Game of Thrones - Is Arya Azor Ahai? Season 8 Episode 3 Q&A #WesterosWeekly

  • Published on Apr 30, 2019
  • After what she did in Episode 3, is Arya Stark the ‘One Who Was Promised’? Is she the savior from the religion of R’hllor, the Lord of Light. SUBSCRIBE to our WESTEROS WEEKLY PODCAST to get all our Game of Thrones videos early:
    Filup Molina analyzes why Arya Stark might or might not be the reincarnation of Azor Ahai. Does the big death in this episode signal that winter is over? Which characters are alive and dead after The Long Night and the Battle of Winterfell? What was Bran doing in the Godswood? What was the Lord of Light’s purpose for bringing Jon back from the dead? WHERE IS GHOST AND IS RHAEGAL OK?!?!?!
    We answer all of your questions about the episode from Twitter and from video app Stardust. They also break down the KILL COUNT, POWER RANKINGS and after watching the Season 8 Episode 4 teaser, we make predictions for next week!
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  • rottvang
    rottvang Month ago

    There's no Azorah there's no light bringer there no more NIGHT KING

  • Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime Month ago

    Beric-cade THE DOOR!!!!!

  • Salene Brom
    Salene Brom Month ago

    Jon is azor ahi Arya is his sword and Sansa his heart

  • Startrance
    Startrance Month ago

    The Dorhraki charge was one of the dumbest things they ever done, they knew the army of the dead had over 100.000 undeads, running into that with a couple of thousand horse riders wont do jack shit.

  • Ladie Panda
    Ladie Panda Month ago

    Well in fantasy worlds magic beings are usually immune to magical attacks

  • Stoneryoda 937
    Stoneryoda 937 Month ago

    Arya & the hound “ master blaster “ from mad max or Ferra/Torr from Mkx

  • Stoneryoda 937
    Stoneryoda 937 Month ago

    Apparently Sansa and Tyrion did fight but they cut the scene ..... which I’m super happy we didn’t see

  • bren3444
    bren3444 Month ago

    edd kinda did outlive jon for a little bit at least

  • Ranjith Kumar Bakku

    Will Dario Naharis come with second sons to aid Danny from mereen and help takeover redkeep in episode 5?

  • Nattiexs
    Nattiexs Month ago

    I want Jaime to kill Cersei.

  • Steve Sievert
    Steve Sievert Month ago

    Jon Snow is NOT fireproof. His hand got burned when he grabbed the lantern to hurl at the wight in Commander Mormont's room.

  • Rex O'Connell
    Rex O'Connell Month ago

    Could be argued that Arya was truly born in bravos.

  • N7 Engineer
    N7 Engineer Month ago

    The prophecy was bull no-no. The was saying that no one knows the future and only we can define it.
    Learn from the past, do not repeat it and forge your own future.

  • Mike Waldron
    Mike Waldron Month ago

    I feel that Jaime will unfortunately die, but then Aria will kill Cersei (as Jaime).

  • Asif Rahaman
    Asif Rahaman Month ago

    I really hope they do some twist, either Dany being the “mad queen” or the NK still being alive, I’m just hoping that end isn’t just Dany and Jon ruling together happily ever after

  • The seventh sin
    The seventh sin Month ago

    Multiple abandoned castles
    Bronn: Its free real estate

  • Agent 13
    Agent 13 Month ago

    Nicely done!

  • Wingless Angel
    Wingless Angel Month ago

    Know that the knightking is dead wonder if his brand on Bran is gone?

  • Jonathan Rodriguez
    Jonathan Rodriguez Month ago

    Phil, you spoke of how the catspaw dagger is a portion of Lightbringer. What if all the Valarie steel swords are desendances of Lightbringer? So anyone welding Valarie steel blade could fill the lore of Azor Ahai.

  • Paige McDonald
    Paige McDonald Month ago

    Jon doesn’t just yell at The dragon....he’s yelling Go. I think he was distracting the dragon so Arya could get past and get it done.

  • Dezslock
    Dezslock Month ago

    Why did the Night King tilt his head when looked at Bran? He was like 'Wait what?'.
    Also Peter Dinklage said this season will be full of connections and twists and will be very complicated but the plot seems pretty straightforward so far.

  • Peter Dos Ramos
    Peter Dos Ramos Month ago

    I read another fan theory that I liked where Jon distracted Viserion guarding the entrance to the gods woods, while shouting at Arya, goooo, go, go,... That could be why he was brought back by the Lord of Light. To aid Arts, like Beric....

  • Love Lee
    Love Lee Month ago

    if dany had waited there would have been nobody left alive

  • prashant misra
    prashant misra Month ago

    I think bran is the leader of undead.he is a real antagonist .

  • prashant misra
    prashant misra Month ago

    I think arya is definitely kill one of the lannister.

  • Brad Nymeyer
    Brad Nymeyer Month ago

    Ya know in Braveheart where the Irish were fighting for the English, but then switched sides? I am predicting we will see something similar with Jamie and the Lannister army.

  • Josh Augustino
    Josh Augustino Month ago

    Bearrick: Bearicade

  • Nicole Harlan
    Nicole Harlan Month ago

    Loved the pause for water, ha ha

  • Starcus McR
    Starcus McR Month ago

    No, because azor ahai was cut for fanservice. So was the Prince that was promised and all the other complicated stuff. Asoiaf and Got are Not the Same. You want a good Story? Read the books.

  • Matt Elliott
    Matt Elliott Month ago

    Since Prince Doran, most die pointlessly

  • Farukh Khan
    Farukh Khan Month ago

    well who said hes the nightking , maybe the nightking is still alive , maybe the nightking turned one person to a walker and he made all those walkers .

  • Viral Chavda
    Viral Chavda Month ago

    Didn't little finger had green eyes?

  • Weeding A Loud
    Weeding A Loud Month ago

    I thought it was implied the Tyrion and Sansa defended the people in the crypts while the dead were rising that why they went out if they were just going to keep hiding why move and they took out their knives and when we come back to them their standing knifes still in hand over bones so I think we’ll hear at least from Varys that Tyrion and Sansa deafened the living in the Crypts.

  • Sharon DiSciacca
    Sharon DiSciacca Month ago

    Walder frey had green eyes...

  • Liz P
    Liz P Month ago

    Who else thinks Bron will make us all think he killed Tyrion, &or Jaimie, only for us to later find it's all a ruse to somehow sneak something past Cersai ' s defenses, or set Tyrion's even bigger plan in motion?
    Also think Cersai will die in childbirth, while giving birth to a dwarf;)

  • Robert Montoya
    Robert Montoya Month ago

    So Arya is a king Slayer.

  • DontMaskTruth
    DontMaskTruth Month ago

    We've been writing the story for them using source material, and they have heavily depended on that. Maybe it's counterproductive.

  • DontMaskTruth
    DontMaskTruth Month ago

    The first mention was actually brown, green, blue, and they had the actress repeat it later as brown, blue, green. Hilariously bad writing unless it's GRRM source material

  • Rusty G
    Rusty G Month ago

    I read somewhere that Jon snow yells go go go when he is fight the dragon and the dragon is blocking the entrance to the kings woods and he is yelling at arya to go go go while he is distracting the dragon then the hair moves on the one white walker the rest is history

  • YeezusNavas
    YeezusNavas Month ago +4

    So what was the purpose of Bran? Felt like he done nothing

  • Collin Kelly
    Collin Kelly Month ago

    The Iron bank got the Lannister money back in full, they don't need Cersei anymore. So what if the golden company switches sides paid by the Iron bank to get a more stable governor in place in Westeros?

  • Corvid76
    Corvid76 Month ago

    Why are people assuming that the Night King is defeated? The battle at Winterfell was simply a distraction.

  • Hart Johnson
    Hart Johnson Month ago

    Nymeria's pack might help the northmen. Cersei was responsible for Lady's death.

  • Rodana Mussie
    Rodana Mussie Month ago

    Daenerys have an army in Meereen the seconds sons

  • Chris Clark
    Chris Clark Month ago

    The Stark's are building a wall to keep these damn wight's out!! Guess what??? The Wight's are paying for it!!!! Mark my works, the wight's will pay for the wall or we will lock their little white walker children in cages! Make Winterfell Great Again!!!!!

  • Nana Ribeiro
    Nana Ribeiro Month ago

    Wouldn't it be awesome if Tormund ended up as the next Lord Commander of the Night's Watch?

  • NikkiHolli
    NikkiHolli Month ago

    wanted to say a quick thank-you shoutout to how insanely hard you all work!!! getting no sleep to make this happen for viewers, insanity. your hard work doesn't go unnoticed, you are all so appreciated!!

  • Amanda Nedved
    Amanda Nedved Month ago

    No! We want Jaimie to kill Cersei :D

  • Jake
    Jake Month ago

    My guess is Bran was indeed trying to get a view and make sure things are happening the way they need to. But I think the scene when they cut away to crows around the night king that Bran was baiting him. Trying to piss him off to get him to expose himself. Theon says to Bran they lit the trench which means to bran things are about to get bad need to get the night king down here. So he wargs into the crows and baits him to come down. The night king does then come down but is confronted by the other dragon riders.

  • Franklin Ackah
    Franklin Ackah Month ago

    Assuming Arya has never killed anyone with green eyes lol

  • michelle davison
    michelle davison Month ago

    So House Mormont is fully gone now?

  • michelle davison
    michelle davison Month ago

    I keep going to like the video again and again after every good point lol

  • john payne
    john payne Month ago

    you only gave arya 21 kills? The entire army of the dead? I know Gimli would say it only counts as 1.

  • inthedriversseat
    inthedriversseat Month ago

    Why are people so obsessed with "Cleganebowl"?

  • Nurse Harley299
    Nurse Harley299 Month ago

    I would've died if the The Night King rolled up to Bran and was like,"Check", then Arya wipes him out and Brans all like, "Checkmate" with a huge smirk 🤣🤣 The whole battle made me think of a giant chess board

  • Al Valcárcel
    Al Valcárcel Month ago

    Excellent episode, great job. I forgot about the forces at Dorne, hope they join the fight.
    What happen to Robin Arryn?

  • Explicitaz83
    Explicitaz83 Month ago

    So the word prince/princess used. Basically translates to Heir?

  • Inceptions661
    Inceptions661 Month ago

    Bran helped the Night King. He gave his position and gave him intel about the trenches. He reacts when Bran wargs. I think they might blow our minds soon...

  • Brendan Malloy
    Brendan Malloy Month ago

    i like how you pimp a staffing service and yet have to work alone and do your own puppetry. I call that irony.

  • BelladonnaHarker
    BelladonnaHarker Month ago

    I want the little brother to be Jamie...His her twin but who was born first? If Jamie was born after her he is technically her younger brother

  • Stephanie Hifko
    Stephanie Hifko Month ago

    Amazing job explaining the musical score at the end!

  • Mikhail Anand
    Mikhail Anand Month ago

    That tactic with the Dothraki made no sense. Why would you have to draw out an army of whites that literally tore down the wall to come for you.. their fucking coming for you one way or another . Don’t justify that shit man.. it was straight up dumb

  • Zach Leming
    Zach Leming Month ago

    So does no one else think Qyburn sent Bronn all on his own? I think he has something up his sleeve. Remember he created the zombie mountain.

  • Kobby Junior
    Kobby Junior Month ago

    Remember when Lord Tywin Lannister asked Arya if she believed the stories about Rob Stark? She said "No my Lord, anyone can be killed." This wasn't a plot twist. She was destined to kill the Night King. We just failed to acknowledge it as fans.

  • Javier Fernadez
    Javier Fernadez Month ago

    Jon snow was brought back to distract the bad dragon that was guarding the night king so arya can deal a deathblow

  • Kobby Junior
    Kobby Junior Month ago

    Good D can make a girl do crazy things like killing the God of Death after a one night romp 😂💀.... [Sommore voice]

  • Abigail Goff
    Abigail Goff Month ago

    What if Cerci has twins and the second one to pop out kills her in childbirth.... although that isn't as satifying as tyrion or sansa killing her

  • Samantha Lohmann
    Samantha Lohmann Month ago

    The also have the iron islands “army” if Yara takes it back

  • w07v3r3dux
    w07v3r3dux Month ago

    Great recap and Q&A thanks for being so cool!

  • flimflam945
    flimflam945 Month ago

    The Fellowship of Winterfell still have potential allies they can rally from The Riverlands, Storms End and even small pockets of Northerners south of Winterfell, not to mention the Second Sons from Meereen...

  • Kim Arciero
    Kim Arciero Month ago

    Walder Frey actually has bluish green eyes

  • ArgosySpecOps
    ArgosySpecOps Month ago

    32:05 Excellent observation about the music. Both took place in sacred spaces (The Sept of Balor & The Gods Wood), and just before a Monarch would fall. The music set to the scene leading to the final showdown in the Gods Wood sounded like something that would be in the climax/resolution of a Miyazaki film. I can see why it rubbed some fans the wrong way, but I thought it was kind of cool.

  • ArgosySpecOps
    ArgosySpecOps Month ago

    It seems the Dothraki cavalry charge was not completely in vain since the Giant Whites were at the vanguard, and the Dothraki only left one standing. Additionally, post War for the Dawn there really wouldn't be any place for the Dothraki since their culture was contradictory to Danny's vision for the future.

  • D Dwyer
    D Dwyer Month ago

    Was really hoping nymeria returned or beric lit up into flames when he died

  • Rezan01
    Rezan01 Month ago

    Is melisandre Shiera Seastar?

  • Centauer24
    Centauer24 Month ago +1

    I think Jon gave up at the end against Viserion. he realized there was no way to pass the dragon to reach the godswood to save Brann. he screamed his death in the face

    • Paige McDonald
      Paige McDonald Month ago

      You should rewatch that....he’s yelling goooooooo, go go...I think he was letting Arya past

  • Noel Lucas
    Noel Lucas Month ago

    Please hire me guys. Ill work for free for a year............

  • Milan Sekulic
    Milan Sekulic Month ago

    While watching the episode I was thinking god I wish NR did a kill count for this one

  • Daniel Ferguson
    Daniel Ferguson Month ago

    We lost the last direwolve. Did anyone notice that?

  • JOMprod
    JOMprod Month ago

    theon's sister and army could come into play kill euron

  • JOMprod
    JOMprod Month ago

    when Bran warged...he went to go see ENDGAME...he doesn't come back for a while because it's a 3hr movie

  • This comment is dumb, dumb Dumb

    What was the kill count?

  • H. L. Wiley
    H. L. Wiley Month ago

    I wasn't gonna do it, but now I can't resist. Nearly all the brown people were just cannon fodder. I wish I felt more confident that D&D were critical of this sort of colonialist craziness, instead of just using it unreflectively.

  • Insio Intelezio
    Insio Intelezio Month ago

    People are such cry babies that Jon Snow wasnt the one who killed the night king. Its like when Ned Stark was killed. They cant do everything. Its a losing battle even though they gathered a lot of people. The original plan was to lure the night king which happened, and a great timing that Arya was inside.

  • Marganda Yasss
    Marganda Yasss Month ago

    Targaeryans are fireproof

  • Freeski Swizzy
    Freeski Swizzy Month ago

    everyone complaining about the dark theme. lmao close your curtains, raise brightness a little bit and you're gucci. i had no problems seeing everything

  • Navindra Kharan
    Navindra Kharan Month ago +1

    the thing that Jon was brought back for already happened in seas 7, Arya went to winterfell specifically because he was there

  • Robert Quigley
    Robert Quigley Month ago

    @ 30 min in this video the Dathraki you refered to looked up at a giant you can see its outline of it not a swarm if you look close we dont see the world war z swarm till they hit the unsullied. great vid though guys love the ideas and thoughts

  • Jared
    Jared Month ago

    Here is what I came up with Jon is Azor Ahai and Arya is the champion of the many faced god. It required both of them to defeate the Night King. Jon to get him grounded and then distract his dragon who was standing outside the godswood not letting anyone in. That is why Arya got through is that the dragon was keeping watch for them and Jon got his attention. That and I feel that the Night king always figured if someone was going to stop him it would be Jon so he wanted to make sure he could not interfere like he has been every other encounter.

  • Tea Boy
    Tea Boy Month ago

    The more time passes the more I am starting to think that ep3 season 8 outsmarted majority of its audience.
    The strategy where many forget it is medieval and no one there had an army fight with the dead before.
    The fact that prophecy is a tricky subject that never works out as you think.
    White walkers had no reason to fight 1v1 and Arya was the only one with proper trainings for such act.
    Despite what happened, the crypts were the safest place.
    NK was just a weapon, just a tool created to kill... There is no back story because he had none. As a weapon of mass destruction he did turn against its creators and hence wanted to kill Bran who seems to be the last piece of Old Gods magic.
    And very little characters ever died in Army combats....

  • Ariel Deleon
    Ariel Deleon Month ago

    The theory that Jon distracted Viserion by yelling "go go!" In order for Arya to be able to get by into the godswood to kill the night king is pretty plausible!

  • Haleighrae123
    Haleighrae123 Month ago

    Just because Jon or dany didn’t give the final blow doesn’t mean he can’t be the prince/ princess who was promised?
    They lead the fight against the north, they also unite the north, take back winterfell.
    Without Jon dany would have come over to take over Westeros to be met with nothing left but white walkers.
    Without dany, the unsullied/ Dothraki/ dragons wouldn’t be fighting with them.
    I feel like they still are the reason why the night king is defeated? Does that still work?

  • mr. blank
    mr. blank Month ago

    This episode dumps about 40% of the major plotline into the trash

  • andiecandie
    andiecandie Month ago

    Barricade Dondarrion

  • Magda von der Weide

    Theons hair is too red to be a Stark? Tell that Sansa...

  • Fozz
    Fozz Month ago

    lol the mental gymnastics to justify the lore should be rewarded with a gold medal. This was years of foreshadowing and good storytelling trashed for the sake of subversion. They ruined years of investment in this story for a girlpower agenda face it!

  • Martin Wessling
    Martin Wessling Month ago

    Jon Snow is supposed to bring peace and balance to the Seven Kingdoms.
    That's right, Jon Snow is actually Darth Vader.

  • Jim Beaux
    Jim Beaux Month ago

    I thought it was giants that the Dothraki ran into

  • purplealize
    purplealize Month ago

    I thought i saw Alice Karstark was in the crypts, could still be alive

  • Ms. S McCreath
    Ms. S McCreath Month ago

    So when the Starks claim "winter is coming", they weren't talking about the night king's winter? Just normal winter...that's kinda disappointing