One's Angry... One's Laughing... - Game Grumps Compilation


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    • Skeletal Charmander
      Skeletal Charmander Month ago


    • Sam Smith
      Sam Smith Month ago +2

      Bro these compilations are really helping me through my victory lap of high school. These are lifesavers man thnx

    • Eric Pudalov
      Eric Pudalov Month ago

      I love that your "drinking game" involved frappuccino and not whiskey.

    • the man child /djplayer
      the man child /djplayer Month ago

      Hey Peter can we get a face reveal

  • MrMovieLover
    MrMovieLover 14 hours ago

    Make coffee out of my ass drips 😂😂😂😂😂

  • HarlequinSkin
    HarlequinSkin 19 hours ago

    Ooooh I forgot about Arin and the clams. God I missed this.

  • David Nolan
    David Nolan 22 hours ago

    I was in tears for this whole video. I laughed so hard that my cheeks were sore for so long after and I felt so good because of this. Game Grumps , you are the best!

  • billy loman
    billy loman Day ago

    The duality of the Arin and Dan.. Ying and Yang... Game and Grump...

  • Logan Blackwell
    Logan Blackwell Day ago

    That Mario maker rant will go down in history as one of Arin's best

  • AdachiChocolate
    AdachiChocolate Day ago

    Arin literally sounds like hes breaking down with some of these scenes xD poor guy

  • Megatom
    Megatom 2 days ago

    30:18 still not as much as Nickelodeon Guts!

  • rinkuflash8000
    rinkuflash8000 2 days ago

    My god Arin is so bad at Zelda. Love the dude but Zelda seems to hard for him i dunno

  • lowlife weirdo
    lowlife weirdo 2 days ago

    those last two were my absolute favorites 😂😂

  • HybridXg
    HybridXg 2 days ago

    Well, there's a darn good reason they're "Grump" and "Not So Grump",
    though this GameGrumps Compilation does feature clips of both Danny and
    Arin rage & laughter!

  • Sherry Fabrizio
    Sherry Fabrizio 3 days ago

    Read more

  • Parisayo bendy
    Parisayo bendy 3 days ago

    i need more of these ridiculously specific compilations

  • T H O T C A K E
    T H O T C A K E 3 days ago

    Maybe dial it down on the thumbnails

  • Choccibikki
    Choccibikki 3 days ago

    No Sonic And The Black Knight?

  • JackFlash85
    JackFlash85 3 days ago

    Dan toooooootaaaaalllly knew that was snow.

  • PleaseDontGoCryBaby
    PleaseDontGoCryBaby 4 days ago


  • Lorraine Draws
    Lorraine Draws 4 days ago +1

    *taKe tHE NIPPLE*

  • Dominic DiDomenico
    Dominic DiDomenico 5 days ago

    The genuine surprise and fear in Dan's voice at 50:11 is amazing 😂😂😂 gets me everytime

  • Ya Boi Wizza
    Ya Boi Wizza 5 days ago

    if this video doesn’t contain the entirety of Battle Kid episode 3 i’m going to be as angry as Arin was throughout the entirety of Battle Kid episode 3

  • PanLamb16
    PanLamb16 5 days ago

    The snowboarding was is the best moment of all time

  • ShiitakeWarrior
    ShiitakeWarrior 5 days ago

    1:06 - Not sure if trolling _...or just exceptionally stupid..._

  • Iz
    Iz 5 days ago

    Hey I'm grump, and I'm not so grump compilation would have been a better title 😂

  • Ο Επιστήμων

    I thought Danny laughing and Arin being pissed off was the default state of the grumps...

  • JC Hope
    JC Hope 6 days ago

    I.....I turned this on while tired....I can officially say I can fall asleep to anything....because I fell asleep to two screaming and laughing adults.

  • Sophie Mcintyre
    Sophie Mcintyre 6 days ago

    these 2 have the best friendship

  • Daniel Espinal
    Daniel Espinal 6 days ago


  • Aidan L
    Aidan L 6 days ago

    These are some amazing bits really well done!

  • Xakkef
    Xakkef 7 days ago

    Things that would help Arin enjoy Zelda Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time more:
    1. Playing the 3DS version. A huge list of added conveniences including; 4 C buttons, the Ocarina is mapped to its own panel on the touch screen, boots in OoT are C items, it's far easier to figure out where to go, etc.

  • PiggieFatNose
    PiggieFatNose 7 days ago

    Arin is the angry one 90% of the time.

  • Dawson has ADHD
    Dawson has ADHD 8 days ago

    can we just appreciate that beautiful thumbnail

  • Octavia The_100
    Octavia The_100 8 days ago

    What am I drawing?
    No, what do these do?

  • po tato
    po tato 8 days ago +1

    I just got rejected and I need a bro like this

  • ramirezthesilvite
    ramirezthesilvite 8 days ago

    Ugh, the MM playthrough was awful. It was funny at first, but after so many episodes of Arin completely ignoring instructions and basic game mechanics, it stopped being fun listening to him bitch about nothing working for him.

  • Jean Sullivan
    Jean Sullivan 9 days ago

    "Hot dog in the rain... shooting jizz" BAHAHHAAH 😂😂 FAVORITE THING EVER SAID

  • Brandon Gold
    Brandon Gold 10 days ago +1


  • Cubing extra 124
    Cubing extra 124 10 days ago

    4:07 this bitch is epic YEET

  • Walrus The Tree
    Walrus The Tree 12 days ago

    I'd never heard the full clip around 49 minutes in...
    Wow... I love Arin so much.

  • Walshy Walsh
    Walshy Walsh 14 days ago

    Legit 90% of this was Arin raging and 10% Dan

  • TinsYouTrimble
    TinsYouTrimble 15 days ago

    I'm not wearing any pants.

  • Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson 15 days ago

    It’s such a specific, yet plentiful situation.

  • Goldenglare_thewindeater

    Wait- did dan say that when he gets angry he gets horny? Wtf

  • Logan Stapleton
    Logan Stapleton 16 days ago

    32:56-Keeping this timestamp here for later

  • Diz Hydron
    Diz Hydron 16 days ago

    Clips of Arin Raging: 74
    Clips of Danny Raging: 20

  • Emily Last
    Emily Last 16 days ago

    4 seconds in and I'm already choking back laughter

  • Jacular
    Jacular 17 days ago

    Basically all of game grumps. *Drink.*

  • Naughty Senpai
    Naughty Senpai 17 days ago

    You could included the entire Battle Kid playthough in this compilation

    THECHIEF AMP 17 days ago

    I think I won the drinking game

  • Austin Deleon
    Austin Deleon 17 days ago

    33:21 a Jackass , not an Asshole.

  • Austin Deleon
    Austin Deleon 17 days ago

    Just how I remember the first time I found out about these😂😂😂

  • Curly J
    Curly J 19 days ago

    I like how Arin's rage almost always has the same intonations. I could practically predict how its gonna sound.

  • scythemouse
    scythemouse 19 days ago

    Arin goes full Meeseeks

  • RoBo
    RoBo 19 days ago

    WhAt!!!!! they just roast it the whole TIME!!!....i love the grumps :)

  • AGood Friend
    AGood Friend 19 days ago

    lets travel back on time to when Arin and Danny where brothers in the 1980's 13:47

  • Zig Zog
    Zig Zog 20 days ago

    Fucking Arin's angry battleship noise

  • Gina R
    Gina R 20 days ago

    Arin was so, so bad at Majora's Mask, which is a shame, because it's my favorite Zelda game.

  • Kai Knick
    Kai Knick 20 days ago

    The fucking pachinko machine massacre of Mario sunshine better be in here

  • Leonidas_24u
    Leonidas_24u 20 days ago

    "When I get angry, I get horny"

  • Momo Moore
    Momo Moore 21 day ago


  • Tweed Dingus
    Tweed Dingus 21 day ago +1

    33:04 is one of my favorite salty moments in their monopoly play through lol

  • Oivatank
    Oivatank 21 day ago

    This video is for if you’re unsure why they are called “Grump” and “Not-So-Grump.”

  • Elias Barioni
    Elias Barioni 22 days ago +6

    Times that I shall remember:
    And of course, everything from start to end.

  • Jaykip Leidecker [NCR Trooper]

    When I first clicked on this video, I was expecting a lot of Battle Kids... I’ll edit after I see the video.
    Edit: no Battle Kids? Really? It’s perfect for this kind of video!!

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith 23 days ago

    How can they make a compilation where one is angry and another is laughing and manage to leave out Joke Yoda?

  • Jamie Walsh
    Jamie Walsh 23 days ago

    Arin suffers, we laugh

  • WhiteWeaselGaming
    WhiteWeaselGaming 23 days ago

    45:54 I love his reaction of "I'm scared." When things escalated.

  • a smol pile of trash :b

    “I see you toe-tapping in irritation”

  • TenretniQuin
    TenretniQuin 24 days ago

    I'm convinced at this point that Arin is faking the whole Ocarina of Time Z-targeting problem. I was fucking 8 when I was doing that shit and I never ran into a problem. As Severe as what he was talking about. There was of course the occasional weird angle stuff, but I just learned to...y'know, do the dumb shit that led me to the dumb outcome.

  • Angelo Sarmiento
    Angelo Sarmiento 25 days ago

    47:17 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’m dying 😂

  • OtakuChick
    OtakuChick 25 days ago

    Thats the 2nd time ive heard Dan call for Susie during one of Arins breakdowns @46:08

  • gircakes
    gircakes 25 days ago


  • Ibrahim Umer
    Ibrahim Umer 25 days ago

    Ones grump, ones not so grump

  • Addie Partington
    Addie Partington 26 days ago

    WARNING: do not take a sip of water at 47:48

  • the man child /djplayer

    Hey dude i took shots of water does that count

  • konraddromero
    konraddromero 26 days ago


  • fizeb
    fizeb 26 days ago +1

    I LOVE how Arin always plays a feminine, pink character.

  • Renegade Orbit
    Renegade Orbit 26 days ago


  • Derek Traa
    Derek Traa 27 days ago

    Should have just been their whole play through of battle kid....

  • Ikarus
    Ikarus 27 days ago

    Surprised there wasn't at leat an hour worth of these moments. 😂

  • Trigamer64
    Trigamer64 27 days ago

    Okay this and great and all but how did dan not get snowboard

  • Damase Moar Fleming
    Damase Moar Fleming 27 days ago

    All I heard in this video was butthole.

  • Sketchy Squiggles
    Sketchy Squiggles 27 days ago

    Kirby drm drm course

  • Lord Bootyquake
    Lord Bootyquake 27 days ago

    Have they ever been grumpy at the same time

  • Jackson B.
    Jackson B. 27 days ago


  • Pam Miller
    Pam Miller 28 days ago

    Never tried drink anything while you’re watching game grumps like I almost choke I’ve just about to drink down my Mountain Dew and I just couldn’t 😆😂

  • Jorge Hawkins
    Jorge Hawkins 28 days ago

    Why did you monetize this video? Isn't this stealing from the original creators?

    • Game Grumps Compilations
      Game Grumps Compilations  28 days ago +3

      Although this has been answered dozens of times, I'll continue to post.
      FAQ for the Angry:1) Is this channel allowed?Yes. Vern and the GG gang are well aware of this channel's existence. Danny has given this channel a shoutout on livestream (the clip is in my channel videos), and Vern and I have personally communicated about it before. I'm also working with GG on some upcoming projects, though I can't reveal more about those at this point.
      2) But doesn't it take away views from Game Grumps?If anything, it adds views. I cannot tell you how many comments I've received with things like, "My friend didn't know who GG was, so I showed them one of your compilations, and now they are fans of GG!" I also regularly get comments of, "I didn't know they played [series name]!" Compilations also increase community engagement by helping people remember fun moments. People are always encouraged to subscribe to official GG in every video description.
      3) Why are you stealing from Game Grumps?Well, back up a sec. It isn't stealing. Saying this is theft is like if an owner of a Lego store offers you a bucket of legos for free, you build something with the legos, show it to your friend, and your friend says, "You don't even OWN those legos. Thief!" See how it doesn't make sense? In other words, if the owner gives you permission to use the Legos, it isn't stealing.
      4) Why do this when you could go create something original?That's a bit of an insult to video editors. Personality shines through in pacing, choice of clips, transitions, video length, themes, titles, and thumbnails. Compilations take hours upon hours to create. If you watch a lot of compilations, you'll see that they aren't all the same. You get a glimpse of the compiler's "take" on Game Grumps. Also, I make a shit ton of my "own stuff" outside of this channel. It isn't one or the other.

  • Skeletal Charmander
    Skeletal Charmander 28 days ago

    You should have called this video “Game Grumps.”

  • finnie kirkland
    finnie kirkland 28 days ago


  • Ash nb
    Ash nb 29 days ago

    These comps make me laugh so hard editing is on point 👌

  • Kayleigh W.
    Kayleigh W. 29 days ago +1

    is the frappuccino you mentioned in the description made of arin's ass drips?

  • SMar Tie
    SMar Tie 29 days ago +2


  • Stephsaguudefan
    Stephsaguudefan 29 days ago


  • Max Well
    Max Well 29 days ago

    Nothing like hot dog in the rain eh

  • troublesomecorsair
    troublesomecorsair 29 days ago +2


  • Salty Suzy
    Salty Suzy 29 days ago

    2:24 ... 😳 wut dan?!?

  • setheurovision94
    setheurovision94 Month ago

    All of the NES games on my Switch Online have audio that keeps jumping. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Emily Gastelum
    Emily Gastelum Month ago

    Ladies, do not watch/listen to this while doing your makeup.
    Arin made 1 joke and I laughed and fucked up my waterproof eyeliner. Lol

  • Bran Stan
    Bran Stan Month ago

    What about a compilation of Arin failing to make a coherent sentence

  • Ein
    Ein Month ago

    This compilation reminded me precisely of why I stopped watching any series where Arin starts to get really upset at the game over his own mistakes. At a point, it stops being funny and starts being genuinely frustrating.

  • TheYaoiSurgeon
    TheYaoiSurgeon Month ago +6

    I would love a compilation of Dan saying, “Aaaand you’re/he’s/she’s/they’re dead”