Smash 4 - Luigi wins against every level nine CPU by doing absolutely nothing

  • Published on May 23, 2015
  • Find level nines impossible in Smash 4? Luigi shows you how to beat them!
    Mewtwo was included in this, but this video was made before the other DLC characters were released, so they had to be done in a separate video. To see that DLC addendum, go watch this
    For those skeptical of these being level nines go, view this video, which shows all the replay data for these matches (and accompanying clips), that show they are level nines
    For the Ultimate edition, see this video
    For more Smash videos of Luigi winning by doing absolutely nothing go see this playlist
    Also be sure to follow PL's Twitch and USclip channel . Without Pastime Legends' support, I wouldn't have been able to get the new computer that made creating this video possible.
    To cover a few common "debunk' attempts that I constantly see:
    *"These aren't level 9s!"
    See the prior linked video in the description showing the replay data for all the matches.
    *"This was done in Training mode! He's controlling the CPUs!"
    Why are there so many people that don't know how Training mode works? If this was done in Training, there wouldn't be any match starts, stock counts, match ends, timers, nor replays. Seriously, if you're going to try "debunking" this video, please learn how Training works before making an ass of yourself in the comments.
    *"Luigi jumped against Wario when he got knocked off the stage!"
    See that spring on Windy Hill Zone? You touch it, it bounces you automatically, nevermind the fact Luigi went way higher than he would with any jump and the very obvious spring sound that plays upon touching it.
    *"Level 9 CPUs read inputs! If you don't do anything, they don't know what to do!"
    Not an accusation, but it's a common explanation for this video that I see people keep passing around, that is completely bullshit. First, the AI does not "read your inputs", it's a stupid myth from the Brawl days that has been debunked over and over, AI just have frame-perfect reactions. Second, doing nothing doesn't "screw up" the AI, they fight just as competently (or incompetently) as before. What makes this video possible is simply the AI having terrible stage awareness, the act of doing nothing itself has no impact on the AI's play.
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  • dylan yovino
    dylan yovino 7 days ago

    but luigi lost at 18:55


  • Nathan Nguyen
    Nathan Nguyen 12 days ago

    Could be fake due to not show the proof of the level!

  • greater dog101
    greater dog101 18 days ago +1

    Quiz was that level nine
    Answer no level 3

  • Emilio Gutierrez
    Emilio Gutierrez 22 days ago

    It looks so obvios that its a human player

  • A.M.L. Dsgn
    A.M.L. Dsgn 23 days ago

    Are you sure it’s a level 9 cpu

  • Jolgeable
    Jolgeable 23 days ago

    Luigi uses the force.

  • John Dude
    John Dude 26 days ago

    Im a god with luigi in smash ultimate

  • N00bful
    N00bful 27 days ago

    I was waiting for this!

  • Samu333 Carmona Fernández

    Fox is stupid

  • Shit McFuck
    Shit McFuck 28 days ago

    I would love to see Luigi winning by doing nothing against Smash Ultimate's version 1.0 Challenger AI

  • Omega Tyrant
    Omega Tyrant  29 days ago +17

    For those looking for the Ultimate version, stay tuned to my channel, it will be here soon.
    EDIT: Here it is

    • Omega Tyrant
      Omega Tyrant  20 days ago

      +WelloBello Yet another reply that is going to age poorly very soon ;)

    • WelloBello
      WelloBello 20 days ago

      Omega Tyrant
      The AI in Ultimate are far superior to Sm4sh. It’ll be easier said than done. The only place they seem uncomfortable is in the great cave offensive.
      Then again... everyone is uncomfortable there

    • Omega Tyrant
      Omega Tyrant  22 days ago

      This reply is going to age poorly in a week.

    • NickNack
      NickNack 22 days ago

      That won‘t be possible, the ai is way to good

    • Almar ALBL
      Almar ALBL 28 days ago

      +1 Neat.
      Now Omega, we know the announcer says "GAME" but hear it many times and sometimes it sounds like he says "GAY" due to how Luigi wins by doing absolutely *NOTHING!*

  • Florentina Gabriela
    Florentina Gabriela 29 days ago

    So the CPU has a problem?

  • Virtual_Mexican
    Virtual_Mexican 29 days ago

    19:13 Sakurai: NANI??

    WHEEZE Month ago

    State of the art artificial intelligence

  • emPtysp4ce
    emPtysp4ce Month ago

    They may be artificial, but they're not exactly intelligent.

  • MSHSAirplaneManiac
    MSHSAirplaneManiac Month ago

    Where's Isabelle? Where's Ridley? I wanted to see these fights.

  • Battle LXXVIII
    Battle LXXVIII Month ago

    This just in! Player chooses Luigi, does absolutely nothing, and wins gaming tournament.

  • Trayon Hankerson
    Trayon Hankerson Month ago

    Goku im stronger then anyone

  • Trayon Hankerson
    Trayon Hankerson Month ago


  • Ryoma Raijinto
    Ryoma Raijinto Month ago

    The cpu are trash compared to ultimate

    • Omega Tyrant
      Omega Tyrant  Month ago

      Wait until you see the Ultimate version ;)

  • The Thinnest of Mints

    Ah, 75m. The shittiest stage in the game.

  • Cristobal Cortés
    Cristobal Cortés Month ago

    14:50 Uff UUff

  • Zachariah Nagatani
    Zachariah Nagatani Month ago

    "Sometimes nothing leads to the very best of something" .
    Winnie the Pooh was right

    JuLYLION Month ago

    I showed this to my 7-year-old little brother and he's telling me you're hacking XD

  • Mundo Dum br
    Mundo Dum br Month ago +2

    Luigi is the creature from Bird Box

  • Mundo Dum br
    Mundo Dum br Month ago +1

    12:02 Jigglypuff: NOT TODAY *BITCH*

  • Jonah Abenhaim
    Jonah Abenhaim Month ago

    These Cpus don’t know how to parkour

  • Dead Gamer
    Dead Gamer Month ago

    These aren’t level 9

  • SylphidUndine
    SylphidUndine Month ago +1

    i'd want the ai of the cpu to be installed onto my dish washer

  • david treto
    david treto Month ago

    *Luigi* omai wa mu shindaru

  • PXLATE _
    PXLATE _ Month ago

    this is how to beat input-reading ai lol

  • Moussa Raser
    Moussa Raser Month ago


  • Mori Mori
    Mori Mori Month ago

    Yeh fookin dunce.

  • TreyDaMilkman !!
    TreyDaMilkman !! Month ago

    what if 2 Luigis do nothing

  • Blαux
    Blαux Month ago

    Lol fukking retard

  • Harris Ashraff Shamshuddin

    “level nine CPU”
    yeah, right

  • Harris Ashraff Shamshuddin

    For some reason, I thought 0:14 said:
    You Will Know Your Memes

  • Corrupted Archangel

    Staged none of these characters are actually dead. If they were killed off screen then they aren't really dad. I've watched enough TV to know this.

  • Polobear03 Hi
    Polobear03 Hi Month ago

    Use the force L...


    WAS_JBDBWS Month ago

    So i just gotta stand still when the robots attack?

  • Samuel Nathan
    Samuel Nathan Month ago

    Luigi is basically Zero Punch Man

  • Patricio Herrnandez

    I actually won with Luigi by doing nothing in Mario party 9

  • Pademelon Gaming
    Pademelon Gaming Month ago

    Hey, don’t make fun of the NPCs! Staying alive in this game while your opponent does nothing is harder than it looks!

    Real talk though, me and my brother both picked random characters and random stages, and we ended up with Balloon Battle stage. He stopped moving halfway through since I kept getting eaten by the water creatures, and he still won (I take no shame, it was the 1st time I had played as fox).

    • Pademelon Gaming
      Pademelon Gaming Month ago

      Although that was Smash Ultimate, so it might be a little different

  • nyr68j
    nyr68j Month ago

    Wow! What controller settings does he use?!

  • Paul K
    Paul K Month ago

    Question, we know these are level 9 CPUs how exactly?

    • Omega Tyrant
      Omega Tyrant  Month ago +1

      Reading descriptions before commenting helps

  • ZM Dumpbox
    ZM Dumpbox Month ago

    Luigi really makes you feel like you are doing nothing.

  • Lucas Faria
    Lucas Faria Month ago

    Ok, this game *might* have an AI problem

  • Your only boi
    Your only boi Month ago

    Only Luigi can win by doing nothing

  • John Trent
    John Trent Month ago

    12:25 Try not to cry

  • John Trent
    John Trent Month ago

    2:45 "Whatever I'll do, I'll die"

  • Jazzy Berry
    Jazzy Berry Month ago

    Just wondering...did they die often during recording?

  • Branden Sandberg
    Branden Sandberg Month ago

    Someone: don't practice against 9's because they do everything frame perfect and make you have bad habits against real people
    Me, an intellectual: Luigi wins doing nothing against level 9 CPU's

  • Random Dandelion
    Random Dandelion Month ago

    Speed up to lvl 9 CPUS in ssbu and they're all melee pro players :|

  • Vulmich E.
    Vulmich E. Month ago

    Luigi: *Congratulations* , you just played yourself.

  • ishadow91
    ishadow91 Month ago


  • Foxx
    Foxx Month ago

    This CPU are stupid

  • Bomb Powerpuff
    Bomb Powerpuff Month ago

    CPU: Hope you are ready to die!
    Luigi:Bitch Please!

  • Zeke Beakley
    Zeke Beakley Month ago +1

    So I don’t play smash so no one yell at me but does this happen 100% of the time or was it just constant efforts of waiting to make this happen

  • A Soon To Be Legend

    Patrick would have a hard time.

  • TCM_Wankles
    TCM_Wankles Month ago

    New lvl 9 CPU is a fuckin G

  • Alex JD
    Alex JD Month ago

    18:33 Luigi did something, he literally made a whole combat, clickbait, dislike >:(

  • TheGreenBreeze
    TheGreenBreeze Month ago

    Think of how many times this man had to do this to get it perfect

  • Donn Clueless
    Donn Clueless Month ago

    This is what watching a stand battle play out looks like.

  • 영상보는사람
    영상보는사람 Month ago

    Mario : So.... tell me how did you win

  • I Make Funny Comments
    I Make Funny Comments Month ago +1

    Change your name to CPU on controller one. Do nothing on controller 2. Do dumb stuff and die. Make a USclip video of it.

    • I Make Funny Comments
      I Make Funny Comments Month ago +1

      +EvenØdds yeah but you can screen record them. Don't fall for his tricks.

    • EvenØdds
      EvenØdds Month ago

      no, i'm talking about the video in the description, which shows that cpu is level 9 because he plays the actual replays. and besides, you can only control a cpu in training mode, and you can't save replays in training mode.

    • I Make Funny Comments
      I Make Funny Comments Month ago +1

      +EvenØdds anyone can make a reasonable description.

    • EvenØdds
      EvenØdds Month ago

      read the description

  • xman40100
    xman40100 Month ago

    17:50 LMAOO

  • Blockchain Baller
    Blockchain Baller Month ago

    The fight against Falco was kinda epic @5:40

    LARAUJO Month ago +1

    Why is Fox so dumb? Luigi was literally right next to him but he decided to SD

    ...5 times

  • Mr Funnyman
    Mr Funnyman Month ago +1

    Come on guys, you can't expect us to believe that's an actual CPU playing. Even funnier there are people in the comments who believe this is legit 😂

  • Henry Warmoth
    Henry Warmoth Month ago

    Violence isn't always the answer.

  • MaskedMildew
    MaskedMildew Month ago

    Every time I see this shit in my feed I click knowing that the title isnt clickbait and yet I still can't comprehend it

  • Kei Romenan
    Kei Romenan Month ago

    So why is luigi player 2? Does this not work if luigi is player 1?

  • JezGamerCl
    JezGamerCl Month ago

    Yoshi.- it's over Luigi, i have the high ground.
    Luigi.- [...]
    Yoshi.- don't understimate my Powers!!
    [[Yoshi fucking dies]]
    Luigi.- [...]

  • SlayerofdarknssDMT
    SlayerofdarknssDMT 2 months ago

    Its like zelda knew

  • Lady Lucifer
    Lady Lucifer 2 months ago

    Why is the ai so fucking stupid 😆

  • Novembermann
    Novembermann 2 months ago

    Now do one with Smash Bros Ultimate with level 9 CPU's

  • Artemis Logic
    Artemis Logic 2 months ago

    Level Nine? More like level Nein.

  • Byrden 9
    Byrden 9 2 months ago

    anyone confirm this works on smash ultimate?

  • Cruor, The Blizzard
    Cruor, The Blizzard 2 months ago

    Confused at the video and comment section

  • Sean Solar
    Sean Solar 2 months ago

    18:09 is what I came here to see. Luigi proved he can beat his brother without even trying.

  • Balderrama 24/7 Chillin on YouTube


  • HolyBob
    HolyBob 2 months ago

    Luigis Stand is basically Golden Requim

  • Brianna Wilson
    Brianna Wilson 2 months ago

    Winnie the Pooh: Sometimes doing nothing is the *best* thing to do... doing nothing often leads to the *best* of something...
    Luigi: *(Takes advice)*
    Mario: Hold mah mushrooms *(dies)*

  • Kirin F.
    Kirin F. 2 months ago

    This is probably the most bullshit thing I've ever seen.

  • jonas lambo
    jonas lambo 2 months ago

    I wish it was waluigi

  • HR1
    HR1 2 months ago

    Nintendo, everybody.

  • Kasei
    Kasei 2 months ago

    That's why Luigi is the Goat.

  • IamJake98
    IamJake98 2 months ago

    It’d be funny if the other Luigi actually killed him.

    DUB ZILLA 2 months ago

    This wouldn’t be happening if they’d put goku in

  • TheTha411
    TheTha411 2 months ago

    The Bowser one is fucking hilarious 😅🤣

  • eric castro
    eric castro 2 months ago

    16:39 Luigi:You are too slow!!!

  • Joshua Cisneros
    Joshua Cisneros 2 months ago

    They haven't fixed Smash for this issue yet.

  • Michael0075
    Michael0075 2 months ago

    I've seen CPU characters on much lower difficulty settings behave smarter than this on Wii Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Is this seriously Level 9 aka "Nasty" in SSB Ultimate?

  • GeniusGT
    GeniusGT 2 months ago +1

    That's Smash 5.

  • Anthony Lozano
    Anthony Lozano 2 months ago

    How was this put up 3 YEARS AGO?!?!!

  • leon adjei films
    leon adjei films 2 months ago

    That's why its so much harder in ultimate


    Boring ,one sided fight

  • John Sensebe
    John Sensebe 2 months ago

    Luigi is Zero Punch Man.

  • JMproductions
    JMproductions 2 months ago

    And this game is rated 93 on metacritic

  • Joshua Lovell
    Joshua Lovell 2 months ago

    Not lvl 9 but hey lol