Real Girlfriend Vs. Online Girlfriend (The Jerry Springer Show)

  • Published on Jul 12, 2018
  • Alexis wants to get to the bottom of her boyfriend Brian and an apparent online love affair he’s having with Dominique. They’ve never met before and but both claim to be love each other would like to take things to the next level. What will Alexis have to say?
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Comments • 79 530

  • The Jerry Springer Show
    The Jerry Springer Show  2 months ago +947

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  • Rilee Yates
    Rilee Yates 10 minutes ago

    I licked a dick

    COWGIRL YOUNG 17 minutes ago


  • Lacey Hollifield
    Lacey Hollifield 38 minutes ago

    All of this is b******* should have broke up with her call the day went to your other girlfriend who's just about to graduate if it was that desperate for a new girl he should have just left this is all b******* they make it harder than it seems all you have to do is say we break up simple easy no fucksgiving like maybe I've never had true love but gives a flying f*** about it simple stupid they're so blind to see that you could just say break up can't believe I'm wasting time watching this video when there was all along my a simple message and yes she hat has a right to be pissed but what did you expect when you rush men into stuff they don't really want to do it especially Mary that's such a big part this b**** bust in that Thomas the Tank Engine I would at least gave it a few more years 22 the fuc and she's really beautiful she should just find another man it's simple simple questions call for simple answers

  • Keirah Jones
    Keirah Jones Hour ago +1

    He left a girl that was faithful and true with her own hair and cared about herself to a monster with a mop in front of her face and is willing to be with a cheater

  • • Snowy Editz •


  • Jessica Taylor
    Jessica Taylor 2 hours ago

    I wanted to see weave snatching (weave snatched)

    But *ahem* the TEA HAs been spilled. Idk who wins the boy

  • Lenny Leathers
    Lenny Leathers 2 hours ago

    I was crying with you sis

  • Crni Covek
    Crni Covek 2 hours ago

    Alexis seems like a controlling biatch... trash person trying to talk her way out of it.. she has kids already....acts like a man....and is manipulative.. my vote is for the other girl

  • ronimel kiwo
    ronimel kiwo 2 hours ago

    This dude has made a big wrong decision.
    I bet he regrets after leaving his girlfriend.

  • David Wise
    David Wise 2 hours ago

    That dude was a punk. Alexis is a real woman.

    RIXETHEM 3 hours ago

    Y’all know this is ....fake right ?😂

  • mad dog
    mad dog 3 hours ago

    Who else heard dis sound on tiktok

  • Anna Thomas
    Anna Thomas 3 hours ago

    Anyone noticed that both of the girls

  • Grant M.
    Grant M. 3 hours ago

    Wow! Alexis breakdown in the end had me almost in tears. She was in pain...Dude should have been like I'm sorry and held her but he chose a good and not his a full future. @Alexis you got it

  • Bubba TURTLE
    Bubba TURTLE 4 hours ago

    Does anyone realize that they are not wearing shoes 😂😂

  • Lip Syncing
    Lip Syncing 4 hours ago

    Hold up!
    High school sweethearts, you have kids with someone else you say she young so uhhh who’s the other guy?

  • jadeee
    jadeee 4 hours ago

    Him a big time waste man dead him fi dead

  • sami doh
    sami doh 4 hours ago +1

    I really hate this guy

  • Weston Killian
    Weston Killian 5 hours ago


  • Nour Panda Bear
    Nour Panda Bear 5 hours ago

    the man was being very ignorant. The way she was hurt did not affect him whatsoever which shows he never cared about her. She loved him and supported him and he gave her nothing but disrespect and imbecilic comments. He shouldn't be respected for his behavior towards women he is in relationships with because if he does it one time, he would most likely do it again.

  • Gaby Chavez
    Gaby Chavez 6 hours ago

    How is the online girlfriend not worried that he's going to cheat on her like he cheated on Alexis

  • turles 9000
    turles 9000 6 hours ago

    Fuck this fool

  • Elevated Emotions
    Elevated Emotions 6 hours ago

    Stick with the midget bro

  • Nikki Tubbs
    Nikki Tubbs 6 hours ago

    Dominique looks like. A young Oprah

  • Meme Sleeps
    Meme Sleeps 8 hours ago

    This has been in my recommend for YEARS and I’m finally watching it USclip. Happy now?

  • A J
    A J 8 hours ago +1

    She kinda looks like a black emilia clarke.............

  • Priscilla Uqualla
    Priscilla Uqualla 9 hours ago +1

    If u don't know him then why u texting him?🙄

  • R Jay
    R Jay 9 hours ago

    Poor Alexis I hope she found a man that is way better then him.
    My first heartbreak was a wreck at first but after while I just laugh at it because the nigga was always going to be on welfare and we were going towards nothing.
    I’m with someone who is more ambitious, trustworthy, and loyal.
    We just bought a house and we are starting a family now.
    I’m happy where I am today

  • Gianna Thompson
    Gianna Thompson 9 hours ago

    The boy and the online girl

  • Gianna Thompson
    Gianna Thompson 9 hours ago

    I would kill them both

  • Yaaas Queen
    Yaaas Queen 10 hours ago

    Alexis deserves better. Its been a year since this video and I hope Alexis is in a better place. She seems like a genuinely good person. Dominique doesn't seem like a bad person either, she's just young & nieve. Now this dude.. Brian.. He's a REAL sorry son of a bitch, he doesn't give a shit to nothing but chasing ass. Fuck him, its ok to fuck around when your SINGLE - but thats it! He needs to stop breaking these girls hearts because Karma is gonna get his ass!

  • christine simpson
    christine simpson 10 hours ago

    Dominique your a bitch n that nigga gone screw u over at some point or another u a lil girl n a home wrecker
    he wasn't your in the beginning and he never will be he'll leave u for someone new boo
    girls like u don't understand what love is and real relationships are you just playing around n you'll realise that soon. He left his beautiful extremely sexy high school sweetheart for u girl u ain't even all that pretty!!!!! he will leave u for someone better 😒😤

    To the ex: baby girl your beautiful and amazing and any man would be happy to have u
    personally I'd be with u if I wasn't str888 but your beautiful , sweet and loyal don't sell yourself short
    go ahead and be the best mom possible to your kids and God will bring your husband to you in due time💖😘💕

  • Yvonne Gill
    Yvonne Gill 10 hours ago +1

    Newton's law says
    If he cheats on someone to be with you💑
    Then he will cheat on you 🙄🙄🙄

  • sandra saucedo
    sandra saucedo 10 hours ago

    I would rather stay with alexis

  • Hailey Lopez
    Hailey Lopez 11 hours ago

    Dominique really think she won but wait til he cheats on her ass too. Then she gonna look stupid as fuck. Alexis ain’t deserve the bullshit that man gave her so I’m glad he chose Dominique. He can go ruin someone else’s life instead of Alexis’s.

  • My vines i watch after school

    Dominique can Shut up That Scrungcly ass pinapple hair WTF Team Alexis

  • mychemicalpilotsatthefalloutdisco 123

    I feel so bad for alexis. #teamalexis

  • Samantha Cechova
    Samantha Cechova 11 hours ago

    Wtf the such a bast*** I hate him she's got.l a really beautiful heart that's broke my heart 😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  • Michelle Nkosi
    Michelle Nkosi 11 hours ago +1

    Ugh lightskin niggas

  • Faizaan Naseem
    Faizaan Naseem 11 hours ago

    Niggas be tripping. He got a 6 year relationship with a really attractive woman, thrown away for a thot he met on the internet for 7 months, who he’ll leave later.

  • Latriece Williams
    Latriece Williams 12 hours ago

    Why is he following me what the problem getting put out I'm okay

  • Latriece Williams
    Latriece Williams 12 hours ago

    Why this stranger and he put 50 on the phone ride around looking for work

  • Latriece Williams
    Latriece Williams 12 hours ago +1

    Street trash they didn't pull the plug

  • xoxoLexi
    xoxoLexi 12 hours ago

    “That was because of you! Because you wanted to dump me to go be with some other girl!! Every time, I didn’t do nothing but love you, and cherish every moment with you. Even the ones we didn’t do nothing but sit and talk. The little things matter!”
    Team Alexis !

  • Trisha Mae Raymundo
    Trisha Mae Raymundo 12 hours ago

    How is Alexis doing now?? I hope she’s happy

  • Jelani Mays-Smith
    Jelani Mays-Smith 12 hours ago

    Lk tho....Dominique kinda bad😭

  • Regular Mac
    Regular Mac 12 hours ago

    Bro they been together for 6 years, since high school and she has kidS with another dude 😂😂😂 she capping

  • samantha swartz
    samantha swartz 13 hours ago

    he just left behind his children (basically children) he’s rude. she has children and her children love him.

  • alvaro dominguez
    alvaro dominguez 13 hours ago

    I love this show..,

  • pettyassmorgann
    pettyassmorgann 13 hours ago

    she is way to pretty for him anyway 🤦🏽‍♀️.

  • alvaro dominguez
    alvaro dominguez 13 hours ago

    I hate this show...

  • Destiney Lopez
    Destiney Lopez 13 hours ago

    I feel her pain 🙄😢😭

  • Samantha Rojas
    Samantha Rojas 13 hours ago

    Those girls need to leave his dumbass he’s nothing 😂

  • bryanadamsisababe
    bryanadamsisababe 13 hours ago

    Alexis will bounce back

  • Kayleigh Renée
    Kayleigh Renée 14 hours ago

    I’ve watched this so many times, and every time Dominque says “Then there doesn’t need to be another person” and I so wanna jump through the screen and scream “bro you are the other person”

    • Stephanie Boyd
      Stephanie Boyd 4 hours ago

      Kayleigh Renée right!! shes acting like she’s not the other woman smh

  • Evondaa Nguyen
    Evondaa Nguyen 14 hours ago

    So Alexis got a kid with another man and she mad at him for cheating?

  • Shakalamae Marsh
    Shakalamae Marsh 14 hours ago

    That ugly ass tall bitch Alexis need to beat her ass all the way he nasty for going with a young ass female

  • Phoenix Youngblood
    Phoenix Youngblood 14 hours ago +1

    Dominique is so pretty but I'm so so so team Alexis!!! Alexis has every single right to be mad bc her boyf is TRASH🤪🤪🤪 Ps Alexis is way prettier❤️❤️

  • Monsun
    Monsun 15 hours ago

    Why dont they both whoop his ass man....

  • Eric Antkowiak
    Eric Antkowiak 15 hours ago

    She had a scholarship....til she went on jerry

  • Taylor Sinclair
    Taylor Sinclair 15 hours ago

    They suck at fighting and I hate the real gf

  • Zahraa Alatta
    Zahraa Alatta 16 hours ago

    i feel so bad for the man breaking alexis and dominiques fight lol

  • Pash
    Pash 16 hours ago

    I don’t blame anyone but Bryan he’s the one cheating Dominique is/was single doing her thing. I really feel bad for both of these women. Alexis taking her anger out on the wrong person.. she need to beat tf out her man.

    • Arlynn
      Arlynn 11 hours ago

      But Dominique knew he had a GF and she's still choosing to be with that cheater

  • Kris Powe
    Kris Powe 16 hours ago

    Alexis is the prettiest woman ive ever seen in my life hands down.

  • Fun activities With Cindy

    Wow......I mean like I feel bad for Alexis.......

  • X Shanai X
    X Shanai X 18 hours ago

    That other girl wasn’t his fords love Alexis was.. Dominic was tryna steal.

  • Saada Mahmoud
    Saada Mahmoud 18 hours ago

    They look smart, why they fighting for some douchebag ? Especially Alexis, she should find better

    NOOBMASTER69 19 hours ago +1

    Has anyone have update between their relationship

  • Flower Gal
    Flower Gal 20 hours ago +1

    For that little child Dominique to not even have any amount of sympathy broke my heart heard her talking bout “before we get together there doesn’t need to be another person” referring to Alexis and telling Alexis to shut up when she’s speaking her mind to a man that wasted six years of her life on. Women be so thirsty for the men they not supposed to be with. I wish Alexis the best she is a beautiful woman that deserves better then that roach. Thumbs up if you agree 👍🏼☺️