My Life In A Wheelchair Doesn’t Stop Me

  • Published on Dec 18, 2018
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    Sara is paralyzed and being paralyzed feels like you are glued to a wheelchair that you can't get out of, that you're just stuck in. And that feeling doesn't stop, no matter what.
    When she was in elementary school it was really difficult to fit in with the other kids her age. All around her were kids that were running and walking and playing and doing a million other things that Sara just couldn't do.
    She would roll her wheelchair to the school's porch while the other kids were playing sports so she could watch them. She would spend that time imagining what it would be like to do sports and play and run with the other kids, and she felt so super lonely during those times.
    Also, being stuck in a wheelchair made the other kids feel weird about her, and they would act awkward and uncomfortable around her. But she had amazing and wonderful teachers who were always there and always gave her the support she needed.
    They told her that if she believed "nothing can stop me" then nothing could. And they told her to follow her own path and that she could find one that was made just for her. This helped her a lot and she always remembered it.
    When she turned 14 her parents decided they would move from the their home to Budapest where there was a special school with a whole bunch of other kids in wheelchairs. The whole place had been designed just for them. For Sara it was the light at the end of a long tunnel.
    The school was a dream come true and really changed her life - she could finally enjoy herself. She made friends and they celebrated her talent for speaking English so well, and that made her feel proud and accomplished and, just like her teachers had told her, like even though she was stuck in a wheelchair, nothing would stop her.
    One of her new teachers was the English teacher, lector, named Beth, and Sara really likes her a lot and gets along with her really well. This new teacher has really inspired Sara and makes her feel like her strong spirit is coming up inside of her!
    The school has a college in it as well, and now Sara lives in the dorms there and she has learned to be really self sufficient and to take care of herself, and to begin that journey toward the path meant just for her.
    Sara has set her goals and has persistence. When she turns 25 she wants to move to Los Angeles and work as a journalist. Being stuck in a wheelchair never stopped her from writing, and she loves it and has been doing it since she was young. She knows now that's her path, that's what she wants to do.
    She has learned that no matter what, even if you're paralyzed and stuck in a wheelchair, you can achieve anything! She told herself that. Her parents loved and supported her and told her she was right about that, that she could achieve anything and will.
    And, through all of it, she has accepted herself, wheelchair and all, and she's still smiling and striving and doing and achieving so much - she is after all, just exactly like us, but rolling instead of walking.
    And what would Sara like all of you to know? She wants you to know that just because she's in a wheelchair, paralyzed, doesn't make her some kind of alien, she's human just like all of us. And she wants to make sure that if you see someone in a wheelchair, don't judge them, and don't be afraid of them, say hello, introduce yourself, hear their story. Acceptance is a powerful thing.
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