The 1975 - 102 (Acoustic)

  • Published on Nov 29, 2018
  • A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships - Out Now
    Directed by Giorgio Testi
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  • Taylor Veltman
    Taylor Veltman 23 hours ago +1

    the following is oversharing but i liked reading everyone elses moments with this song throughout their lives and i felt a part of that little community so heres some of my shit
    i remember downloading the park version on my shitty second hand samsung and walking home listening to this deep in thought. i remember showing it to someone who loved me. i didnt love them back in the same way and a lot happened that shaped who we have become years later. i used to sit in a tree late at night listening to this, feeling way too much in the company of shy stars and a bicycle. i'd write. i'd soak everything in gin and i'd call that person for hours to keep from slipping through the cracks. at the time there was a lot of pain shrouded in dark life choices with short roads. this song sat with me in the waiting room of change, repeating over and over again during some very long nights. i hear this now and feel the stretch of change. its not all bad, but it...aches. i'm on the other side of the world now, like i dreamt of in that tree without the expectation of living long enough to do it. time has taken back all of what it gave. in years to come it will undo and redo once more, a process of which i am content with allowing.
    the boys have expressed this shared experience of change parallel to mine throughout each album to a freakish extent. i dont know matty, i never will, but i now understand how much shared feelings and realisations can affect oneself. its brought great comfort. this band has allowed for something supportive friends and family just can't give - simple unadulterated moments of feeling. pain, bliss, change, reflection. the 1975 have summed up these huge things into chords and lyrics in ways that have kept things together when i couldnt do it alone. i am very grateful for this.
    as the band grows, so do many of us. most of us don't have our fan accounts anymore. we stopped glorifying tumblr grunge and maybe actually begun to keep journals for self-improvement rather than why were sad af. we got out of toxic relationships and decided to pursue things in the future than dwell on the past. we kicked bad habits; we picked up worse ones. things rose and fell and became okay before getting worse before being better than ever. a lot of us finished school or changed jobs. changed people. changed bedrooms, car seats, train lines.
    this whole thing is what i see and feel in 102. im not that girl with her legs swinging in the trees, balancing the bad and the worst in each hand. im not in a classroom with fucked up piling around me anymore. im in italy. i'm sipping cheap wine and making homemade pasta with someone i love very much. i grew up and got better.
    102 is the soundtrack to this journey and this release gives me a lot of feelings in all the right ways.
    thnx for reading this piece of shit, pls share your experiences to give me a sense of wholeness

    • Ryan Costello
      Ryan Costello 11 hours ago

      Nah it wasn't a piece of shit at all, seeing the effect this song has had on people is quite amazing, I have no crazy story linked to it, maybe a typical link to a girl I can't move on from but we've all been there. I've only discovered The 1975 about a week ago, but just wanted to say everyone's story has meaning, and it was nice to hear yours

  • Ana Sol Agostinucci

    Need this song on Spotifyyyyyy

  • Jaymes Franko
    Jaymes Franko Day ago

    I've realized that this girl that I've been seeing for a month and half doesn't have any real feelings for me. She used me as a rebound from another relationship. She's got it all, but also not much of anything. What really matters is that I loved spending time with her and staring at her through my sheets. I wish she felt the same.

  • e s
    e s Day ago

    Liked before listening!!

  • Liam Priestnall
    Liam Priestnall Day ago

    Not sure recording this on a leather sofa was the best idea...

  • noolovme
    noolovme Day ago

    I'm crying anyway...

  • que saudade dela
    que saudade dela 2 days ago

    puta que me pariu por favor não faz isso

  • que saudade dela
    que saudade dela 2 days ago

    puta que me pariu por favor não faz isso

  • huhndaking777
    huhndaking777 2 days ago

    on what album is this

  • Traumkrebs
    Traumkrebs 2 days ago +3

    I somehow always return to this song

  • Odd Ball
    Odd Ball 2 days ago

    i like how this has aged and that he went back to this song.
    the first version feels like he's lost, he doesn't know what to do. almost reminds me of reminiscing over old memories that are fading, that you don't want to disappear yet hurt to remember. an old painting that's tearing at the edges.
    but this version... it feels more bittersweet and aged. he doesn't sound lost anymore. it still feels like it's like living through old memories, but it's more of finally settling with them instead of longing to relive them.
    i cant decide which one i like more.
    despite them being the same song with the same lyrics, they have wildly different feelings to them that would be hard to decipher which is the more liked of the two.
    i think i like the original better, only because i feel it more and relate to it more than this version, but both are amazing.

  • valu
    valu 2 days ago


  • txastube
    txastube 3 days ago


  • DietherCapada 08
    DietherCapada 08 3 days ago +1

    Why i can't play this song in my guitar. I'm so confused the way he strum smh.

  • Jaypritt
    Jaypritt 3 days ago

    Why this don’t in itunes?

    • Jaypritt
      Jaypritt 3 days ago

      +tyler Herreraoh, thank you. that's too bad :(

    • tyler Herrera
      tyler Herrera 3 days ago

      chuu. It’s only released on the Japanese version of the album

  • lauren booze
    lauren booze 4 days ago

    ive been waiting numerous years for this. bless

  • Kiersten Jungbluth
    Kiersten Jungbluth 4 days ago

    i need this on spotify asap

  • Voyas Virta
    Voyas Virta 5 days ago

    I love the way he says arguing 😍

  • Akik Rahaman
    Akik Rahaman 5 days ago

    can't really beat the rawness of the older version

  • Ryle Tejerero
    Ryle Tejerero 5 days ago

    patay na patay na ko alam niyo ba yon

  • Alex Pop
    Alex Pop 5 days ago +1

    Well, we're here
    We're at the common again
    Smoked six of the ten fags that
    I only bought an hour ago
    Said well I
    I like the look of your shoes
    I like the way that your face looks
    When I'm arguin' with you
    And so when
    When we all grow old
    I hope this song will remind you that I'm not
    Half as bad as what you've been told
    And when I knock
    At a hundred and two
    And I see your pajamas
    I can't stop smiling at you
    And that's why we're here
    We're at the common again
    I've been pouring my heart out
    Towards your optimistic grin
    I said well I, I
    I like the cut of your jib
    I like the way that your face looks
    When you're yappin' on about him
    But on this shirt
    Well I found your smell
    I just sat there for ages
    Contemplating what to do with myself
    I called you up
    At a hundred and two
    We just sat there for ages
    Talkin' about that boy what
    Was gettin' on to you
    You, you, you

  • Naomi Barretto
    Naomi Barretto 5 days ago

    this has been my favourite song for years. I almost feel like I don't deserve this version. What have I done to deserve this, Matty?!

  • The Human
    The Human 5 days ago +1

    Acoustic version of “Falling for You” pleaaaaseee

  • Fabian Padilla Quinones

    You know I just wanna have a chat with that girl you know a friendly chat

  • Deeply
    Deeply 5 days ago

    yeaah those 1,000,000 views were mine

  • andrea
    andrea 5 days ago

    he's an angel

  • Dayanara Lerma
    Dayanara Lerma 5 days ago

    it’s been three weeks and i still can get over this

  • Guimillermo Abraham Gonzalez Cardenas

    esta canción

  • Chesco Tañada
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  • Reuben Enilo
    Reuben Enilo 6 days ago

    its time to loop this again, its time to be depressed again, its time to be sad again.

  • Ellen Jean Eres
    Ellen Jean Eres 6 days ago


  • Merry Joy
    Merry Joy 6 days ago

    Our song has been exposed to the public

  • Charlieo
    Charlieo 6 days ago

    I wanna be in love until a hundred and two because it's the new forever.

  • bookishkendra
    bookishkendra 6 days ago

    i just recently got into the 1975 (like, within the past two weeks) and still barely know anything about them, only know a handful of songs at the moment. i’m assuming this is one of their lesser known/older songs that they re did?? anyways. it’s beautiful. wish i’d gotten into them sooner, but they’re quickly becoming one of my favorite bands❤️

    • bookishkendra
      bookishkendra 4 days ago

      tyler Herrera Oh okay I see! That’s so cool!

    • tyler Herrera
      tyler Herrera 4 days ago

      bookishkendra it was one of their first songs but it was unreleased until their album that just came out a couple of weeks ago. They added it to the Japanese version of the album and made a studio version for USclip!

  • Murial Keren
    Murial Keren 6 days ago +1

    “This song is about a girl [friend] that I had. She was beautiful, absolutely beautiful. I loved her but she didn’t feel the same way. I don’t even think she knew I loved her. This song is about the times I had with her. As she and I became close friends, we had traditions. It was kinda like our thing, y'know? We’d somehow always coincidentally be out at exactly 1:02AM, so that was our thing. Now whenever I’m awake at 1:02AM, I think of her and I let her go.” - Matty Healy
    Thank me later ✌🏼

  • GhostInTheShell
    GhostInTheShell 7 days ago +11

    Only the 1975 can use the word yapping in a song.

  • Kate Nandy
    Kate Nandy 7 days ago

    beautiful 😍❤

  • Wiroon Somphoathong
    Wiroon Somphoathong 7 days ago

    this is great song!

  • Hui Ping Chan
    Hui Ping Chan 7 days ago

    am I the only one who still prefers the old version?

  • Noah Witt
    Noah Witt 7 days ago +2

    missing this stupid girl

  • Sam Bright
    Sam Bright 8 days ago

    i can't believe we've been listening to shitty park audio for 5 years and they decide to release this now...
    because im fucking glad they did

  • TheAiilyne
    TheAiilyne 8 days ago

    When will this version be launch on Apple Music????

  • RainbowSocks
    RainbowSocks 8 days ago

    Hi sophie

  • Ahmed Eladawy
    Ahmed Eladawy 8 days ago


  • Apinya Suthiprapa
    Apinya Suthiprapa 8 days ago

    I'm feeling down 😭

  • Sophia Johnson
    Sophia Johnson 8 days ago

    my heart can’t take this

  • TheDarkOne
    TheDarkOne 8 days ago

    This is song i was listening when i lost a friend

  • Real Peach
    Real Peach 8 days ago

    I feel I found you in this song but in reality you not staying here. This place has only me and this song.

  • Mulan1902
    Mulan1902 8 days ago


  • Hazem A
    Hazem A 8 days ago

    Enjoy rokia

  • Thanapon NLT
    Thanapon NLT 8 days ago +6

    I like the way that your face looks
    When you're yappin' on about him
    SAD T_T

  • Leigh Beckly
    Leigh Beckly 8 days ago

    Ive been waiting for 5 years for this song to make its way to Spotify whats the hold up healy

  • Vania Donayre
    Vania Donayre 8 days ago

    when ull come to peru? this will be a crazyness

  • Aphrodite
    Aphrodite 8 days ago

    yapping on about him, holy shit that line cuts deeppppp

  • Luca Guilherme
    Luca Guilherme 8 days ago

    im crying

  • Corm F
    Corm F 8 days ago +2

    Get this onto Spotify now please x

  • Monica g
    Monica g 8 days ago

    1975 was the year my mum was born😂

  • Denmarynne Domingo
    Denmarynne Domingo 9 days ago +2

    This was my little secret song... before 💔

  • Rhona Mae Roa
    Rhona Mae Roa 9 days ago

    this sounds tragic to me. my heart just broke

  • Daniel Miguel Dizon
    Daniel Miguel Dizon 9 days ago

    This is so beautiful :(((

  • Sxd Bitch
    Sxd Bitch 9 days ago


  • Lilly Essex
    Lilly Essex 9 days ago

    The black and white of this video takes me back to the self titled album and makes me want to comment🖤🖤🖤🚬🚬🚬🎶🎶🎶🎵🎵🎵💿💿💿💊💊💊🌑🌑🌑

  • Storm Runner Studios
    Storm Runner Studios 10 days ago

    I love this song so much that I made a short little music video of it if anyone is interested ♥️♥️

  • Abby Dwight
    Abby Dwight 10 days ago

    Dang 😍

  • Kirsty Pearson
    Kirsty Pearson 10 days ago

    this is so incredibly beautiful and raw- I cannot stop listening to it :)

  • NijikO
    NijikO 10 days ago

    Thank you for this beautiful song.
    (and I wanna tell you something)
    I'm so proud of you that you're fine right now.
    sent love from Thailand and all of Thai fans ❤️

  • Kirsty Pearson
    Kirsty Pearson 10 days ago

    Can anyone help with the guitar part please? I really want to cover this but I’m struggling with the chords :)

  • Ry Yunki
    Ry Yunki 10 days ago

    this. is. so. sad.

  • Ruth Anne Sapiera
    Ruth Anne Sapiera 10 days ago

    My no more secret sappy song 🥺🥺

  • miles heizerd
    miles heizerd 10 days ago

    Well we're here
    We're at the common again
    Smoked six of the ten fags that
    I only bought an hour ago
    Said well I
    I like the look of your shoes
    I like the way that your face looks when
    I'm arguing with you
    And so when, when we all grow old
    I hope this song will remind you that
    I'm not half as bad as what
    You've been told
    When I knock
    At a hundred and two
    And I see your pyjamas
    I can't stop smiling at you
    And that's why we're here
    We're at the common again
    I've been pouring my heart out
    Towards your optimistic grin
    Said well I, I
    I like the cut of your jib
    I like the way that your face looks
    When you're yapping on about him
    I button this shirt
    I found your smell
    And I just sat there for ages
    Contemplating what to do with myself
    I called you up
    At a hundred and two
    We just sat there for ages
    Talking about that boy
    What was getting onto you

  • Ashley Cruz
    Ashley Cruz 10 days ago


  • Lilly Essex
    Lilly Essex 10 days ago

    Please release this on apple music

  • Comment Boy
    Comment Boy 10 days ago

    2:51 fart

  • nia 1610
    nia 1610 10 days ago

    omg please put this on spotify. everyday i always come here just to hear this song 😔

  • blake
    blake 10 days ago

    first time i heard this song i never had anyone to think about while listening to it and now i do its heartbreaking and wonderful at the same time

  • Shannon St.Clare
    Shannon St.Clare 10 days ago

    So in love with these songs 😍 I’ve done a cover with piano of be my mistake over on my channel if people would give it a listen 😁✨

  • kaylin muller
    kaylin muller 10 days ago

    When is this song becoming available on Apple Music

  • Seuth Boun
    Seuth Boun 10 days ago

    Is it just me or is this song is so slow, I can't even understand him. Seems like he's mumbling

  • Shannon Scanlon
    Shannon Scanlon 10 days ago

    I need this on spotify and I need it now

  • Jasmine L
    Jasmine L 10 days ago +7

    Idk why but this song just makes me feel so safe and ok, even though it's about heartbreak

  • Pablo Picasso
    Pablo Picasso 10 days ago

    I like to lick your shoes

  • The High Scry
    The High Scry 10 days ago

    I REALLY REALLY like this band. It's official.

  • Maria Jose Castillejos Santos

    Mi mundo sad😔😢

  • nana thais !
    nana thais ! 11 days ago

    i love this song. with all my heart.

  • Danielle Florez
    Danielle Florez 11 days ago

    This is the best song yet.. i love this so much 😩😩😩😩

  • jesse Waldron
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  • Kamille Gaskarth
    Kamille Gaskarth 11 days ago

    *cries in all languages*

  • Jhoanna Salcedo
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  • T y l e r G o r m a n
    T y l e r G o r m a n 11 days ago

    *if you like the 1975 you should check me out imma do a cover of this soon*

  • Yazz justheretocomment

    No ad on this, you guys man

  • Saraya Siregar
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  • jasmine88642
    jasmine88642 11 days ago

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Grey Oakes
    Grey Oakes 11 days ago

    I still love this version.

  • Andrea FuFig
    Andrea FuFig 11 days ago

    If you’re the girl this songs about... I will hunt u down!! ☠️

  • Chen Villanueva
    Chen Villanueva 11 days ago

    ang sakit sakit naman nito bakit ganito

  • NewGoldStandard
    NewGoldStandard 11 days ago

    they sell ten'ers, mate?

  • Andre Mojica
    Andre Mojica 11 days ago

    Dedicated this song to a girl I was in love with 4 years ago. we knew each other since 6th grade and my feelings never changed, I'm a freshmen in college now and my feelings never went away. I guess you can say were still "close". we would talk about working things together but, guess life has different plans. She's with someone else now. I listen to this song at least once a week, just to think of her a little bit.

  • DesirePain GK
    DesirePain GK 11 days ago

    La espera valió la pena;')

  • Sierra Sabol
    Sierra Sabol 11 days ago

    Why am I crying???

  • Carla Hill
    Carla Hill 11 days ago