NON MAKEUP FAVS OF 2018! Skincare, Haircare, Perfumes + Books

  • Published on Jan 17, 2019
  • Hey, Guys! (Watch in HD)
    Here is a video where I talk about my fav skin care & hair care products of 2018! I even throw in some random stuff too! I hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching! xoxo!

    Products I Mentioned:
    Koh Gen Do Cleanising Spa Water Wipes
    Simple Micellar Makeup Remover Wipes
    Bioderma Micellar Water
    Shiseido Facial Cotton
    Foreo Luna
    Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Melt Away Cleansing Balm
    Vanicream Facial Cleanser
    Kiehls Cucumber Herbal Conditioning Cleanser
    Ole Henrikson The Clean Truth Foaming Cleanser
    First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream
    Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Cream
    FourthRay Beauty The Lightweight Hydrator
    Kiehls Ultra Facial Moisturizer
    Drunk Elephant T.L.C Night Serum
    Drunk Elephant Marula Oil
    Kiehls Midnight Recovery Eye
    Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask
    Bite Beauty Agave Lip Balm
    Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Shampoo
    Living Proof Restore Hair Mask
    Briogeo Dont Despair Repair Hair Mask
    Olaplex Conditioner
    Briogeo Micro Exfoliating Shampoo
    Briogeo Curl Charisma Gel
    Briogeo Rosarco Leave in Conditioner
    Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo
    Loreal Ruffed Up Body Mousse
    Ouidad Vitacurl Soft Defining Mousse
    Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black Dry Shampoo
    Herstyler Baby Curls Curling Wand
    Native Coconut & Vanilla Deodorant
    Jimmy Choo Perfume by Jimmy Choo
    Glossier You Perfume by Glossier
    Only Love is Real Book
    The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need

    What I'm Wearing:
    Top: Forever 21
    Earrings: Vanessa Mooney
    Nails: one coat of Caramel & Leo on my ring finger (from KL POLISH of course)
    Brows: Anastasia Brow Wiz in Dark Brown
    Face: MUFE HD Foundation in Y305, MUFE Self Setting Concealer, Milani Silky Matte Bronzer in Sun Kissed, Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer in Brazilian Glow, Catrice 3D Glow Highlighter in Warm Embrace, Pixi Glowy Powder in Santorini Sunset
    Eyes: Colourpop THE ZODIAC Palette, Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara
    Lips: Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in Little Star

    USE COUPON CODE: Kathleen30 TO GET 30% OFF!

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    Instagram: Kathleenlights
    Twitter: Kathleenlights1

    *What camera do you use?
    Canon 80D
    *What do you use to edit your videos?
    Final Cut Pro
    *Where did you get your vanity?
    Danny actually built it for me
    Hey! I'm Kathleen. An oddball Aquarius with a love for all things beauty! I keep it simple on this channel and give reviews and tutorials and sometimes I do fun challenges, but for the most part, I stay pretty old school. I upload on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays unless otherwise noted (usually on Twitter so be sure to follow me there). If I am doing a sponsored video, it will be on one of my off days so you get bonus content :)
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    (Morphe & Ofra codes are affiliate codes)
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  • KathleenLights
    KathleenLights  10 months ago +1187

    Ok... so this video is SUPER LATE!!!! But I’ll get back work ASAP!!! I’m not playing games this year!!! Lol I have to go now.. I have to film tomorrow’s video... and edit it........ hahaha byeeeee hope you like this video!

    • Danielle Rose
      Danielle Rose 7 months ago

      Read The Night Circus

    • Josefina Langevin
      Josefina Langevin 8 months ago

      I need a spf :(

    • Moon Queen
      Moon Queen 10 months ago

      Okay, so, perhaps, not cute little love stories but!! A few of my favourite books are "Burning Bright" by Tracy Chevalier, "A Step in the Dark" by Judith Lennox, "Marina" by Carlos Ruiz Zafón, the plots are not focusing on solely romance though they do exists in the storylines. There are just a couple of other things happening as well. ALSO, love the video!!

    • Pituca Beauty
      Pituca Beauty 10 months ago

      You should check out Jojo Moyes. She has the cutest novels ever

      SATVIKA PANYAM 10 months ago

      KathleenLights u didnt mention the name of the perfume ..

  • Wafa Hussain
    Wafa Hussain Month ago

    Is the kiehls moisturizer okay to use for fungal acne?

  • Nicole Reynolds
    Nicole Reynolds 3 months ago

    I know this is 8 months late but I was watching this after receiving a sample of the drunk elephant moisturizer and was afraid to use it until I saw your stamp of approval. But I wanted to recommend my favorite love story. It’s called A Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux. My aunt practically forced me to read it and I’m so glad she did, it’s a must read about love transcending space and time, it’s truly a beautiful story. I hope you come across this one day and give it a shot, you won’t regret it! Love you Kathleen your videos are so informative and I know I can always trust your opinion

  • Andrea Grooms
    Andrea Grooms 4 months ago


  • Caitlin Carroll
    Caitlin Carroll 4 months ago

    Could you do a best of Fourth Ray Beauty video? It like so good by I don't know what to get for dry skin

  • Lindsey Draughn
    Lindsey Draughn 5 months ago

    The Last Song - Nicholas Sparks

  • Nutree Cosmetics
    Nutree Cosmetics 5 months ago

    Amazing results! ❤ I recommend you to try Amazonliss keratin treatment or Bottox Expert hair mask

  • Marlena Feiertag
    Marlena Feiertag 5 months ago

    Kathleeeeeeen please update us with your current skin care!!! NEEEEEEEEED

  • Natalie M
    Natalie M 6 months ago

    I know this video was four months ago...But since I was a teenager I’ve been a sucker for all Nicholas sparks books

  • Elena Jo
    Elena Jo 6 months ago

    So olaplex conditioner vs don’t despair repair deep conditioning mask ??

  • Janvier Balser
    Janvier Balser 6 months ago

    pretty blouse and earrings

  • Sthep Liar
    Sthep Liar 7 months ago

    Also, are you familiar with BookTube? You could find someone Who's also into romance and follow their recommendations :)

  • Sthep Liar
    Sthep Liar 7 months ago

    Have you read If I Stay? Hands down one of my favorite books. The second part, Where She Went, I've only managed to read once after all these years because even when it's been a while, I still feel so intensely when I think about it. That duology has the power to break your heart and put it back together. ❤️❤️

  • Nicole Lawrie
    Nicole Lawrie 7 months ago

    The fault in our stars is always a good read, sad but still a good book for a lovestory ❤️

  • Silver Cosmetics
    Silver Cosmetics 7 months ago


  • bdelon00
    bdelon00 7 months ago

    Have you ever tried botanics hydration burst micellar water? It’s so good and it feels just like water on ur face.

  • Here As In Heaven
    Here As In Heaven 7 months ago

    Kat, do you still recommend the Glossier Milk Jelly Cleanser?

  • SlyFox 7
    SlyFox 7 7 months ago


  • LittleMakeupChannel
    LittleMakeupChannel 7 months ago

    love Drunk Elephant so much

  • Justine R
    Justine R 7 months ago

    Your earrings are giving me liffffeeeee!!!!!!!

  • Shani Glitz
    Shani Glitz 8 months ago

    Heartless by Marissa Meyer and it’s about the queen of hearts before she became the queen of hearts so obviously it’s a sad ending (brace yourself) it’s a cute love story and it was quite different to my normal reads so I loved this!

  • Heather Kelly
    Heather Kelly 8 months ago

    The Korres Greek yogurt facial cleanser is the absolute best! I have dry skin and it makes me feel so clean and hydrated.

  • Somer Price
    Somer Price 8 months ago

    You should make a top favorites. Like one of each thing. One make up wipe one cleanser etc. the best of the best

  • Emily Fatkins
    Emily Fatkins 8 months ago


  • 糖 糖
    糖 糖 8 months ago

    Hey Kat, for the farmacy green balm, the ingredients inside is not good for our environment. Please do look into it. I guess you just didn't have the chance to look into it yet 😊

  • Kims Kristin
    Kims Kristin 8 months ago

    @kathleen you need to try out muji's cotton pad they are only $6 for the whole giant pack and the pad is incredibly thick. shiseido is such a waste

  • chelsea soerats
    chelsea soerats 9 months ago

    You should read after!!! Its one of my favorite books and I think you will love it even though it’s crazy! :))))

  • Taylor D
    Taylor D 9 months ago

    omg i get SOOOO many compliments on the glossier perfume!!! and it lasts forever

  • xindi ruan
    xindi ruan 9 months ago

    I don’t think you will see this, but I really want you to know that Farmacy cleanser has polyethylene in it, which is bad for the environment. I really hope you would consider this and not sharing the product with the subscribers.

  • Patsy Hay
    Patsy Hay 9 months ago

    You look so Spanish and beautifull here totally serene xx

  • yajaira cornejo
    yajaira cornejo 9 months ago

    I was about to purchase the Olaplex no 5 conditioner and the website warned me about the harsh chemicals it has can cause cancer and birth defects so I just passed on it😖

  • feli feli
    feli feli 9 months ago

    You should try Can you keep a secret-Sophie Kinsella :)

  • Shannon Graham
    Shannon Graham 9 months ago

    The Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black is my favorite dry shampoo. It seems to be discontinued. What are your other dry shampoo favorites? I can’t seem to find one I like as much as that one. It feels like I’ve tried them all.

  • Lauren Boyles
    Lauren Boyles 9 months ago +1

    I totally get the suffocating issue; living in a hot, dry place as well (Texas) I have to make very deliberate choices on which moisturizer I choose for during the day.

    • Priscilla Nieto
      Priscilla Nieto 9 months ago

      Girl, where you live? I live in Texas too and it's so humid 😭

  • Éloïse Chartrand
    Éloïse Chartrand 9 months ago

    Can you do a what do i eat in a day? I know its random but i would like to watch that 🤣💕

  • DlchMcV
    DlchMcV 9 months ago

    The cotton rounds and cotton squares from ShopMissA are Japanese-style just like the Sheiseido cotton-rounds/squares but they’re only $1 for 40! Like you Kathleen, I’m done with the typical ones we generally have in North America because they fall apart and leave fluff on your face. Don’t spend a fortune on the pricey brand-named ones though....go to and buy a bunch there. :)

  • koni s.
    koni s. 9 months ago

    more books and more astrology please. love you, this look is stunning on you goddess.

  • Maddy Sreenivasan
    Maddy Sreenivasan 9 months ago

    you should read the storm and silence series!

  • Taylor Gibson
    Taylor Gibson 9 months ago

    The choice by Nicholas sparks 😍😭❤️

  • Domitila Olive
    Domitila Olive 9 months ago

    Hey Kathleen! I love your channel and I've been following you for yeeears! I was wondering if you could film and updated skincare routine (day or night) and share any tips you've found for the lines around the mouth. I feel you on that! Anyway, good luck trying new things in 2019 and lots of love from Brazil!

  • Sandra Cepeda
    Sandra Cepeda 9 months ago

    Super late comment but I think you might like my favourite book! It’s called “The Night Circus,” honestly such an amazing love story! 10/10 would recommend

  • Heidi Gillespie
    Heidi Gillespie 9 months ago

    Hahahah I L💜VE the last final comment!! 😂😂😂😂

  • Crystal Wynn
    Crystal Wynn 9 months ago

    OMG they’re discontinuing our favorite E & J dry shampoos. Please tell me what to get now bcz I have been faithful to E & J dry shampoo based on your recommendation ....I neeeeeeed your advice please!

  • Sam Lee
    Sam Lee 9 months ago

    You should do these kinds of videos more often!

  • Angela Litterio
    Angela Litterio 9 months ago

    Had to rewatch this to remind me of some products I want to pick up! Off topic: Do you still use the Cannon 80D, and what mic and lens do you use? Thanks!

  • Nicole Ngo
    Nicole Ngo 9 months ago

    You need to read "Your Name" by Shinkai Makoto. I highly recommend the movie as well since it's animated beautifully and was directed by the author of the book. The genres are: romance, supernatural, school, drama.
    It's suuuuch a cute story about a girl who lives in the country side and a boy who lives in Tokyo. The character's were just so cute. They're complete strangers, but they get to know each together through living each others lives. You get a glimpse of both traditional and modern Japanese culture through the scenes of them switching bodies, so it's pretty cool.
    The story is beautiful and I cried. I highly recommend!

  • Jessica L.
    Jessica L. 9 months ago

    You should try The Ordinary’s Marula oil! It’s way cheaper than drunk elephants and still really good!

  • Shamsi Mandal
    Shamsi Mandal 9 months ago

    make a tutorial on this look pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaase :3

  • Megan Nijdam
    Megan Nijdam 9 months ago

    the jimmy choo perfume, is it the eau de perfume or eau de toilette?

  • Aquarius Air
    Aquarius Air 9 months ago

    I love skin and hair. Like yes keep showing this even if it’s the same

  • Krista Bentley
    Krista Bentley 9 months ago

    Alpha Skincare 14% aha glycolic serum ($19) = ultimate dupe for Drunk elephant TLC glycolic serum ($90)

  • Risharne Clark
    Risharne Clark 9 months ago

    My favourite book (love story) is The diplomats wife by Pam Jenoff. I have another favourite but I just can't think of what its called

  • Desi Nicole
    Desi Nicole 9 months ago

    Infernal devices by Cassandra Clare is my favorite romantic trilogy ever

  • musicalgeek24
    musicalgeek24 10 months ago

    Please read anything by Sarah Addison Allen (but esp the Sugar Queen)!

  • Steph Hollis
    Steph Hollis 10 months ago

    The hypnotists love story by Liane Moriarty

  • Violet Broughton
    Violet Broughton 10 months ago

    Omg you have to read Existence (trilogy). It's a fantasy dark romance but will hit you in the feels with a bittersweet ending xxx

  • Mun3k Dark
    Mun3k Dark 10 months ago

    You should read the charley Davidson series by darynda jones

  • Jacee Greaser
    Jacee Greaser 10 months ago

    Try the cashmere Clarisonic head!

  • MilleMarron
    MilleMarron 10 months ago +1

    Can you try the Curly Girl Method?

  • Adeline Harper
    Adeline Harper 10 months ago

    OMG KATHLEEN YOU HAVE TO READ ELEANOR AND PARK BY RAINBOW ROWELL!!!! It is so so so good!! my favorite book ever!!!