Real Girlfriend Vs. Online Girlfriend (The Jerry Springer Show)

  • Published on Jul 12, 2018
  • Alexis wants to get to the bottom of her boyfriend Brian and an apparent online love affair he’s having with Dominique. They’ve never met before and but both claim to be love each other would like to take things to the next level. What will Alexis have to say?
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Comments • 79 088

  • The Jerry Springer Show
    The Jerry Springer Show  3 days ago +49

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    Click the URL:

  • Katie K
    Katie K 2 minutes ago

    11:19 that smirk made me want to punch her in the face

  • Billie Eilish
    Billie Eilish 30 minutes ago

    The only thing he is saying is"SoRry" like ti makes things better

  • xiana randolph
    xiana randolph 32 minutes ago

    If they been together since high school . And her kids aren’t his 😭😭😂😂😂 that means she’s not all fine and clean either ... this is all a hot messs

  • Invoid Beats
    Invoid Beats 42 minutes ago

    Alexis got a phat ass

  • abi reeve-jones
    abi reeve-jones 2 hours ago

    Aww poor alexis 😘 she’s so pure with her words and what she said she loves unconditionally and he’s treated her like crap and humiliated her on tv .

  • hypothessis
    hypothessis 2 hours ago

    the audience is so fake lool

  • Eleina Reyes
    Eleina Reyes 3 hours ago

    I feel so fucking bad for the REAL girlfriend just hearing that makes me wanna beat up the boyfriend and the ONLINE girlfriend

  • Connie Armstrong
    Connie Armstrong 4 hours ago

    I frickin' hate Brian and Dominique is so horrible. You can hear the pain in Alexis' voice!

  • Shosho Jawhar
    Shosho Jawhar 4 hours ago

    10:13 - 10:24
    That sad tone 💔
    She really broke my heart
    - 11:45 - they matter

  • Anthony Fernandez
    Anthony Fernandez 6 hours ago

    He dosent want to be with you Alexis get it through your thick scull, BITCH ASS SLUT

  • Poveytia
    Poveytia 7 hours ago

    Alexis is fine asf.

    GODWILL ATOLAGBE 8 hours ago

    These kind of men keep getting the most loyal of girlfriends. The world is truly upside down and inside out.

  • vUncontested YT
    vUncontested YT 8 hours ago

    10:28 🤧

  • vUncontested YT
    vUncontested YT 8 hours ago

    9:55 Your Welcome 🥺😥

  • deez nutz
    deez nutz 9 hours ago

    u lost an amazing piece of ass brah

  • Why Me
    Why Me 10 hours ago

    The fucking comments... about how she’s Alexis is the “real” gf... that hurts... because I’m bi and have a long distance relationship with my gf.

  • Cheryl Yeager
    Cheryl Yeager 10 hours ago

    Hey boo

  • Why Me
    Why Me 10 hours ago

    This hurt because I have an online girlfriend... and I’m bi... so yeah this really REALLY hurt...

  • Kraze Gaming
    Kraze Gaming 10 hours ago

    Did nobody else realize at 11:45 she is saying lyrics from one of juice worlds song???

  • Darnell Nesbit
    Darnell Nesbit 11 hours ago

    They both lookin thick

  • Woahu
    Woahu 11 hours ago

    Tbh she only wanted him cause the years💀

  • Aiden Anonymous
    Aiden Anonymous 11 hours ago

    When it went silent and she said “am i any gud, wut” I literally started rolling😂😭 7:40

  • Meljun Casia
    Meljun Casia 11 hours ago

    why is america letting this kind of show? they should kill that other woman, alexis really love the negro bastard heartless, poor alexis, its not easy to just let go the guy you have loved for 6 years, its unfair for alexis and that bitch black fat ass bitch together with that stupid negro, they should be killed and won't influence others to do the same shit

  • light bdbd
    light bdbd 11 hours ago

    The black girl is just another side hoe/toy she got me f'd up man 😂😂

  • Izabell Wilke
    Izabell Wilke 11 hours ago

    Tik tok users entered the chat at 11:37

  • Дмитрий Педроска

    I feel bad for Alexis

  • RoughJustice 2k18
    RoughJustice 2k18 12 hours ago

    Bob Marley is cheating on his real girlfriend with the mop queen?

  • Tracia DeMello
    Tracia DeMello 12 hours ago

    alexis is true queen. I hope she ended up with a true king. my heart broke for her. as for him, he needs that smirk knocked off his face.

  • Chantè King
    Chantè King 13 hours ago

    Anyone else wanna beat the freak out of the dude?

  • Animettlede
    Animettlede 13 hours ago

    So you mean to tell me that you're gonna leave that beautiful woman for that online, 18 YEAR OLD tramp?? What's wrong with you guys nowadays 🙄

  • ...
    ... 13 hours ago

    The kids aren’t his, so technically he doesn’t owe Alexis anything ⚖️

  • Ashley Jelimo
    Ashley Jelimo 13 hours ago

    The guy is stupid af, he's literally the worst person I've ever seen 😡😡

  • Kaleona Clark
    Kaleona Clark 13 hours ago

    I think Alexis is a great women and she does deserve the world and that poor ass excuse of a man right there can't give her that.

  • ThisIsJustMeRanting
    ThisIsJustMeRanting 14 hours ago


  • ThisIsJustMeRanting
    ThisIsJustMeRanting 14 hours ago

    Oh my gosh!! When he apologized to dominque I would have been shaking with anger!! If I was Alexis.

  • Karimah Phillips
    Karimah Phillips 14 hours ago

    Who came from tik tok

  • 12345soccerguy
    12345soccerguy 14 hours ago

    Why's this one so popular? lol

  • TwinGacha 4Life
    TwinGacha 4Life 14 hours ago +1

    Talk about a bad hair day that girl be looking like she has noodles for hair..😂😂

  • Keimiyah Sellers
    Keimiyah Sellers 14 hours ago +1

    Awww 10:15

  • Rosey TheFunny
    Rosey TheFunny 15 hours ago +2

    That girl need a Real man bro like 6 YEARS!! Come on...she has kids..they called him their own dad! And he called the daughter "princess" like every child needs a mother and father

  • Marla Nicole
    Marla Nicole 15 hours ago

    She's so pretty she deserves better

  • Nicole Newsome
    Nicole Newsome 15 hours ago

    Ok.... I have been an online girlfriend just once. And he dumped me for this girl on Valentine's day whom i didn't know he even had feelings for.

  • Dead_Afro
    Dead_Afro 16 hours ago

    She can get it...long dick my case...average dick style

  • Miranda Fitch
    Miranda Fitch 16 hours ago

    Man I feel bad for the girlfriend. She really loved him.

  • Maddyy paigeee
    Maddyy paigeee 16 hours ago

    Brian: I love Dominique
    Alexis: we've been together for 6 years
    Dominique: a few months

  • singingpanda 3333
    singingpanda 3333 16 hours ago


  • S4rcasm
    S4rcasm 16 hours ago

    Poor Alexis,👊😔

  • Ceci
    Ceci 16 hours ago

    alexis deserves the world😣 it’s sad how the world turns out to be sometimes. When u love someone so much and that someone doesn’t even care. That’s messed up BRUH. I hope alexis finds an actual man. I feel bad for their kids BRUH. Their kids are going to feel guilty. ITS JUST WRONG.

  • Tee Carr
    Tee Carr 16 hours ago

    Women who willingly mess with unfaithful men demonstrate their desperation, and their disrespect for other women. Pathetic.
    Further, they’re showing their stupidity: if they do it with you, they’ll do it TO YOU. Work a brain cell!!

  • Rose Trawally
    Rose Trawally 17 hours ago

    I feel so bad for the real girlfriend

  • CuteGirlyGirlAJ
    CuteGirlyGirlAJ 18 hours ago

    who fights over that urchin

  • Brittany Robles
    Brittany Robles 18 hours ago

    Nigga what . Then why tf stick with her for 6 years brooooo 😂 gosh that a damn mf cold hearted lil boi I swear!

  • King Jj
    King Jj 19 hours ago

    Y’all the girl that real girlfriend need to get beat up 🤕

  • Sonia Zougarhi
    Sonia Zougarhi 19 hours ago

    they both look so stupid

  • XxAdarPandaxX
    XxAdarPandaxX 19 hours ago

    alexis kinda thicc :3

  • Chloe c:
    Chloe c: 20 hours ago

    How can he just stand there and be so cruel and heartless to Alexis.. 6 years over 7 months that's a big difference. Alexis stay strong, you don't need him, couple years and he'll dump Dominique for someone else so be thankful you got rid of him

  • Chylynn Hancock
    Chylynn Hancock 21 hour ago

    I felt that💔😭

  • Sanya Zaman
    Sanya Zaman 21 hour ago +2

    The girl in turquoise is just like me 😱😳😂😂

  • J M
    J M 21 hour ago

    If they HS sweethearts and Alexis has kids and they not his, he's right about the on and off thing or she cheated and he forgave her for it. Maybe he realized he don't wanna raise another dude's kids. Can't really blame him...

  • Mahima Brijlal
    Mahima Brijlal 22 hours ago

    I would hurt Dominique even though I’m 12 like I will beat her. It feels like she has no heart for how it hurts when a family breaks down but she cares about her relationship.

  • Review fairy
    Review fairy 23 hours ago

    brian is a fucking trash

  • Aye. Bluee
    Aye. Bluee 23 hours ago

    I hate that shit bro 🤣🤣 she talking about “she’s a kid bro your 22” and she 18 she Legal tho she just mad he don’t want her no more 🤣🤣

  • Malzie World
    Malzie World 23 hours ago

    am i halucinating or is the dude lookin' all chill at 6:47,and even if i said im against this boyfriend thing,i think his actual girlfriend deserves to win

  • Malzie World
    Malzie World Day ago

    honestly,now i understand why in my religion there is no boyfriends,just fiancees and husbands,although we're ofc aloud to have boys that are friends

  • Kaseyjashae Sings

    Alexis is getting whopped

  • Kaseyjashae Sings

    Dominique and Bryan is sooo. It’s together and if she didn’t know he had a gf then Alexis shouldn’t fight her she should fight her man

  • Rainkin17076
    Rainkin17076 Day ago

    I wonder if the scholarship advisor saw this?🤔

    I would've grabbed his dreads, flipping it like he cool

  • Pray Forcookiewilliams


  • hayden stone
    hayden stone Day ago

    She gone lose them scholarships🤣🤣

  • Rabitah Moses
    Rabitah Moses Day ago

    I’ve watched this so many times and her pain hurts me :,(

    KITTY KAY Day ago

    Bruh the girl in the blue is sf funny

  • Tiesha Arne
    Tiesha Arne Day ago

    When Brian and the girl first met it sounded so scripted

  • Mackenzie Lang
    Mackenzie Lang Day ago

    why did the guy look happy about this situation. alexis was pouring her heart out and he just stood there and did a dumb kid smile, tf. first off, alexis deserves better. second off, dominique is setting herself up.

    i get too into this shit at 3am...

  • nine ajesta
    nine ajesta Day ago

    i'm siding alexis, because he's just dating her for a while so why would he replace a girl that you spent time and sharing your memories for 6 years?

  • xXPotato_ QueenXx

    Meat🥓 Meat!🍖

  • Solo
    Solo Day ago

    There was a better way for him to break it off with his gf. If he was over it, fine...but he should have never gotten involved with a family. You can't "try on" ppl like that, especially with children involved.

  • Dev
    Dev Day ago

    Alexis' wannabe black voice gave me cancer.

  • Locked out of pain

    They are been together for six years and she’s the one who rushes it

  • Locked out of pain

    He has the nerve to say sorry to the other girl that know her for like a couple months and met her online and when it comes to the real girlfriend he treat her cold

  • karim rabat
    karim rabat Day ago

    il est malade celui la , celui la il a la tete dure , il se croit tous , il est négre ...

  • muhammad suffian

    i hate and dislike kind of guy who find better hot girl and left the hot gf like shit its like you didnt appreciate and serious with her. its like you use her for awhile but after you get the hot girl more than your gf you start to left your hot gf because you find better galfriend. i hate this kind of guy and see that guy face i feel annoy with him so much. if me, i stay faithful with that green pawg girl and focus on her.

  • Alexia Cline
    Alexia Cline Day ago

    6 years 🖐✌ 😂😂😂😂

  • 415 SAV
    415 SAV Day ago

    i still cant get over the fact that alexis looks like doja cat

  • Kaela Cummings
    Kaela Cummings Day ago

    eat negin fuey bitch and your now gril

  • Kaela Cummings
    Kaela Cummings Day ago

    fick ou dominlque and ou and braian oun ar a baitch and wow ses weth wusm bid man and i dot like you bitch and thes wyh i dot like ou bichc it is ok ou wlli fid a now now noe you ar a sut dominlque

  • Miranda Summerset

    Why does she look like crackhead Emilia Clarke??
    Game of thrones been hard on a girl 😂

  • Kaydlyn Smoke
    Kaydlyn Smoke Day ago

    At 11:33 I felt that
    That whole story she just said I felt that it's like I was just hit by a train fuck that nigga and his bitch ass he don't deserve nobody.

  • Olivia Correa
    Olivia Correa Day ago

    She says bruh so much

  • Jag vet inte .,
    Jag vet inte ., Day ago

    I really hate that Alexis girl, idk tho

  • ShüshuuX X
    ShüshuuX X Day ago

    I love how while they were fighting the dude was just standing there with such a satisfied face on

  • Peachy Mae
    Peachy Mae Day ago

    This is turning into a wrestling match 😂

  • streakersjt
    streakersjt Day ago

    I'm white BRO
    But I ain't act like it BRO

  • Rissa Marie
    Rissa Marie Day ago


  • Tim D
    Tim D Day ago

    His main bitch way badder than the internet bitch

  • Sam is S T R A N G E

    I feel bad for alexis and her glasses

  • Harrison Mcwhorter

    His face had I dont care all over it

  • Samantha Navarro
    Samantha Navarro Day ago +2

    for those who are wondering where she is now, she has a better boyfriend that treats her right, and her mom @ladystrawberri said that after the show brian was with alexis, but then they broke up, and she's moved on.
    her insta is @foreign.biglexi_ and her new mans @redd.boi, and her youtube channel is alexis yadigg
    p.s. ur welcome

  • audrinavlogs
    audrinavlogs Day ago

    1 like = Alexa’s chance of finding the greatest person for her kids.

  • CurlyTess
    CurlyTess Day ago

    How come I know her?