Battlefield 5 Official Multiplayer Trailer


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  • Battlefield
    Battlefield  4 days ago +49

    Watch the official gamescom trailer:

  • I'm going to make it no matter what

    But... but... equality 😢

    THE CRAWS JAW 4 hours ago

    As an ex-man who now classes himself as a random piece of furniture(which one depends on how offended i feel)i just want to say thanks for taking our side💓👍

  • Илья Каталевский


  • Xinnel
    Xinnel 7 hours ago +1

    Where is Poland?

  • BennyBear188
    BennyBear188 8 hours ago

    Lost a loyal battlefield fan!!! get the women out of this game

  • faisalhaider007
    faisalhaider007 8 hours ago

    We already have PUBG. thank God.

  • LooLooL
    LooLooL 9 hours ago

    "These are people that are uneducated. Either accept it or dont buy the game.”
    Think before buying this gane

  • Robert Bergl
    Robert Bergl 12 hours ago

    Battlefield nineteenfotiesoy

  • Mister
    Mister 12 hours ago

    Can't wait to kill some Germans on the Eastern Front.

  • Alexander Perez
    Alexander Perez 13 hours ago

    Xbox one x a 4k se vera genial mejor que call of duty

  • Ngurah Agung
    Ngurah Agung 16 hours ago

    i think i will buy it soon

  • Elkin
    Elkin 17 hours ago

    El juego se siente lento y pesado.... Debe ser por los 2 kilos de glándulas mamarias que tiene mi personaje.

  • Arne Kragseth
    Arne Kragseth 21 hour ago

    Im too uneducated and sexist to purchase pre-order. Wish I hadnt failed history class so I could play

  • DMKF Wolf
    DMKF Wolf 21 hour ago

    BattleThot V SJW War Edition #NotMyBattlefield

  • youtubesucks
    youtubesucks 23 hours ago

    No thanks i want a game not a political statement

  • wilgriaus
    wilgriaus 23 hours ago

    it’s a good thing we’re all too stupid and uneducated to remember that first trailer and the Dev’s responses to that. I’ll be sure to give them their money after their condescending, self righteous treatment of their players

  • vape diva
    vape diva 23 hours ago

    Only thing I could say is the graphics look nice but not really impressed it doesn't get me pumped

  • Dark Mous
    Dark Mous 23 hours ago

    Где же Советский Союз ??? Конечно же добавим его в платном ДЛС хиххихи, кому нужны вообще эти тупые Руцкие.

  • Strong Force
    Strong Force Day ago

    lol @ all them kids butthurt to see a woman carrying a gun and waging war, inferiority complex much ?!

  • Tron Norway
    Tron Norway Day ago

    Love the Trailer!

    AOD_B4CKSTABBER Day ago +1


    • Nejc
      Nejc Day ago

      LEL I remember 3 years ago when Hardline launched and people said that

  • Ny Takoe
    Ny Takoe Day ago

    Чего ещё можно сказать поэтому трейлеру ? Это будет офигеть какой графон по сравнению с КоД , сугубо мое мнение . Ещё будет прикольно если будет Рэйкаст лучей как в Метро : Исход . И все .

  • jay ess
    jay ess Day ago +1

    this game is trash,reskined garbage.SJW fagism

    SGT GUERRILLA Day ago +1

    Meanwhile "Battlefield 5 pre-order sales are not good"

  • HansensUniverse
    HansensUniverse Day ago +1

    Pre order now and get tampon battlepacks.

  • HansensUniverse
    HansensUniverse Day ago

    But my daughter don't want me to play this game.

  • Austin
    Austin Day ago +2

    Every young girls dream: To fight and die in WW2. So sweet

  • otakulordofanime

    I better be able to play as a Japanese or soviet in dlc hell I'll even settle for wasting nakasaki and Hiroshima

  • SehxualPanda
    SehxualPanda Day ago +1

    “Accept it, or go buy Red Dead Redemption 2 instead”
    Pretty much how I understand it.

    • Nejc
      Nejc Day ago

      Enjoy that 30 fps slideshow

  • Smokey KY
    Smokey KY Day ago +1

    I was gonna buy this and give this a shot till you insulted the fans. Oh well guess I’ll just spend more money on red dead redemption 2

  • Ruji Haj-ei
    Ruji Haj-ei Day ago

    Remember when CoD made a whole online game dedicated to campers with MW3? This is like that except it's for non-binaries with cobalt colored hair and septum piercings.

  • Fella Boi
    Fella Boi Day ago

    Now the like to dislike ratio is now better.

  • Travis Schpeltinger
    Travis Schpeltinger 2 days ago

    Not only you put women in the game but lesbians too. Are you people seriously taking the piss ?

    • Shadow Broker
      Shadow Broker Day ago

      If you’re referring to the women at the end, they’re mother and daughter

    • Shadow Broker
      Shadow Broker Day ago

      Travis Schpeltinger lesbian?? Where?

  • Asd Asd
    Asd Asd 2 days ago +1


  • Big Sam
    Big Sam 2 days ago

    Why ya'll couldn't do modern BF it probably been easier to implement that SJW BS

  • p da macc daddy
    p da macc daddy 2 days ago

    Dumbass devs the main dude Patrick in your company quit because the backlash is gonna be vicious biggest flop since hardline ###bf4 forever you really screwed the dog idiots. Calling us uneducated how dare you disrespect ww2 vets like this grow up

  • PS4Addiction
    PS4Addiction 2 days ago +1

    Amazing game but what's with the Xbox promotion? Xbox is dead

  • potato master
    potato master 2 days ago

    ps4 sucks

  • savior139
    savior139 2 days ago

    Why is that woman pushing that child over in a multiplayer trailer?

  • Zlour
    Zlour 2 days ago

    какк обычно DICE и EA на высоте!!!

  • Jacob Zanatta
    Jacob Zanatta 2 days ago +1

    To the whole bunch of butthurt neckbeards crying that their game is "ruined" because there are women in it: I've never heard something so pathetic. If things like that in games are going to upset you so much, maybe you don't deserve to play them.

    • Walt Kowalski
      Walt Kowalski Day ago

      huehuehue you mad ? XD you wont this EA so you got it BOYCOTT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CrossRoads
    CrossRoads 2 days ago +2

    People are still mad that there’s women in the game. Get over it.

  • uunnun
    uunnun 2 days ago

    @ 1:27 is she a wrestler ?!

  • steel plays
    steel plays 3 days ago

    Xbox one exclusive 😪

  • dicker licker
    dicker licker 3 days ago

    Lets hope barely anyone plays as woman

  • エビオクライマス


  • Kaydn Burns
    Kaydn Burns 3 days ago

    If I can’t play as a disabled trans black women I ain’t buying your game you racist cunts

  • BallisticPotate
    BallisticPotate 3 days ago +1

    I just need wanna go to battle with an svt 40

  • Sondre Grimaas
    Sondre Grimaas 3 days ago

    KA FAEN!? DET VAR NORSK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JAAAAA!!!!

  • KongthePotato
    KongthePotato 3 days ago

    More like a campaign trailer

  • TheTyphoon365
    TheTyphoon365 3 days ago

    SJW's, infanite genders and sexualities, Battle Royale.

    These are dark times.

    • TheCanadianApp1e
      TheCanadianApp1e 2 days ago

      This era of the internet is the dark times. What you said is part of it (with the exception of Battle Royale)
      This is the other part:
      Too many toxicity, racism (satire or not), people still calling things cancer or something similar, I swear, literally everyone who is so toxic must have watched iDubbz. His content is ok but I blame him for the start of this era. I can hear the kids replying to me, telling me "kys" or something so overused that it wasn't even funny to begin. I really can't wait for this era to end. Hopefully next year. I don't think this year isn't as a catastrophe as last year.

  • TheTyphoon365
    TheTyphoon365 3 days ago

    Can't wait to not play this, and go win a comp on mirage instead

  • MrPepperpott
    MrPepperpott 3 days ago +1

    Just a quick question.
    Are you willing to reconsider the character builder?
    You know on the grounds of how unrealistic it would be to have a pathetic arm and still be fighting or being a female tank driver and sniper.
    No, too late?
    Well goodbye half your fan bass.
    If you made it this far I will offer you an easy way to save the game
    Night witches
    Russian snipers
    French resistance fighters
    Good luck.

  • artem HP
    artem HP 3 days ago

    Что чернокожая женщина делает на самолёте,даже чернокожих мужчин во вторую мировую дальше кухни не пускали,что за дебилизм

  • Геймер
    Геймер 3 days ago

    новая батла топ!!!

  • clucking emu
    clucking emu 3 days ago

    "Games play best on xbox one" i agree but THAT'S SO SAVAGE

  • Dr Watermelon
    Dr Watermelon 3 days ago


  • john eric santiago
    john eric santiago 3 days ago

    hello i got a question...
    i bought the game for pre order on origin official website..
    but in my bank my 60 euro is not yet spend or means they still didnt get the money.. but in my email it says that i already ordered the game and to my origin library it is already there...
    but in my bank they are not yet getting the money..
    so my question is... when september comes. and release this game.... will they get the money to my bank..because im not sure if i will have the money or not...

  • canyrich
    canyrich 3 days ago +1

    Shoot die run shoot cover run shoot die die run die run die try to cover die run try to AIM die LOL so many keybord soldiers

  • STEREO Freq
    STEREO Freq 3 days ago

    Man, if you guys would have just spent that time and energy fully-porting BF4 to VR, you'd already have my money, maybe multiple times over because I'd be buying it for friends, too. Instead, you've just given me a reason to walk away for good. So long, EA.

  • Rey Lion
    Rey Lion 3 days ago

    Still not getting it

  • Patrick Duncan
    Patrick Duncan 3 days ago

    I actually can’t wait for this to come out This is going to be epic , another masterpiece by Dice 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • temu zin
    temu zin 3 days ago

    goodby battlefield

  • Wing Nut
    Wing Nut 3 days ago

    Please awnser me
    I bought the pre order today
    Can i play singleplayer?

  • Gerry tommy Mc'canuck

    "Battleshits bringing you more quality diarhea, now spewing from our mouths also!"

  • jj la
    jj la 3 days ago

    Battlefield V just became the new Call of Duty and Call of Duty just became the new Battlefield. They kinda switched platforms fantasy wise. The multiplayer stays the same with the exception of character visuals.

  • Speeding Atheist
    Speeding Atheist 3 days ago

    Get woke, go broke!

  • Леонид Коротков

    Who is USSR?

  • WunderGrophMan
    WunderGrophMan 4 days ago +1

    Getting red dead 2 for story, battlefield 5 for multiplayer and bo4 for zombies

  • Aliraqi M
    Aliraqi M 4 days ago

    1:26 jewish 😜the funny think is they have a country now😔 that’s amazing 😉

  • Zachattack Gaming
    Zachattack Gaming 4 days ago

    If they removed the women and the robo arms plus tweaked a few things to make it historically accurate this woulda be a good game but apparently a developers daughter "feelings" are stopping all that!

  • Sgroo 777
    Sgroo 777 4 days ago

    Are we not going to talk about that xbox free advertisement at the end of the video? I’m pretty sure that’s considered assault

  • Michelle Topham
    Michelle Topham 4 days ago +1

    Just pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition. Looks amazing. Can't wait to play it.

  • Ali
    Ali 4 days ago

    STOP making old stuff.

  • ZiegThas
    ZiegThas 4 days ago +1

    Beautiful Game, but.... bad community (Not All)

  • Ashley Ryann
    Ashley Ryann 4 days ago

    Uh Oh they're deleting comments again....

    LORD ARTGUY 4 days ago


  • Mortaall1
    Mortaall1 4 days ago

    Disabled Lesbian on frontlines of WW2? I'm in!!! So progreeeessive!! SJW Battlefield so good Bois!!
    #SwedenYes! #DiceYes #RapefugeesWelcome!

  • mnchil
    mnchil 4 days ago

    This is a much better trailer, the first one as much as it tries to show what’s new, they really didn’t do a good job st presenting them

  • canyrich
    canyrich 4 days ago +1

    Thanks God RDR 2 is coming LOL

  • canyrich
    canyrich 4 days ago +1

    No hype LOL

  • Clinton Maciel
    Clinton Maciel 4 days ago

    SJWfield V

  • Jon Stenberg
    Jon Stenberg 4 days ago

    Can you call the squadleader Zir instead of Sir? If not....TRIGGERED!!!

  • Jon Stenberg
    Jon Stenberg 4 days ago this video I saw 2 women fighting as riflewomen right on the front line (without helmets no less).....the SJW version of WW2. No thanks.

  • Severtson02'
    Severtson02' 4 days ago

    Soooo anyone up for some BF4? Yeah me too.

  • hi
    hi 4 days ago

    New trailer tomorrow.

  • JIG2000
    JIG2000 4 days ago

    I hope this game turns out well. If this flops, I'll stick to my favorite WWII game...

    Call of Duty World at War

  • Roobert Harjus
    Roobert Harjus 4 days ago

    Another legendary game

  • 4th Chairman
    4th Chairman 4 days ago

    I missed the multiplayer title...good lord I'm losing it.

  • Gattos Pusemenn
    Gattos Pusemenn 5 days ago

    eyy you comfirmed the norwegian campain

  • Star Knight
    Star Knight 5 days ago +2

    meh, Battlefield V already slayed by Doom Eternal

  • انس العنزي
    انس العنزي 5 days ago


  • Ammu ittes homo
    Ammu ittes homo 5 days ago

    attack of the bionicle girl

  • Hugh Mungus
    Hugh Mungus 5 days ago +1

    We need the BF3 theme!

  • Potato Bag
    Potato Bag 5 days ago

    can we get potato bombs.

  • BRAVO404 BRAVO404
    BRAVO404 BRAVO404 5 days ago

    This battlefield wont be good guys trust me

  • Damian Kotala
    Damian Kotala 5 days ago

    Ich finde das nett das du das ons das seigs