Stranger Things’ Noah Schnapp Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex


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  • Complex
    Complex  7 months ago +830

    Can't get enough Sneaker Shopping? Click here for our new show Talking Shop:

    REST IN PEACE PRINCE X 15 hours ago

    Dude talking about him not buying expensive shoes yet he wasted 25 hundred on a pair

  • Connor Dayman
    Connor Dayman Day ago

    Nice jacket.

  • D_D dmaR1J
    D_D dmaR1J Day ago

    Oh schnapp wow I need friends

  • Julianne Vallières

    I wish that he doesn’t really pay $3000 for shoes 😮

  • wig
    wig 2 days ago

    4:43 awww

  • Inssaf HQ
    Inssaf HQ 3 days ago

    im scrolling true the comments to see if anyone knows who noah likes :) im weird

  • Kakola Kalia
    Kakola Kalia 4 days ago

    I heard a girl. I'm choking inside

  • Anabell Quinones
    Anabell Quinones 5 days ago

    I am wearing the white cement ones

    PHANTOM RIX 5 days ago

    I love those like galaxy since type songs

  • Kjartan
    Kjartan 6 days ago

    my nigga said cool 45766

    MEGAN SHALA 6 days ago

    Is it just me or does anyone else think he is... I don’t know... 👌🏼👌🏼

  • isabella ochs
    isabella ochs 7 days ago


  • fnafffgirl101 maxwell

    Rich well of course

  • LGR Snowz _
    LGR Snowz _ 8 days ago

    I would kill to be on this show I feel like I would know so much more the him

  • Life With Areli
    Life With Areli 10 days ago

    Noah: I am an adidas kinda guy
    Me: omg we r meant to be I love adidas

  • Ryley Anderson
    Ryley Anderson 11 days ago

    "My moms going to kill me!" I actually died

  • The Happy News
    The Happy News 11 days ago


  • pauleen sangalang
    pauleen sangalang 13 days ago

    damn he's handsome!

  • Jake Kanet
    Jake Kanet 14 days ago

    Little bro is really wearing Gucci sneakers 😰😰

  • ime
    ime 14 days ago

    i cAnt wAit tO buY thEse ShoeS AnD gET cOMpliMENTs oN aLL thEsE sHOEs! *buys ONE pair of 3k shoes*

  • Lake House
    Lake House 15 days ago

    I feel like you need to change the script from "hopefully he'll buy some sneakers" to something like "and then he'll have the chance to buy some sneakers". It's sort of awkward as it is now with the leading nature of "hopefully he'll buy"

  • Chr0mePisto1a
    Chr0mePisto1a 15 days ago

    kid is a fucking bosss

  • Niklas Silaste
    Niklas Silaste 17 days ago


  • Richard Japa
    Richard Japa 17 days ago

    They’re just
    Shoes nothing more

  • Claire Roisen
    Claire Roisen 19 days ago


  • Carly Mcmunn
    Carly Mcmunn 20 days ago

    And this is why I love him the most

  • Morgan Smith
    Morgan Smith 20 days ago

    Please do Millie Bobby Brown next or the actor who plays Micheal

  • Endless Adventure
    Endless Adventure 21 day ago

    I’m a sneaker head!

  • Yung Milo
    Yung Milo 21 day ago

    This dude flexing pulling out three bandz

  • Erick Requer
    Erick Requer 22 days ago +1

    Quem é do Brazil curte aí

  • Mikey
    Mikey 22 days ago

    exactly what i would have gotten

  • Sam Langston
    Sam Langston 23 days ago

    He makes freaking 150-250 thousand per freaking episode and he doesn’t spend more?

  • Cemerald 1165
    Cemerald 1165 24 days ago

    Noah likes a girl
    Tries to impress her
    Me: What the f...... I mean WHAT THE SHOOT OF HECK, HE LIKES A GIRL , WHO IS IT
    fun fact about me: I do not like Noah schapp or barely known I’m but I never even knew he liked a girl

  • Cullen McNamara
    Cullen McNamara 25 days ago +2

    Rents a 200$ shoe buys a 2700$ pair ???????????????

  • Arwen S
    Arwen S 25 days ago

    I like how he only buys 1 higher end pair. My guy values quality over quantity.

  • Brayden Hicks
    Brayden Hicks 29 days ago

    Have Shawn mendes on here!!!

  • Rob Marion P.
    Rob Marion P. 29 days ago

    "ugh moms gonna kill me"

  • Angie Vega
    Angie Vega Month ago

    A girl??.....interesting 😉

  • gaming with king DANNY

    A am a big fan and my brother

  • Film Addict
    Film Addict Month ago

    I met him at comic on Tampa

  • Stranger Gacha Girl

    Lol I can’t find a single Noah Schnapp hater. If you are....

    *I WILL FIND YOU*....


  • Reyna Torres
    Reyna Torres Month ago

    A girl you say is it millie bobby brown

    • Reyna Torres
      Reyna Torres 4 days ago

      oh sorry I said it Backus people say he and Miley are dating

    • Sanailovez 1
      Sanailovez 1 4 days ago

      Reyna Torres No it was from his school

  • Erika Angi
    Erika Angi Month ago

    Next will be Noah schnapps goes boxer shopping

  • Jadyn Mccasland
    Jadyn Mccasland Month ago

    “Ugh my moms going to kill me”

  • Haneen Naseef
    Haneen Naseef Month ago


  • Haneen Naseef
    Haneen Naseef Month ago

    Lmaoo he's not a sneaker head he didn't even know the name of the Jordan ones

  • Noel Elander Niiva
    Noel Elander Niiva Month ago

    I hate he's voice it destroy my ears

  • Manique Phillips
    Manique Phillips Month ago +1

    Noah it's been two weeks I'm still waiting for you...

  • Teleah
    Teleah Month ago +1

    Happy Birthday Noah!!!!🤗We all love you!🦄💙😁

  • Carma Anderson
    Carma Anderson Month ago


  • Tuesday Adams
    Tuesday Adams Month ago

    Does anyone else love his voice cracks??❤️

  • ariana run pop
    ariana run pop Month ago

    i’m not even a sneakerhead
    i’m just here for noah ;,)

  • Ethan Wykes
    Ethan Wykes Month ago

    Probably sell them for a million quid when he grows out of them

  • sehara escobar
    sehara escobar Month ago +1

    1:18 “I rolled up to school in these shoes” this nigga really tryna act black

  • oh josh
    oh josh Month ago

    Off with is my favorite shoe

  • Angelina Kontogiannis

    I love Noah so much

  • Laura 2k17
    Laura 2k17 Month ago


  • Benjamin Elswick
    Benjamin Elswick Month ago

    Boi not everyone has yeezies

  • Kevin Solo
    Kevin Solo Month ago

    When being super famous with stacks in your pocket at 13 dosent impress the girls. You go with the Kanye yeezzes.

  • Kevin Solo
    Kevin Solo Month ago

    The shity part about being a youngin sneaker head.
    I can see a pair I like and put it in the stack for a special occasion.
    As a younger sneaker head you got to wear those shits right away because in 2 yrs they aint gunna fit anymore.
    This kids a little g

  • Racks †
    Racks † Month ago +1

    They made too many Yeezy V2’s

  • pickle patrick
    pickle patrick Month ago

    After a long day of sneaker shopping, Noah Schapp goes to take his Noah Nap then he goes to the pool to swim a Noah Lap, next he goes to the Noah Tap to get a drink of water. When Noah is done with his water, he goes outside to see thunder. He stands in the middle of it so gets a Noah Zap. He rushes back inside and his water bottle is not full so he goes to the Noah Tap and unscrews the Noah Cap.

  • Juliana Paixão
    Juliana Paixão Month ago

    2990 dolars
    Well, I could do a small nice trip with this

  • Big Dad Hector
    Big Dad Hector Month ago +1

    C o O L

  • Mar Pizano
    Mar Pizano Month ago


  • Jasmine and Simone
    Jasmine and Simone Month ago

    Plz get Ariana Grande

  • Snow Wolf
    Snow Wolf Month ago

    "My mom is going to kill me..." thats me LOL😂💜

  • Slava Kovacevic
    Slava Kovacevic Month ago

    If that date went well than she's the luckiest girl in the world...

  • Benish Augustine
    Benish Augustine Month ago

    “Who would pay thirty thousand dollars for shoes?” Proceeds to swipe for three thousand dollar shoes.


    my moms going to kill me

  • Monkei Boi
    Monkei Boi Month ago

    2 grand on one pair of shoes, wow

  • Mahamadou Ceesay
    Mahamadou Ceesay Month ago

    Can some plz help me out withe the song which starts at 3:45

  • Matt T
    Matt T Month ago

    Klay Thompson at the counter

  • Low budget productions

    niggas a total fucking hypebeast lol

  • Ree Normies
    Ree Normies Month ago

    "trying to impress this girl" aww thanks is it me

  • Randome Person
    Randome Person Month ago +1

    His shoes are ugly

  • Erika Ramirez
    Erika Ramirez Month ago

    His voice its like johnny o

  • SlothPlays Xbox
    SlothPlays Xbox Month ago

    I remember when JLP liked my instagram post when I was a massive fan of Stranger things and I had a fan account about it. Posted a pic of Noah and Joe and tagged them and JLP actually liked the photo! Most people won’t believe this but I know it’s real

  • Rebecca M
    Rebecca M Month ago

    He goes to my school.. and I’m really curious as to the girl he’d like to impress😂

  • YonikWo
    YonikWo Month ago

    what are the shoes that Joe is wearing in this video? ;o

  • Jay P.
    Jay P. Month ago

    Sick Canadian Roots jacket kid......props!

  • kyla smith
    kyla smith Month ago

    I love how Noah is a follower I like that he's a leader at everything's and its a great inspiration and role model for others

  • Anaan Ahmad
    Anaan Ahmad Month ago

    I watched this entire video and he just buyed a sneaker

  • Ian Stump
    Ian Stump Month ago

    Noah could pull off a Marty McFly

  • Laceless Shoes
    Laceless Shoes Month ago

    Whenever I want to get some heat. My dad says that I will grow out in months. The sad thing is... It's true

  • Skids
    Skids Month ago

    His taste in sneakers fuckin suck

  • Boe Bama
    Boe Bama Month ago

    Y does his outfit look so regarded

  • Noah Schnappless
    Noah Schnappless Month ago

    No Noah has a date 😱😱😱😱

  • Noah Schnappless
    Noah Schnappless Month ago

    "I think the only shoes I wear in the show are convers" im like ok convers are like the best😅😂

  • Kirstel Murray
    Kirstel Murray Month ago

    That shoes cool

  • bella wolfhard
    bella wolfhard Month ago


  • kara black
    kara black Month ago

    sneaker shopping with finn wolfhard!!!!!!! pleaseeeeee

  • chrizahfhae Hulleza
    chrizahfhae Hulleza 2 months ago

    Noah are you dating francesca capaldi for the pass year???

  • Untitled Item
    Untitled Item 2 months ago

    Joe la HOBOOOOO. No fucking style. Just expensive shit on your ass.

  • Mahamadou Ceesay
    Mahamadou Ceesay 2 months ago

    What is the name of the beat 3:45

  • Crunch Buttsteak
    Crunch Buttsteak 2 months ago

    I rolled my ankle extremely bad wearing Dub Zeros...damn near broke my foot off

  • Isaac Hernandez
    Isaac Hernandez 2 months ago

    My mom woulda beat my ass if she found out i spent $2000 on one pair of sneakers lmaoo

  • Oversteer/
    Oversteer/ 2 months ago

    Song at 4:45?

  • Mauricio Perez
    Mauricio Perez 2 months ago

    Tan cuteee