• Published on Jan 4, 2017
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    Can a 1000 degree sword destroy a gold play button?
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  • Guava Juice
    Guava Juice  2 years ago +8890

    Alright before anyone else says anything, this isn't the Guava Juice gold button. I cherish that one so much because you guys.
    Since I have 2 gold buttons, I thought I would use my other vlogging channels gold button.
    Sorry if I hurt your feelings. I did this for your entertainment. You should know me by now. Anyways, happy new year!

  • Cheikh Hamoud
    Cheikh Hamoud Day ago

    Hey you took cwc sword

  • Alicia Fernandez
    Alicia Fernandez 3 days ago

    You are the best

  • Irfana Masood
    Irfana Masood 3 days ago

    Who love roi give my a like

  • Angela Horst
    Angela Horst 3 days ago


  • Luisito-nor Delacruz

    GDI CD Nosher

  • Ștefan Toader
    Ștefan Toader 5 days ago

    Who os roi

  • dreamer_girl 123
    dreamer_girl 123 6 days ago

    I have got that shark teddy

  • Grgo Master
    Grgo Master 8 days ago

    Va ju duda

  • Angelo Caraca
    Angelo Caraca 9 days ago


  • AlbaniaGaming TV
    AlbaniaGaming TV 9 days ago

    Noo play button

  • Miquel Ricardo
    Miquel Ricardo 11 days ago +1

    Roi why the shark its was cute do

  • nalani chandrika
    nalani chandrika 13 days ago

    Roi why are you cutting the youtube 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮gold-medal

    LJVHERMANNS 15 days ago

    Traitor not the cute shark

  • Karl ManNeir
    Karl ManNeir 16 days ago

    Are u going to fix the glass???

  • Michael Morgan
    Michael Morgan 17 days ago

    Stack kill

  • Pranav Sethi
    Pranav Sethi 17 days ago

    Rio you are awesome but why did it shoutout my name ( shu kurenai)

  • Max Boss
    Max Boss 17 days ago +1


  • Wilvic Albaladejo
    Wilvic Albaladejo 18 days ago

    Poor dolphin idk-2017

  • Jose Rivera
    Jose Rivera 18 days ago

    Roi you worked hard to get the gold play button

  • Jose Rivera
    Jose Rivera 18 days ago

    The Cheetos are flaming hot no wonder why it was on fire

  • RJ Umayam
    RJ Umayam 18 days ago

    I love your vid

  • Shaniyi Earnest
    Shaniyi Earnest 19 days ago

    Rip 🦈

  • Killer Blader
    Killer Blader 19 days ago

    Noooo shark

  • Seth Balmes
    Seth Balmes 19 days ago

    Stop making shark fin soup!!

  • Raul Roa
    Raul Roa 20 days ago

    Why did u kill a babey shark, just kill a human.... JK

  • nikki t
    nikki t 21 day ago +1

    Noo!!! Not the play buttonn!!!!!!

  • Ronald Walker
    Ronald Walker 21 day ago


  • DaVeZ GaMeR
    DaVeZ GaMeR 21 day ago +1

    0:46 the hot cheetos is really hot!!!

  • Jace Rhodes
    Jace Rhodes 22 days ago

    r.i.p. play button

  • AJ F
    AJ F 23 days ago

    2:12 to 2:16 R.I.P. Snarky 1 like= one more life

  • Lawrence Plays
    Lawrence Plays 24 days ago

    R.I.P Daniel The Shark

  • Nazmul Hassan
    Nazmul Hassan 27 days ago


  • Danica Aguirre
    Danica Aguirre 27 days ago

    Im back from being your fan

  • Ghostii -
    Ghostii - 28 days ago

    That’s what you call flaming hot cheetos

  • Matt Ishida
    Matt Ishida Month ago

    If you look carefully its not 1000 degrees the sword got hotter

  • Nathan pentury Studio

    1 like=1 pray for the shark

    AHMED JACKSON Month ago

    are you crazy UScliprs work there ass off to get one milon subscribe and you just break the hill out of it

  • Omar Diekmann
    Omar Diekmann Month ago

    That is Roi’s golden playbutton

  • Gav Thomas
    Gav Thomas Month ago

    Oof for the play button

  • Jen0531 -
    Jen0531 - Month ago

    Nooo sharkyy!

  • Eevee group/Chanars Lalisa Party YT

    If everyone cut a cool I would cry

  • Kora Z Z
    Kora Z Z Month ago


  • Jayce Lopez
    Jayce Lopez Month ago


  • Cayle Gero
    Cayle Gero Month ago

    Ha what's that

  • 안레밍턴
    안레밍턴 Month ago


  • Rabiya Siddika
    Rabiya Siddika Month ago +1

    The flaming hot Cheeto is now actually flaming hot

  • Elsie Rios Navarro
    Elsie Rios Navarro Month ago

    Know your lit... haha did u see what I did there lol

  • cazura zaidi
    cazura zaidi Month ago


  • Nathan Clark
    Nathan Clark Month ago

    Oh and why did you Break the shark

  • Nathan Clark
    Nathan Clark Month ago


  • Adewale Saliu okeola

    What about a 1000 degree ball vs line x

  • Bayan Hussein
    Bayan Hussein Month ago

    Guava is that you pls buy too me guava juice box bath fun pls😊

  • Liz Quintanilla
    Liz Quintanilla 2 months ago

    Guava juice stop

  • Fernando Lott
    Fernando Lott 2 months ago

    ROI why did you kill the lil sharks🦈

  • Fernando Lott
    Fernando Lott 2 months ago

    1 like = 1 pray for the shark 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Fernando Lott
    Fernando Lott 2 months ago

    Why did you have to kill the 🦈 shark R I P 😡😭😡😭😡😭😡😭😡😭😡😭😡😢😡😢😡😭😢😭😭😡😡😭😢😡😭

  • Zahra Musaghazi
    Zahra Musaghazi 2 months ago +1

    Roses are red
    Oh, what do I see
    Someone liked my comment
    Oh, wait it was me

  • Faisal Ilyas
    Faisal Ilyas 2 months ago +1

    20 likes= makes shark fixed and alive

  • Natalya Petrenya
    Natalya Petrenya 2 months ago


  • Akron Hamilton
    Akron Hamilton 2 months ago

    Why did he destroy the gold play button your crazy guava juice really crazy

  • Full Gamer
    Full Gamer 2 months ago

    Was it worth it

  • Vicky Chung
    Vicky Chung 2 months ago

    5,000,000 sharks are killed every year by people and sharks only kill 5 people a year.!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vid Hartvik
    Vid Hartvik 2 months ago

    rip shark that cute shark :(:(:(:(

  • Vid Hartvik
    Vid Hartvik 2 months ago

    stop god dam kut plastik it prodosing carbon dioxide witsh is poisones and oson killing gas stop poluting the erarth

  • Roshan Mangaonkar
    Roshan Mangaonkar 2 months ago


  • angela hotca
    angela hotca 2 months ago

    Why did you cutt the Shark?!?!??!?!? Shark plushys are my favorite!

  • Gigi Forrest
    Gigi Forrest 2 months ago

    PLEASE DON'T CUT ANY MORE SHARKS, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Josefina Martínez
    Josefina Martínez 2 months ago

    Poor sharc

  • The Technical Scientist

    why that sharkey

  • David VanderVliet
    David VanderVliet 2 months ago

    Nothing like ruining the tempering on a toy store blade!

  • Laarnie Tininggal
    Laarnie Tininggal 2 months ago

    If you still have swords...can you give me one

  • CactusCraft YT
    CactusCraft YT 2 months ago +1

    Hot Cheetos or takis

  • Hendrik antonie agastyo Den toom

    If its not yours than why is there your name on it

  • That lame Girl.
    That lame Girl. 2 months ago

    USclip is disapointing in you roi, congrats!

  • Gerard Quinn
    Gerard Quinn 2 months ago


  • Geryl Nani
    Geryl Nani 2 months ago

    Your all things is rip 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🤕🤕🤕rip all your things and pray for shark and golden button

  • Oheydere Silver
    Oheydere Silver 2 months ago

    The shark is a plush, Roi they think it's a real baby shark dodododooo

  • Bangtan Sonyeondan !!
    Bangtan Sonyeondan !! 2 months ago


  • ja ktos
    ja ktos 2 months ago

    1like = 1helpfull thing for mr shark

  • ja ktos
    ja ktos 2 months ago

    Why would you do that

  • Rana Shihab
    Rana Shihab 2 months ago

    Me: *oh whyyyyyyyy in a dramatic way uhh it’s time for the sharks death anyway*
    Mom:what happened ??
    Me: *i don’t know*heh

  • anrich Fensham
    anrich Fensham 2 months ago

    Are you Craig

  • Dank Shadow
    Dank Shadow 2 months ago


  • Aleksandar Vućić
    Aleksandar Vućić 2 months ago

    Click bate

  • Sandeel kumar
    Sandeel kumar 2 months ago

    my name is Ahan

  • Ndella älskar vampyrella Rysberg. Arzur

    Do this again but with difriends foods

  • Fresh Panda
    Fresh Panda 2 months ago

    Rip shark

  • w
    w 2 months ago

    its roi play button

  • w
    w 2 months ago

    its not your gold play button

  • mriver06
    mriver06 2 months ago

    Oh no why u cut sharkey😣🦈😢 he was so cute

  • Simar Ahuja
    Simar Ahuja 3 months ago

    RIP 09sharkboy

  • Super Greninja Bros
    Super Greninja Bros 3 months ago

    Poor sharky

  • xj Gappi
    xj Gappi 3 months ago

    wow that's crazy

  • The DarK AssassiN LA
    The DarK AssassiN LA 3 months ago +1

    I will sub and like to who all Likes this comment and subscribes my youtube channel....

  • The DarK AssassiN LA
    The DarK AssassiN LA 3 months ago

    Flaming 🔥 Hot now😂🤣

  • The DarK AssassiN LA
    The DarK AssassiN LA 3 months ago +1

    I am struggling wid my life to get Golden play and silver play button...While u r Burning and killing it 🤔😥 I wish I got that play button...

  • Roi Wassabi Fan
    Roi Wassabi Fan 3 months ago

    Why you kill the shark it was adorable!

  • Stellar Belt
    Stellar Belt 3 months ago

    I you killed the shark I don’t like sharks it isn’t poor shark

  • Hydra Gaming
    Hydra Gaming 3 months ago

    I legit gave the same shark pillow