• Published on Jun 15, 2019
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  • Hannibal1
    Hannibal1 2 hours ago +1

    Once a GF starts acting like this let her go! Because if she can make you marry her to get the goods, then after you married she will stop doing everything. Keep women as GF, they work harder and give it up on the regular

  • Ainsley Russell
    Ainsley Russell 3 hours ago

    Why women believe that a ring and stand up in front a pastor constitute marriage? It's not marriage. It's just something we were taught and adapt. If nature should have its way, you would realize that people would socialize win each other heart and from there work together for the good. That's just nature's way. If you want to go bible way, it says, a man should find himself a woman and call her his wife, nothing about ring, jump over broom or eat hog balls. It's just nature's way. I cherish nature.

  • Davey J Wheels !
    Davey J Wheels ! 10 hours ago

    Hey it's true a girlfriend not a wife

  • Damion .N Wongsang Il
    Damion .N Wongsang Il 10 hours ago

    selfish girlfriend

  • Chris Robinson
    Chris Robinson 18 hours ago

    Bye falisha

  • Balla Saidy6
    Balla Saidy6 Day ago

    You can't get nothing bro She said. no kiss, no neck kiss, no hugs ahhh!!! i can't be with that kind of woman anymore.

  • B
    B Day ago

    Would have kicked her punk ass out

  • Devin Charles
    Devin Charles 2 days ago

    Those duties get u the ring ! I would never !!!

  • Coolerr Rich
    Coolerr Rich 2 days ago


  • UnleashedGraffixx
    UnleashedGraffixx 2 days ago

    I can't get no macarena in this mofo? LMBO Hilarious!

  • D1nonlydrkrmx
    D1nonlydrkrmx 2 days ago

    All of these examples were" hostile acts" I'd break up with a chick for that food thing though.

  • Stone Ra-k
    Stone Ra-k 2 days ago

    “No, in Spanish” 😂

  • Ruben Desane
    Ruben Desane 2 days ago

    After shawty didn't throw the YAMS. To the door! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • n p
    n p 2 days ago


  • wiseguy
    wiseguy 3 days ago

    Well bye then

  • Donald Monroe
    Donald Monroe 3 days ago

    To be honest she just became the platonic homie and it's almost 8:00 PM. Fucking hours start at 8 in Chicago

  • Donald Monroe
    Donald Monroe 3 days ago

    Me and shorty definitely would've broke up

    Dj SONIC BOONE 3 days ago

    I aint got, no gum.

  • Randy Heard Sr.
    Randy Heard Sr. 3 days ago

    Lol.. my boy!

  • The HERO Family
    The HERO Family 4 days ago +4

    Dont cook. Dont wash cloths. Dont put out.
    You are excommunicado in 3...2...

  • matthew allen
    matthew allen 4 days ago

    I would have kicked her fat ass out!!

  • Courtney Stokes
    Courtney Stokes 5 days ago


  • rodny c
    rodny c 5 days ago +1

    It over with get out

  • rodny c
    rodny c 5 days ago

    Application denied

  • Shali Thompson
    Shali Thompson 6 days ago

    Then get out my house

  • Rio D
    Rio D 7 days ago

    Aye she a whole foooool wit it tho ctfu 🤣🤣🤣

  • Guy Saintil
    Guy Saintil 8 days ago

    Kick her to the curve....!

  • trinidiosa
    trinidiosa 8 days ago

    Kiss my main man 😂😂😂😂 that’s a wife duty 😂😂😂😂

  • Clampgod Clamps
    Clampgod Clamps 9 days ago

    She said you should have made two but you ain’t make him no food

  • a ga
    a ga 9 days ago +2

    I woulda told her gtfo

  • Damone Turner
    Damone Turner 9 days ago

    Let me get a girl in she make her some food but not me please whorr rrrrr

    Jon BERTOCCHI 9 days ago

    Ass for glass lol

  • Jered Larkins
    Jered Larkins 10 days ago

    I would’ve been like naw you gonna gmhave ro get to steppin

  • filip fiałkowski
    filip fiałkowski 10 days ago

    she fat n ugly

  • The Soloosh
    The Soloosh 10 days ago

    Sow looking ass

  • Jamnie  Lynom
    Jamnie Lynom 10 days ago

    Shid I'll Marry Her...

  • Damon Gray
    Damon Gray 11 days ago

    Haha got me messed up making food and doing laundry in my house. And no play at all get out my house.

  • Jordan Robinson
    Jordan Robinson 11 days ago

    This is when you break up with her

  • Rob 44
    Rob 44 11 days ago

    i'd be leaving her ass. find you a husband

  • Kourtney Hayes
    Kourtney Hayes 11 days ago

    So, I understand both sides here!! I would prefer a man wanting to propose and not be forced into it. But she should have established her what she wanted from the start. Plus, she is foul for cooking and doing laundry at his place.

  • BmikejR bearden
    BmikejR bearden 12 days ago

    She's pulling the ole twat and swap. He's being bamboozled, run a muck, deceived, lied to. Nigga run! 😂😂😂

  • Dorkus Malorkus
    Dorkus Malorkus 12 days ago

    Boy you aint even about to be a one night stand with that attitude

  • Simply ELITE
    Simply ELITE 12 days ago

    Never use her again pls and thank you

  • robert dodson
    robert dodson 12 days ago

    ijs baby wouldve changed her mind once the meat came out to play on them tiddays

  • O Mally
    O Mally 12 days ago

    She gotta go

  • Boss Life
    Boss Life 12 days ago +1

    Erase, replace, new face!! Wash over my house? Nah man.

  • Arnaud Casamé
    Arnaud Casamé 12 days ago

    It's literally time to break up!!!

  • Cees Da Dipper
    Cees Da Dipper 12 days ago

    I woulda told that bitch GTFO ....goodbye!!!

  • Hold My beer!
    Hold My beer! 13 days ago

    My boy. Run!

  • King Trey
    King Trey 13 days ago


  • tuggerjb
    tuggerjb 13 days ago

    Pretty sure this has never worked in the HISTORY of mankind. Guess we won't be seeing her fine ass around much longer.

  • SA. Tx
    SA. Tx 13 days ago

    OMG!! So freakin funny . Love from Austin

  • Olorunto Ade Ben Judah Dawotola

    salt n' pepper shake weight lol

  • Jerry Palmer
    Jerry Palmer 13 days ago

    Fat, ugly bitch.

  • ChUbB 2xX
    ChUbB 2xX 13 days ago


  • o my wins yes
    o my wins yes 13 days ago

    Welp.....time to go cheat

  • kappakumplete
    kappakumplete 14 days ago

    Bish would be all the way out my situation ✌🏾

  • Charlotte Linder
    Charlotte Linder 14 days ago +1

    I'll come over... And give you all of that.... IJS... You fine

  • Taria Sabur
    Taria Sabur 14 days ago

    I would agree on her stance if she was worth it. But a woman is not gonna come over my house, cook for herself, clean her own laundry, and enjoy the rest of the amenities of my place without contributing. If she's not gonna perform the actions because she believes that there wife duties cool. But your not gonna exploit my resources to set an example.

  • Lyrically Blessed
    Lyrically Blessed 14 days ago

    Damn 😆

  • Heath Johnson
    Heath Johnson 14 days ago

    Damn! She straight up #BLOCKT the man!

  • Gilbert Hale
    Gilbert Hale 15 days ago

    No ,in Spanish 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Salmon Wrangler
    Salmon Wrangler 15 days ago

    Shoulda kicked her ass out

  • King Smokes
    King Smokes 15 days ago

    This shit reminded me of my ex relationship.

  • Dontae Russell
    Dontae Russell 15 days ago

    She would've been single AF!

  • grover poindexter
    grover poindexter 16 days ago

    Alpha male strategies👍
    Is no going for this shit💯

  • Boogie Mane
    Boogie Mane 16 days ago +1

    She woulda been kicked da fuck out after the 1st time she say something about marriage

  • Kamaron Charles
    Kamaron Charles 16 days ago +1

    "I ain't got no gum"too funny 😂

  • Eliceo Bryan
    Eliceo Bryan 16 days ago +1

    So she wants to be married, but she's not doing any wife duties 🤔🤔🤔

  • Jerry Mathurin
    Jerry Mathurin 17 days ago

    Bye Felicia

  • WordzThePoet
    WordzThePoet 17 days ago

    Shortest Jahh series ever

  • WordzThePoet
    WordzThePoet 17 days ago

    Oh... so they broke up

  • unbreakableone
    unbreakableone 17 days ago +1

    I real life, that ish don't work. There too many other honeys on the Planet that don't trip.
    Remember, these are jokes.

  • Linkz Gaming89
    Linkz Gaming89 17 days ago

    As it should be!

  • Rashad Lamar
    Rashad Lamar 18 days ago

    Same laundry shit happened to my bro last year. But he had some booboo stains on his Calvin’s. I think that’s why she didn’t wash.
    Long story short...they not together anymore.

    ASHTREFISHER 18 days ago

    3:35 Lmfao That Took Me Out How Quick She Said No Its Spanish & Then NO!

  • Dj Johnny Storm
    Dj Johnny Storm 19 days ago

    Yea relationship over 😐

  • Lincoln Francis
    Lincoln Francis 19 days ago

    I can’t get no shake weight 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Darrell Williams
    Darrell Williams 19 days ago

    She has to go 👉🏾

    DARRELL SPRITE 20 days ago

    Bigg jah its been a minute bruh good video man i support ya videos

  • TheScoobysnack08
    TheScoobysnack08 20 days ago

    “No glass...NO ass” 🤣🤣

  • Carneil May
    Carneil May 21 day ago

    I ain't got no gum... someone call the police I'm dead 💀💀💀 😂😂😂

  • walt teezy
    walt teezy 21 day ago

    Wow she said no in English and Spanish. 😂😂😂😂

  • Brian St.bernard
    Brian St.bernard 21 day ago

    I would have dropped that bitch

  • the chocolate bunny
    the chocolate bunny 21 day ago

    Lmao...no...in Spanish

  • Adam A.
    Adam A. 22 days ago

    If he don't wanna marry you, leave him and find someone who does, don't try to twist the nigga arm into marrying you, you gonna end up divorced.

  • Marc
    Marc 22 days ago

    Did he say the Macarena for real? I'm in stitches!

  • speechlessthoou
    speechlessthoou 22 days ago

    😂😂😂 good idea I like her

  • Hulk Smash 24/7
    Hulk Smash 24/7 22 days ago +1

    This is not going to force a man to marry you ladies...it will simply end the relationship.

  • LifeIsA Photo
    LifeIsA Photo 22 days ago

    Where is the first episode to this? I can’t find it.

  • michael carter
    michael carter 22 days ago

    Yo great video lol

  • Andre Smith
    Andre Smith 22 days ago

    Talking about 2 da max nicca I’ll be 2 Da Next shawty gotta go

  • the master
    the master 23 days ago +1

    MGTOW forever

  • Angel Five
    Angel Five 23 days ago +1

    I would've dump her ass pronto. #Deadass💯

  • yusifamda
    yusifamda 23 days ago

    seriously though a lot of ya women will get married quickly if 2/3 of you females live by these principles. but i understand ya get horny too lol

  • coloradoluvinit
    coloradoluvinit 23 days ago

    This mad masculine energy from her! Don't keep simpin! Lol.

  • Entre Preneur
    Entre Preneur 23 days ago

    She too cold
    Go support this nail artist @uliedoes_it

  • Corry Walker
    Corry Walker 23 days ago

    Go home

  • Jason Mays
    Jason Mays 23 days ago

    Lol "I ain't got no gum" lol

  • Bryan Jones
    Bryan Jones 24 days ago

    Yo.... See that door?? ✌and Good luck on that husband thang💯