Can Black Lives Matter & Law Enforcement See Eye To Eye?

  • Published on May 16, 2018
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Comments • 24 686

  • Ricardo Ruiz
    Ricardo Ruiz 5 hours ago

    If anyone thinks that their race matters more because they’re “highly targeted” you’re racist.

  • Adam Hoke
    Adam Hoke 17 hours ago

    Dude in the white looks like he has been put on suspension a few times

  • minervaeiou
    minervaeiou 18 hours ago

    I agree with the white male and what he said about kids out of wedlock is important. I don't think is a bad thing to memorize statistics, he is trying to make a point.

  • Hello 123456789
    Hello 123456789 19 hours ago +1

    Is it just me or do the black people in this video not look black?

  • Kayli Carr
    Kayli Carr Day ago +1

    can you do a black and Hispanic spectrum

  • Elijah 314
    Elijah 314 Day ago

    5:55 No he wouldn't because if he got trained in a police academy then his whole mindset would change on how to handle those situations and even then he'd know that there will be assholes out there that still wont listen and cause a problem that results in someone getting killed.

    6:55 No he'd be against it because he'd be confused between the ones who are more civil and the ones who cause trouble and disturbances when they protest. She's thinking of Malcolm X who was more radical than MLK where MLK's method was to march peaceful which is not always common with BLMs practice of protesting and the fact that he wouldn't like so BLM protest excluding other races from joining in the protest as he would've probably researched and realized white people are affected by this as well and need to join to make the protests much more effective

  • rose ashley
    rose ashley Day ago +1

    people say oh man im not racist but yet you see a african american man driving a lexus and the police officers be asking licsence and regrisration but if it was a white man they would say " have a nice day" . just stating facts

  • Rejoice ChristisKing

    This was the most amazing- peaceful, diverse and such sportmanslike conversation on such a heated topic...Yes middle Ground

  • Cari Lz
    Cari Lz Day ago +3

    He said children out of wedlock is social chaos 🤦🤦🤦 he memorized all those 'stats' just for this show😂

  • Danny Burke
    Danny Burke Day ago

    All lives includes black lives

  • KN Games
    KN Games Day ago

    Quick question the cop with the black hair was also in another video saying that he was a multi millionaire, I’m petty confident that this USclip channel is tell certain people what to say, cops are not millionaires so.....

  • Anshura A
    Anshura A Day ago +1

    This is great’ but why is police training only needed when dealing with black people in any situation’

  • Zachary Alexander
    Zachary Alexander 2 days ago

    Yes, there’s higher crime rates comparatively between blacks and any other ethnic group. The question is probably why though!

  • Anya Manson
    Anya Manson 2 days ago +3

    I bet you that guy doesn’t believe in white privilege🤣🤣🤣

    • Anya Manson
      Anya Manson 21 hour ago

      Ryan white privilege is real white privilege has nothing to do with how much money you make, where you come from etc white privilege is how society views and treats white people and also the advantages white Americans have white privilege happens only in America example in school we learn a white washed history we talk about “African American” history for only 2 weeks now they’re just now creating those classes but here’s the catch you’re not required to take those African American history classes ..why not? Is that not fair it’s equal bc we have both classes but it ain’t fair bc not everyone has to take it...another example of white privilege when black Americans are STILL scared of the police but white Americans aren’t bc the law was and is always on their side🤣🤣..I asked my friend “how does it feel to be white I’m America?” She said “it’s annoying bc everyone assumes that I’m the rich little white girl and they assume that I’m all proper” but when black people are talked about it’s like they’re dangerous ,they have no money and they’re ghetto..WP IS REAL

    • Ryan
      Ryan 21 hour ago

      Stop thumbing yourself up, WP isn't real.

  • Anya Manson
    Anya Manson 2 days ago

    That guy knew where “all lives matter” came from he knew that it was a response from self centered white Americans(not all) who basically say “idc if you’re dying of thirst We’re all a little thirsty too so just deal like it like the rest of us” when it comes to black lives matter

  • Get Good
    Get Good 2 days ago

    The black guy with green eyes and light skin.... Is he not 1/2 white? We are all human, respect that, get over yourselves and bury the victimhood mentality.

    • One Deep Savage
      One Deep Savage Day ago

      You should pay more attention to what he was saying instead of him possibly being half white....also the older lady with the glasses as well...listen to them and stop dismissing issues as just a "victimhood mentality"

  • Jared Moreno
    Jared Moreno 2 days ago +1

    If you stop attacking police officers when they are telling you to remain claim then they would stop shooting you.

  • nora g
    nora g 2 days ago +4

    that guy with the white shirt really ain’t it

  • reshi p
    reshi p 2 days ago

    The black masters degree holder diiiin-duuuooo nuffin

  • Diego Trujillo
    Diego Trujillo 2 days ago

    BLM is a joke

  • Daylight NL
    Daylight NL 2 days ago

    Conclusion? NOTHING..

  • Ether
    Ether 2 days ago +1

    People love holding onto the black crime is more than white crime myth

    • Ryan
      Ryan Day ago

      It isn't a myth. PROVE it's a myth. Show me statistics. NOT ones made by Huffpost or washingtonpost.

  • Brylee Dean
    Brylee Dean 2 days ago +6

    That one white dude: Social chaos-yeah those children born out of wedlock that end up being total failures simply because they were born out of wedlock.
    Dude are you actually serious? Are we living in 1652?

  • cynd winzeler
    cynd winzeler 3 days ago

    BLM was started based on controversial cases already researched and tried and found where the VAST majority of ALL evidence/witnesses/forensics showed the opposite of their stance. Many within do NOT believe that, but the leadership seems to

    • One Deep Savage
      One Deep Savage Day ago

      Ya? Malcolm X started as a hustler/Criminal....things change

  • YadaGamer.
    YadaGamer. 3 days ago

    There's always two extremes. On one side there's the guy in the white who believes people are robots and should have no compassion. On the other side there's the woman in the grey who tries to be empathetic to the point where it becomes delusion. The one real gem in this video is the beautiful blond lady in the red. Logical, strong, but compassionate and understands that we are human beings with emotions. That's who everyone should try to cumulate

  • bridget marie
    bridget marie 3 days ago

    “rampant social chaos”

  • Kirsten McCormick
    Kirsten McCormick 3 days ago

    That melonin officer has so much anxiety and anger. Clinching Jaws and fidgety the whole time

  • Isaac McCabe
    Isaac McCabe 3 days ago

    Bruh on god the two black people don’t even look black

  • L A
    L A 4 days ago +1

    Black Lives Matter is extremely racist organization

  • L A
    L A 4 days ago +2

    Martin Luther King would NOT be down for BLM..

  • Keenan Rivera
    Keenan Rivera 4 days ago

    14:18 she giving him the sex eye tho

  • Jacob C
    Jacob C 4 days ago

    I hate when people like the guy in the white shirt frame things in the way he does. A lot of the people that claim to be about "facts" and "logic" really only apply it when convenient. He never gives any thought to the "reality" he claims to be focusing on, which has a history and society that develops a context under which things happen. He doesn't think about why black people may commit more crime, or why BLM advocates disregard AllLivesMatter. He just completely ignores the whole picture, and the way he makes it seem like he's the reasonable one is just so hard to watch.

  • Thank you____, very cool! !

    Old lady with the white hair said she got arrested for being a feminist lol. I would be willing to bet it wasn’t because she was a feminist...

  • Xors
    Xors 4 days ago

    1:08 pretty sure everyone obeys every single traffic law when they see a cop car nearby lol, dont know what that has to do with black people

    • æstheticuchiha
      æstheticuchiha 2 days ago

      The reason he brings that up is because in today’s society, racist or white supremacy officers most likely pull over cars when it’s driver is a person of color

  • Bryce Cai
    Bryce Cai 4 days ago


  • Never Back down
    Never Back down 5 days ago

    The blonde police officer 👀

  • Nathan Castro
    Nathan Castro 5 days ago

    I hate when half Black and half White people, represent more and seem more proud of their black side, rather than their white side, I’m 3/4 Southern European and 1/4 Latin and I’m equally proud of both sides!!! hate when people prefer or act more like one race when there different races!!

  • tiacooper23
    tiacooper23 5 days ago +1

    I believe that talking about color isn’t bringing us back. I think it’s very progressive for us to sit with others who look different than us and have a conversation. Also let’s stop saying just because Martin Luther King Jr said a speech about colors coming together doesn’t mean everything was fixed.

    • Ryan
      Ryan 4 days ago

      True, but let's not pretend BLM is on his side.

  • KB Vlog spot
    KB Vlog spot 5 days ago +1

    Instead of asking "do you think all lives matter" as a question maybe the question could have been rephrased as "do you think all people regardless of pigment have a right to live without harm" then I think everyone would agree

  • Josh Smith
    Josh Smith 5 days ago

    Bald guy and white guy both are not open to having their minds changed and really got nothing from the discussion.

  • Tamara D
    Tamara D 5 days ago

    The white guy is like a robot

  • FlyingV
    FlyingV 5 days ago

    Some people just dont get it nor have the ability to put themselves in others shoes. Sigh... Its exhausting.

  • Deminate
    Deminate 5 days ago +1

    i'm not making any statements here, i could care less either way, but it's a little funny that not a single black person was there to speak on behalf on blacks.

  • Dylan Smith
    Dylan Smith 5 days ago

    Black lives dont matter! Blue lives matter and so do white lives matter.

  • phoreal22
    phoreal22 5 days ago

    Man that first guy has all these degrees, I can't imagine how large his student debt is.

  • Jasmin
    Jasmin 5 days ago

    *Black lives matter* no, All Lives Matter. Not just black lives 😂😂

  • The RxN Channel
    The RxN Channel 5 days ago

    I love these conversations.

  • Aldo Aguirre
    Aldo Aguirre 6 days ago

    I think everyone who wants too avoid a unnecessary ticket does that sir.

  • Miles Standish
    Miles Standish 6 days ago

    12:36 she’s just wrong there. You’re a police officer, you’re there to uphold the law.

  • Goled Fullerson
    Goled Fullerson 6 days ago

    everyone is making comments on the guy in the white shirt, but if you guys actually valued the content of the video and what he’s saying, you wouldn’t be saying that. i also love how the two women feel the need to mention that they are a white woman in all of their statements. the mere fact that they feel that their race is required to validate their statements indicates a certain amount of racism in THEM, and in the BLM movement members. the white shirt guy and the other officer don’t feel the need to mention their race and i’m especially glad that white shirt guy didn’t because 1.) being a white male kn today’s society is essentially a sin, as white are evil and oppressors of all black people and minorities and 2.) it would devalue the weight of his arguments even further

  • unkown person
    unkown person 6 days ago +1

    my hero is martin luther king jr.

  • Alex Monreal
    Alex Monreal 6 days ago

    God. The guy in the white shirt is so punchable

  • Ini Ubaha
    Ini Ubaha 6 days ago

    Lots of cops suck you know why couple reasons 1 is they deal with the worst in humanity daily so they are almost programmed to react a certain way, secondly they don't require much educational background.

  • Domaz Productions
    Domaz Productions 6 days ago +1

    good to see some people of both sides being well spoken and have productive arguments. although it was sort of disappointing seeing people talk over one another, except that old lady she just kind of seemed like someone who parrots what other sjws say lol

  • Terra Shelley
    Terra Shelley 6 days ago

    This guy is seriously saying social chaos is an increase in out of wedlock birth rates? Omfg I can’t

  • Luis Chumpitaz
    Luis Chumpitaz 6 days ago +1

    The black live matter guy isn’t full
    Black. He’s clearly a multiracial individual.

  • FuZiioN
    FuZiioN 6 days ago

    Well, considering that the black community in the US commits more crime despite being a minority, doesn't make me wonder why police would be more wary around them.

  • Jonathan Ellis DIY Videos

    Is that "Black Guy" with greens eyes like 10 percent black? I bet he uses that word that white people can't use quite often in front of all his friends, guaranteed. You can tell he is charged up and ready for confrontation.

  • Olivia Cunningham
    Olivia Cunningham 7 days ago

    I litterally cant with this white guy. He is arguing with everyone and i seriously question if he understands why All Lives Matter takes away from Black Lives Matter

    MILK SAN 7 days ago +3

    bro why yall ignoring da female officer in the red and how she built?

  • Nick Pendergraph
    Nick Pendergraph 7 days ago +1

    Implicit bias training doesn't work

  • Tim Culhane
    Tim Culhane 7 days ago

    Implicit bias .. pshhh

  • Cesar Cruz
    Cesar Cruz 7 days ago +1

    MLK would not support BLM today

  • AnthonyMorrisJr
    AnthonyMorrisJr 7 days ago

    Someone give the law enforcement woman my number... I wanna wife her up.

  • Vids by Dub
    Vids by Dub 7 days ago

    this conversation did literally nothing constructive for either side as I saw it.

  • T. K.
    T. K. 7 days ago +21

    Jubilee, I don't appreciate all the editing. Please at least post the unedited versions as an option for us.

  • Bri
    Bri 7 days ago

    It's jarring how many comments I've seen saying Isaac "isn't black because he has light skin and green eyes"... yall have a basic idea of how genetics work? Open a book for once.

  • theordinaire
    theordinaire 7 days ago

    "Political science" cops are not all white so how are they just seeing you as a black person you are playing a double standard bc you just see a cop as nothing but a racist. Our society demonizes cops for no reason when people are more likely to be struck by lightning than killed by cops we all talk about police brutality but when the videos come out it's always resisting arrest and our entitlement as american citizens

    • Laura Beth
      Laura Beth 6 days ago

      +Ryan Cool, just ignore everything I said

    • Ryan
      Ryan 6 days ago

      +Laura Beth Lies. All of them resist arrest. Michael Brown, Stephon Clark.

    • Laura Beth
      Laura Beth 7 days ago

      No, for the most part the videos that are out there on the people blm protest for they are not resisting arrest. Take Tamir Rice for example, a twelve year old kid shot with little to no warning for hilding a bb gun in a park. Or the texas pool party incident where girls were essentially flung to the ground because another family said they weren't allowed at a public pool. There's John Crawford the third who was shot with his back turned while on the phone after a single warning because he picked up a bb gun from the shelf in walmart. Castillo who was killed because he informed the officer of the gun in his glove compartment as stated by the law. Eric garner who was choked to death for selling cigarettes, something the officer wasn't even entirely sure he had done. And thats not all of them on or off camera.

  • theordinaire
    theordinaire 7 days ago +1

    Im kinda eh about you not including any black law enforcement, you're feeding into this narrative of a all white force that just want to oppress people of color when 66% of pomice shootings are from black officers you should have had a black officer

  • DIVERGENCE pakkkyyy
    DIVERGENCE pakkkyyy 8 days ago +3

    Martin Luther king would most definitely NOT stand with BLM, bc black lives dont matter to black lives matter.

    • Laura Beth
      Laura Beth 5 days ago

      +DIVERGENCE pakkkyyy As quoted by mlk himself "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."
      Police are killing black people at disproportionate rates, black people are being jailed more often for smaller crimes and given harsher sentences than their white counterparts. Mlk lived and died for his cause and if you believe he would have been silent as innocent black people were murdered by police then you're just dead wrong.
      Another quote "There are those who are asking the devotees of civil rights, "When will you be satisfied?" We can never be satisfied as long as the Negro is the victim of the unspeakable horrors of police brutality."

    • DIVERGENCE pakkkyyy
      DIVERGENCE pakkkyyy 5 days ago

      +Laura Beth Okay, how so? Please explain to me how I'm wrong. I'm open to a discussion.

    • Laura Beth
      Laura Beth 7 days ago +2

      You're very wrong.

  • Justus 2
    Justus 2 8 days ago

    Is it wrong to believe that “all lives matter?”

    • Laura Beth
      Laura Beth 7 days ago

      +Justus 2 If anyone believes that the all lives matter movement is anything more than a farce then they have not done any research.

    • Justus 2
      Justus 2 7 days ago

      Laura Beth so everyone who believes in the “all lives matter” movement are against “black lives matter?” But what if they truly believe that that movement is true to what it says because it’s thought to encompass every person of every race. Do the people that believe in it just unaware of what it truly represents?

    • Laura Beth
      Laura Beth 7 days ago

      No, it is not wrong to believe that all lives matter, however the movement is built upon the single stance of being against black lives matter and thus does not include black lives.

  • Michael Baker
    Michael Baker 8 days ago

    Dude in the white shirt knows his stuff I like him.

    • Laura Beth
      Laura Beth 5 days ago

      +Ryan I'm not going to do this again, you don't know how to civilly debate and it's irksome. If you genuinely want to debate then fine we can debate, if not then I'm not going to talk to you.

    • Ryan
      Ryan 6 days ago

      +Laura Beth You haven't researched a damn thing.

    • Laura Beth
      Laura Beth 7 days ago

      +Michael Baker I've heard every single point he made and researched them myself. He is very clearly cherry picking if you do the research.

    • Ryan
      Ryan 7 days ago

      +Laura Beth Compared to you with 0 data.

      Michael Brown was not innocent. Nor was Assata Shakur.

  • Dxrko
    Dxrko 8 days ago

    The bastardization of the "All Lives Matter" saying is so annoying. Like the girl said, of course all lives matter. The fact that it is being used by white supremacists and the alt right to negate the black lives matter movement is sickening. If the movement "All Lives Matter" was started with the mind to include all ethnic groups, white, hispanic or latino, black, asian, with the motive to end racial profiling in general, then it could work well alongside black lives matter. Race should have no meaning beyond heritage. All men are created equal, skin color is just a color.

  • Mishkah Cooper
    Mishkah Cooper 8 days ago

    Sandra going to jail fighting for the women’s movement and now fighting for the black lives matter movement. We need more people like her in our society, she’s the greatest 🙌🏼
    I would love to know how to find Isaac on social media, because I feel like there’s a lot I could learn from him

  • Donald Arsenault
    Donald Arsenault 8 days ago

    This show sucks. It's filled with bad questions designed to lead people down to the weeds of word definitions. They simply disagree about word definitions and keep getting tripped up. But maaaaaaan, is it ever addicting to watch and I probably will keep watching it anyway!!! bahahaha

  • Awatea Laki
    Awatea Laki 8 days ago

    Black Lies Matter

  • SuperNoiseeBadger
    SuperNoiseeBadger 8 days ago

    Anyone notice the white male officer is in the rich and poor middle ground???

  • Micah De Asis
    Micah De Asis 8 days ago

    Law changes. Yes, learn the law but know where it comes from. Know it's history. The problem is we hire too many uneducated law enforcement who seek power and uses that power for their own demise. I feel like that white officer was bullied as a kid and now that he has a badge he gets to wave it around and say his above everyone.

  • Trash Content
    Trash Content 8 days ago

    All lives matter, change my mind

  • Itz Echo
    Itz Echo 8 days ago

    I should’ve been apart if this. So easy to debate a BLM supporter.

  • Itz Echo
    Itz Echo 8 days ago

    How do I become apart of this

  • Leonard Simangunsong

    "People of colour". Is white not part of colour?

    • HARHEE
      HARHEE 7 days ago

      +Leonard Simangunsong The point of me saying scientifically is because they aren't considered colors in physics due to not having specific wavelengths you're just trying to argue with facts there if you say otherwise. I'm guessing your parents didn't teach that MLK used the phrase citizen of color in his I have a dream speech "It is obvious today that America
      has defaulted on this promissory note insofar as her citizens of color
      are concerned." And then afterwards in the start of the 70's the term person of color was coined by the black community to combat the condescension used in terms such as non-white and minority at the time. Then would move on in the 80's and 90's to become even more common in order to further move race from just a black and white issue to one all races can face together. I'll finish with saying congratulations your parents taught you not to be a racist, but that doesn't excuse the lack of self education that goes beyond anything mommy and daddy alone can show you.

    • Leonard Simangunsong
      Leonard Simangunsong 7 days ago

      +HARHEE white is polychromatic. It is not part of visible light, but doesn't mean that it can't be codified as part of colour, same goes to black. The fact that they got a name proves their existence. And yes, I'm new in this people of colour stuff, because my parents didn't teach me to make a judgement at the people based on their colour. Because that's just idiotically rude

    • Laura Beth
      Laura Beth 7 days ago

      People of color does not include white people. You just conveniently forgot segregation my dude

    • HARHEE
      HARHEE 7 days ago

      no it's not... the definition being free of color... Also there is the scientific fact that white does not have specific wavelengths therefore not making it a color but the same is said of black. POC is a term that's been around for a long time to describe anyone yellow, red, brown, green, blue, purple, or orange;basically anyone not white just to make classification easier, are you seriously new to this?

  • Papa Doc
    Papa Doc 9 days ago

    I don’t get why everyone is bashing the weite Shirt guy. He said some good points

    • Laura Beth
      Laura Beth 7 days ago

      He was using manipulated data and also seems like an asshole in general

  • Val Mean Vlogs
    Val Mean Vlogs 9 days ago +1

    That guy calls women “females” I can already tell the type of person he is

  • Andrew Lynch
    Andrew Lynch 9 days ago

    All the grey shirt white lady said was an irrelevant remark just to take a jab at white people and an unrelated gun control remark

  • Fsih Noguld
    Fsih Noguld 9 days ago +1

    People dislike the guy in the white shirt because he's stating facts.

    • Laura Beth
      Laura Beth 7 days ago +1

      He is manipulating facts to make thwm appear to fit his stance

  • Chase 21 savage
    Chase 21 savage 9 days ago

    I had high hopes that the law enforcement and black lives matter would see eye to eye.
    That’s what I get for expecting to much.

  • Noah Lavidine
    Noah Lavidine 9 days ago

    "I think we ALL have respect for...." I'm sorry I had too...

  • Andrius Tarasevicius

    Omg,do kkk vs black panthers

  • Jya Mcneal
    Jya Mcneal 10 days ago

    Why is no one taking about issac?

  • otzidick
    otzidick 10 days ago

    Slave catchers ? you mean like Africans who sold other Africans right ?

  • Razor Phoenix
    Razor Phoenix 10 days ago +1

    Here’s a little fun fact for you guys:
    All lives matter doesn’t exclude black lives matter
    In fact, all lives matter includes white, mixed, black, Asian, Caucasian, albino,etc. even cop life’s enter in there.

    • Laura Beth
      Laura Beth 7 days ago

      No, it does not. It was created purely to stand against black lives matter. That is their only stance.

  • Isaac Martinez
    Isaac Martinez 10 days ago

    The tumbnail doesn’t make sense because they are both black lives matter supporters.

  • Vina14eva
    Vina14eva 10 days ago +2

    I think that all officers should come from the communities their patrolling in, and not basing this on color, it's based on the sole fact that they can effectively help the next person by knowing how to help them, what's going on in the community? Understanding those type of people or problems in the community? That shouldn't a color debate it, should be we needed well versed officers patrolling all streets not just one neighborhood!

  • Christina Lamprecht
    Christina Lamprecht 10 days ago

    Can you make a Middle Ground video called "Flat-earth believers vs. NASA workers"?

  • Cymone H
    Cymone H 11 days ago +18

    The dude in the white shirt makes me itch

  • Nina Sanderson
    Nina Sanderson 11 days ago +1

    The fact that everyone didn’t sit down for all lives matter it rediculous . Not the movement. Simply the statement.

    • Laura Beth
      Laura Beth 7 days ago

      You're pretending context doesn't exist but k

  • Nina Sanderson
    Nina Sanderson 11 days ago

    They should have got a dark skin person also.

  • dim x.
    dim x. 11 days ago +1

    They invited a woman and a latino officer? they are not the most indicative(especially the female office) samples of law enforcement. what are they trying to imply, that cops are ok? well, definately there are cops that are ok but in general Law enforcement is brutal, not kind...come on people
    Woop-woop!that s the sound of da police
    woop-woop!tha s the sound of the beast...