Film Theory: Disney's Biggest Disasters! (Moana, Hercules, Lion King...)


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  • Cole Schadel
    Cole Schadel 14 days ago +30633

    *When you want to get the theory done before the end of 2018 but you spent hours looking and calculating Madagascar’s square miles to see how many lemurs would fit*

    • Happyfuz1 Hi!
      Happyfuz1 Hi! Day ago


    • Giorno Giovanna
      Giorno Giovanna Day ago

      Cole Schadel .....WHAT?????......

    • GameboyTaje
      GameboyTaje 2 days ago

      +The Film Theorists ok ok

    • john klien
      john klien 2 days ago

      How About Coco?

    • Meme Dogeman
      Meme Dogeman 3 days ago

      And then he realized he missed a few movies (haunted mansion, pirates of the Caribbean, and all the star wars movies)

  • TheGameing NerdPS4
    TheGameing NerdPS4 21 hour ago

    If you did this on Harry Potter whould you count vordemort as 7 kills?

  • UItraVice
    UItraVice 23 hours ago

    As much as I do love the idea of this theory...I don't think this is a good result.
    You should have made a rule that deaths that happen off screen or to characters that are not established should not count.
    Atlantis had only the people pounding on the force field and on-lookers in the flood scene that are seen dying. The rest are just assumed.
    Lion king shows a few skeletons maybe but for all we know the majority of the animals left ages ago and the Hyenas could be eating each other or hunting outside their lands...
    Hercules has a bunch of off screen kills too...
    Moana never kills anyone besides the grandma because it never says the coconut people actually died...
    You implied that.
    Dinosaur is cool and all but the island in the movie is NOWHERE near the size of Madagascar...meaning it couldnt be the same island and the odds of the entire island
    being populated wouldn't add up. After hundreds and thousands of years maybe...but you said it yourself that it was only a sliver of years that those two species would cross.
    Meaning there is no way a family of Lemurs would populate the entire island that fast.
    I mean none of the movies in the top spot really show any major deaths.
    Mulan is possibly the best match because it genuinely shows the hun army being killed.
    In my opinion that is the true winner.

  • Arik Weaver
    Arik Weaver Day ago

    Wait... but how does Disney clarify that we have Lemurs if ALL the Lemurs died except one family...........

  • Arik Weaver
    Arik Weaver Day ago

    You gotta wonder just how much time he spent photoshopping the Lemur on his head...............................

  • DarkWarriorProgram

    I called it! Man, Dinosaur is one of my favorite Disney movies! I even had a PS1 game of it (that, come to think of it I’m not sure I ever actually beat)

  • vince lehnen
    vince lehnen Day ago

    (24:40) i always cry when i see that :'(

  • md.sazzad faruk
    md.sazzad faruk Day ago

    That's how disney works. I watched the dinosaurs. But it was on Spanish

  • Arik Weaver
    Arik Weaver Day ago

    Except that the first day Moana uses to sail she sails to Moui's island and the second day they use to sail to Tomotoa to get to Moui's fishhook. Which, if it were a perpendicular direction than Moana's island and Te Fiti would half the time per distance and then theorizing that it's more of a backwards trot to Moui and his fishhook and then forward again actually near 1/3's it, if it's the most pointless journey, that is. So now, we can actually say that it could be a rate of like 1.8 miles per year, which means it would be moving so slowly that Moana's tribe might not even notice a difference. It might look like it was always just as close, and since there were no camera's back then there'd be no way of cataloging exactly how far it moves each year. It'd be moving so slow that Moana's father's father might have been the first to see it and probably think it was there all along, since it moved so slowly.
    I mean in reality, this really doesn't change much, except that they're not simply stupid for not preparing if it moved that slowly.

  • Not a Snake
    Not a Snake Day ago

    You missed a death in Moana (unless flashbacks don't count?) Her father's friend dies when they try to cross the reef.

  • Blankety Blank
    Blankety Blank Day ago

    In the older Disney movies they would kill so many people, but now they kill only a few compared to the old movies

  • memes are allowed here , doggo

    We cant live on madagascar we'd die there because of the animals

  • Sammy Cathrine
    Sammy Cathrine Day ago

    Is anyone wondering why we haven’t counted DISNEYS marvel Infinity war I mean half of the universe that’s got to crush Dinosaurs

  • Samantha Darling

    Lemurs sacrificed so we didn’t get a tie! Rip lemurs

  • Maneet S
    Maneet S Day ago +1

    I wonder what the death count is for coco, where most of the characters are dead

  • Sluke13
    Sluke13 Day ago

    What about the entire towns that are crushed by the titans in Hercules?!?

  • Kameron Boyd
    Kameron Boyd Day ago

    New it was dinosaur bragging rights are happening now

  • I like Food
    I like Food Day ago

    I thought it was Hercules

  • allie sandlin
    allie sandlin Day ago

    I think u forgot when grandma told her about the ships and the reason they stayed on that island was because of the monsters sinking the ships. Making the 261 more

  • Annabell Carlene


  • Melinda Sharee
    Melinda Sharee Day ago

    12:12 pew pew rum boom boom

  • silvermoon345
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  • killercat773 40
    killercat773 40 Day ago

    hey Mat-pat how many lives do you think BnL has destroyed. in up we see them take land and homes and in Wall-E they almost devolve people to bags of pure fat. Is BnL run by humans or Robots or....TOYS? think about it in Wall-E the main villain is the BnL ship and in Up BnL is the company that takes the land......which bring me to a question, presides the guys in up who work for BnL who relay run's the company? hope you see this comment and find an interest in the thought, i recon if any one can solve it, its you............maybe more will be answered in toy story 4 and btw 2019 gonna be a good year for film theory and game theory so crack open a cold diet coke and get watching cus its film theory!

  • groto man
    groto man Day ago +1

    What about the marvel movies technically Disney owns them so dosent that mean there's more death

  • Mr Qwakurs
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  • Diego Tavares
    Diego Tavares Day ago

    I am matpat's #1 fan and thank you for ruining my childhood! but I am happy!

  • Danae Lum
    Danae Lum Day ago

    Ok in all videos I see this dude in a little blue shirt...who is he?

  • Another Random Mario Fan

    please do a death count for real life

  • Ballora Exotic Butters



  • W O N D E R L U S T ☄🌌

    *me with a marvel ass: oh yeah? Infinity war can top that!*

  • Lu~!
    Lu~! Day ago

    But at this time Lemur population would be much smaller... but ok tho.

  • Nils Aurell Tylor

    matpat look's a lot like dick grasson in titens

  • sparkypi
    sparkypi Day ago

    25:22 wtf is this clip?? Is it from a disney/pixar animation or something? If so, that's pretty effed up.

  • Tree Frog Gamer
    Tree Frog Gamer Day ago

    Please do a Film Theory on how ridiculously OP Donald Duck is

  • shadowshockwave
    shadowshockwave Day ago

    hmmm, Star Wars TFA destoyed a planet. Actually several.

  • Daniel S
    Daniel S Day ago +1

    The coconut people aren’t dead. They’re just floating and starving. Because coconuts float. Duh.

  • The Only Five
    The Only Five Day ago

    Perez O’dent

  • BlackShadowPanther T'challa

    Isn't It Obviously Avengers: Infinity War?

  • Supervisor Jayz
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  • Supervisor Jayz
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  • Bora Akgün
    Bora Akgün Day ago

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  • long live marvel


  • jeremy mattison
    jeremy mattison Day ago

    i watch the kill count by dead meat and i now realize that disney movies have higher kill counts than slashers and horror movies... lol

  • Phen Lertsiriladda

    24:13 bad editting

  • ambar bates
    ambar bates Day ago

    My bet was on Mulan since the beginning of this theory but wow it lost Dinosaur!

  • pisces3453
    pisces3453 2 days ago

    This series was so great!! Thanks MatPat.

  • Dawn Damnit
    Dawn Damnit 2 days ago

    At around 5:00 you mention the mulan horsemen kill count but it should be x2 because Mulan's horse is sentient (did I spell that right?) So wouldn't the others be as well?

  • Matthijs Moret
    Matthijs Moret 2 days ago

    you should make a trilogy of trilogies! like Disney, Pixar, and dreamworks.

  • Šãńš thę Dėrp
    Šãńš thę Dėrp 2 days ago

    What is the least kills?

  • Juan Guerrero
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  • Colby Heyrend
    Colby Heyrend 2 days ago

    Did you count the dad's friend that died at the beginning of the Moana Movie?

  • Hanif Aqila
    Hanif Aqila 2 days ago

    hey, matpat do you watched how to train your dragon: the hidden world. If yes, is it coincidence that the hidden world is inline with the hollow earth theory in Kong: skull island ?

  • potato boy
    potato boy 2 days ago

    just wait till Disney makes a movie where nukes get detentid every where

  • Ian Bunch
    Ian Bunch 2 days ago

    For Moana... Did you know that coconuts float?

  • Bear Alvarado
    Bear Alvarado 2 days ago

    Marvel....... do Marvel.

  • JackieDJ
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  • Fluttershy Animal giver

    Next do DreamWorks plz 😢😔😔😔😔

  • cracrasyd crazy
    cracrasyd crazy 2 days ago

    DreamWorks death count next plz

  • Spino and Spiny
    Spino and Spiny 2 days ago

    the movie dinosaur makes no sense where they are, so if they where in Africa the main character would have been a ouranosaurus instead of iguanadon and the antagonist would be a charcharodontosaurus or spinosaurus instead of carnotaurus (spinosaurus being the biggest predator to ever exist, bigger than t rex.)

  • Superfluffy1022
    Superfluffy1022 2 days ago

    Am I the only one who wants to see maybe the most deadly MARVEL Movie *possibly excluding infinity war*

  • Cole Elgersma
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  • hamsta rookie
    hamsta rookie 2 days ago

    oh and herculeas

  • hamsta rookie
    hamsta rookie 2 days ago

    lion king and or mulan

  • Justin Watson
    Justin Watson 2 days ago

    I don’t think the Kakimura ships sank all the way

  • Der DeS
    Der DeS 2 days ago

    Wait. Wasn't Mulan's Horse sentient, as well? That means that the death numbers should be closer to double of what was listed.

  • Justin Watson
    Justin Watson 2 days ago

    Pretty sure you still forgot Black Cauldron

  • CrayzN0vA
    CrayzN0vA 2 days ago


  • A Guy Who Makes Videos.

    I choose Atlantis, wonder if it’s right.

  • 21506 ash
    21506 ash 2 days ago

    duct tape is better than flex tape this is not open for discussion

  • LPS Strawberry Soda
    LPS Strawberry Soda 2 days ago


  • Duke Memphis
    Duke Memphis 2 days ago

    I've got a theory for you to judge. The main characters of Eddsworld are all clones.

  • DJ Kent
    DJ Kent 2 days ago

    I'll say Dinosaur before I watch this video.
    Edit: The MOMENT MatPat started talking only about Hercules and Atlantis and completely casting Dinosaur aside I knew I won. MatPat just loves his Red Herrings after all.

  • Skyrim Assassin
    Skyrim Assassin 2 days ago

    I was right the deadliest movie is Dinosaur if anyone else got it then reply to this and celebrate because we have bragging rights, let the bragging party beginning! 🎉🎉

  • Layne McIntyre
    Layne McIntyre 2 days ago

    I think it is dinosaur

  • Meghan Ford
    Meghan Ford 2 days ago

    DAMMIT!!! I guessed Hercules, AND DINOSAUR IS THE FRICKEN WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Screw dinosaurs!

  • dizzy cake
    dizzy cake 2 days ago

    What movie is 0:07 from?

  • Daryal Butkovich
    Daryal Butkovich 2 days ago

    Should do death count of cartoon series. Pg and under

  • gumball connor
    gumball connor 2 days ago

    Disney movie with the most death star wars

  • lil sis and big sis
    lil sis and big sis 2 days ago

    hi matpat not to be rude or something but isn't it the deaths in the movie?

  • bob odkaeth
    bob odkaeth 2 days ago

    or... lemur island could be a smaller island off the coast of Madagascar, which makes much more sense based on the picture shown on the movie... jus' sayin'

  • ThisIsJoJo 11
    ThisIsJoJo 11 2 days ago

    I was right with dinosaur, it was always one of my favourite Disney movies and it proved me right to keep it as one of my favourites

  • Gracie Alexander
    Gracie Alexander 2 days ago

    This channel and The Game Theorists are officially the best channels to watch when doing homework (in my case Geography homework)

  • xXStarWolfXx
    xXStarWolfXx 2 days ago

    Did anyone else read the comments first then got disapontied becouse they found the senders? Ya me to

  • Liu Reo
    Liu Reo 2 days ago

    You forgot to count the died of horses in Mulan movie

  • JonteLOL2 -
    JonteLOL2 - 2 days ago +1

    Robot count

  • Karen Cole
    Karen Cole 2 days ago

    Video games nowadays often include movie-like cut scenes and the like. What about doing an analysis of that kind of thing?

  • Cal Valentine
    Cal Valentine 2 days ago

    lion king wins in my mind

  • Ruphite
    Ruphite 2 days ago

    When will Matpat solve how King Crimson works

  • WorldReligion
    WorldReligion 2 days ago +2

    12:34 it was Thor who strangled/killed the Jormugaund. Not Hercules.

    • Venom Quill
      Venom Quill 2 days ago +2

      Apparently Hercules is a kill-stealer.

  • MichaelBricks
    MichaelBricks 2 days ago

    Yes I said dinosaur!!! I have bragging rights!

  • Owen Collins
    Owen Collins 2 days ago

    What if s kill count

  • Pretty Smith
    Pretty Smith 2 days ago

    Do Pixar movies pleaseee

  • Gabriela
    Gabriela 2 days ago

    Rest in pieces

  • Robert Simpson
    Robert Simpson 2 days ago

    Who would've thought that an island exploding, a tsunami, army's fighting, and lions would be beat in death count by lemurs LEMURS

  • magical spooncat
    magical spooncat 2 days ago

    Disney’s deadliest movie is infinity war

  • crunchy
    crunchy 2 days ago

    Infinity war wins

  • Karsen Fry
    Karsen Fry 2 days ago

    Moana or Mulan

  • Everything channel
    Everything channel 2 days ago

    I think Atlantis will win

  • GameboyTaje
    GameboyTaje 2 days ago

    Is Atlantis even Real?

  • Jose Ponce
    Jose Ponce 3 days ago

    False, it's actually Infinity War with AT LEAST billions.