Reading The Worst Things People Have Ever Done

  • Published on Oct 4, 2017
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  • Jubilee
    Jubilee  Year ago +1449

    Hey fam! Know any great filmmakers on a mission to do some good? Tell them we're hiring! - we're giving $2,000 to the person who refers us to a filmmaker who joins our team! All they have to do is list you as the reference in their application :) Let's change the world together!

    • Elyse Marie
      Elyse Marie 27 days ago

      What if you have never made a film but you want to make a documentary on an extremely important issue?

    • Sabertooth
      Sabertooth 3 months ago

      Do you accept 12 year olds? xD

    • Greek_Fire
      Greek_Fire 4 months ago

      Hey Jubilee we need more videos like this ❤️

    • BlassReiter1100cc
      BlassReiter1100cc 5 months ago +2

      @Ligeia D.Aurevilly Feel my balls on your chin.

    • Ligeia D.Aurevilly
      Ligeia D.Aurevilly 5 months ago +1

      @BlassReiter1100cc read the people's comments. Feel the engagement from the people. Help each other is part of human nature. There is a lot more behind

  • Liesje 101
    Liesje 101 Day ago

    The worst thing I ever did was skip school so much because I was/am depressed and just stayed in bed all day long eating nothing. I missed so much sht but I completely cought up. I remember how many times I thought what I'd put in my suicide many I actually wrote. How many times I planned to end it all. I never told anyone this, never told anyone why I didn't go to school. My mom she got so frustrated one day and screamed that what I was doing was horrible and why I was causing her so much pain. She screamed at me that she had a disease and would die in a few years...My dad isnt really in my life and my mom is a single mom of 3 children.

  • Trey Baker
    Trey Baker 2 days ago

    The worst thing I've ever done is say my 2 uncles didn't deserve the houses they lived in because they didn't work for them. Their houses were payed for by my grandparents.

  • W
    W 2 days ago

    16 seconds in and i’m upset 😭

  • stryfetc1
    stryfetc1 10 days ago

    The picture of the cousin's wife being a slut isn't a bad were being a good cousin

  • Jin Aegyo
    Jin Aegyo 10 days ago

    The worst thing ive ever done is :
    Try to cut off my wrist to know wht was it abt mutation that everybody is seeking refuge in it .
    I was 12 or so now im 18 and thankfully own a very healthy and independent mindset .

  • Gianni Fragoso
    Gianni Fragoso 11 days ago

    Your guy's seris and videos are so tastefully done props to you guys, nice to see a youtube channel with great integrity

  • Kathryn Leonard
    Kathryn Leonard 14 days ago

    Worst thing I've done was facetine someone I met on omegle to you know...

  • Matthew
    Matthew 14 days ago +1

    I once ran over a rabbit I felt like I killed someone then I realized it's just a rabbit

  • Sabrina Renee' Journey

    The worst thing that people have ever done.... was when my oldest brother verbally abused me to the point I wanted to end myself! he continued the pattern my entire life, and now I'm still suffering form the aftermath of what his words did to me.

  • Douglas MacArthur
    Douglas MacArthur 20 days ago

    not telling him about the baby hit me hard for some reason

  • Tobae
    Tobae 20 days ago

    0:50 that’s such a gross thing to do to someone

  • Leah M
    Leah M 24 days ago +1

    What is _WRONG_ with humans!?

  • camelio10
    camelio10 26 days ago

    The woman who still hasn't told her husband that his child is not his own is one evil soul. Will she lie to the kid too for the kids entire life. What a remorseless psychopath she is. The longer she lives the lie, the more it would hurt when her husband and kid finds out. I would be on suicide watch if I was in his position, damn!

  • Syed
    Syed 27 days ago

    The worst thing I’ve done was steal about 1200$ from my dad and that was rent money, never told him and never got caught..

  • the exotic witch
    the exotic witch 27 days ago

    I killed myself because I don't want my parent to suffering paying my bills that hits me the most

  • Elyse Marie
    Elyse Marie 27 days ago

    The sweetest hearts on here...the empaths...being an empath.. I am so glad to see others who hurt for our fellow human beings. I love empaths

  • flufflepufflover
    flufflepufflover Month ago

    I suppress every bad thing I've done

  • Johnique Thomas
    Johnique Thomas Month ago

    I shamed someone for being gay

  • makerstudios
    makerstudios Month ago

    Do this same exercise in Serbia. The results would be...different.

    SKAI LANTERN Month ago

    The one with the guy who hung himself :(

  • Rudolf evan
    Rudolf evan Month ago

    I actually never did anything that's very bad and anything happen. But i hope for everyone that have done many things in their life to move on and continue their life like everything is fine. I love you all

  • ChimChim
    ChimChim Month ago

    To this day i still can't say the things that has been haunting me everyday and it really am tearing my self confident and worthy every second. Nobody knows.

  • Morgane Charles
    Morgane Charles Month ago

    The worst thing I’ve ever done was hurting my sister.
    Since we were kids, she admired me and loved me so much that I took adventage of her. She would give me everything before I even asked for it. As we grew older, the relationship between our parents has deteriorated. There were screams and insults almost every night. So i begun to act and be the parent. But, because i was young, i didn’t knew how to do so... It hurted her more than it actually helped her. I tried to make the best choices for her, and I pathetically failed.
    Now, it’s been a year since she didn’t see nor speak to our father. We no longer share the same bed and she no longer trust me.

  • Kermit The Frog
    Kermit The Frog Month ago

    I feel no sympathy for the dude who had sex with the girl who had a boyfriend....that was a terrible thing of him to do

  • Anime Chan
    Anime Chan Month ago

    The worst thing i've done is starving myself for weeks just to lose some weight,and i am only 11

  • Relentless Consistancy

    One of The worst things Ive ever done was when I got to high school and there was this little white kid named bradly he used to be so happy and cheerful and I hated him for it I was a small child, but as a teen i sprouted up and was way bigger then most kids my age. I had been bullied all my life up until then and finally I was the bully and I took it all out on him ... Im pretty sure Im why he left our highschool . Ive grown now and all I want to do is apoligise

  • Merryoldsole
    Merryoldsole Month ago

    The one who read medical-bills-suicide note is a sociopath.

  • cheyenne garza
    cheyenne garza Month ago

    A guy liked me and I rejected him, a few yeas later i liked him but never told anyone, then a few more yeas later he asked me out again and i said no and then dated his best friend but he forgave me and we are friends

  • Yugandhar Takalikar
    Yugandhar Takalikar Month ago +1

    The worst thing I did is.....

    Read more

  • Kika M
    Kika M Month ago

    3.00 how did that person write that confession if he was DEAD????

  • me_myself_ and_ I
    me_myself_ and_ I Month ago

    I realize that the worst things we do is hurting others

    SIETIZ Month ago

    1:21 I don't feel sorry for whoever did this, you deserve that guilt. You should know not to do that to another human being

  • Drason Vender
    Drason Vender Month ago

    Telling on a cheater isn't a bad thing tf?

  • Juan Sebastian
    Juan Sebastian Month ago +2

    My biggest regret was when my third brother was going to be born, my mother told me to pray but i was like (no i dont wanna pray everything is just gonna be fine)my brother died after my mom gaved birth, and i never got to say sorry , everyday I remember this and.... i regret not praying.. i really do

  • All about the Kpop
    All about the Kpop Month ago

    Everyone in the comments y’all idiots need to realize your life is important OKAY okay jokes aside keep on fighting if your struggling!

  • MadDilla ATCQstarr
    MadDilla ATCQstarr Month ago +1

    Worst thing I've ever done was dump a girl immediately after I cheated on her and then added insult to injury when I sent her blowjob pictures to her family and siblings. (Her family disowned her afterwards)

    If I could go back and change what happened, I wouldn't change a thing because it was hilarious to watch unfold and was entertainment.

  • zoinks lmao
    zoinks lmao Month ago

    aw man...

  • Mariya Kochuvarkey
    Mariya Kochuvarkey Month ago

    "he hung himself "oo man 😢

  • 420 subscribers with no videos

    The one where he hung himself hit me

  • Megan Smith
    Megan Smith Month ago +1

    I was waiting for someone to say they murdered someone and never got caught.

  • Brennus of Gaul
    Brennus of Gaul Month ago

    Worst thing I have ever done was letting myself fall in love with a girl and getting my heart broken

  • •BRØKEN•RXSÉ• 58

    Sorry to ruin the vibe but I like to be a lil positive since I'm cryin rn

    The worst thing I've ever done was....I stepped on my dogs paw...
    Broo you don't know how much I felt bad for him but don't worry I gave him all the treats that I could possibly offer. He yelped real loud bro I felt like a bad person

  • Corbyn Payne
    Corbyn Payne Month ago

    Based on genetic testing of children and parents, a full ONE-THIRD of all fathers are raising someone elses kid.

    MGIANTSXLVI _ 2 months ago

    These comments are like an extended part of the video... Deep

  • Mara Gragert
    Mara Gragert 2 months ago

    The illness thing really bothers me.

  • v Happy
    v Happy 2 months ago +3

    Not telling your husband something like that is truly Evil smh

  • Lazy Panda!
    Lazy Panda! 2 months ago


  • cherish boss
    cherish boss 2 months ago

    The worst thing I've ever done was breaking a promise I made when I was 5.
    I saw scars on my mother arms and she claimed it was from punching through a window to escape a flood. I confronted her when I was 5 and told her I knew it was from self harm. She knew I was a smart kid and didn't argue... but she made me promise I would never harm myself in any way.
    5 months ago, my parents got into an argument and my mom relapsed... As soon as she went into the bathroom I knew what she was doing and I broke the door down. I helped bandage her up and comforted her. She promised she would never do it again and asked how I knew what she was doing. She asked if I had kept my promise and the look on her face broke my heart when I couldn't say "Yes".

  • Princess Pumpkin
    Princess Pumpkin 2 months ago +2

    My long-term boyfriend cheated on me after I became sick. He moved away, a decision which I completely supported, because he wasn't happy in his job here, and had a good opportunity elsewhere. I was sick, but I put his needs first, as I always did throughout the relationship.
    He started to change, and i didn't like it. His new friends didn't like me, and he always made me feel like I was less of a priority. He always put them first.
    I was sick and I needed him, but he continued to make me feel even worse in myself for those 2-3 years, that is until he finally admitted that he had developed feelings for his co-worker, and left me for her. Prior to doing this he also made me feel like I was paranoid, as I knew what this girl was playing at. However I was always the bad person, making him feel like he (and I quote) "couldn't have female friends". I was made to feel guilty, guilty because my gut knew something wasn't right.
    It has been years (about 6 now), and I am still unwell. I am single. I don't go out and meet people, because I feel like I'm not good enough because of my sickness. I feel like I'll just be traded in for a healthy person who doesn't have the barriers I have. Which is just one of the scars he left me.

    And for those interested... the girl he left me for had a history of breaking up relationships. After 3 months with him she left him for another co-worker who was already engaged.

    I hate that I allowed his actions to change how I feel about myself.
    I also hate that I still care about someone who hurt me so deeply.

  • Joni Multiple Solutions

    2:14 I did that multiple times! Is that bad?

  • yello
    yello 2 months ago

    The worst thing I have ever sone was mention my ex friends dead father against her in an argument

    FR E SH A VOCA DO 2 months ago

    The worst thing I’ve ever done is hiding my tears with laugh

    And I’m still doing it

  • đåñï đřäwš
    đåñï đřäwš 2 months ago

    The worst thing I've ever done was not contacting my friend one last time before she killed herself in 2016.Recently,her brother came over to my house to tell me he can't live much longer anymore.That was the last time I will ever see him.I'm currently struggling with the grief and I'm cutting myself and I'm scared to get help.

  • Star Fire
    Star Fire 2 months ago

    I am going through depression and the things I did in all my past are slowly eating at my soul

  • shawn mendrek
    shawn mendrek 2 months ago

    These are some people reading these cards, they know how to look into another persons life or situation.

  • shawn mendrek
    shawn mendrek 2 months ago

    This is why I NEVER mess with women who are married/dating someone. TOO many single women out there!

  • shawn mendrek
    shawn mendrek 2 months ago

    This is some deep stuff.

  • alua m.
    alua m. 2 months ago

    The worst thing I've ever done was ignoring my grandfather. He was always kind, he always was a funny man, he loved me and my sister so much. Being a kid, I didn't care about it. He passed away at summer, 4 am two years ago. That's when realization of what I did hit me. I cried all the way to his house (he lived in village that we moved out from due to fathers work). I cry every day because I cant forgive myself. I want to hug him, tell him that he's important to me, but I've lost my chance. I'm deeply sorry.

  • K S
    K S 2 months ago

    Worst thing I’ve done is not make my dad ramen when he was hungry. He was so sick and couldn’t make it himself. That morning 3am I woke up to my mom yelling at the emergency services people to help him. He died and the last thing I said was “I’ll do it soon” before I passed out sleepy. Valentine’s Day sucks now. Don’t wait, no matter now little the choice seems to matter.

  • J Bayawon
    J Bayawon 2 months ago +1

    people need to learn the value of honesty...

  • Supreme Scum
    Supreme Scum 2 months ago +1

    I had a friend who had a lot going on in her life. She would constantly feel suicidal and I would always talk her out of it. One day I was upset myself, and I chose to ignore her for just one time so I can get my own head straight.

    Because I wasn't there for her that one time, she killed herself.

  • lia re
    lia re 2 months ago

    i made wrong decision by choosing a wrong guy by going against my parent thinking that person will be the best turn out he is the most worst person i have ever met. ....he left me saying m not satisfied with you in physical relationship after 8yrs of living together 😟😟😟

  • N RF
    N RF 2 months ago

    all the worst things ive done are below the age of 14

  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith 2 months ago +1

    the worst thing i have ever done was to hit a pregnant dog in the head several times with an iron bar until she died. i was about 12 or 13 at the time. i did it so that i can be friends with this cool kids at school. it was my worst nightmare. i cried myself to sleep that night... this memory is so vivid that i thought it was just happened yesterday. now at 28, we have 7 rescue dogs at home.

    • Labradoorr
      Labradoorr 2 months ago

      Jay Smith I’m sorry about that, I hope you’re doing okay now. I’m happy you’ve learned your lesson.

  • no one knows me
    no one knows me 2 months ago

    The worst thing I've ever done is steal a donut from my mom's plate and blamed it on my brother

  • David Wilchynski
    David Wilchynski 2 months ago

    I watched this video to feel better about the things that ive done in my life. It has not made anything better

  • Alexa B
    Alexa B 2 months ago

    Do they ever get people with relatively average secrets? Or do they just pick out the really deep ones?

  • natalie khanyola
    natalie khanyola 2 months ago +1

    The girl on the thumb nail is really attractive I wish she was in the video.

  • YungTokyo
    YungTokyo 2 months ago

    The worst thing I’ve done was continue to talk to a guy after he got a girlfriend. There’s more to it and I had my reasons but it was still pretty shitty. This was my freshman year of HS like 5 years ago. I made amends with girl by cutting things off with dude and admitting my fault to her.

  • Alex Levett
    Alex Levett 2 months ago

    Whores man

  • tevin johnson
    tevin johnson 2 months ago

    Can you make one of these but with a positive question?

  • Marina Parra
    Marina Parra 2 months ago

    The worst thing I’ve ever done... is not knowing how to do a reanimation

  • WesleySnipzzz
    WesleySnipzzz 2 months ago

    Why cant I watch this in 144p

  • Xoeilove G
    Xoeilove G 2 months ago +1

    In a long term relationship.. at 18 on birth control i got pregnant. Tried to take abortion pill .. didn’t work so I scheduled myself for the abortion procedure ... it didn’t feel right but I’m not financially prepared An going through college... i couldn’t

  • BaitLeicester Live
    BaitLeicester Live 2 months ago

    Anyone else notice that most of these problems are caused by girls being whores and not taking responsibility for their actions

  • wild bass
    wild bass 2 months ago

    One time my mom found the cum sock...I don't know bout u guys but this the worst thing

  • Kii Bill
    Kii Bill 2 months ago

    I tried to sue my verbally abusive and alcoholic 'dad', to make him disappear from my life, because my mom refused to divorce . I was feeling threatened by him.

  • alvaro alas
    alvaro alas 2 months ago

    yes it was his place to do so because she was cheating on him

  • Felhek Lehrian
    Felhek Lehrian 2 months ago

    The worst thing i ever done is to walk away without saying goodbye.
    I suddenly appear and suddenly disappear.
    I leave you no signs, one day I simple I'm not around you anymore.
    Like the wind.
    If you're so unlucky to feel attachment for me, don't blame me later if i don't feel the same for you.

  • Have Mercy
    Have Mercy 2 months ago

    The worst thing i've ever done is making my mother cry, but not dropping her tears. Because she doesn't want god to get angry at me.

  • shannonix
    shannonix 2 months ago

    I wish I could regret having severe social anxiety but I can’t. I put myself down with my issues that I bring the happy mood with me. I lose friends because I don’t talk to anyone and I push everyone away because I’m scared of everyone I know. I wish I could talk to my friends about how I feel about just everything but since I hardly talk to them they never bother to listen to me. So I regret hiding my feelings and not trying to overcome my fear of people.

  • Kermit Productions
    Kermit Productions 2 months ago +1

    Staying in a toxic friendship even till this day for 14 years.

  • Schockyboy
    Schockyboy 2 months ago

    The worst thing i have ever done is giving up on life and myself

  • Aaron Osborn
    Aaron Osborn 2 months ago

    The worst thing I did was Believe a liar

  • Alina Arce
    Alina Arce 2 months ago

    The worst thing I’ve ever done was telling my adoptive parents (while I was mad at them) they were not my real parents.

  • AverageLuke
    AverageLuke 2 months ago

    My girlfriend is pregnant and I ain't the papi.

  • Steppawolf
    Steppawolf 2 months ago

    Is the last dude Ien Chi?

  • TadGhostal
    TadGhostal 2 months ago

    I’m deeply ashamed of my depression, and attempted suicide(s).
    Just talking about it has always made me feel weak, disappointed, and ashamed.
    The fact that my mother could’ve found her dead child’s brains splattered all over the wall is a horrible thought.

  • Amanda Bisby
    Amanda Bisby 2 months ago

    Did he say the first part he got chills was the hanging part when that was literally at the end lol (not making fun of the situation cause it was awful, but I just thought it was weird the guy said the first time he got chills was the very last sentence).

  • Maegan
    Maegan 2 months ago

    The worst thing I’ve done was last year when my friend told me she was cutting herself for weeks on her arms and thighs. She told me not to tell the teachers because she didn’t want to go back to her therapist, and she would cover it up with concealer in the bathroom. Luckily her mom found out and she’s ok now but I don’t know what I would have done if she killed her self because all she ever talked about was hanging herself

  • Alex Brill
    Alex Brill 2 months ago +1

    Holy it’s a therapy session in the comments

  • Chloe Y
    Chloe Y 2 months ago +1

    A guy made me fall for him and he doesn’t even know I’m alive anymore 😭 oh well

  • Tony Christianson
    Tony Christianson 2 months ago

    The second one is fucked

  • Angry Arab
    Angry Arab 3 months ago

    abortion is murder

    • AJ
      AJ 2 months ago +1

      If you had a twelve-year-old daughter that got pregnant would you make her give birth?

  • DevilsNachoz
    DevilsNachoz 3 months ago

    The worst thing I have ever done is after my dad hung himself, I was glad that he was dead. He couldn't hurt anyone else anymore.

  • blancing dade
    blancing dade 3 months ago

    Suicide isn't the answer. Don't you want to outlive your enemies? Yeah, that's what I thought. Come on, stay alive!

  • yuseniah
    yuseniah 3 months ago +5

    I got blackout drunk and told my mom about the multiple times I tried to take my life, while trying to take my life, I was only 15.

  • nina Colunga
    nina Colunga 3 months ago +1

    The worst thing I’ve ever done and am still trying to figure out is taking that weed I had barely turned 12 and I took it, a week later I tried normal cigarettes I now vape weed and nicotine and I’m 13 I haven’t told anyone because I’m afraid my friends will be disappointed and see me as someone else and every time i vape I wonder how they would feel if they found out and I feel like I’ve gone too far in this hole to get out of it I feel powerless

  • Lisa J
    Lisa J 3 months ago

    To the person who is carrying the weight of the guy who killed himself because his girlfriend was cheating on him with you - know this: it was not your fault. As an adolescent you are entitled to some level of immature behavior. If someone killed their self over that, they were already suicidal and just not prepared for the normal stressors of life. As a teenager cheating is a normal modern stressor, whether moral or immoral, it is.