Film Theory: Will Marvel BREAK in One Punch? (Infinity War Vibranium vs. One Punch Man)

  • Published on Sep 13, 2018
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    Today we are talking about the ULTIMATE showdown of strength and durability. One Punch Man vs Vibranium - the strongest metal of the Marvel universe! I know, I know, call me crazy but I HAD to know. Theorists, today we find out of vibranium can be broken in ONE PUNCH!
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Comments • 32 732

  • The Film Theorists
    The Film Theorists  9 months ago +12303

    Yeah...definitely screwed up the bit about the speed of Saitama hopping back to Earth from the moon BUT on the plus side, it doesn't change the final outcome. Yes, it overestimates Saitama's power for that one calculation, but it's not his MAX STRENGTH that we calculated for the falling meteor. It also still PALES in comparison to Vibranium's power, so yep, Cap's shield still stands!

    • Daniel Prince
      Daniel Prince 15 days ago

      Saitama doesn't have an speed limit tho.

    • Sniperkid 1395
      Sniperkid 1395 29 days ago

      The Film Theorists well avengers endgame just destroyed it then brought it back through time travel.

    • Daniel Martinek
      Daniel Martinek 3 months ago

      About to write this.

    • GG_Awsomedude
      GG_Awsomedude 4 months ago

      The Film Theorists no

    • Nicolai Veliki
      Nicolai Veliki 4 months ago

      Yeah... 1 light second ~ 300.000 km, or a bit MORE than the average distance Earth-Moon

  • Tom Tucker
    Tom Tucker 3 hours ago

    His shield broke in game

  • Dahreeso666 dahreeso
    Dahreeso666 dahreeso 5 hours ago

    You mean superman is too powerfull she Lost saitama Many time

  • Dahreeso666 dahreeso
    Dahreeso666 dahreeso 5 hours ago

    Dc and Marvels are for Kids bruh

  • Myst-Wrecker
    Myst-Wrecker 5 hours ago

    Oh when you think about it when saitama is on the moon he picks up a rock tosses it on the palm of his hand and then nods. To me it looked like he was trying to figure out how gravity worked on the moon so that he doesn't over shoot his jump and accidently destroy the earth...but that just a thought

  • tictacuser123 4
    tictacuser123 4 6 hours ago

    I think that he said million more than million times

    VELO DUNK 7 hours ago

    uh matpat is wrng AGAIN. odeeen said Thor's hammr were forgd IN a dyng star. not FROM dying str

  • SkywalkerExpress
    SkywalkerExpress 8 hours ago

    Saitama does 100 sit ups, push ups and squats after watching Chuck Norris aerobic tutorial video.

  • SmokeGoody247
    SmokeGoody247 8 hours ago

    In avengers end game thanos broke the shield

  • Cloudram
    Cloudram 9 hours ago

    If Thanos can break the shield... Saitama can. Also you do know that Saitama is nigh omnipotent and that he hasn't even shown a fraction of his strength as said by the editors. He's always gone easy on all of his opponents. Have you seen his feats especially against his near godly enemies? It's almost impossible to imagine how strong Saitama is if he hasn't tried yet. Do more research before you make this theory. If you want to talk about it, dm me

  • Abradolf Lincler
    Abradolf Lincler 13 hours ago

    Well, thanos could BREAK captain’s shield with a few slashes.

  • The Jacob show !games toys and shows!


    Like really that’s why you look at other youtubers

  • Potato King
    Potato King 15 hours ago

    thanos's sword can break through the shield so yea

  • Karl O
    Karl O 15 hours ago

    Cap's shield is not full vibranium btw

  • M3iXin
    M3iXin 15 hours ago

    I'm impressed by the intro and the pronounciation is on point.

  • julia ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    julia ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 16 hours ago +1

    Saitama has been confirmed to be able to destroy half the universe in one punch

  • Mammoth Games
    Mammoth Games 16 hours ago

    You have to see how thin it is as well

  • Moniqk
    Moniqk 17 hours ago

    Like you said, sitama is unspeakably fast, wouldn't that mean sitama can deliver two punches at the vibranuim and run all the way back and punch the energy back 🤔🤕

  • hunter wilson
    hunter wilson 19 hours ago


  • ThaBestAnimations
    ThaBestAnimations 20 hours ago

    Ik this was made before endgame...but considering the fact thanos broke caps shield with a simple sword....

    *I think saitama wins*

  • ChazzerMJazzer
    ChazzerMJazzer 21 hour ago

    sorry but your standard form was incorrect as it has to be between 1-10 while 0.0042

  • Silver Eevee
    Silver Eevee 23 hours ago

    This is why i watched opm

  • Spencer Hawley
    Spencer Hawley Day ago

    67 times the speed of light and it looked like he was doing a meh jump still like he was just should probably get back to earth I guess

  • Aziz Al Ameen
    Aziz Al Ameen Day ago

    Are you're an mathematician 😰😰😰😰😨😨😨😨

  • Garrett Walker
    Garrett Walker Day ago

    Seeing that thanks in endgame broke caps shield with a few hits with a sword then yeah since saitama is stronger than thanos he could break it easily

  • Jose Perez
    Jose Perez Day ago

    So unless your a plane or a explosion or some ice then you necessarily have to yield

  • TheUltimate NormalGamer

    Season 2 is awesome

  • PopFox
    PopFox Day ago

    16:19 thats two right hands

  • Kapital
    Kapital Day ago +9

    What about Saitamas “serious punch” when he was fighting lord boros

  • yea
    yea Day ago


  • Kapital
    Kapital Day ago +1

    But thanos breaks captain America’s shield in endgame

  • Power Lord
    Power Lord Day ago

    dude even thanos can break it dzuh

  • IMPLODE345
    IMPLODE345 Day ago +2

    Saitama cracked the moon by jumping

  • Leonardo Simulato

    saitama vs tanos saitama win

  • Slimey
    Slimey Day ago


  • Jeff Cheese
    Jeff Cheese Day ago

    Everyone said oh yeah thanos break cap sheild But Tony Gave him a new one so it might not have vibranium

  • Santal
    Santal Day ago

    Saitama vs Koro-Sensei

  • Andrew Kalos
    Andrew Kalos Day ago

    Another debate with Saitama. Saitama is unbeatable to the most powerful of enemies. He is meant to be overpowered. He is so powerful that he has no limit to his power. This debate is stupid because Saitama is meant to destroy anything with one punch. And if the Vibranium doesn't break then he is probably holding back his limitless power.

  • FaKe Death
    FaKe Death Day ago

    How does his shield still last? How about saitamas death punch?

  • Caleb Arellano
    Caleb Arellano Day ago +5

    Just imagine how strong saitama would be if he hàd the gauntlet

    • Ariyan Singh
      Ariyan Singh 8 hours ago

      Wouldn't make a difference other than he gains extra abilities, not strengh because his strength is already limitless

  • Anant Singh
    Anant Singh Day ago +1

    If thanos can break the shield , then saitama can definitely do it.

  • giovanni gio
    giovanni gio 2 days ago

    Vibranium is not the most strong in the marvel univers. But there is no point. One punc man is only there to make a joke of OP herous.

  • sTaTiiC Ryze
    sTaTiiC Ryze 2 days ago

    W H A T D O Y O U T H I N K ?!

  • SiasTic
    SiasTic 2 days ago +1

    Saitama can just bend it rather than giving it kinetic energy

  • Blue_Squirrel
    Blue_Squirrel 2 days ago

    Actually one punch man never punches anything he just almost punches something, but because he is so powerful and fast it creates a lot of wind which does most of the damage

  • insane
    insane 2 days ago


  • Julia Gibbons
    Julia Gibbons 2 days ago

    Why u keep putting all might's muscles on the vibranium?

  • Christopher Beltran
    Christopher Beltran 2 days ago

    16:38 haha he said unspeakable which is a USclipr btw😂

    • Sans
      Sans Day ago

      Christopher Beltran cool

    • Christopher Beltran
      Christopher Beltran Day ago

      Sans yeah but I’m a big fan of unspeakable

    • Sans
      Sans 2 days ago

      Christopher Beltran okay? so? it’s also a word?

  • Alan Larsen
    Alan Larsen 2 days ago

    Saitama would smash the fk out a dat shield...

  • L I L S L AY E R
    L I L S L AY E R 2 days ago

    Goku could just flick the shield and it would...

  • The Surfing Charmander
    The Surfing Charmander 2 days ago +3

    You should have used the moon called titan from Jupiter!!!!

  • CharivuP Gopalan Prasad

    Uru is a metal not neutron star matter.and thanos broke the shield in just several blows.saitama stomps

  • Iris Martinez
    Iris Martinez 2 days ago

    P how about one punch man v.s. thanos

  • Thabile Ntombela
    Thabile Ntombela 2 days ago +2

    It's available on Netflix
    Yes yes yes yes yes!!

  • Bqrtas
    Bqrtas 2 days ago +4

    Saitama : *wins against the strongest shield in the world*
    Captain Americas fans : *Shame*

  • Kinfizo
    Kinfizo 2 days ago

    He can flick and break the shield lol

  • Howie Ow
    Howie Ow 3 days ago

    We all know goku’s pants is the strongest material here

  • Howie Ow
    Howie Ow 3 days ago

    Remember it’s just saitama’s AVERAGE speed well he can go even faster, I mean average by he went without a single sweat or heart beat raise

  • Kaukus Anotherone
    Kaukus Anotherone 3 days ago +2

    19sec to travel 380tkm.... Is 67x sol🤔
    Wow.. Lights slow out in space...

    • John Doe
      John Doe Day ago

      Yeah I am confused about this part too. It takes 1 second for light to travel from moon to earth..

  • Reach Leng
    Reach Leng 3 days ago

    Wait how can cap hold stormbreaker, it’s the same material as the hammer

  • RockyRoad
    RockyRoad 3 days ago +4

    Wolverine can also be destroy cuz wolverines claws are made adimantium and that cuts through vibranuim

  • DAVE? Official Fanpage

    One year later Thanos demolishes Cap’s shield with little effort

  • Saed B Cruz Reyes
    Saed B Cruz Reyes 3 days ago

    But what is actually One Punch man's Density? It is rather confusing since he has gotten hit many times, and never gotten a scratch...

  • Bro Andy
    Bro Andy 3 days ago

    Thanos vs saitama vs avengers vs superman

  • James and the random Stuff

    Aren’t you forgetting endgame where thanos broke the captains shield

  • Amanda Morgan
    Amanda Morgan 3 days ago

    let’s be real he probably has more defense than this shield to

  • LuminouslyMe
    LuminouslyMe 3 days ago

    *the moment MatPat says one Punch Man is on VRV*

    *sike it isn’t*

  • Cameron Kirkland
    Cameron Kirkland 3 days ago

    serious punch???????????????

  • Kanlaya Jariyanorasaet
    Kanlaya Jariyanorasaet 3 days ago +2

    Shouldn't you be calculating one punch man by th time he moved like a quarter of the earth clouds in one punch?

    • Blue_Squirrel
      Blue_Squirrel 2 days ago

      Well he didn't really punch boros though he moved his fist so fast and so powerful that it created A LOT of wind which did the damage

  • Muhannad A.
    Muhannad A. 3 days ago +1

    Notice how vibranium has to sweat to block (And Sometimes Breaks ) while every time Sitama punches it's like another day at the park. Not to mention the name is ONE PUNCH man so he can probably also destroy it in one punch if we are talking real here and you guessed it he will do it without a sweat.

  • Dried Grape
    Dried Grape 3 days ago

    How long did it take him to come up with baldi but for from basic?

  • The dude guy
    The dude guy 3 days ago

    We gonna ignore the fact that Saitama took out like a fourth of the moon when he jumped from the it

  • Doctor Scout
    Doctor Scout 3 days ago +11

    Matpat: captain America's shield would easily absorb saitama's punch
    Thanos with a sword: I'm about to end this man's theory

  • GrowingGreenes
    GrowingGreenes 3 days ago


    RAN DOM 3 days ago

    You failed to take into account that Saitama was able to overcome a blast of energy with the ability to destroy a planet durring his fight with the leader of the alien invaders, Lord Boros.

  • RyeenTheQueen
    RyeenTheQueen 3 days ago

    The speed of light is around 298,000,000 m/s, so the moon jump wasn’t even a 10th of the speed of light. In fact moon to earth at light speed only takes about 1.5 seconds.

  • The Peepee Poopoo Man
    The Peepee Poopoo Man 3 days ago +5

    Why not calculate saitamas serius punch (thats still not his strongest attack) and use that to calculate if the shield would survive.

  • Jon the Wolf
    Jon the Wolf 3 days ago

    Ummm you only make a theory about how he punching a meteor rather than him punching boros collapsing star roaring cannon that can destroy earth surface?

  • The Peepee Poopoo Man
    The Peepee Poopoo Man 3 days ago +10

    Caps shield is not indestructible. Saitamas power is infinite as far as we know.
    Even as a huge marvel fan i can't say that caps shield has a chance...

    Also Uru is stronger then vibranium.

    Caps shield is like a paper plate compared to saitama

    • Aditya Fawwazafa
      Aditya Fawwazafa 3 days ago

      Omg THIS, finally someone realizes that saitama is literally made to be the strongest, thats the point of his story

  • mayur rajput
    mayur rajput 3 days ago +3

    Einstain: Nothing can travel faster than light
    Saitama: (jump from moon) hold my bear😂😂😂

  • Ilion Skoglund
    Ilion Skoglund 3 days ago +2

    Wait who would win? Thanos or Saitama? Just wondering

    • toppolthecat
      toppolthecat Day ago

      Ilion Skoglund depends on whether or nor Saitama knows not to let Thanks snap. He could easily end Thanos if he tries, but we’ve seen that Saitama often stands around, in which time Thanks could snap, but even then one could only guess if the gauntlet would affect Saitama

  • Jelle Bulsink
    Jelle Bulsink 3 days ago +10


    in endgame caps shielt gets broken by thanos, and thanos inst even close te the strenght of Saitama
    So there is your anwser

    • Ariyan Singh
      Ariyan Singh 8 hours ago +1

      Spoiler alert thanos had a bladed weapon and atacked the shield from the top not directly making impact to the surface of the shield therefore it was much easier for him to break.

  • Otaku Gaming
    Otaku Gaming 3 days ago

    Well saitama is a gag hero that will destroy everything so outcome saitama wins

  • Jonathan Oco
    Jonathan Oco 3 days ago

    If that metal was indistructable how come it was molds to a blade nor a shield

  • A Robloxian
    A Robloxian 3 days ago

    And I thought Saitama will always be as strong as he needs to because he broke his "limiter" and Thanks broke cap's shield with just his broadsword :P

  • Mostafa the dragon slayer

    Hhhhhh when you say numbers in that order 😝😂😂😂😂👏

  • pringle productions
    pringle productions 4 days ago

    Lets not forget the time when sitama stopped his punch to genos and accidentally destroyed the mountain behind genos

  • Gactcha Luke
    Gactcha Luke 4 days ago

    With sitamia could look at how powerful a nottron star is and then compare all his feats then you could times it by let's say 27 then that could be your Your answer but 27 is just a guess of what his max is so just pick a random number between 1-30 and to the math tell me if this work

  • Mike Jizzwalker
    Mike Jizzwalker 4 days ago +2

    Seriously why didn't ya calculate Saitama punching power against Boros Roaring Star Cannon that can obliterate surface of the Earth??

  • Souradip Bhattacharya


  • Azon Playz
    Azon Playz 4 days ago

    If you do saitamas training for 3 years will you be as strong as him and fast? In real life🤔

    • P.B.O.M 2004
      P.B.O.M 2004 2 days ago

      No I think something happened to have a power like a god

    WILLIAM CHAN 4 days ago

    All it takes is a mere flick and that shield is done

  • dog animator
    dog animator 4 days ago

    The arms is all mights

  • Shubhanjan Risal
    Shubhanjan Risal 4 days ago


  • Matt Acabal
    Matt Acabal 4 days ago

    Yep your theory is right in Avengers 4 it really broke

    Sorry spoiler alert

  • Cullen's Cool
    Cullen's Cool 4 days ago

    IM SAD

  • Cullen's Cool
    Cullen's Cool 4 days ago


    • Zachary Giles
      Zachary Giles 3 days ago
      Watch anime there my friend

  • Kenny Sanspariel
    Kenny Sanspariel 4 days ago

    Wait, so Saitama is technically stronger than Superman?

  • George m
    George m 4 days ago

    So Saitama took 19 seconds to get to three moon to the earth..... While piccolo in regular db took less that 4seconds to hit the moon with a blast... Years past on and piccolo now in dbs wayyyy wayyy more powerful so imagine Goku in mui form... Traing with the trainer that trained the gods ... Damn Saitama stands no chance imagine Goku doing the training with the gods in the one punch man universe damn Saitama will be weak as paper to goku. Ok ok think of this.. goku in his god form was fighting beerus to god of destruction in dbs and the clashes of their punches were sending shock waves that almost destroyed to "while entire universe". And now that Goku and Vegeta are training with the god of destruction's trainer, they got multiple times stronger. At this point Goku is able to break through his limits and surprassed the power of the gods with his mui form

  • bguzewi0
    bguzewi0 4 days ago

    Saitama is a deconstruction of an overpowered superhero. He’s a parody. The whole point is that he’s as strong as he needs to be in any and all situations. If the situation calls for him to break Cap’s shield, he can do it without breaking a sweat.