You Drink You LOSE! | Extreme SPICY Challenge!! 🌢


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  • WA Apocalypse
    WA Apocalypse 3 hours ago

    Rip bobby

  • Danny Jines
    Danny Jines 5 hours ago

    J Fred a Bobby look alike

  • Mr Floop
    Mr Floop 7 hours ago

    after seeing this my stomach is hurt

  • Addyson Davis
    Addyson Davis 8 hours ago


  • Marchy Cibilings
    Marchy Cibilings 9 hours ago


  • Marchy Cibilings
    Marchy Cibilings 9 hours ago


  • Sam Pollard
    Sam Pollard 10 hours ago

    Joey your a good brother

  • Sam Pollard
    Sam Pollard 10 hours ago

    When my sister is mean to me I come and my room and watch you and then I feel better your the best

  • Sierra McCoy
    Sierra McCoy 11 hours ago

    Find the difference 🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈹🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲

  • Maria Saitta
    Maria Saitta 11 hours ago


  • Xonerkyx 893
    Xonerkyx 893 11 hours ago

    That is not hot at all because I am mexican

  • chuc nguyen
    chuc nguyen 14 hours ago

    Joey: DID THAT HELP?
    Bobby: No not really.
    (Bobby drinks milk again)

  • carlos Ibarra
    carlos Ibarra 15 hours ago

    RIP Bobby's sqeaky toy 1 like = $1 to it's Health

  • Gamercorn !
    Gamercorn ! 16 hours ago

    7:55 lol Brian!

  • Sophya Laudenslayer
    Sophya Laudenslayer 19 hours ago

    I badπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί

  • Donovan 316
    Donovan 316 Day ago

    Do the toe of satan challenge

  • Power Gacha
    Power Gacha Day ago

    The Oreo triggered me...

  • Redder Panda
    Redder Panda Day ago

    Bobby will crack first

  • punisher 77657
    punisher 77657 Day ago

    I've eaten the full box I felt like I 2as dying

  • Because I'm A Gemini

    Bryan and Bobby will break Joey because they interrupted joey’s sneeze

  • Julianna Barry
    Julianna Barry Day ago

    U guys are super brave , I will never do that

  • Lucky Gamer
    Lucky Gamer Day ago

    Joey would have eaten all ice cream if bobby wouldn’t have not ate it first

  • darren mcd.
    darren mcd. Day ago

    bobby, absolutely

  • Skk
    Skk Day ago


  • Shishter Angi
    Shishter Angi Day ago

    β€œBoBbYs DyInG” **huge smile on face**

  • ShadowEli
    ShadowEli Day ago

    guys you should eat hot peppers next video =)πŸ‘

  • I am not Gay so stop asking me


  • Jennings Children

    J-fred bobbys dying while smiling

  • Outrageous Vlogs

    I love it when they get hurt or something they say is funny like when Bobby said he was dieing hahahha

  • Clay Pentt
    Clay Pentt Day ago

    It is so funny

  • Hunnie Gaddis
    Hunnie Gaddis 2 days ago

    Brian lol

  • Golden Freddy
    Golden Freddy 2 days ago

    if i could i would definitely try out that challenge

  • Golden Freddy
    Golden Freddy 2 days ago

    i bet after all that they had MEGA Diareah

  • Jack Madore
    Jack Madore 2 days ago

    J-fred said I will take money

  • Callah Givens
    Callah Givens 2 days ago

    My mom has a very high pain tolerance so when I eat hot sauce it has to be maybe the 3 or 4 one yall did my mom is just has a straight face

  • Danna Contreras
    Danna Contreras 2 days ago

    Bobby said j-fred was to much of a wuss but j-fred took the punishment for Bobby🌢🌢🌢

  • Angelina Calderon
    Angelina Calderon 2 days ago

    Bobby will lose

  • i Manqo
    i Manqo 2 days ago


  • Cody Darling
    Cody Darling 2 days ago

    Rip bobby

  • Chocolate _cornet
    Chocolate _cornet 2 days ago

    make matt try all the sauces

  • samuel grunst
    samuel grunst 2 days ago

    I eat sarocha picles

  • samuel grunst
    samuel grunst 2 days ago


  • Mr beast1
    Mr beast1 2 days ago

    Where did matt go

  • Dino Lopez
    Dino Lopez 2 days ago

    I did this and i did not drink milk

  • Oatmeal Playz
    Oatmeal Playz 2 days ago

    If Bobby is a Mexican he would win this thing like is u know why

  • Georgie Murray
    Georgie Murray 2 days ago

    Why is it always j-Fred in wigs

  • Omega TheMann
    Omega TheMann 3 days ago

    I love watching my favorite UScliprs burn.

    Inside, they’re organs.

  • DaveNoNek
    DaveNoNek 3 days ago

    You guys should of done the devil’s toe as the last one the devils toe is a lollipop that is made of so much chilly you cry without realizing and sweating πŸ˜… πŸ˜₯ πŸ’¦

  • Hsiao Brothers
    Hsiao Brothers 3 days ago +1


    🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢 🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢

  • ATN Channel
    ATN Channel 3 days ago

    πŸ˜‚Bobby's taking the spice out on the hedgehogπŸ˜‚ 8:30

  • HangTheDj
    HangTheDj 3 days ago

    Is nobody gonna talk about how at 10:05 Joey said β€œmade from ghost pepper, habanero pepper, and bhut jolokia”. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t bhut jolokia just another name for ghost pepper? πŸ‘€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez 3 days ago

    They are gana have a dump

  • arthur simon
    arthur simon 3 days ago

    I choose Bobby

  • Wyatt Rex
    Wyatt Rex 3 days ago


  • Destiny Holman
    Destiny Holman 3 days ago

    I think that bobby will teach for the milk first

  • Dave Roach
    Dave Roach 3 days ago +1

    Bobby may have died

  • Dave Roach
    Dave Roach 3 days ago +1

    That must have hurt like if you agree

  • John Zambriski
    John Zambriski 3 days ago

    R.I.P hedgehog

  • Gacha WolfBoy
    Gacha WolfBoy 3 days ago

    Really..the tittle says you drink you lose but theres a ice cream (can we actually drink a ice cream?)

  • Jade Lorelle Fritz
    Jade Lorelle Fritz 3 days ago

    Did u put on gloves to avoid fingerprints on the milk

  • Soojin Kim
    Soojin Kim 3 days ago

    Oh by the way I subscribe your movies and like this movieπŸ€©πŸ€©πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • zim woody
    zim woody 3 days ago

    i feel sorry for them.

  • Seth MacMahon
    Seth MacMahon 4 days ago

    Did bobby say "oh sh*t" at 8:45 ?

  • Gerardo C
    Gerardo C 4 days ago

    j fred looks like a ghetto john wick

  • wendy spurlock
    wendy spurlock 4 days ago


  • Theamazingnaomi
    Theamazingnaomi 4 days ago +1

    Holy crap more than half of this comment section is "Like and I will add a _"

  • JaceyPlays
    JaceyPlays 4 days ago

    1 like = 1 why

  • Ailsa Dawson
    Ailsa Dawson 4 days ago

    Team edge your intro was so funny and J-Jokes are funny because they are bad. No afence.

  • Henry Fryer
    Henry Fryer 4 days ago

    Moo moo juice and harbenero

  • Issac Fehr
    Issac Fehr 4 days ago

    are you talking rite now πŸ˜‚XD

  • Issac Fehr
    Issac Fehr 4 days ago

    Bobbys dieing πŸ˜‚XD

  • jacob morton
    jacob morton 4 days ago

    ik bobby would lose

  • Leigh Miller
    Leigh Miller 4 days ago


  • Leigh Miller
    Leigh Miller 4 days ago


  • Leigh Miller
    Leigh Miller 4 days ago


  • Yomyly Mejia
    Yomyly Mejia 4 days ago


  • Matthew Smalley
    Matthew Smalley 4 days ago


  • Flight Of Doves
    Flight Of Doves 4 days ago

    For every like I'll add a 🍟

    MASON LAW 4 days ago

    Bobby lost🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢🌢

  • L Carpenter
    L Carpenter 4 days ago

    Ewww why did you ruin so many good foods? And we're reading a book about Narnia...but its fiction!

  • L Carpenter
    L Carpenter 4 days ago

    I knew he was gonna lose! And is ouldve one a kid version cause I love hot sauce and wings! And lol bunny..! When I was on vacation I saw cactus's but not screaming ones lol! Oh you have different rounds....! I would soooo love that ice cream! I would've lost cause of my favorite ice cream!

  • Leland Dickerson
    Leland Dickerson 4 days ago

    like and I'll add another one

  • Jose Perez
    Jose Perez 4 days ago +1

    I feel bad for bobby he was like😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😡😡😡😡😡

  • AnΕΎe Bavec
    AnΕΎe Bavec 4 days ago


  • Mkasyraaf Anaku
    Mkasyraaf Anaku 4 days ago

    what if you make a video about eating hot spicy korean noodle challenge

  • Itsme_sean 523
    Itsme_sean 523 4 days ago

    Bobby's like dying right now and bryan's just here kinda chillin....

  • Mario Stufi
    Mario Stufi 4 days ago

    Its so hot Bryan went crazy

    He tried to feed the squeaky toy

  • carmen zaragoza
    carmen zaragoza 4 days ago

    Why is Bobby so hot on his face

  • Jessica Russell
    Jessica Russell 4 days ago


  • Nicholas Van Etten
    Nicholas Van Etten 5 days ago +1

    I ate a gost pepper and it was good my friend handed it to me and said it was a regular pepper with no spice but the goat pepper was so good

  • Malina Tomazic
    Malina Tomazic 5 days ago


  • Lanceypoo
    Lanceypoo 5 days ago


  • Gamerman629 Hype Squad

    8:16 that’s what he said

  • Kallie Fraley
    Kallie Fraley 5 days ago

    9:38 OMG THAT WAS SOOOOO FUNNY πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

  • Edgar Flores
    Edgar Flores 5 days ago

    Bobby looks traumatized the whole vid 🀣🀣

  • Jalen Hankins
    Jalen Hankins 5 days ago


  • Hailey Tammaro
    Hailey Tammaro 5 days ago

    Love your vids

  • Ty S
    Ty S 5 days ago

    Bryan will break first

  • MuRk Cr0w
    MuRk Cr0w 5 days ago +3

    Once there was a little boy...

    Read more

  • Shimmering Howl
    Shimmering Howl 5 days ago +1

    I love you doods