Should You Buy The Samsung Galaxy S9?


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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  9 months ago +905

    Get $5 off plus free shipping on your first pair of SAXX: (United States) (Canada)

    • Brian Absolu
      Brian Absolu Month ago

      Gotta buy the s9+

    • Eddy L
      Eddy L Month ago

      Unbox Therapy why do all of you always label these videos s9/ the smaller variant of the phone but only show the bigger one

    • xLoD
      xLoD 3 months ago

      What do I do if I'm in Europe?

    • Nick Ianno
      Nick Ianno 3 months ago

      How r u enjoying the legal lettuce??

    • EGHT1989
      EGHT1989 3 months ago

      That why I text. Drive safe

  • noah benedict
    noah benedict 16 hours ago

    I know im late but does the s9 still have a weird aspect ratio like the s8

  • Shafiq The boss
    Shafiq The boss 2 days ago

    I love you give me please

  • Toxic Atom
    Toxic Atom 3 days ago

    You should Re-Title this video to "Google Pixel Vs Samsung Galaxy S9" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Battle Plane 109
    Battle Plane 109 5 days ago

    I love the microsoft launcher

  • Random_Comment_ Guy
    Random_Comment_ Guy 7 days ago +3

    Im not OCD but... His hoodie straps are crooked...

  • Murali sam
    Murali sam 8 days ago

    Dude what about the price price is the only problem in india

    JULIAN SMITH 10 days ago

    Well yea, those snakes in silicon valley no what color undies your grannies wearin

  • toma kerculj
    toma kerculj 11 days ago

    I got a honor magic 2 for $600 I never go back to Samsung or Apple

  • boydmedia stl
    boydmedia stl 11 days ago

    Hey in the new android 9.0 update on the s9 are you seeing 4k video anymore?

  • Mayur Jagtap
    Mayur Jagtap 12 days ago

    You are awesome bro..

  • RainyNights
    RainyNights 12 days ago

    I really like my samsung galaxy 9 but I would prefer the note 9 instead just for the pen. I tried a stylus with my phone and it didnt work...and I tried both capacative and active stylus'. Anyways, yes I agree that the Bixby button is always being pressed even when I didnt press it which is the only annoying thing and I forgot that u could just turn it off lmao

  • seanpersaud317
    seanpersaud317 13 days ago

    I remap my Bixby button I'm a auto body guy idk why everyone making a big deal about it

  • Tollymaster Official
    Tollymaster Official 13 days ago +1

    I think you should never buy a “Android” phone, it is slow, not efficient enough. Apple makes always live better and much easier!

  • Jared Fleming
    Jared Fleming 13 days ago

    Samsung phones are gimmicks sure they have a lot of features but your never gonna use most of them .

  • Charlie Andrews
    Charlie Andrews 13 days ago


  • Lit4Ever Gamer
    Lit4Ever Gamer 14 days ago

    "I got a headphone jack"
    "you don't"
    "go take a nap"

  • Ehab Makram
    Ehab Makram 14 days ago

    s9+ or mate 20 pro ever the speakers on mate is very bad compare with s9+
    also the price "" so if i put my money in s9+ ,,will lose alot of feacturs

  • Nadia Guzman
    Nadia Guzman 15 days ago

    You crack me up man great video

  • CRIS /34
    CRIS /34 15 days ago

    I jusr bought my new Samsung s9, it is great!
    Samsung *>* Apple

  • joel bartek
    joel bartek 16 days ago

    Actually, You can now disable bixby button and left swipe with vanilla software. Plenty of videos out there on how to do it.

  • Aqi_momo
    Aqi_momo 16 days ago

    S9+ is biiiiihgggg

  • James Beazley
    James Beazley 16 days ago

    this is the best, and true unbox therapy video.

  • JayJay
    JayJay 16 days ago

    You need to use dolby atmos setting s9

  • Frank Mckenzie
    Frank Mckenzie 16 days ago

    I would love to see the virtual photo back on the s9 plus and the slow mo is worse than the S8 plus

  • Pedro Araiza
    Pedro Araiza 17 days ago

    Siri, " I'm dying" 😂😂

  • Pedro Araiza
    Pedro Araiza 17 days ago

    Look, Samsung is getting better every time, its actually getting better than iPhone, Samsung is serious, they trying to improve everytime, and y'all going to fall in love with Samsung phones

  • Redsoul _
    Redsoul _ 18 days ago

    At least iOS isn’t as hackable as android

  • Sergej Keser
    Sergej Keser 19 days ago

    Who is watching this on their SAXX underwear?

  • Sergej Keser
    Sergej Keser 19 days ago

    6:15 GOD DAMN, that burn on the Apple stings trough the skin man!

  • JYS777
    JYS777 19 days ago


  • Anthony Silvestri
    Anthony Silvestri 21 day ago

    Just play 2:43 over and over again, It gets funnier!

  • robert pauley
    robert pauley 22 days ago

    Thanks for the help

  • Om Mankar
    Om Mankar 23 days ago

    I too use Nova launcher on my phone

  • Tech From All
    Tech From All 23 days ago

    This page isn't Unbox Therapy anymore!

  • Lex
    Lex 23 days ago

    Note 9 seems much better judging by specs and it has a similar price.

  • RustyPWNZ
    RustyPWNZ 23 days ago

    I have the same g-SHock)

  • Nooting Fireplace
    Nooting Fireplace 23 days ago

    "Giving the edge to the samsung"

  • Stephane Hudon
    Stephane Hudon 25 days ago

    just with the samsung desktop experience it beats all other brands.

  • Chris Bates
    Chris Bates 27 days ago

    I’m a lifetime iPhone user and now I’m thinking of changing to the Samsung galaxy s9+ Apple are just too expensive for not much tech. I think the s9+ beats the iPhone X in my opinion and that shocks me to say. I never thought I’d make the change.

  • Khush Choudhary
    Khush Choudhary 29 days ago

    listening the video with the help of my headphone jack.

  • Khush Choudhary
    Khush Choudhary 29 days ago

    Watching it on my galaxy note 8.

  • PimpDog
    PimpDog 29 days ago

    This guy has better Android & IPhone then me but I might get this phone on my birthday or Christmas this year

  • Bunnie♡
    Bunnie♡ Month ago

    to him, bixby is that one Ex u fucking despise

  • Tom Zemach
    Tom Zemach Month ago

    Go warriors 😀😅

  • Ultra Instinct Warrior

    you will hate me if you read more

    lol jk im not that kind of person

    BLACK JACK Month ago

    I use smart launcher 3 pro.. i dont recommend it cause im greedy🤣🤣🤣

  • CDX
    CDX Month ago

    The way he slams expensive phones on the table makes my heart skip a beat

  • jorge luis betancourt

    Siri : I'm dying hahahahahahahah

  • Emiliano REYES
    Emiliano REYES Month ago

    Iphone Xs Max

  • Teen gamers
    Teen gamers Month ago +1

    mkbhd got more like than the uploader lewis.

  • Franco Barrera
    Franco Barrera Month ago

    I got the regular S9. Should've got the plus. You can disable the left swipe though.

  • Muhammad Arslan
    Muhammad Arslan Month ago

    DIE HARD FAN OF SAMSUNG...........

  • Living WithArt
    Living WithArt Month ago

    I'm using Xiaomi Note 4, Should I change it to S8+ at the mid of 2019??

  • JOKR 33
    JOKR 33 Month ago

    I’ve headphone jack, u dont 🤣😝 go and take a nap! one of ur best videos ever!!

  • Narrator Jack
    Narrator Jack Month ago


  • D Λ N I Ξ L
    D Λ N I Ξ L Month ago

    WTF is not necesary chsnge the launcher to hidd bixby!!!!!

    DJ CYANIGHT Month ago

    What's the best launcher to download to mimick the Google look without being laggy?

  • forbidden pollo
    forbidden pollo Month ago

    If you already got a s8 dont get it, if you have anything lower then the s8 then yea you should get the s9

  • rayiscool32
    rayiscool32 Month ago

    Went from s6 to s9 😎

  • lhalls9116
    lhalls9116 Month ago

    Hayoo for wireless charging

  • walid shili
    walid shili Month ago

    Should i upgrade from a8 2018 to s9 plz help me guys

    • rayiscool32
      rayiscool32 Month ago

      Yeah it is.

    • walid shili
      walid shili Month ago

      I baught an s9 😊😍 it's amazing

    • rayiscool32
      rayiscool32 Month ago

      +walid shili yeah my bad

    • walid shili
      walid shili Month ago

      A8 not s8

    • rayiscool32
      rayiscool32 Month ago

      I wouldn't really recommend since it there isn't too much of a change from S8 and S9

    HONEY CHAWLA Month ago

    Mann thanku so much for helping me making decision for buying samsung s9. But hey! speak slowely.

  • Sebastian Rogers
    Sebastian Rogers Month ago

    Bixby installs google ads all over your device careful...

  • Sebastian Rogers
    Sebastian Rogers Month ago

    I have iphone 6 and 7 plus and samsung s9.. I like the s9 for browsing the internet its fast. However for audio programs the s9 android os sucks. It will never be ios... example go download djay app on your samsung s9 loop a section of your track you will hear clicks and pops from your device. Where as iPhone does not do this. The programming language is far superior than android. Also try downloading DRC on your s9 play with the sounds you will hear clicks and pops.

  • kelvin van zwam
    kelvin van zwam Month ago

    the Samsung s10 is coming soon will you want to try it?

  • KETO Uber
    KETO Uber Month ago

    i have had an s7 since it came out.................. holy shit now its so so so so so slow.. loads slow... responds slow. apps go slow... damn,, so i just bought the s9 plus, yay maybe friday or monday delivery,,, hot damn

  • Trevor De La Rosa
    Trevor De La Rosa Month ago

    Watching this on my s9 wrapped in an otterbox pursuit clear case and I love this phone

  • randomgusta
    randomgusta Month ago

    u use drugs bro?

  • Debb stark
    Debb stark Month ago

    You are hilarious. I am sold on my new phone but can't stop watching your vids☺️

  • Team Pascal
    Team Pascal Month ago

    If u care about hardware go for s9.
    If u care about software go for pixel 2 or 3.

  • Brian Absolu
    Brian Absolu Month ago

    I love Samsung from day one

  • maS silugraM
    maS silugraM Month ago +3

    You can eliminate Bixby home by holding down the wallpaper and switching Bixby to off.

  • godofkings17
    godofkings17 Month ago

    Idk I like Bixby on my s8 but for all the wrong reasons. Me and my friends just make fun of Bixby and how when we actually call forBixby, nothing happens but saying words that rhyme with it accidentally triggers it

  • random rider
    random rider Month ago +1

    i dont give a shit about anything other than a headphone jack.

  • Lane Welch
    Lane Welch Month ago

    Omg he went s9+

  • sahil s.
    sahil s. Month ago

    Pixel is ugly, but crazy good.

  • Bzkre ThTr
    Bzkre ThTr Month ago

    Lmao "i am dying"

  • tombell12
    tombell12 Month ago

    If you like batteries that can't be user replaced than yes, get the S9!

  • Yves Nyfeler Ph.D.
    Yves Nyfeler Ph.D. Month ago

    How on earth did this pathetic, lame would-be gangsta-nigga get to 13 fcuking million subscribers?! What's wrong with people? This has got to be the most unsympathetic person on YT I have ever come across, and that alone is saying alot....

  • Eddie Pedro
    Eddie Pedro Month ago

    you crazy hahaha. amazing video.

  • FC's The Meme
    FC's The Meme Month ago

    I have the S9 non-plus and I prefer it over the plus because it fits and feels better in my hand. And Tankified my phone protection wise

  • Reena Singh
    Reena Singh Month ago

    Missing of 3.5mm jack and big notch is still prime cons of 3xl phone,
    Except thay everuthong is fine

  • Zealous
    Zealous Month ago

    Near Christmas im just binge watching these videos to see which phone I should get..SO DIFFICULT

  • Lol Lol
    Lol Lol Month ago

    6:06 , wtf bro???? Bixby is like a Nasa assistent 😂😂😂 u can do everything with it, google assistent is shit

  • Christopher Malerba

    Talk about the real time translating using Bixby vision please

  • Elieshi Stephen
    Elieshi Stephen 2 months ago

    this guy is so rich he can afford any new version of smartphone which few of us can't afford them

  • Victor
    Victor 2 months ago

    I didn't know you could disable the Bixby button, thank you!

  • Mocking the world World!!!

    I have square fingers😂😂😂

  • Babita Nayak
    Babita Nayak 2 months ago

    I use nova launcher in my phone

  • Hein Coonen
    Hein Coonen 2 months ago

    Fast wireless charging is not nearly as fast as wired fast charging

  • David Martrano
    David Martrano 2 months ago

    I use the s9+, best phone I ever used. Design, display, camera, battery, ip68, wireless every premium feature. It does everything well!

  • B. St.F
    B. St.F 2 months ago

    The table shaking killed me!😂

  • Joe Parker
    Joe Parker 2 months ago

    Do you need a version with more than 64

  • MicroMicro
    MicroMicro 2 months ago +3

    89$ for the underwear you know what my balls hold jsut fine in my dollar store ones

  • Neal Frost
    Neal Frost 2 months ago

    i rather use Google over Bixby anyway

  • Jay Lol
    Jay Lol 2 months ago

    Should I upgrade my IPhone SE to Samsung galaxy S9? My SE is getting slow and not large enough in my opinion

  • Ashutosh Date
    Ashutosh Date 2 months ago

    please share your screen setup sir🙏😍😍😍❤️🔥⚡

  • Chris
    Chris 2 months ago

    end of 2018 and the galaxy s9+ really does represent the best value of the android world...

  • James Corrigan
    James Corrigan 2 months ago

    I get what you mean about Google assistant and stuff, but honestly that's not really a deal breaker. I don't think I've ever used Siri for a legit reason, only to get her to say weird stuff. Literally all I've used Siri for ever