The How Ridiculous boys are HERE!

  • Published on Jun 17, 2019
  • Check out the How Ridiculous channel!!!
    Thanks so much for all the love and support guys!!! Grab a shirt/hoodie/patch and join the Demolitia today!!!
    All the equipment I use to make my videos!!!
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  • ChefWoody85
    ChefWoody85 Day ago

    Name him John douie

  • Darryl Drax
    Darryl Drax 2 days ago


  • BBoys
    BBoys 3 days ago +1

    I love how Scott is inspecting the house when they first got there

  • Dog Lover
    Dog Lover 3 days ago

    Name the new manikin retard bob

  • Josh Hensley
    Josh Hensley 6 days ago

    Long neck Larry

  • Muhammed Khan
    Muhammed Khan 9 days ago

    wasnt there another mannequin
    named Lutenen Dan

  • joshua lamarche
    joshua lamarche 12 days ago +1

    That hummve oil leak though

  • William Shane
    William Shane 13 days ago

    Uncle Ray Ray

  • beanie 20
    beanie 20 14 days ago +1

    That's cool that HEB was there. I work for a company that does the refrigeration for them.

  • Harley Garcia
    Harley Garcia 15 days ago

    Were just gonna ignore the 69 camaro 1:23. M kay

  • Jason Dorian
    Jason Dorian 15 days ago

    Rightio Matt, now it’s ur turn to come down to the land down under to meet ur aussie fans

  • Caleb hd
    Caleb hd 15 days ago

    Name him Shotgun Sammy

  • ToXic_ Money
    ToXic_ Money 15 days ago

    Nutty norman

  • bildahome
    bildahome 15 days ago

    WTF were is a more boring town than this...?

  • Ask Kunkel
    Ask Kunkel 15 days ago


  • Anthony Palange
    Anthony Palange 16 days ago

    nut sack mahone

  • V8 For A Heart
    V8 For A Heart 16 days ago

    Peep that leak from the humvee

  • Random Rc Projects
    Random Rc Projects 16 days ago

    Skinny Steve

  • navydevin
    navydevin 17 days ago

    Smuggler Steve

  • Brian Driskell
    Brian Driskell 17 days ago

    Khaki Kyle

  • cort campins
    cort campins 17 days ago

    you should come over to Naples Florida

  • алекс гор
    алекс гор 17 days ago

    на 3:40 присмотрись масло течет из машины. движок не накрылся?

  • Sharky
    Sharky 17 days ago +1

    Here’s a famous Australian name from a tv show called home and away Alf Stewart

  • frank magee live long and be happy

    Dodge men for the dummy

  • frank magee live long and be happy

    Aussie Aussie Australian rules and I can say we are the best because I am Australian

  • T.J. Mills
    T.J. Mills 18 days ago

    Not saying you throw like a girl...but after seeing those shirt throws perhaps you should invest in a tee shirt gun and compressor. 😛. Maybe I will drop one off.

  • Brian Kratochvil
    Brian Kratochvil 19 days ago

    Bent Becky

  • james martin
    james martin 19 days ago

    How Ridiculous is a channel that I follow. OffTheRanch is a channel that I follow. Super glad to see you guys in collaboration. Good Stuffff!! Thanks guys!!

  • Garrison Bodin
    Garrison Bodin 19 days ago

    Creppy Couder was the third? I did not know that since I have not been watching your channels (Demo- and off the ranch) long enough. I liked it when he was on. I think you could name the new guy (CC’s replacement) “Slim Sam”

  • rubbermaidable
    rubbermaidable 19 days ago

    Hahaha what?! Holding a knife.

  • Юрий ******
    Юрий ****** 19 days ago +2

    Ты лучший!
    You are the Best!

  • Highstakes187
    Highstakes187 19 days ago

    nutshell vrs thors hammer

  • Lord of Crows
    Lord of Crows 19 days ago

    Mannequin name: mr sir

  • Tristan B.
    Tristan B. 20 days ago

    Well if you're helping out the Scouts, might as well help out your local Civil Air Patrol squadron

  • Hex Fishing
    Hex Fishing 20 days ago

    Major Mayhem

  • Tomato-soup -_-
    Tomato-soup -_- 20 days ago

    Name suggestion: Petty the pervert!!

  • piggygamer 777
    piggygamer 777 21 day ago

    His name should be ridiculous Rick

  • calicantdrive
    calicantdrive 21 day ago

    So he did not see the nuts coming?

  • AmazonStapler
    AmazonStapler 21 day ago

    Packin’ perry

  • Q hayes
    Q hayes 21 day ago

    Not gonna lie... as an Aussie I'm kinda insulted they didn't bring a gift regardless

  • steven burnette
    steven burnette 21 day ago

    Tiny tim

  • Kason Walker
    Kason Walker 21 day ago

    Shotgun buster

  • Filmsy Animation
    Filmsy Animation 21 day ago

    Slim Jim

  • Steven Roark
    Steven Roark 21 day ago

    name him Robby crotchet!😁😀

  • QuazJinx
    QuazJinx 22 days ago

    Slender Sandy
    Slouching Sam
    Bulge Bob
    one of those

  • Peter Fitzsimmonds
    Peter Fitzsimmonds 22 days ago

    Slim Stann!

  • Owstannn Bowssannn
    Owstannn Bowssannn 22 days ago

    Skinny Skeeter

  • Eddie Bracken
    Eddie Bracken 22 days ago

    Ugly Eugene

  • Cheyenne Schuler
    Cheyenne Schuler 22 days ago

    What bout Little Dicky for his name!!!!

  • Tiaan Venter
    Tiaan Venter 22 days ago

    Slinky slamming sam

  • Hellfirejuddy
    Hellfirejuddy 22 days ago

    He looke a bit like a brawney Barry from Australia 😉

    AZZDINGE 22 days ago

    you forgot about lieutenant dan!

  • Shadow Lenahan
    Shadow Lenahan 23 days ago

    Norman Nuts

  • Half Dozen Ranch
    Half Dozen Ranch 23 days ago

    Skinny Pete

  • Ryan Jenson
    Ryan Jenson 23 days ago

    Manny the Manican

  • random car guy
    random car guy 23 days ago

    Jockey Jeremy

  • Joe Hedges
    Joe Hedges 23 days ago

    Rick Rider

  • Sleazus Christ
    Sleazus Christ 23 days ago

    When we were younger my brother took a GI Joe, took his gear off and put his helmet around his waist, that was Nut Cup Man. Should have named then mannequin Nut Cup Man.

  • Ryan Jenson
    Ryan Jenson 23 days ago

    I love the how ridiculous guys!!!

  • Jack Bingle
    Jack Bingle 23 days ago


  • Randy She
    Randy She 23 days ago

    New member - Leroy.

  • Logan Contreras
    Logan Contreras 23 days ago

    I have an idea. I know I'm late but.. Package Patrick

  • Nicholas Blake
    Nicholas Blake 23 days ago

    Anyone else wondering about the copyrighted music?

  • Christo gelderblom
    Christo gelderblom 23 days ago

    The name should be slender man ,like if you agree !!!!!

  • Design TY
    Design TY 23 days ago

    Name him "Slinder - Bender"

  • Shiloh Forbes
    Shiloh Forbes 23 days ago

    Volunteer Voldemort

  • phillip caudill
    phillip caudill 23 days ago

    Package peter

    TIMMYJHONSON 999 23 days ago


  • Aaron Widcamp
    Aaron Widcamp 24 days ago

    Nutshellz Nigel!!! @howridiculous also has something named Nigel!!

  • lefthandedeagle
    lefthandedeagle 24 days ago

    Name him Hammie. "Wanna help me find my nuts?"