iKON - '죽겠다(KILLING ME)' M/V

  • Published on Aug 2, 2018
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  • Panda Mati
    Panda Mati 21 minute ago +1

    "Killing me" Le clip plutôt bien réalisé, les effets bien réalisés aussi.
    Les Bass c'est le meilleur de tout surtout au refrain ! Par contre la chorégraphie un peux dessus mais bon pour conclure c'est un des meilleurs clips que je connaisse ^^ ❤

  • Océane Jul
    Océane Jul 22 minutes ago

    I hope that one day they will all be reunie so that I can finally see them in France if he does not come then I will come to them i love senario i love ikon-ikonic

  • Hannia Castillo
    Hannia Castillo 30 minutes ago

    Hanbin... :(((( we really miss you 💔💔

  • cata 25
    cata 25 31 minute ago

    Vivo cantando esta cancio :v

  • Jaqueline panta
    Jaqueline panta 39 minutes ago


  • ain zulaikha
    ain zulaikha Hour ago +1

    I love you ikon >3 .❤🐼

  • Anpher Tabuga
    Anpher Tabuga 3 hours ago +1

    I never know ikon these good wow there vibe of the music is the combination style of bigbang and exo.i will tell u all guys at my first discovery of ikon just now and after i watch all of ther live video..honestly this group deserve the most famous group and best artist.ther song and dance choreo are all in one best as is the best group for me.i am an exo fan and bigbang and tryin to be a bts fan soon but after i discover IKON now and watch them all the video i am hundred percent fan now of IKON 💖💖

    • Changu Girl
      Changu Girl 3 hours ago

      Watch iKON TV, you fall in love

  • Ariana Haiduc
    Ariana Haiduc 3 hours ago

    How can be the "no no" move so hot? I still don't get it now a day :))

  • zoya mariyam
    zoya mariyam 3 hours ago +1

    i am an army i still listen to this song like everyday beacause the tune is nice and yea today i got the real meanigs of the song it is about the drepresion after a breakup

  • Vie T
    Vie T 6 hours ago

    I miss you boys

  • Eldeniz Abbasov
    Eldeniz Abbasov 7 hours ago

    İ love you❤

  • yeonjun
    yeonjun 7 hours ago


  • jokamar x Aggcr
    jokamar x Aggcr 8 hours ago +1


  • Hanytwib
    Hanytwib 8 hours ago

    HanBin'fan in VIETNAM 😢WE miss youu

  • Mamah Diah
    Mamah Diah 8 hours ago

    Good boy

  • azalea jaehyun
    azalea jaehyun 8 hours ago

    Ahhh i miss ikon :( no one can replace them :(

  • Nova Fitriani
    Nova Fitriani 10 hours ago


  • Norazita Ibrahim03
    Norazita Ibrahim03 16 hours ago +2

    Miss you hanbin

    • Norazita Ibrahim03
      Norazita Ibrahim03 16 hours ago +1

      Misss. Youuu ikonnn allll 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • Norazita Ibrahim03
      Norazita Ibrahim03 16 hours ago +1

      Really 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Tuyen Huynh
    Tuyen Huynh 18 hours ago

    I love b.i and i miss b.i

  • Avista Opu
    Avista Opu 19 hours ago


  • DoramasAsia
    DoramasAsia 19 hours ago


  • A N DIN
    A N DIN 19 hours ago

    22 November 2019 : 144jt 👏👏

  • Nunuwa Chothe
    Nunuwa Chothe 20 hours ago

    how many people think ikon deserve more

  • Kim Hanbin
    Kim Hanbin 20 hours ago

    22 november 2019??

  • Cristian Bautista
    Cristian Bautista 21 hour ago

    Extraño ikon :(

  • for ikon and bvndit
    for ikon and bvndit 21 hour ago


  • Abdo Asiri
    Abdo Asiri 22 hours ago +1

    مين من محبين ikon

    PAMA KALA HD 23 hours ago


  • Alvina Davila
    Alvina Davila 23 hours ago

    My name is Lily i love your vids please make more i also know how to speak Korean

  • Hyunjin's is your pattern STRAY KIDS

    Habrá iKON en 2020 ??? :"(

  • jokamar x Aggcr
    jokamar x Aggcr Day ago +1

    LVL 100!

  • jokamar x Aggcr
    jokamar x Aggcr Day ago +1

    LVL ???

  • jokamar x Aggcr
    jokamar x Aggcr Day ago +1


  • IKONxIKONICS140915 Ikon

    Wait this was in 145M why it’s 144?

  • jokamar x Aggcr
    jokamar x Aggcr Day ago +1


  • Snoopy Han Seungwoo

    Hanbin... My ultimate bias... Charismatic Leader.. I'm still hoping and still waiting..till the end..

  • bts_and_ exo_fan
    bts_and_ exo_fan Day ago +1

    Who miss Hanbin???😭😭😭

  • International Army


  • Laëtitia L.
    Laëtitia L. Day ago

    This song make old memories come back and somehow idk if i like it or fucking hate it

  • سيرين الجندلي

    B.i OPPA Where are you.? 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Wiss LOL
    Wiss LOL Day ago

    الأغنية واوووووووووووووووو مذهل رائع لايمكن الوصف

  • •вlιηк ƒαη вσу•

    YG stan for life better"

  • Avrilia 08
    Avrilia 08 Day ago

    We miss you hanbin, and we still waiting for you😌

  • Chakhing Hakhun
    Chakhing Hakhun Day ago

    Hanbin love you

  • jokamar x Aggcr
    jokamar x Aggcr Day ago +1


  • Nithya Sri
    Nithya Sri Day ago

    I cry everytime I listen to this song.Its so hurting.Please comeback leader😪

  • Nithya Sri
    Nithya Sri Day ago

    The lyrics for this song was also written by B.I i mean imagine how stressed or hurt he must've been to do smtg like tht.I feel like he had reasons to do that.So I'm still and I will wait till the end.

  • dong dong
    dong dong Day ago

    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Krisna Pek Pek
    Krisna Pek Pek Day ago


  • phương hà thị

    Congratulations " killing me" 144 million views

  • Intiaar_
    Intiaar_ Day ago +1

    Kangeennn biai:)

  • Ann An
    Ann An Day ago

    Miss you, Kim Hanbin !!! :(((



  • Vanesa Ruíz
    Vanesa Ruíz Day ago

  • Jair BLINK
    Jair BLINK Day ago

    I Love This Song❤️

  • Hala Said
    Hala Said Day ago

    1:27 I swear I thought I heard B.I. say "Hotel Llama"

  • Isna Eni
    Isna Eni Day ago


  • Erica Films
    Erica Films Day ago

    I miss my 7 babies...

  • lovely fawn
    lovely fawn 2 days ago

    Miss you and love you Hanbinie 🐣

  • forever ahgase
    forever ahgase 2 days ago +2

    we need hanbin :'(