Rhye - Taste | Noelle Marsh Choreography | Official Dance Video

  • Published on Nov 7, 2017
  • DanceOn presents the official dance video to Rhye’s new hit single, “Taste”, featuring choreography by Noelle Marsh.
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    Produced By: DanceOn
    Music: Taste by Rhye
    Choreography by: Noelle Marsh
    Dancers: Noelle Marsh, Madelyne Spang, & Mason Cutler

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Comments • 67

  • Princess John
    Princess John Month ago +1

    Now this is kind of video I live for! Thank you and well done

  • Ali Likhat
    Ali Likhat 4 months ago

    Well trained

  • Ranjana Kumari
    Ranjana Kumari 9 months ago

    Ossom dancing

  • Jenna Marquardt
    Jenna Marquardt 10 months ago

    Chereography and music are stunning!

  • Susana Santos
    Susana Santos 11 months ago

    So sexy.... Love Rhye so muchhhhhhh

  • Crystal Charron
    Crystal Charron 11 months ago

    okay, so trying to interpret the dances... guy sees his girl with another girl. dance between the girl and guy shows them confronting each other. he doesn't want to let her go, but she is in love with someone else. there is a lighter energy with the two girls dancing, like maybe to signify the start of a new relationship?

  • darlingharbour
    darlingharbour Year ago +1

    I'm not awake, I'm not alone
    You're right beside my face
    Will you love me this way?
    'Cause I'm dancing with my eyes closed
    It's okay, it's me, babe
    One more time for my taste
    One more time for my taste
    See me fall from your eyes to your waist
    One more time for my taste
    Drink this wine from your sweet, from your case
    I feel your love, I feel your faith always
    You're not awake, you're not alone
    I'm calling off that fragile case
    Half way
    Are you dancing with your eyes closed?
    It's okay, it's me, babe
    One more time for my taste
    I'll lick your wounds
    I'll lay you down
    One more time for my taste
    See me fall from your eyes to your waist
    One more time for my taste
    Drink this wine from your sweet, from your case
    I feel your love, I feel your faith always
    See me fall from your eyes to your waist
    I feel your love, I feel your faith always
    One more time for my taste
    One more time for my
    One more time for my
    One more time for my
    One more time for my home
    I'll lick your wounds
    I'll lay you down
    I'll lick your wounds
    I'll lay you down
    I'll lick your wounds
    I'll lay you down
    I'll lay you down

  • Georgios Arakas
    Georgios Arakas Year ago

    ωραίο κομμάτι, ωραίο βίντεο κλιπ.
    όπως του αρμόζει

  • Sara Eguzki
    Sara Eguzki Year ago +1

    I don't really get the story... Does the girl leave her boyfriend for the other girl??

  • Maxim Mooney
    Maxim Mooney Year ago


  • Mike5 MIKE
    Mike5 MIKE Year ago

    This is brilliant art and sexy hot. The choreography makes me take a deep breath and makes me sweat. Fantastic song. Love it. All of it...

  • Juli Logvinova
    Juli Logvinova Year ago

  • Marcelo Leiva
    Marcelo Leiva Year ago +1

    This is some serious art...

  • Laurel monterosa
    Laurel monterosa Year ago +1

    this choreography is amazing! x

  • Joanna Cielatkowska
    Joanna Cielatkowska Year ago +3

    those two women... thank you for this beautiful video... let me rewatch ita million times

  • S. Jo.
    S. Jo. Year ago +20

    I don't get why so many people say this is sad.... more people should learn to give themselves in ways this song and video imply... everyone is so quick to give it up for passionless hookups... what do they even get out of it? Sometimes being vulnerable is necessary, even if it doesn't work out in the end, I can't imagine a life without intimacy but so many people live that reality and seem fine with it.
    That's the only sad bit for me.

  • LuisTapia
    LuisTapia Year ago

    Gosh, just as I imagined in my head, only you did it better. Sad... really sad... great shoots, great story. Love it.

  • andi herzenach
    andi herzenach Year ago

    Wow that was incredible!

  • Yoo Jeongyeon
    Yoo Jeongyeon Year ago +2

    everything here is too beautiful

  • SoVideo
    SoVideo Year ago +5

    Perversity hidden under the mask or decadent "art".

    • SoVideo
      SoVideo Year ago

      Indeed, you seem to have no understanding of what's going on! :)

    • Caity Lynn
      Caity Lynn Year ago +7

      What the heck are you talking about? This is beautiful!

  • Matheus Silvestre

    Que lindo ❤

  • Dariann Seehghold
    Dariann Seehghold Year ago +15

    I wish there would be a guy for that lonely guy :(

  • 박포도
    박포도 Year ago

    일분 일팔대 이후 분위기 좋당ㅜㅜ 뷰

  • missay818
    missay818 Year ago +6

    I want to dope slap the 52 people who didn’t like this. It’s perfect. Beautiful choreography, song and story!

  • lizeth mora
    lizeth mora Year ago


  • Guissela Thorne
    Guissela Thorne Year ago

    Buen nivel corográfico, intimo 😊👍

  • Ditto Bagus Pradana

    please make a choreography for JADEN SMITH - ICON. Thx

  • Igor Sopon
    Igor Sopon Year ago

    Absolutne uzasna !

  • Nely Afonso
    Nely Afonso Year ago


  • gutiiijohn
    gutiiijohn Year ago

    Too beauty!

  • Sajjad
    Sajjad Year ago

    Nice choreography love it

  • Polyanna Trovão
    Polyanna Trovão Year ago

    Love love love. I love this song!!!!!!111

  • gabriel montalvão

    DanceOn queria ver vocês dançar uma música da Anitta e da Pablo vittar

  • Anushyaa Dewi
    Anushyaa Dewi Year ago


  • Darshan Parikh
    Darshan Parikh Year ago

    This and Mean Streets-Tennis have made this the best my best week of the year!

  • Liza Lee
    Liza Lee Year ago


  • BB. Kaye
    BB. Kaye Year ago +1

    this was beautiful

  • Annie Edwards
    Annie Edwards Year ago +2

    beautiful!! gorgeous choreography

  • Kizzy Lolo
    Kizzy Lolo Year ago


  • holi jiji
    holi jiji Year ago +1

    Like si te visto este vídeo , o si lees este comentario jejej

  • Audrey and Sierra
    Audrey and Sierra Year ago +1

    Great story

  • Jaime Storz
    Jaime Storz Year ago +1

    Wow this is incredibly beautiful

  • Cheryl Guthrie
    Cheryl Guthrie Year ago +10

    Absolutely beautiful! Great job!

  • Jessica Bush
    Jessica Bush Year ago +34

    But who are the dancers? I can’t believe their names aren’t credited anywhere

  • Kate Waweru
    Kate Waweru Year ago +4

    Amazin always love story dance

  • Bryan Montalvo
    Bryan Montalvo Year ago +2

    Omg, i love this ❤

  • Bee Tran
    Bee Tran Year ago +11

    Beautiful song, beautiful dance and beautiful story 🔥

  • Emilio Guardado
    Emilio Guardado Year ago +2

    Qué hermoso :"

  • GumoMJ
    GumoMJ Year ago

    Mega like !

  • Ελένη Κιουμουρτζίδου

    Really atmospheric, well done!

  • Promi Point
    Promi Point Year ago +6

    Oh my gosh, so beautiful!

  • Moad Haddadi
    Moad Haddadi Year ago +1

    Oh Nice I like it

  • ghost aka
    ghost aka Year ago +32

    Beautiful but sad
    why ?
    house is very nice , i would like to have this house :)

    MegaTODOMUSICA Year ago +19

    La música, lenguaje universal. - Music, universal language.

    • Caroline Carol
      Caroline Carol Year ago +2

      La música y la danza, lenguaje universal ♥