Jack Black Talks About Being Jewish


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    EPMTUNESツ 2 hours ago +1

    I thought since he was on iCarly he would be a high school live comedy IRL streamer, but this surprised me.

  • Krystian Śrek
    Krystian Śrek 23 hours ago

    Wow, people really don't like jews, even among viewers of jewish channel. It's pretty disturbing.

  • Misho Pruidze
    Misho Pruidze Day ago

    It’s shower time jack

  • Bence
    Bence 2 days ago

    I really like Jack Black but naaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh no way

  • the withering production

    this man is white, black and jewish

  • Aussie Nerd
    Aussie Nerd 2 days ago

    *Adolf hitler has left the chat*

  • Jeremy Cornwell
    Jeremy Cornwell 2 days ago

    Don't, I think you are disgusting people. Get out of America. Rapist poison pushers

  • EABOY2600
    EABOY2600 2 days ago

    So Drake is a full Jew?

  • xWannaBanana
    xWannaBanana 2 days ago

    btw im jewish hi bois

  • 「Internally Screaming」

    I’m pretty sure he’s a duck that transcended to pandahood

  • Random Dude
    Random Dude 3 days ago

    Lol yeah jack is Jewish... I used to like him before I knew he was the opposite of what he portrays in his movies... can’t smoke at all, doesn’t talk to satanic Rock gods? Sham

  • Emmanuel
    Emmanuel 3 days ago

    0:20 I always thought about that, back in time there were no DNA tests...lol

  • Kev
    Kev 3 days ago

    what the fuck is up with the hollywood jew comments. seriously what the fuck

  • Thanos titan
    Thanos titan 4 days ago


  • Foxy Grandpa
    Foxy Grandpa 4 days ago

    Man, its gotta be the greatest feeling ever when you make _another_ comedian laugh

  • Caroline Reeves
    Caroline Reeves 4 days ago

    jack and kyle are so jolly and precious

  • Vsauce Mikàl
    Vsauce Mikàl 5 days ago


  • Flynn Tom
    Flynn Tom 5 days ago +1

    Look like he about to drop the Communist Manifesto on us

  • Saoshyant logos
    Saoshyant logos 5 days ago

    This is a stupid part to highlight. Classic klien jewry bullshit.

  • princessthyemis
    princessthyemis 5 days ago


  • Mara M
    Mara M 5 days ago

    Lol the true Jews ( from Judah) are black..Deuteronomy @ ..those who are not ..rev:2:9&3:9 ..if in doubt...read and research!!
    Well the "Jewish" community owns Hollywood so this isn't far fetched.

  • Ephemeral_Style
    Ephemeral_Style 5 days ago

    Black angel flying through the skyyy, JEWISH DEMON you know the reason why!!!

  • SWDF swdf
    SWDF swdf 5 days ago

    Well we know his ding dong is really messed up

  • ben zur
    ben zur 6 days ago

    I love how jack black managed to put a ch’et in a word that’s abbreviated “Layla” with nothing near it

  • NAG
    NAG 6 days ago

    Jack blackberg

  • anonymous 23
    anonymous 23 6 days ago

    Poor guy.

  • Floyd Pinkerton
    Floyd Pinkerton 6 days ago


  • Infinite Wisdom
    Infinite Wisdom 6 days ago +1

    The dumb goyim didn't know he's a Jew. Gee, what a surprise.

  • Abed Ibrahim
    Abed Ibrahim 7 days ago

    Jack Black is a legend.....h3h3 and his wife are trash

  • HuginAndMunin
    HuginAndMunin 7 days ago

    well, religion is bullshit and he should know by now ;)

  • Big Bob
    Big Bob 7 days ago


  • hirman 11
    hirman 11 7 days ago +1

    White with a very black hair = DUH Jewish

  • Zackattack
    Zackattack 7 days ago

    I'm Jewish and this is so true lmao

  • Chara Frisk
    Chara Frisk 7 days ago

    Comment section:
    40% of the comments are stereotypical Jewish comments.
    30% saying how Jack black might be jablinski (he is)
    20% Commenting on his past
    9% Talking about his beard
    1% (me) Someone who has no life and decided to browse the comment section. And create this wrong percentage of the comment section ;-;

  • Forrest Man
    Forrest Man 7 days ago +1

    Are jews white????

    • MrManCube
      MrManCube Day ago

      +Forrest Man jews can be black, white, asian, all they have to do is breed with those respective races.

    • MutantMonkeY
      MutantMonkeY 7 days ago

      Forrest Man because they are jews

    • Forrest Man
      Forrest Man 7 days ago

      Why not???

    • MutantMonkeY
      MutantMonkeY 7 days ago


  • sycam3472
    sycam3472 7 days ago +1

    I want to take Jack Black on in a bare knuckle no holds barred street brawl. Every one knows his mother was a Jablinski.

  • Bulletenio
    Bulletenio 7 days ago +1

    Lmao I like if he was Muslim everyone in the comments would be pissed and call him a terrorist

  • MatigeMehmet
    MatigeMehmet 8 days ago

    Jack Black looks like a young Santa

  • T Dawson
    T Dawson 8 days ago

    Jablinsky really helping out the newbies with this appearance

  • iwanfishz9
    iwanfishz9 8 days ago

    6 million btw, Don't you feel the guilt rising inside you Germans bastards? Feel the pain of my jewish ancestors I'd never met.

  • RadioGuy
    RadioGuy 8 days ago +1

    He looks alot like Jablinski...

  • JuicyJack
    JuicyJack 8 days ago

    He won't stop playing with his beard

  • Ginger Gooch
    Ginger Gooch 9 days ago

    selama ashal anore

  • Whats in Michaels Bag.

    Nice work Jack

  • Ay der la
    Ay der la 9 days ago

    classic h3 jack black talks about being jewish....

  • Muffy
    Muffy 9 days ago


  • LittleRedOBS
    LittleRedOBS 9 days ago

    Im sorry but no. Im pretty sure jew parents would disown the shit out of their kid if they didn't practice the religion

    • Chara Frisk
      Chara Frisk 7 days ago

      Nah, not reformed Jewish parents. They are chill, though watch out for the Orthodox Jewish parents; they are very strict.

  • Local Cool guy
    Local Cool guy 9 days ago +1

    Fuck he’s a Jew? Damn I liked him

  • leverposteifantomet
    leverposteifantomet 9 days ago

    So you're telling me Jack Black's childhood wasn't the way it was portrayed in The Pick of Destiny?

  • Dylan Mullarkey
    Dylan Mullarkey 9 days ago +1

    He’s not Jewish he is black

  • Jack Shap
    Jack Shap 9 days ago

    Talking about Judaism.... talking about money. Okay

    • Chara Frisk
      Chara Frisk 7 days ago

      You know how we are, we like the moolah. ;)

  • Gamma Relay
    Gamma Relay 9 days ago

    Juicey juice

  • BAN IT
    BAN IT 9 days ago

    youre joosish? wow!!!!! I hads no idea u wur josh!!! did a rabi eet ur peeppee after the kut?

  • DeLatteTV
    DeLatteTV 10 days ago

    Is that JABLINSKI??

  • Shinelucid
    Shinelucid 10 days ago

    this is crazy

  • Penguins Willeatyourbaby

    I don't like the jordanian looking host mofo. I want to beat him to death with a ww2 army shovel. I am not saying I'm right. I'm just saying that's how I feel.

  • Barry Swords
    Barry Swords 10 days ago

    Where's he hiding his Jew gold?

    • Chara Frisk
      Chara Frisk 7 days ago

      That is the secret, only the Jews know.

  • R1980100
    R1980100 10 days ago

    Dirty jews

    • Chara Frisk
      Chara Frisk 7 days ago

      Yep, I need to take a shower. :p

  • flinny OwO
    flinny OwO 10 days ago +1

    fuck jews

    • Chara Frisk
      Chara Frisk 7 days ago

      Only if you buy me dinner first.

  • Good Films
    Good Films 10 days ago +1


  • Kail
    Kail 10 days ago +1

    fuck the jews

    • Chara Frisk
      Chara Frisk 7 days ago

      Dude, buy my dinner. Then we chat.

  • Ben Cosgrave
    Ben Cosgrave 10 days ago

    He looks just like Jeblinski games 😂

  • MrFredstt
    MrFredstt 10 days ago

    Not very shocking that someone in Hollywood is Jewish tbh.

  • EnzoTheBaker
    EnzoTheBaker 10 days ago

    He's Jewish?

  • Rick Heskey 13.
    Rick Heskey 13. 10 days ago

    Jews In Hollywood, Get Outta Town! 😂

  • Blank Slate Arts
    Blank Slate Arts 10 days ago

    Jack Black's beard looks really good.

    D3LTATRAX 10 days ago +3

    This comment section is a trash fire

  • Nemo Hoes
    Nemo Hoes 10 days ago


  • Im DeFuZe x
    Im DeFuZe x 11 days ago

    jack black is just feeding money RN thats why hes on this shit podcast

  • Krantor
    Krantor 11 days ago

    Jack Black = Jacob David Schwarzstein

  • Victor Cleemonts
    Victor Cleemonts 11 days ago

    These comments are wild.

  • tolkarius58
    tolkarius58 11 days ago

    Its a suprise only because Jack does rock. You know what are the "coolest" christian songs? Its christian rock... So, you automatically associate rock with christianity, and that is why Jack doesnt feels that much jewish... He fckn fought with Satan and won! Satan is a christian figure, not a jewish one
    or maybe he is just not that in to "religion" like Adam Sandler and the others...

  • Shark Tails
    Shark Tails 11 days ago

    good to see kg and jack

  • The Great Hawk
    The Great Hawk 11 days ago

    Every day Jack Black looks more and more like Santa Claus.

  • Reality Check
    Reality Check 11 days ago

    Kol politicai shtiot ad hasof. Just be human ;)

  • Sh ane
    Sh ane 11 days ago

    jack black is a good goy

  • Aquarius Girl
    Aquarius Girl 11 days ago

    His beard makes him look cosy 😅

  • J C
    J C 11 days ago

    everyone in the world knows hes a jew.

  • BT 7274
    BT 7274 11 days ago

    40 seconds in and I already know Jack will be right at home here

  • Frank 42
    Frank 42 11 days ago

    I learned how to say pencil in Hebrew School. Also Sheket, which mean shut the f*ck up, was the most commonly used word by our teachers. Everything else was a blur. On a side note, I'm suspicious that Doctor Weil showed up for this interview instead of Kyle Gas and nobody noticed the difference.

  • yousef albee
    yousef albee 11 days ago

    this is the first time i know that abraham and jacob and jude were actully females XD

  • The Valley InfoHead
    The Valley InfoHead 11 days ago

    Fake Jew fat fuck.

  • Eterna Pesadilla
    Eterna Pesadilla 11 days ago +2


    in reality he is a reptilian, duh.

  • Aramis Betances
    Aramis Betances 11 days ago

    Jablinski forever

  • Kakarotto
    Kakarotto 11 days ago

    sometimes it seems to me that only the Jews live in the USA

  • Ryan Cork
    Ryan Cork 11 days ago

    LMAO with respect to H3...............UUuhhh I've known Jack Black was jewish since I laid eyes on him! Jack Black is one of the coolest mother fukers ever. God bless him!

  • outlawstars100
    outlawstars100 11 days ago

    No indivdual can be born a jew or a protestant or a chistian or a muslim or anything else other than being just a baby. It's so stupid, imagine a woman giving birth to twins and she goes 'oh this one is jewish and the other is christian, i had no idea'

    • outlawstars100
      outlawstars100 22 hours ago

      +MrManCube I stand by what i said, i completely disagree. You can be born an Israelian, not a jew

    • MrManCube
      MrManCube Day ago

      jew is an ethnicity, not just a religion. There are atheist jews.....well I should say ALOT.

  • John Bunker
    John Bunker 11 days ago

    He only jewish when he needs to be.

  • jonathan dobrowolski
    jonathan dobrowolski 11 days ago


  • Marstuber
    Marstuber 11 days ago

    Unsubscribed lol

  • Alex Paulsen
    Alex Paulsen 11 days ago

    I'm more surprised that his first name is really Thomas.

  • Cheasy
    Cheasy 11 days ago

    saw that white guy who feels left XD

  • Zaid Omar
    Zaid Omar 12 days ago

    My mother was a Jew and my father was a Protestant and they tried to convert each other but they got married instead. Now I live in the church wrestling as Nacho Libre for a living

  • James Cox
    James Cox 12 days ago

    nobody here in Australia likes jack black, must be an american thing

  • Jonathan SG
    Jonathan SG 12 days ago

    The jewishness of this jew is as bright and precious as a jewel

  • Buddha
    Buddha 12 days ago

    This looks like that Jablinski guy

  • J
    J 12 days ago

    Remember the USS LIBERTY, BITCHES.

  • Tparkerrr Fortnite
    Tparkerrr Fortnite 12 days ago

    Who cares, like really who fucking cares if he’s Jewish or not. Religion is stupid so I couldn’t give a fuck, next.

  • KobiAzoulay
    KobiAzoulay 12 days ago

    50 % of Hollywood actors are jewish and here's a few :
    Adam sandler , ben stiller , seth rogen , dave and james franco , scarlett johansson , jake johnson. and thats just a small list .

    • Kakarotto
      Kakarotto 11 days ago

      and everyone who wants to be promoted lol

  • The Trash Man
    The Trash Man 12 days ago

    Jack Black is the only celebrity I would accept on USclip