Gordon Ramsay Can't Handle Disgusting BBQ | Kitchen Nightmares


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  • AquaWatermelons
    AquaWatermelons 2 days ago

    Has Gordon been barbecued.

  • Robert Morris
    Robert Morris 3 days ago

    Lol I cannot believe these people use chef Mike when there making chef Gordon food, lol I love the waitress shes a savage lol

  • MegaRoo
    MegaRoo 12 days ago

    They should do a new show where Toddesha is Gordon's sidekick and they just go around to restaurants and tell it like it is. Mmmmhhhhmm.

  • Abigail O'Hara
    Abigail O'Hara 16 days ago

    I liked that lady

  • RC Lud
    RC Lud 17 days ago

    How’s the elk?

  • Jessica Slater
    Jessica Slater 19 days ago

    "They were smoked this morning."
    "They're fresh, not frozen."
    "No, they're not microwaved."
    Why is it people don't realize that a world class chef is capable of telling when something has been microwaved, reheated, or frozen?

  • CalciumFree
    CalciumFree 20 days ago

    I see this video was featured by- 3:49

    DIPAN NANDI 22 days ago +1

    Here the staffs seem to be more specialised chefs than the on duty ones 😂🤣

  • Western Spy
    Western Spy 24 days ago

    What a little miss attitude.

  • jaime alberto
    jaime alberto 27 days ago

    Why does gordon looks like red skull in this episode?

  • depressed cockroach
    depressed cockroach 27 days ago +1

    the waiter has no chill LMFAOO

  • Timothy Davis
    Timothy Davis Month ago

    The cornbread broke into dust 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kachapol Tangudtaisak

    US version: Gordon said dry, **add slimey sound effects**

  • Nol See
    Nol See Month ago +3

    2:46 - 2:50. Best 4 seconds my ears have ever been blessed with. *sheds a tear of joy*

  • Ryan Kim
    Ryan Kim Month ago +1

    Gordon: “Sit down and close your eyes”
    Quick cut to waitress
    Waitress: “What the hell”

  • WolfHunter 23Z
    WolfHunter 23Z Month ago +1

    Todesha is the only person there that is thinking straight

  • Mateo Vaca
    Mateo Vaca Month ago

    04:18 nastyy

  • Capo BennyTv
    Capo BennyTv Month ago

    So dry buy eats it still

  • Grace Chanyung chejoon

    That waitress is my spirit animal

  • KryosN7
    KryosN7 Month ago

    9 times out of 10, the servers know what's going on. Sadly, elitist assholes never listen to them.

  • Mr Retro
    Mr Retro Month ago

    I looked at the first peice of chicken and it looked dry idky i could just tell.

    • Mr Retro
      Mr Retro Month ago

      Also they messed up black eyed peas

  • UnRael Animation
    UnRael Animation Month ago

    I've never seen a video this dry

  • hugospiegel
    hugospiegel Month ago

    Canned beans? For real?

  • Last Name Here
    Last Name Here Month ago

    Todeshaaaa !!!

  • Eric Ortiz
    Eric Ortiz Month ago

    That wing didn't look dry.

  • Claudia Duran
    Claudia Duran Month ago

    Ramsey: "Damn. So dry. What is this?"
    Server: "That's a saltine cracker."
    Ramsey: "Dreadful. What a shame."

  • Emanuel Baltazar
    Emanuel Baltazar Month ago

    His face is so reeeed

  • J 0 S 3
    J 0 S 3 Month ago

    Its dry meanwhile his fingers are filled with grease

  • School, Sucks.
    School, Sucks. Month ago

    At 5:04 you can see a man in the top right corner like
    What the heck are they serving over there?

  • butterflygirl2015
    butterflygirl2015 Month ago

    I love the way she says nasty😂

  • Billy Gregg
    Billy Gregg 2 months ago

    Love the waiters in every episode, they all ways tell it how it is, put some respek on there names

  • Zegop Mcer
    Zegop Mcer 2 months ago

    Todesha is just 👌🏼

  • Salty_ Lemonade
    Salty_ Lemonade 2 months ago

    Gordon Ramsay be like

  • Kira B
    Kira B 2 months ago

    how tf do you mess up cornbread lmao

  • MoreCarStuff
    MoreCarStuff 2 months ago

    Her facial expressions remind me of morgan freeman so much

  • jahmod cook
    jahmod cook 2 months ago

    That chicken wing looked goodZ Gordon cray

  • Arianna P
    Arianna P 2 months ago

    It's like sand in an hour glass lmao

  • Nee-Iko Sakura
    Nee-Iko Sakura 2 months ago

    I love the waitress

  • Ty Prall
    Ty Prall 2 months ago

    Talk about a broken record

  • Vanessa Mucosa
    Vanessa Mucosa 2 months ago

    This staff had me rollin!!

  • Kagarin?
    Kagarin? 2 months ago

    i work in fast foodish kind of place and we dont use microwaves its crazy to see restaurants on here use them

  • Braden White
    Braden White 2 months ago

    Instead of watching this starving, like I usually do, I’m eating ramen and satisfied.

  • Donna Robinson
    Donna Robinson 2 months ago

    Lol i like the waitress

  • S3S M8T
    S3S M8T 2 months ago

    that server needs her own show. She is fabulous.

  • Megha Kumar
    Megha Kumar 2 months ago +2

    0:14 im wheezing WTFF😂

  • Ryan Zandian
    Ryan Zandian 2 months ago

    I'm glad I'm not a food critic as I would love all food and eat all of it.

  • Bt Wetzel
    Bt Wetzel 2 months ago

    George Bush has entered the chat

  • Human Spider
    Human Spider 2 months ago

    "what a shame" seems to be Gordon's catchphrase when trying food.

  • Miguel Martinez
    Miguel Martinez 2 months ago

    What is that server's name I loved her so honest

  • Fred Ward
    Fred Ward 2 months ago

    I'd eat that food.all got to eat is cheerios without milk. Fml

  • Angela Calhoun
    Angela Calhoun 2 months ago

    People need to STOP using the microwaves in restaurants!

  • jmfr030201
    jmfr030201 2 months ago

    4:05 lol

  • Rhys Hall
    Rhys Hall 2 months ago

    Fairplay to the waitress she knows

  • Grey Wolf
    Grey Wolf 2 months ago +1


  • Oh Yeah yeah
    Oh Yeah yeah 2 months ago

    -“This silverware is too DRY!”-

  • matches malone
    matches malone 2 months ago

    that todesha girl is awesome.

  • Ch Pe
    Ch Pe 2 months ago

    "That food ain't no good. Mmmmm hmmmm."

  • Scotty Papa
    Scotty Papa 2 months ago

    Bunch of microwaved old shit 😂 also why the hell do I feel attracted to the chubby black waitress lmao

  • Assam Dastgir
    Assam Dastgir 2 months ago

    It's fuckin DRY!! Oh fuck me!

  • Assam Dastgir
    Assam Dastgir 2 months ago

    Ah um um

  • Bill
    Bill 2 months ago

    "Can't I get today's wings today?"
    *Surprised Pikachu*

  • aisha b
    aisha b 2 months ago

    *what does that taste of?*

  • Nathanael Craig
    Nathanael Craig 2 months ago

    You ruined all my beans reeeeeeeeee

  • Hashirama Senju
    Hashirama Senju 2 months ago +1

    "close your eyes"
    *Slides dick in her mouth*

  • fakeu loveu
    fakeu loveu 2 months ago

    nino would have peeled the potatoes a year in advance

  • Emily Claire
    Emily Claire 2 months ago +4

    "Your name is only on the building" DAMN

  • Barack Obanger
    Barack Obanger 2 months ago

    God I wish nino was here

  • BadulTheGuru
    BadulTheGuru 2 months ago

    His look is fucking intense man

  • Qingyuan zhang
    Qingyuan zhang 2 months ago

    “I’ve been inside and it’s dry”

  • Neo Virz
    Neo Virz 2 months ago

    at least the Iced Water was good...

  • Niharka Suryvanshi
    Niharka Suryvanshi 2 months ago

    How. Can some one mess up Baked Bean's

  • Munol Namchu
    Munol Namchu 2 months ago

    Daamn.. Stupid... U just cant say that Gordon Ramsey is wrong.... Hell no....

  • Sharlene Butler
    Sharlene Butler 2 months ago

    Dry, dry, dry...just everything is just hideous and dry lol!

  • Mirlande Wilson
    Mirlande Wilson 2 months ago

    The waitress was ready to fry the restaurant

  • Tajae Holder
    Tajae Holder 2 months ago

    *Uh . The. UH thE saL- uh Mm.*

  • Gabriel Leung
    Gabriel Leung 2 months ago

    "WHAT DA HEEEEAU" omgggg im dying

  • dogsitter68
    dogsitter68 2 months ago

    its dryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    and its rawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • Apple Tea
    Apple Tea 2 months ago

    All that shit looks drier than Gordon’s mom on a Monday night

  • leedle God
    leedle God 2 months ago +2

    I almost fell into my toilet

  • patanella
    patanella 2 months ago +2

    i love her so much she deserves better

  • Otaku Shouko Gaming
    Otaku Shouko Gaming 2 months ago +18

    Gordon: "what's that taste like?"
    Todesha: "Nasty."

    • Juan C Salinas
      Juan C Salinas Month ago

      +SDD525 blacks dont want to give their children white names

    • SDD525
      SDD525 Month ago

      Is that actually her name? Good god.

  • Katie
    Katie 2 months ago

    Oh my gosh. The waitress is amazing 😆😆

  • R M
    R M 2 months ago

    “Because it’s bootleg” lmaoooooo

  • Another Hopeless Person
    Another Hopeless Person 2 months ago +3

    The waiters and waitresses always spill all that tea

  • SummerDogs
    SummerDogs 2 months ago

    All these restaurants love the microwave don’t they

  • Stoogs
    Stoogs 2 months ago

    3:42 lmfao that was such a real moment

  • Jay West
    Jay West 2 months ago +1

    2:57 lol she got fucking OWNED!

  • Ruby Summer
    Ruby Summer 2 months ago

    why do the waiters always out their boss

  • Tasmin Dhaliwal
    Tasmin Dhaliwal 2 months ago


  • Wen Xi
    Wen Xi 2 months ago


  • Zachary Pacos
    Zachary Pacos 2 months ago

    its dry but he was covered in liquid after eating it. I love Gordon but damn bro

  • Brian Wenhold
    Brian Wenhold 2 months ago

    Bullshit those wings don’t look dry

  • KingYi Chi
    KingYi Chi 2 months ago

    How are you black and have bad chicken .. Come on!!!

  • Cameron Calhoun
    Cameron Calhoun 2 months ago

    This is a crying shame. As a citizen and representative of the black community I would like to say we don't claim them...can't even make some ribs?!?

  • Loreal Madonna
    Loreal Madonna 2 months ago

    The waitress is hysterical! 😂

  • Randall Ou
    Randall Ou 2 months ago

    srsly so much of the food gordan says its dry or screwed up, i think they look perfect n i would literally eat all of those pork ribs

  • Jacob Green
    Jacob Green 2 months ago

    At least Nino would show full episodes on USclip!

  • Dash23
    Dash23 2 months ago

    i swear to god..if I saw one more fookin microwaved foods in one of this episode.......
    there is.....😑😑

  • ShortyAnimates
    ShortyAnimates 2 months ago +3

    4:05 when the teacher about to leave the room without giving hw but someone reminds her

  • rhcplover100
    rhcplover100 2 months ago

    She said cause it’s bootleg 😂😂 the server is what makes this episode