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  • Published on Jun 10, 2019
    Stories from our Future is in partnership with Netflix inspired by fan homages to the Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones’ anthology series “Black Mirror.”
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  • Rudy Mancuso
    Rudy Mancuso  9 days ago +3288

    Enjoy. Watch more Stories From Our Future here

    • Measureless Liang
      Measureless Liang 17 hours ago

      My friend said that you two guys didn't have sex... So you are robots... By the way, why did your UI use Lorem ipsum... LOL

    • Allen Portillo
      Allen Portillo Day ago

      I feel sad for the boy robot

    • Cameron Haines
      Cameron Haines 2 days ago

      It was so sad when you got girl robot was so lonely 😭

    • Brandon Thebe
      Brandon Thebe 2 days ago

      Rudy Mancuso OMG dude that was amazing love that twist at the end

    • a google user
      a google user 2 days ago

      Hello of course I am late

  • Tung Nguyen
    Tung Nguyen 5 hours ago

    In the other world, the robot is crush on the girl on the train, they will love each other. The main character must comeback with his loneliness and realize he made a mistake with the first robot was male so he orders the female robot and loves her before she has 100% humanity.

  • I can’t change this name For 90 days

    That took a mean girls ending

  • Ronald Mc F Donald
    Ronald Mc F Donald 5 hours ago

    This makes me want to have an robot Anwar as a best friend 😞

  • Valeria Perez
    Valeria Perez 5 hours ago

    Only one word to say “AMAZiNG” 😊❤️

  • Rama 29
    Rama 29 5 hours ago

    Good acting anwar & hanna 🙏🙏🙏

  • Shubham Prakash
    Shubham Prakash 5 hours ago

    Hey Rudy why don't you makes horror video's

  • Gacha Queen228
    Gacha Queen228 6 hours ago +1

    This is going to be my new favorite video like that was some good acting skills

  • Gyori zub
    Gyori zub 6 hours ago

    Dude thats sad

  • Gustavo Briones
    Gustavo Briones 7 hours ago

    Mucho mejor que los nuevos capítulos de black mirror

  • Chiencheinfemme 21Magic

    Ooooo that was good!!!

  • abel ramirez
    abel ramirez 7 hours ago

    are they dating

  • Skillmagic 24/7
    Skillmagic 24/7 7 hours ago

    It’s beautiful, keep it up rudi!

  • Colby Enos
    Colby Enos 8 hours ago

    I think someone’s on the rim of the world

  • Malek Alnasser
    Malek Alnasser 9 hours ago +1

    Let’s talk about that ending

  • Wolfygaming's FNAF
    Wolfygaming's FNAF 10 hours ago +1

    That is just super super super deep leave a like on this comment if you agree

  • Wolfygaming's FNAF
    Wolfygaming's FNAF 10 hours ago +1

    Wow just wow that's deep I shed a tear

    HABOBO MLBB 10 hours ago

    Hidden messages in this video is

    *Don't forget ppl that always with you just bcz u found a new person*

  • Makiya Bailey
    Makiya Bailey 10 hours ago

    That's so sad

    Paula TheWEIRDJELLYKEN 10 hours ago

    WHAT THE but oh my Jeez oh my shiz I loved this

  • Grubsirrah Simon
    Grubsirrah Simon 10 hours ago


  • monét aleena
    monét aleena 10 hours ago

    Omg ridy,anwar, and hanna's acting skills r crazy good, Edit:PLOT TWIST AT THE END I SWEAR

  • Nour nosh
    Nour nosh 11 hours ago

    In the beginning your life seems like a robot

  • Jorge Tavares
    Jorge Tavares 11 hours ago

    Black Mirror vibes

  • Jorge Tavares
    Jorge Tavares 11 hours ago

    All robots?

  • Jorge Tavares
    Jorge Tavares 11 hours ago

    Two express trains

  • Romanuel Dimitrov
    Romanuel Dimitrov 11 hours ago +1

    Anwar jibawi is only good thing in that video

  • Star Killer 101
    Star Killer 101 12 hours ago

    damn the plot twist at the end tho

  • PUBG Pro Afghan
    PUBG Pro Afghan 13 hours ago

    I was about to cry for poor anwar

  • Thomson LOL
    Thomson LOL 13 hours ago

    Impressing video with heartbreaking and very clever ending. The scenery is unexpectable great and anwars acting is one of the best I ever seen. It's not the first time when Rudy did such a great job. I've got to say again I'm really impressed.

  • Elliott Newman
    Elliott Newman 13 hours ago

    That was actually sick

  • A loyal Trash
    A loyal Trash 14 hours ago

    Yo anyone else feeling the “I’m not a robot” kdrama vibe? Just me oki

  • Lazxli
    Lazxli 14 hours ago

    shit got real fast

  • Mariane Ziade
    Mariane Ziade 14 hours ago

    The best video I ever seen❤

  • Dawnxtr
    Dawnxtr 14 hours ago

    i don’t get it

  • Sama Maher
    Sama Maher 14 hours ago

    Anwaar looks so fucking sexy in the robot outfit and the eye effect

  • Hussein Abbas
    Hussein Abbas 14 hours ago

    I want an Anwar too

  • Valor BiuBiu
    Valor BiuBiu 15 hours ago

    black mirror

  • Kendyl Jordan
    Kendyl Jordan 15 hours ago

    And people ask why I'm scared of trains

  • Kodek da Boi
    Kodek da Boi 15 hours ago

    Amazing video

  • Araz Mdd
    Araz Mdd 15 hours ago

    Wow this made me cry..

  • Alexander Joe
    Alexander Joe 15 hours ago +4

    Rudy: Works as a dishwasher.
    Also Rudy: Has holograms and video screen mirrors in his house and an IPhone X.

  • TTB_Clyde23
    TTB_Clyde23 15 hours ago

    the end😭😭

  • TTB_Clyde23
    TTB_Clyde23 15 hours ago

    nice job anwar

  • Stay Covert
    Stay Covert 16 hours ago

    That ending!

  • Avan yuen
    Avan yuen 16 hours ago

    omg it's fantastic

  • tanssim laid
    tanssim laid 16 hours ago


  • Mariam hany
    Mariam hany 16 hours ago

    Hey Iam from egypt
    I liked this video very much rudy💙❤❤
    And iam supersad about the robot😹💔💔

  • Mareah Mazzarella
    Mareah Mazzarella 17 hours ago

    This made my heart feel warm

  • Μαρια Αντωνο

    Amassssssssiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnngggggggg video !!!!!!!

  • vinicius yeung
    vinicius yeung 18 hours ago

    feijao e arroz manooooo!!!!!

  • Ismet Grabovica
    Ismet Grabovica 18 hours ago

    Poor anwar

  • Norelis Rodriguez
    Norelis Rodriguez 18 hours ago

    I need more episodes

  • Aysha A
    Aysha A 18 hours ago

    how do you watch a movie and your asleep and in the moring your in the bed?

  • Filip Murgac
    Filip Murgac 18 hours ago

    Amazing video bro!!!

  • Prince Venee
    Prince Venee 18 hours ago

    They're all robots?

  • Naomie Torres
    Naomie Torres 18 hours ago

    Easy Rudy a robot and his girlfriend

  • Jake B
    Jake B 18 hours ago

    4some in thumbnail

  • abhinash raul
    abhinash raul 19 hours ago


  • nurfitriani pattinson
    nurfitriani pattinson 19 hours ago

    Here Anwar is fucking handsome omgggg!!!!

  • Arvin Verdijo
    Arvin Verdijo 19 hours ago

    By one take one robot

  • Julieta Martínez
    Julieta Martínez 19 hours ago


  • Ines Medjadi
    Ines Medjadi 19 hours ago

    Nooooo that is so sad 😭

  • Talia Janzen
    Talia Janzen 19 hours ago

    Anyone notice lele in the train at first? Lol I love her

  • Mahdi Dakik
    Mahdi Dakik 20 hours ago

    This was ten minutes it felt like 2 seconds

  • Dev Dilip
    Dev Dilip 20 hours ago

    Finally my fav guy with his soul embracing music and mind blowing ideas are back.....❣️

  • Hind Hindo
    Hind Hindo 21 hour ago

    Miiiiiind bloooowing

  • Francheska Bellarde
    Francheska Bellarde 21 hour ago

    Anwar was cute btw 😁

  • Marina Redon
    Marina Redon 21 hour ago

    This is so beautifully told and creative. I absolutely loved it.

  • Gabrielle Angelina
    Gabrielle Angelina 21 hour ago

    Why is Hannah and Anwar always together in videos?

  • jules
    jules 22 hours ago

    this gives me black mirror vibes

  • Ilma Sheikh
    Ilma Sheikh 22 hours ago +1

    0:37 lele!

  • Devil Myself
    Devil Myself 23 hours ago

    Wha---- the girl with Rudy was a robot

  • Brigid Galbiso
    Brigid Galbiso 23 hours ago

    Well shit....what a twist

  • TAE'S TV
    TAE'S TV 23 hours ago

    Amazing ‼️‼️i love this

  • Nathaniel Holder
    Nathaniel Holder 23 hours ago

    Yow great video 💯👌

  • Aaaa A
    Aaaa A 23 hours ago

    Every time Rudy suprises with his immense talent and hardwork kudos to this boy I’m in love♥️😩😭💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • Akshay Joshi
    Akshay Joshi 23 hours ago

    Directed by Christopher Nolan.

  • Yusif Mammadli
    Yusif Mammadli Day ago

    You guys are so creative ! Loved every second of it ! WOW

    WISHY GAMES Day ago

    i didn’t see that ending coming, awesome short movie man

  • Crazy Minions
    Crazy Minions Day ago

    I want this to be a 2hrs long episode!!

  • Ghóul *
    Ghóul * Day ago

    I knew that plot twist was coming great video!

  • Mia Mia
    Mia Mia Day ago

    oh my god, the end... i always tough that this would happend, i was soooo right :O

  • Christine
    Christine Day ago

    Amazing video!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gong z
    Gong z Day ago +4

    Rudy with extra ordinary music skills.Anwar with mind blowing acting skills, Damn!

  • Thatikonda Venkat

    Our world, not so long from now 👾

  • diego pedraza
    diego pedraza Day ago

    Te llevas el like solo porque hanna no aparece gritando y sobreactuandose como siempre 👍

  • Md Sakib
    Md Sakib Day ago

    Omg i cant believe my eyes . This video was so good n the last part was soo epicc 😢

    MR. HEART Day ago

    amazing video bro

  • Red Ninja 01
    Red Ninja 01 Day ago

    Confusing and also very sad

  • Freddyi George
    Freddyi George Day ago

    At 8:06 , I didn't expect that.. so sad 😅

  • BiLawaL GuLfaam
    BiLawaL GuLfaam Day ago

    The MesSage iN This ShoRt Movie :(

  • Chiheb Bouzid
    Chiheb Bouzid Day ago

    Black mirror material right here !

  • Suhel Ahamad
    Suhel Ahamad Day ago

    Blow Mind 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Mariyam Zakir
    Mariyam Zakir Day ago


  • Juan Vega jr
    Juan Vega jr Day ago

    is he in black mirror or sum

  • Hussein Official

    this awsome 🔥🔥🔥

  • hafify mazlan
    hafify mazlan Day ago

    is that anwar 😱

    • He him
      He him 20 hours ago +1

      hafify mazlan yes 😮😮

  • Flam ingo
    Flam ingo Day ago

    damnnn what A STORY

  • A-Jökêŕ
    A-Jökêŕ Day ago

    Illuminite sines ar too much..