Stranger Things’ Noah Schnapp Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex


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  • Complex
    Complex  9 months ago +872

    Can't get enough Sneaker Shopping? Click here for our new show Talking Shop:

    • Minerwolf HQ
      Minerwolf HQ 2 months ago

      The ballsack chin

    • bleuzy yt
      bleuzy yt 4 months ago

      Complex s

    • Joe H
      Joe H 6 months ago

      Complex what the fuck this kid know he like 2

    • Jack
      Jack 7 months ago

      Complex iiiiii

  • Jillian Sherman
    Jillian Sherman 19 hours ago

    The girl is Millie

  • wig
    wig 2 days ago

    *cries in gay*

  • Y for ddc Jxgvvfgnfr

    "There is this girl that I want to impress" Me:MBB
    Like if u guess who it is😂😂

  • JustAnotherOtaku :3
    JustAnotherOtaku :3 2 days ago

    I said homo on ROBLOX and got banned.

  • Mehmet emin Yalman
    Mehmet emin Yalman 3 days ago


  • Genesis Sings
    Genesis Sings 5 days ago +1

    He has shoe game, he planned the date two weeks in advance, he’s nice, and talented?! Girls his age are lucky lol

  • Genesis Sings
    Genesis Sings 5 days ago +1

    The girl he is trying to impress is Zendaya... duhhh lol

  • Admiral Snackbar
    Admiral Snackbar 6 days ago

    *everyone has yeezys*

  • Veroblaze X
    Veroblaze X 6 days ago

    Ew Yeezys. You need them Air Jordan to impress a girl

  • Fatal_ links
    Fatal_ links 8 days ago

    Noah:” who would spend thousands of dollars on shoes” Also Noah: but’s 3000 dollar shoes

  • Mr. America
    Mr. America 8 days ago

    Every sneakerhead is dying inside, 1 shoe!!!???

  • Jack Cannone
    Jack Cannone 9 days ago

    yo all ur scarsdale friends gonna be jealous, even me #popham

  • XxDefaultPatotazxX
    XxDefaultPatotazxX 9 days ago

    That's where will went in season 1 he ended up in the upside down tryna give barb some yeezys

  • Alice Remo
    Alice Remo 10 days ago +2

    Everyone: aww that’s cute!
    Me: yea that’s cute *cries until she has no water left in body*

  • Hyper Gameing
    Hyper Gameing 11 days ago

    Wow Noah’s rich

  • Azra Catal
    Azra Catal 11 days ago


  • Katie cat
    Katie cat 12 days ago

    I wonder what girl he wanted to impress? Maybe millie Bobby brown?

  • Hayley Kirkpatrick
    Hayley Kirkpatrick 13 days ago

    Have you noticed that Noah wears that jacket in heaps of interviews?

  • Stranger Things Is My Actual Life

    i littarely saw a adv of the shoe noah buyed

  • Zoe Commissaris
    Zoe Commissaris 14 days ago

    Noah: "The only thing my character wears is, like, Converse"
    Me: iS tHeRe A PrObLeM here?¿?

  • its lindsey
    its lindsey 15 days ago

    i love how he buys one pair of shoes thats over 2000 dollars

  • gytg Kinya
    gytg Kinya 15 days ago

    ''every one has yeezys'' my broke ass only seen a pair of yeezys in person once

  • Jack Go fishing
    Jack Go fishing 15 days ago

    I saw liangilo ball behind the counter

  • Icygamer 957
    Icygamer 957 15 days ago

    Kid is disgusted when he hears a 75k Eminem sneaker when em is the goat SmH

  • danny chau
    danny chau 16 days ago

    Gucci sneakers can impress a girl already

  • Janae Woolley
    Janae Woolley 17 days ago

    If a guy wastes his money on way expensive shoes that would make him less attractive to me like if a girl cares about shoes to me that makes her really shallow

  • Magic Unicorn Bro
    Magic Unicorn Bro 17 days ago +1

    Wear off white converse then.

  • Caption Izzy
    Caption Izzy 17 days ago

    OMG he's likes someone :( whyyyyyy

  • Julia Meza
    Julia Meza 18 days ago +1

    Who else is like🤔Noah this ain't a secret everyone knows you going out with Millie

  • Berthel
    Berthel 18 days ago

    “Maybe we can make som phone calls, i know that guy” BOSS MOVE

  • Zarahy Perla
    Zarahy Perla 19 days ago +1

    Do Manny Montana

  • Potterhead 101
    Potterhead 101 19 days ago

    This kid just spent more than 2K on a pair of sneakers meanwhile I've had the same Nikes for almost 4 years, and they are super beat up. I wanna be a celebrity!!!!!

  • lionel messi
    lionel messi 19 days ago

    3.40 anybody observed he wearing the same shoes now!!

  • Abigail Arevalo
    Abigail Arevalo 19 days ago

    Noah is gonna Inpress me! Omg😍

  • Uniquely Strange
    Uniquely Strange 20 days ago

    Rents Yeezys from friend to impress girl.... pulls up in a Rolls Royce with edible arrangements and sparkling cider. Casa Nova my boy. With Stranger Things opening score playing in the background.

  • Destroyer G_21
    Destroyer G_21 21 day ago

    Can anyone make a “cool” counter on this video?

  • Lucy Levicky
    Lucy Levicky 22 days ago

    So cute!!!!!!😍😊😍😊😍

  • sHOokIE_qUEeN _sHaNE
    sHOokIE_qUEeN _sHaNE 22 days ago

    I’m the

  • Cooper McDonald
    Cooper McDonald 22 days ago

    I love the shoes😚

  • M &C
    M &C 23 days ago

    he’s such a nice person:)

  • Makayla Bee
    Makayla Bee 25 days ago

    Ummm .... WOW just WOW

  • Alisa Shargorodsky
    Alisa Shargorodsky 25 days ago

    Can I be that girl he likes.

  • No Luck
    No Luck 27 days ago

    Fuk impressing a female they come n go stay true to ya self youngin

  • B I G C H U N G U S
    B I G C H U N G U S 29 days ago


  • Lexie Miller
    Lexie Miller Month ago

    Isn't stranger things about will right

  • Infinite Awesomeness
    Infinite Awesomeness Month ago +1

    Noah: Oh-uh i don’t wanna touch it ....

    Me: 😋😜😝🤪🤩😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • konstantine vlachos

    he's like a young kygo version

  • christabella irawan

    You only buy 1 pair of shoes and still shock with the price? But why you are rich bro i think you need more than 1 pair of shoes

  • Lillian Brenner
    Lillian Brenner Month ago

    NOAH HAS A DATE!?!??!?!? 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 she stole my man