probably the most racist television station not only on earth, but in the universe. They might as well have the Ku Klux Klan as news reporters. But even in darkness, sometimes light can shine through. Well what exactly are we talking about?
    Fox News anchor Glenn Beck did some research on who really founding this country. What he came up with was astonishing. Like most people, he was taught that black people were only slaves in the United States and really didn’t contribute anything to the country other than being a slave. After doing his research, boy oh boy was he wrong. He was so surprised that he decided to contact historians on why information like this was left out of the history books. I salute Glenn Beck of Fox News for not being scared to report this on Fox News. Watch it for yourself.
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  • aperxmim
    aperxmim 6 days ago

    Are you sure this is FOX News?

  • caramel king200000
    caramel king200000 17 days ago +1

    Zion!st Media !!! (Mk Ultra Mind Controllers)

  • Alexis Lang
    Alexis Lang 20 days ago +1

    It's a shame I've never been taught this in school..this is the first time I've heard about them. I'm gonna have to teach myself this all over again.

  • Vito
    Vito 24 days ago +1

    Mind blown 🤯 to say the least.

  • Aleeyah ROBINSON
    Aleeyah ROBINSON Month ago +1

    MESSEGER MUHAMMAD said in the end they would tell the truth.
    Not African American they Indians.
    But its alright now because, Allah is getting ready tomake his Appearence. ALLAH will bring us justice. You few good people bett pray for forgiveness.

  • Get Da Wata
    Get Da Wata Month ago +1

    Honestly why do you think Washington wanted to abolish slavery so badly? He couldn't live with himself because he knew that black men helped him win every single battle in the revolution. He ended up going back on his plan due to outside pressures, but this is just another example of the bullshit we're taught. A bunch of white dudes (even though I am white) wrote the history books, so they get to choose their own heroes who just so happen to be white. What a coincidence (obvious sarcasm).

  • Clayton Roberts
    Clayton Roberts Month ago

    I got a really good question to ask.
    When did the gov. become a Corporation?

  • IvoryPearl
    IvoryPearl Month ago

    God will punish racist whites for everything evil that was done to our people over the past 527 years! We may forgive but God will repay!

    • Clayton Roberts
      Clayton Roberts Month ago

      What about all the blacks that are the same way.

  • joeygarusis14ify
    joeygarusis14ify Month ago +1

    benjamin franklin had dead corpses under his house but they will rather publically shame michael jackson a dead black man who was seen as not guilty by the court

  • ATLien n
    ATLien n Month ago

    6:35 I chuckled

  • JAB 1967
    JAB 1967 Month ago


    X DAFACTOR Month ago +1

    That is Something. I Bless YAH

  • Terrance Bryant
    Terrance Bryant Month ago +1

    That other white dude is clearly pissed he getting schooled on the truth

  • Professional Wrestling Experience.

    And this is why Glenn B got fired because he was honest

  • Tamara Hickman
    Tamara Hickman Month ago


  • Sweet T
    Sweet T Month ago

    Agree w loveinspired7

  • ji jindeski kanakua
    ji jindeski kanakua 2 months ago

    Aaww how cute, they loved the whites and they held no bidderness.. and they fought with whites and didn't kill whites... Right.. they are brainwashed blacks that only saw civility by becoming white.. that's the same mentality they tried on natives, save the man kill the Indian.. except on this it's save the man kill the African.. Mali had advanced astrology, Egypt had advance astrology, Congo had the strongest dna of all humanity.. Africans were more advanced than any other place, they didn't destroy earth, they protected it, just like us natives.. whites, Muslims, Christians, jews have a mentality of resources and capital wealth.. They only want to destroy.. leave us alone white devils

  • Luke K. Ivey, Jr.
    Luke K. Ivey, Jr. 2 months ago


  • rembeadgc
    rembeadgc 2 months ago

    Most of the comments here seem so self righteous and self entitled. The people who kept this kind of information from the masses are anyone of any color who doesn't find that the truth supports their self serving ideological narrative.
    Nobody's righteous because of their skin color or history. A dark-skinned man is just as akin to lying, cheating, manipulating, misleading, oppressing, abusing and exploiting as a light-skinned man. Don't embrace any man calling you brother who expects you to do it simply because you share the same skin color. You will find that if you don't share his ideology he'll quickly disown you and prove that his allegiance based on genetics was always a self serving lie based on convenience.
    The U.S. will never collectively get past "racism" largely because the people who were most overtly harmed by it often can't or won't rise above historical victimhood enough to see that it doesn't have to be their personal burden, weighing down their heart and mind to where they can't see, feel or think about anything outside of it.

  • mysassystyle
    mysassystyle 2 months ago

    Did he get fired for this, or white balled?

  • bigmaneastside
    bigmaneastside 2 months ago

    Why they left it out of history? because if negroes knew their real history it would be back to way they came from

  • dM
    dM 2 months ago

    you've got to be kidding me.

  • The tale of the Japanese Niglit

    I can believe it

  • Michael Filmore
    Michael Filmore 2 months ago +3

    Thank you for telling the truth.👍👍👍👍👍

  • mrsbrownsugarsweetz
    mrsbrownsugarsweetz 3 months ago

    This is still happening. My son goes to a private college preparatory school and for black history month they teach them about the white man that helped the black man become famous, or escape, or invent. 🤬 So ppl please educate your children. Again thank you for your video. I’m a new subscriber!

  • ᗫᓿSᒪᓿᖽᐸᙍ ᕿᓎᒪᓿᑤᙍ

    even mexicans were here before white people but trump wants to kick him out

  • WhatUpOCK☝
    WhatUpOCK☝ 3 months ago

    Their original langauge is ARABIC smh richard was muslims smh.he wrote how he had to disguise his true religion in multiple books

  • WhatUpOCK☝
    WhatUpOCK☝ 3 months ago

    The clock was invented by the moorish muslims smh

    JOHNNY MARKS AZ MARKS 3 months ago +2

    making your food your government in your house

    JOHNNY MARKS AZ MARKS 3 months ago +2

    government and the people will be protected because of democracy in 1779 that no one can take away your social standards

    JOHNNY MARKS AZ MARKS 3 months ago +1

    George Washington created the independence of democracy when he first became president in 1779

    JOHNNY MARKS AZ MARKS 3 months ago +1

    Donald Trump can't take the government away because he forgot about the BOK receipt with George Washington in 1779

  • Migdalia Beauchamp
    Migdalia Beauchamp 3 months ago

    Did you know 9 black presidents before George Washington but you probably did and you just acting because you doing news check it out and you find more truth the meets the eye news anchor

  • Keith Griffin
    Keith Griffin 3 months ago

    Make sure to google these names and lean what these guys are half teacging you avout to fit their Conservative agenda (the slavemasters were conservatives themselves). There's a lot of deception going on in this video. Anyone know the vlack man on the panel's name?

  • Jason Wright-Brown
    Jason Wright-Brown 3 months ago

    Native Americans founded America! Not Europeans and not Africans!

    • Jason Wright-Brown
      Jason Wright-Brown 3 months ago

      Yeh.. I met the grand chief of the Navajo and also his advisor to the President of the US, they were literally the 2 most powerful Native Americans in the US and also the most powerful indigenous people in the world, we spent a few days hosting them and learning from them and they are honestly the most inspiring men I've ever met! We discussed their origins and they think that the original native Americans are descendants of the Australian Aboriginal.. hence why they visited us and why we had the opportunity to host them.

    • MikeLong Brown
      MikeLong Brown 3 months ago

      Jason Wright-Brown the first people in America were black native Americans, called paleoamericans

  • Kai H-B
    Kai H-B 3 months ago

    Y’all need to look up Dane Calloway.

  • ok libéral
    ok libéral 4 months ago

    From fox? Woah

  • sakeith56
    sakeith56 4 months ago

    Foxnews is THE ONLY MSM that allows Black conservatives to have a voice. Apparently you need to pay closer attention.

  • Yama Kamikaze
    Yama Kamikaze 4 months ago +1

    Ever since I leaned about Tesla (while all throughout my schooling, he was left out and Edison propped up) I haven't trusted a damn thing I've been taught

  • Alphawolf57
    Alphawolf57 4 months ago

    If it weren’t for the Spanish and French enemies of the British empire during the revolution there wouldn’t be a United States of America!!! That is totally obscured from history!!!!

  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez 4 months ago

    You guys obviously never paid attention in history class because your ''black''. Slaves would be given freedom if they fought for the americans because they were lacking in support and money not because you guys where the best and helped their.

    • MikeLong Brown
      MikeLong Brown 3 months ago

      Daniel Martinez we get it you’re in denial chill

  • Isaac DeCesaro
    Isaac DeCesaro 4 months ago


  • P Brown
    P Brown 5 months ago

    I would love to do some research on those people. They might have been black but I guarantee they wasn’t for black. They probably owned slaves. History proved that there were black and Indians who owned slaves. They worked with the white men to keep blacks as slaves.

  • karl partridge
    karl partridge 5 months ago

    When Columbus arrived He was meet by blue eyed indians who had meet da Vikings

  • karl partridge
    karl partridge 5 months ago

    I wonder if Liberia needs librarians

  • Kaleah Collins
    Kaleah Collins 5 months ago

    And he said that to say what that blacks now shouldn't have no bitterness oh please what about the millions of blacks that did Harbor something white people don't understand black people talking to voices always have what we tell and let y'all know and what we know and what we really say they said what they had to say to get along in the time where they needed to but trust me it wasn't kowtowing or bowing out of any of them men

  • Steve Bano
    Steve Bano 5 months ago


  • KrOsS Zant
    KrOsS Zant 5 months ago

    George Washington was the 1776 Chuck Norris.

  • James Percell
    James Percell 6 months ago

    There was 17 moors that was President before George washington

  • Karl Shaner
    Karl Shaner 6 months ago

    Anyone who paid attention in school learned much of this history. It doesn't do any justice to speak lies about the Founding Fathers.

  • Merry Christmas Happy New Year

    Wow - I never knew this, I've always wondered..but the power of written records and what powerful people will do to stop it.

  • Quincy Scott
    Quincy Scott 6 months ago

    That's why it's important to Teach your children! They must know who they are! Knowing who you are builds Self Esteem! knowing who you are and where you come from builds character! Teach your people the Truth and the blind folds will fall off!

  • Fuck KSI
    Fuck KSI 6 months ago

    Glenn beck fake conservative

  • patterson7059
    patterson7059 6 months ago +1

    Yes all those individual African Americans achieved a degree of success, but Black people as a whole suffered unmatched Evil in history of humanity from slavery from white people in America.... Never forget That..Look up Willie Lynch

  • justrosie1
    justrosie1 6 months ago

    These are republicans getting out the history the DEMOCRATS HAVE HIDDEN FROM BLACKS FOR DECADES. pLEASE WATCH.

  • justrosie1
    justrosie1 6 months ago +4

    Oh my goodness NehemiYAH the republicans freed the slaves, didn't you know that? We ended slavery, our party was black and white. Repubicans know this history but our schools are run by liberal democrats who have been changing and hiding true history for decades. the democrats don't want black people to know the truth because you might not vote democrat if you knew they enslaved you.

  • Christie Maxey
    Christie Maxey 6 months ago +1

    This isn't good .........something bad must be going to happen cause we starting to learn so much and decode topics ....

    • Kay
      Kay 6 months ago

      Christie Maxey....Agreed, most likely civil war.

  • Aaron Esteban
    Aaron Esteban 6 months ago +1

    Glen Beck is such a fucking CUCKOLD. LMAO & SMDH

  • The softest part of a woman's breast is?

    *Why? you pig shit you know why!*

  • demeka braziel
    demeka braziel 6 months ago

    its in the bible that the founders fathers were indeed black and because of their disobedience to the most high our people where scattered into slavery.

  • Disco Biker
    Disco Biker 6 months ago

    Our country has lied to us from the beginning. There was a real Lone Ranger but he was a black man! I forget his name but look it up!

  • Prestige Anonymous
    Prestige Anonymous 6 months ago


  • laokram
    laokram 6 months ago


  • Deangelo Mains
    Deangelo Mains 6 months ago

    Who control the media and the school system?

    • Kay
      Kay 6 months ago

      Deangelo Mains...Jooooos

  • Fi Yah
    Fi Yah 7 months ago

    Because there is people who want to change history . And leave blacks out ..

  • Celtic Jay
    Celtic Jay 7 months ago

    Jews and Isreal. Both need to be eradicated. The world would be such a better place

  • Joshua Johnson
    Joshua Johnson 7 months ago

    Black communities teach black history to one another, what is tripping me out is the crazy storylines that they have scrolling on the bottom of the screen.

  • John Guillory
    John Guillory 7 months ago

    One of the best vids on USclip!

  • Good Karma
    Good Karma 8 months ago

    We are not african. We were already here and that is one of the things not always taught in history but my history book in elementary school said there were blacks here before slavery. Yes a public school text book!

  • ju rai
    ju rai 8 months ago

    This presenters a joker

  • K
    K 8 months ago

    fox putting this info out it was a recruiting tool for republicans

  • LT Choice
    LT Choice 8 months ago

    This why they fear us!!!!! We are a great people !!!

  • DJBrandywine
    DJBrandywine 9 months ago

    There are not black founders you fucking retards.

  • Quentin Baggett
    Quentin Baggett 9 months ago

    White schools aren't allowed to teach black history they claim it's not in their curriculum, that's Racist

  • SalBtheGhost
    SalBtheGhost 9 months ago

    The answer to why is simple.... The VICTORS write history.

  • MrBochie Da2nd
    MrBochie Da2nd 9 months ago

    I know all of this and a lot more. The hidden history.

  • Jamal Polk
    Jamal Polk 9 months ago


  • Golden Fantasy
    Golden Fantasy 9 months ago

    This is very rare indeed.

  • Rhys Nichols
    Rhys Nichols 9 months ago +2

    Just waiting for the wonderful day the truth about the Holocau$t comes out!

  • Dzyroth808
    Dzyroth808 9 months ago


  • Eric Miller
    Eric Miller 9 months ago

    the natives" found "here are the real whites the european is the black man. black is old german, it means pale

  • Big Pearl
    Big Pearl 10 months ago +1

    White people just love to glorify themselves, take credit for everything and make everything about America about them even if they weren't the ones to make a specific change in certain events in history. Just as long as it's about them, they are satisfied.

  • Laquisha Bennett
    Laquisha Bennett 10 months ago

    This is so interesting they don't want us to have shit in this white mans 🌎. This crazy why why do my people take this shit and just go with. Most untold story. Every white man taking the credit of a of my people like that

  • Laquisha Bennett
    Laquisha Bennett 10 months ago

    Thank u fox for putting our people on a top of the globe. Like only white men did everything. The black men are strong that's why they leave us out the story. We had minds to think back in the day. All the movies pictures and schools lied to our children all of our lives

  • dillinger dillinger
    dillinger dillinger 10 months ago

    Black people help build this country and we still don't get the props that we deserve from this biggeted country.

  • Brandon Johnson
    Brandon Johnson 10 months ago +1

    This was great, It would’ve been better if Glen Beck didn’t turn into propaganda piece.

  • T Dub
    T Dub 10 months ago

    So when did they let you out your bubble? You know dam well why.
    They didn't leave others out you fruit, they left *US* out.... by design. Stop being a dumbass.

  • john doe
    john doe 10 months ago

    ...stop using the word, "black!" It is not a race, it's a legal status that diminishes your rights! This is European mind control at its best...if you are of African decent, then stop using that word to describe yourself. Research it. Research Christian Black Codes and 14th Amendment citizen. It's time for a wake up call. Check out Taj Tarik Bey for more on this...

  • chemykl
    chemykl 10 months ago

    Standard divide and conquer. The people who run things want to see blacks and whites divided and quarreling and the way they're doing that is by convincing black people that they're nothing more than victims of the whites. Unfortunately for many blacks it's a very seductive narrative that let's them avoid responsibility for their lives. If you think long enough the strategy becomes clear: how do you make one person angry at another? You make them believe that the other person is getting undeserved privileges over them. Think of how it felt when a sibling got more attention or a better present or when a coworker got promoted over you for no apparent reason, all despite you, in your own mind, being just as good. That's exactly what's happening today, regardless whether you think it's justified or not, the rulers do give black people privileges just for being black (affirmative action, hiring quotas, race based scholarships, social programs, political groups, race card, ect.) while at the same time convincing them that it's the whites who are getting the privilege based on skin. For any American struggling with modern life, as many of us black and white are, it's all too easy and convenient to accept a lie that frees us from responsibility such as your predicament is someone else's fault and that's why this lie is so effective. This country desperately needs a great black leader to come along and breaks the myth of black victimhood and destroy the mental chains that keep ordinary blacks and whites divided in squabbles over who's really got the privilege while the ones with the real privilege watch and laugh

  • skeptic-observer
    skeptic-observer 11 months ago

    People always say that Fox news is Fake news. They will say this is fake news. so is fake for some things but not for others.

  • CESR
    CESR 11 months ago

    And they had no idea that their forward progress would scare a certain element to the point that they inacted laws to ensure this level of Black determination and success was halted and erased.

  • Louis Byron
    Louis Byron 11 months ago

    Damn...if that's true then that means that Black folks owe US (White people) reparations!

  • Tyrel J.
    Tyrel J. Year ago

    White guy points at fake picture LOL let the brainwashing begin!!

  • Your Highness
    Your Highness Year ago

    NO, The Black John Hanson Was NEVER President. All groups no matter how well meant lie to feel proud. Do you really think this racist nation would let a black man run this country? When you google his name you get two images. Obvisoly the White one was the first. And there were seven before him running the Articles of Confederation. but that didnt work well. Do over wa la the United states was formed

  • Tyler Israel
    Tyler Israel Year ago

    Man this is no different from how these so called white people Lied about Jesus color and the Hebrews israelites color who where and still are black people today they are so good at keeping secrets tf outta here....

  • Mademoiselle Minou

    This is why Beck lost his job at FOX. The one and only time FOX has been fair and balanced.

  • Wicked Jester
    Wicked Jester Year ago

    Anyone else realize that the most commonly racist people are black people? Just an observation.

  • DJWOLF Live!
    DJWOLF Live! Year ago

    The only time I would ever give Glenn Beck a pound for bringing this vital information to light!!!

  • God 74
    God 74 Year ago

    How does this information improve the current racial wealth gap between blacks and whites?

  • SymbIoticNature
    SymbIoticNature Year ago

    Man that was pretty cool I never heard any of that shit in's