• Published on Oct 19, 2018
    Fun science with a blast from the past. If you have a lava lamp growing up you are going to love introducing this fun science experiment to your friends or classmates. Try this DIY lava lamp with water beads experiment in your classroom this week!
    This lava lamp is the perfect way for you to add colors to your day. You’ll need a couple of simple materials, but the experiment comes together quickly and the reactions are almost immediate. This is perfect for any occasion you choose!
    Most of the ingredients you already have in your stash:
    Vegetable oil
    Clear, empty bottle
    Food coloring
    Alka-seltzer tablets
    Plush water beads
    Let's get going!

    0:15 Hydrogel beads lamp
    4:31 Multicolored candle
    6:53 Aquarium in a jar
    11:25 Image transfer ideas

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  • 5-Minute Crafts PLAY
    5-Minute Crafts PLAY  Year ago +656

    I know, that's the best one! You should like it, i hope! *6:35* 🍂🍃🍁

    • Rupa Karim
      Rupa Karim 9 days ago

      7:45 is also nice

    • Rupa Karim
      Rupa Karim 9 days ago

      Really nice

    • Iti Banchhor
      Iti Banchhor 17 days ago

      There are same videos everytime ....only the thumbnail is different...

    • Bert 25
      Bert 25 21 day ago

      ITS NOT.

    • SundaySunlight
      SundaySunlight 22 days ago

      6:58 I want to make that so bad I want it for my room

  • Arjuna Lucky
    Arjuna Lucky 7 hours ago

    6:58 Reminds me of Maqaroon and Cute Life Hacks

  • Noah V.
    Noah V. 15 hours ago


  • Steve Young
    Steve Young Day ago

    Do u put the hydrogen behind a light for it to glow or no?

  • Aqua Marine19
    Aqua Marine19 2 days ago

    11:14 lol i wouldn't dare.

  • rajni jha
    rajni jha 2 days ago +1

    Whose mother give the child to use which happens at 1.50 it is very dangerous 😱😱

  • rajni jha
    rajni jha 2 days ago

    Whose mother give the child to use it is very dangerous 😱 who is at the age of 13

  • Denise Chan
    Denise Chan 3 days ago

    May be used for X MAS ?

  • Awsome Days
    Awsome Days 4 days ago

    Five minute crafts KIDS *uses saw lighter hot glue ex*

  • Tania Class
    Tania Class 5 days ago

    OK, did I miss something? The first one, what were the blue beads that seemed to expand?

    • Jessica Daydreamer
      Jessica Daydreamer 3 days ago

      They are a substitute of water for plants! You can go various weeks without watering them! It's because the beads "grow" with the water you pour on them, like in the video, and they keep the plants moisturized!

  • A Mc
    A Mc 5 days ago

    So were do you get these things from????

  • Madelyn Craig
    Madelyn Craig 6 days ago

    Me: so u want us to make things no one will care about or pay attention to?


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  • lupita Garcia
    lupita Garcia 6 days ago

    Por que puras. Velas🤔

  • Omar Sade
    Omar Sade 7 days ago

    Give me the gift of imagination over a academics mind any-day.

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  • Kitty Meo
    Kitty Meo 8 days ago

    Cool. It so beatiful. I want to do some of them for mom😀😊

  • Abi D'Abi
    Abi D'Abi 8 days ago +2

    Kid: hey mama can I use an electric saw

    Mom: @%s$&g(‘)”+=/

  • xDreamSunflowerx
    xDreamSunflowerx 8 days ago

    "Super easy"

  • Sarah Monks
    Sarah Monks 8 days ago


  • Ilona MM
    Ilona MM 11 days ago

    Area 51💚

  • Sara Love
    Sara Love 11 days ago

    5 minutes with editing but 5 minutes to cut a shape with a saw is just asking for an accident

  • Mama Zhidaf
    Mama Zhidaf 12 days ago +1

    Good luck

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    BOI_Yeet_ Dem_Haterz 14 days ago

    Did the very first Craft have a light inside?

    *so confused*

  • Isa XD
    Isa XD 14 days ago


  • Vequihellin
    Vequihellin 14 days ago

    Am I the only one that thinks crayon candles will smell horrendous when they burn?

  • CringyNess :D
    CringyNess :D 16 days ago

    1:51 wow perfect for kids

  • chính huỳnh
    chính huỳnh 17 days ago


  • Kulle Aron og Trym Cool

    Cool Food

  • mahdi hasan
    mahdi hasan 19 days ago +1

    13 miuniet craft,😡😡😡

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    Ivy Calvarido 20 days ago

    How much do you want for dinner tonight or tomorrow morning

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    Ryan Avent 20 days ago

    Hey guys it gracie and look at 8:16

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    hiren soni 20 days ago


  • Fruity Cuber
    Fruity Cuber 20 days ago +1

    What KID is gonna have access to a drill, a saw and spray paint?

  • Farewell 2k18
    Farewell 2k18 21 day ago

    You are nice

  • Teddie Bear
    Teddie Bear 21 day ago

    Please don't to the Pepsi cup 'n the sparkler thing...
    The cup is PAPER
    The sparkler admits SPARKS
    That could potentially light the cup on fire doing more damage than intended
    Please stay safe and maybe just extend the stick instead of risking your hand getting caught on fire

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    Jetly Ronald 22 days ago

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    Aisha Siddiqui 25 days ago

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  • Andy Ferguson
    Andy Ferguson 25 days ago

    Great ideas. However, don’t think kids should be able to create and use things with flames.

  • Елена Багний

    1:03 это не безопасно, потому что банка при сильном нагревание может лопнуть . И вообще какое отношение это имеет к детям

  • RMK
    RMK 27 days ago

    Me when they start burning the CD: Yes! The only good hack! Burn ur old Justin Bieber CDs that cause Cancer!

  • Irene Hamed Vallejo
    Irene Hamed Vallejo 27 days ago

    11:02 Who even flips a page like that?!

  • BW talk
    BW talk 27 days ago +1

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    بــحــكــيــلــكــم💁‍♀️ يــا بــنــات عـن تــجــربــتــي الــفــريــدة🥳 فــي تــكــبــيــر الــثــدي👍 والأرداف👍 جـربـت وصــفــة مــذهــلــة ونـتـايـجـهـا عــن جــد رائـعـة
    👈تـواصـلـي مــعــي عـــشــان أشـرح لـك الــوصــفــة الـواتـس اب *00212.644.626.928*📲

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