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  • Daniell Zulbeari

    did enybody see cristins croch?

  • Girl Power
    Girl Power 2 days ago

    My goal is to hit 1000 sub💘🥰✨

  • kara martin
    kara martin 2 days ago


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  • Natlie Hart
    Natlie Hart 3 days ago

    10:39 Fred is wearing the same bralette she got in their video Women Find Their Perfect Bras!

  • Dakota Andrews
    Dakota Andrews 4 days ago

    Yall need to try hi smile

  • Sandy Moon
    Sandy Moon 5 days ago

    Omg Kristin made me laugh so hard at 12:24

  • Long Legged Lisa
    Long Legged Lisa 6 days ago +1

    I guess flossing isn’t a thing anymore

  • Brit Carol
    Brit Carol 7 days ago

    I got one coming in can't wait

  • Hi Hi hi
    Hi Hi hi 7 days ago

    Thank you for being the only channel to give a warning for “mouth noises” 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Lil Elmo
    Lil Elmo 8 days ago +1


  • Nicole Chatman
    Nicole Chatman 9 days ago

    “It’s like kissing a pot of Vaseline.” 😂😂😂🤣 lmao I’m dead☠️

  • {Anime Freak}
    {Anime Freak} 9 days ago

    It DEFINITELY worked for Kirsten Chantel it lighted things up but for Freddie it made them more yellow?

  • The Vegan Merman
    The Vegan Merman 9 days ago

    Thank you guys for saving my money 👍🏻

  • Unicornpoopsandfarts 0011

    I feel like Kristin's experiments go so wrong all the time. Lol

  • Jada Guilmette
    Jada Guilmette 10 days ago

    I think they all look a little better

  • reesie .piecie
    reesie .piecie 11 days ago

    Is the tooth paste mint?

  • Niamhy Nemo
    Niamhy Nemo 12 days ago

    What was the song when u guys were seeing the results at 12:00?

    THE JACK LIFE 14 days ago

    They all just went to the dentist and bleached them this is all fake advertising

  • Everleigh
    Everleigh 15 days ago

    Lets wear green and not tell Kristen

  • Crystal _Corn
    Crystal _Corn 17 days ago

    I feel like it got worsen (like if you agree!)

  • Skylareen Tan
    Skylareen Tan 18 days ago

    THATS WHAT SHE (they) SAID!!!!!!!

  • Tamara Malak
    Tamara Malak 19 days ago

    Kristen’s was the best in my opinion.

  • M G
    M G 19 days ago

    It helped their gums.

  • Hannah is
    Hannah is 23 days ago

    I think I would spit out the oil from laughing too much hahahahahahahaha

  • Brandi Fleming
    Brandi Fleming 24 days ago

    It actually worked pretty well for Kristin, but Chantel and Freddie had like no change really

  • Sierra Camey
    Sierra Camey 25 days ago

    Kristin and Chantel had the most improved and Freddie’s were cleaner than before. they actually did better than they complained about and did a really good job!!

  • Dewi Puspita Sari
    Dewi Puspita Sari 26 days ago


  • Michelle
    Michelle 27 days ago +1

    Why does it look like Fred’s got worse 😂😂😂

  • Taye-Lynn Sarah
    Taye-Lynn Sarah 29 days ago


  • Jayden Wasieleski
    Jayden Wasieleski 29 days ago

    I wish they were allowed to tell us stuff/reply to us so we could know if Freddie's results got mixed up!

  • xxpinklittleridinghoodxx

    WHAT it worked for all of you well except for freddie but it did get whiter for the other 2

  • ShReK
    ShReK Month ago +1

    We love the facial expressions.

  • Dan Howard
    Dan Howard Month ago +1

    Kristins had so much of/the best difference

  • ellys vlogs419
    ellys vlogs419 Month ago +1

    It made Freddie’s worse 😫😢😂

  • J Eng
    J Eng Month ago

    I swear by charcoal. I have charcoal toothpaste, charcoal powder, charcoal mouthwash, charcoal cream and charcoal cream face masks. It works - but always make sure it’s natural.

  • m0lika1
    m0lika1 Month ago +2

    Why did Chantel and Freddie's after photos look more yellow than their before photos??

  • pooja dua
    pooja dua Month ago

    Aria is cute

  • Jacob Smith
    Jacob Smith Month ago

    Why is je n and Devin not on here any more

  • juila Sexton
    juila Sexton Month ago

    At 1:08 is Kristen showing stuff underneath the table

  • Zero Jin
    Zero Jin Month ago

    “This is a great natural way” to con people

  • Appy Apoorva
    Appy Apoorva Month ago

    Doing this daily is not good

  • Adriana Estrada
    Adriana Estrada Month ago +1

    3:55 me

  • It's Chloe
    It's Chloe Month ago

    Look below Kristen and you see well I’ll let you find it

  • Monkey Playz
    Monkey Playz Month ago


    • mango mang
      mango mang Month ago

      lady tested, lady extremely disappointed

  • ehop 08
    ehop 08 Month ago

    “i look like i had a lip liner accident on purpose”😂😂

  • Patel Naisha
    Patel Naisha Month ago +1

    Kristin one-liners:
    This is irrelevant to this video, but how could we forget...

  • Mary Kampe
    Mary Kampe Month ago

    Coconut oil is amazing for oil pulling

  • squidfish 22
    squidfish 22 Month ago

    Who else just started making they cheeks full of air as they were oil pulling and started moving tjere mouth with them XD

  • Sunshine Sky
    Sunshine Sky Month ago +2

    5:38 im dying😂

  • Yeliz Ciftcikara
    Yeliz Ciftcikara Month ago

    It made it worse for them but for Kristen

  • Kattie Deckow
    Kattie Deckow Month ago +67

    smileum.com is way better and super cheap

  • Emilie Dooley
    Emilie Dooley Month ago +133

    smileum.com is way better and super cheap

  • Horace Schmitt
    Horace Schmitt Month ago +86

    avoid this… smileum.com is way better

  • Claudia Hall
    Claudia Hall Month ago

    Lady tested, Lady detested.

  • Nique’s World
    Nique’s World Month ago

    I use it for 2 months and my teeth’s are like shining

  • Kerstin Smith
    Kerstin Smith Month ago

    I only saw a difference in Kristin’s. I mean, I kinda saw a difference with the others, but kristin’s Worked the best. Like if u agree

  • Phantom knight
    Phantom knight Month ago

    @2:18 yeah Baby go ahead and swallow This looks like a PORNHUB audition...........

  • Rebecca Snider
    Rebecca Snider Month ago

    chantel and freddies were both worse after

  • Brianna Magana
    Brianna Magana Month ago

    Kristin’s did work

  • shae h
    shae h Month ago

    i think Kristin had the most improvements out of all of them

  • shawn watt
    shawn watt 2 months ago

    C and k’s worked but Freddie poorpoor fredd

  • Kathy Born
    Kathy Born 2 months ago

    I do not want to be rude but it looks like it got more yellow to me.

  • Alexxx
    Alexxx 2 months ago

    That sounds like sooo much commitment lol just kidding. Worth it if it works! 😊

  • Drew Ana Rousseau
    Drew Ana Rousseau 2 months ago

    It worked for all three of you.

  • Drew Ana Rousseau
    Drew Ana Rousseau 2 months ago

    Am I the only one who's holding my mouth while the are oil pulling as if I'm doing it too? 😂

  • Emily Lyda
    Emily Lyda 2 months ago

    Freddie’s looks yellower to me

  • Zara Devic
    Zara Devic 2 months ago

    You need to try HiSmile

  • Trigger Coyote
    Trigger Coyote 2 months ago

    I appreciate the sound warning.

  • Jemma Orange
    Jemma Orange 2 months ago +1

    Sos fred but hers look more yellow in the after one

  • Stephanie Mays
    Stephanie Mays 2 months ago

    Thanks for testing this 😃

  • Adriana Israelite
    Adriana Israelite 2 months ago +2

    I think it worked on everyone. I think it did mainly whiten their gums though.

  • Dabbing is Definitely a dead trend

    Anyone else binging at 1:00 am

  • Leah Bartelt
    Leah Bartelt 2 months ago

    I think Fred's before and after were backwards...her after looked a little more yellow

  • Zara Hoffman
    Zara Hoffman 2 months ago

    There was definitely an improvement

  • sister emma
    sister emma 2 months ago +3

    *I have the same toothbrush as Freddie 😂-sorry if spelt wrong- the blue brush and it vibrates 😂 *

  • Caitlen Lesikar
    Caitlen Lesikar 2 months ago

    Kristen literally cracks me up

  • MaeIves623
    MaeIves623 2 months ago

    For oil stains, pre-treat with grease fighting dish soap.

  • Ella Allegri
    Ella Allegri 2 months ago

    “I was trying to be artsy”

  • Tiara Averhart
    Tiara Averhart 2 months ago

    I feel like yall were brushing way to hard

  • Abbigale Magness
    Abbigale Magness 2 months ago

    Freddies before is whiter than the after

  • Stale Faceee
    Stale Faceee 2 months ago

    I love Freddie yes I do I love Freddie how about you

  • CcakeAsh
    CcakeAsh 2 months ago

    Warning! If you use activated charcoal, be careful about ingesting it if you use birth control pills. Charcoal will deactivate your birth control pills. So use a condom if you ingest any charcoal.

  • Kylie101 Cromer1
    Kylie101 Cromer1 2 months ago

    I use black tooth paste

  • britt hubb
    britt hubb 2 months ago

    you can also just rinse with hydrogen peroxide helps keep away cavities and gingivitis too. but it whites like crazy

  • Ruby Js Show
    Ruby Js Show 2 months ago

    Yeah I'm pretty sure that the blue thing is a tounge scraper

  • Jennyyy D
    Jennyyy D 2 months ago

    sorry but all these girls look amazing 24/7 it’s genuinely not fair lmao

  • Charley Tank
    Charley Tank 2 months ago


  • Farrah Hannah
    Farrah Hannah 2 months ago

    I don’t use this exact brand but I use a charcoal one

  • jon berrer
    jon berrer 2 months ago

    Charcoal is awesome. An so good for u.

  • ihaveberrys inmyroom
    ihaveberrys inmyroom 2 months ago

    Did anyone else ligit get an add about the exact same thing the gurls r doing

  • reagan lacy
    reagan lacy 2 months ago

    ok so i get my brush wet, dip half of it into plain charcoal powder, and then put regular toothpaste on the half that i doesn't have charcoal. it works.

  • G Hoover
    G Hoover 2 months ago +4

    Literally got a commercial for charcoal whitening stuff on this video!!!

  • Chem Is Cry
    Chem Is Cry 2 months ago +1

    If you ever had an eating disorder (or genetics, or other diseases/disorders) you could have weak or less enamel, which means you can't remove the stains using toothpaste, gum, or strips.

    • CcakeAsh
      CcakeAsh 2 months ago

      Chem Is Cry yeah. Some ppl might want to go to the dentist first to know whether they have strong enamel.

  • Marya blablabla
    Marya blablabla 2 months ago


  • Plush 4LIFE
    Plush 4LIFE 2 months ago

    If not I am going to be mad

  • Irwin Koss
    Irwin Koss 3 months ago +74

    smileum.com is way better and super cheap

  • Dave Frami
    Dave Frami 3 months ago +31

    avoid this… smileum.com is way better

  • kkimberly2004
    kkimberly2004 3 months ago

    LOL You guys are like the modern day facts of life, too Cute!❤

  • Anya Sasata
    Anya Sasata 3 months ago

    That is my regular toothpaste.

  • Bianca Garcia
    Bianca Garcia 3 months ago

    Is it just me or did Fred’s get worst