$15 Haircut Vs. $500 Haircut

  • Published on Sep 10, 2017
  • "This is the most extreme haircut I could ever dream of."
    In Worth It: Lifestyle, a spin off of BuzzFeed’s hit series Worth It, host Steven Lim and his buddies embark on a new adventure, setting out to try different experiences at three different price points: affordable, middle tier, and luxury--from airplane seats to cars to videos games. At the end of the episode, the gang decides which experience is the most “worth it” at its given price.
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  • Steven Lim
    Steven Lim Year ago +10924

    Huge shoutout to Chico (& Nakia), Tiffany, and Rob for having us! Thanks for opening up your doors to us and helping us look fresh 💯
    That being said... What other Worth It Lifestyle episodes do y'all wanna see next?

    • Tavaria Vlogs
      Tavaria Vlogs 13 days ago

      What are the Instagrams

    • Pi Guy
      Pi Guy 14 days ago

      +badasgamer pro I don't think so

    • Pi Guy
      Pi Guy 17 days ago

      +badasgamer pro was that a question?

    • badasgamer pro
      badasgamer pro 18 days ago

      +Pi Guy is there 100$ noodles

  • Ali Seraj
    Ali Seraj 7 hours ago

    500 dollar hair cut is what i would get.

  • Fropo
    Fropo 13 hours ago

    Where the waves at though

  • kid's Wolfe's family
    kid's Wolfe's family 13 hours ago


  • kid's Wolfe's family
    kid's Wolfe's family 13 hours ago


  • The Boss
    The Boss 15 hours ago


  • Tristan Grant
    Tristan Grant 16 hours ago +1

    Im from Dallas Texas

  • aFate
    aFate 22 hours ago

    9:29 oof

  • Dany the boss
    Dany the boss Day ago

    A haircut in my state costs 3 dollars

  • Alex Brooks
    Alex Brooks Day ago

    69 post malone and future

  • Zain Habib
    Zain Habib Day ago

    Average money for haircut in pakistan is like a dollar

  • Makenzie Nelsen
    Makenzie Nelsen Day ago

    5:49 Draco Malfoy or Lucius Malfoy

  • Rosendo Escamilla

    crenshaw shaw is from all American am I the only one that noticed?

  • ShadowFoox Games

    I subbed to BuzzFeed it is so funny haha ((I am on phone rn))

  • Novray
    Novray Day ago

    1 like = 1 sub (100% loyal)

  • T3rm1n4tr
    T3rm1n4tr Day ago

    The black dude looks like Virgil

  • Itsa Homerun
    Itsa Homerun Day ago

    *that's a lot of money for one hair*

  • Frozen Mirror Mind
    Frozen Mirror Mind 2 days ago

    The woman in the salon had pretty hair.
    side note: I would like to give a general downvote to the comments section of this video.

  • GTIGUY03
    GTIGUY03 2 days ago

    i think that cut is worth 500

  • Lena Z
    Lena Z 2 days ago

    Draco malfoy vibes there for a bit Steven

  • Abeer
    Abeer 2 days ago +3

    Kwesi: "Alright let's jam out then!"
    *Barber plugs in headphones* 😂😂

  • bass lord457
    bass lord457 2 days ago

    Sa town 210 represent

  • pizza wings
    pizza wings 2 days ago +1

    You gave the almost bald guy the most expensive cut!!!

  • Luckiinca saito
    Luckiinca saito 3 days ago

    hair still yellow

  • Anshul Patel
    Anshul Patel 3 days ago

    i wish steven kept his white/blonde hair

  • Lolo D.
    Lolo D. 3 days ago

    Y’all went to Texas just to get a haircut 😂

  • The chosen one
    The chosen one 4 days ago

    Wolfie did this

  • Anthony P
    Anthony P 4 days ago

    "My face on your head". Nice

    • Anthony P
      Anthony P 4 days ago

      "My heads in your hands" Another one!

  • Denny Duckworth
    Denny Duckworth 4 days ago

    Tupac isn’t alive though

  • Ferry Ansony
    Ferry Ansony 4 days ago

    Boi i have a $3 Haircut

  • FQY PW
    FQY PW 4 days ago

    Why the fvck do people wear sunglasses inside.... I still can't comprehend the logic behind it...

  • Ruby Alice
    Ruby Alice 5 days ago +1

    5:55 Is that Draco Malfoy?

  • Olivia Kelly
    Olivia Kelly 5 days ago +1

    5:55 draco malfoy returns 😂😂

  • Meme 228
    Meme 228 5 days ago


  • Brennanjames keen
    Brennanjames keen 5 days ago

    in Philippines haircut is 1$

  • Pewdiepie Oof
    Pewdiepie Oof 5 days ago

    My haircut is 11$

  • it's yasir
    it's yasir 6 days ago


  • No Name
    No Name 6 days ago

    In nepal you can get a fade for 60 cents😂😂😂😂

  • Russel Magabo
    Russel Magabo 6 days ago

    The last person has passion and to those who says the last one is trash it ain't he has his own taste

  • Lindsay Marie
    Lindsay Marie 6 days ago

    My 3 is biggy, xxxtentacion and tupac

  • Armando Estrada
    Armando Estrada 6 days ago

    He said that we’re alive he said toopok

  • shea watson
    shea watson 6 days ago


  • icyguccigod yt
    icyguccigod yt 6 days ago

    Wait is the last barber the neck minute dude

  • Jackson Perduyn
    Jackson Perduyn 6 days ago +1

    this is the best series

  • Kevin Godoy
    Kevin Godoy 6 days ago

    Sorry nyca

  • Kevin Godoy
    Kevin Godoy 6 days ago

    It's fun to stay in the ynca hahaha get it ynca

  • GrEeN dUDe
    GrEeN dUDe 6 days ago

    My top 3 favorite rappers
    1.xxxtentacion (obviously)
    2.lil skies

  • Melannia a
    Melannia a 6 days ago

    Ayeeee y’all went to SA ✌🏽✌🏽

  • Wolfcat and Wendigo
    Wolfcat and Wendigo 7 days ago

    My hair cut in Texas cost $15

    ALPHA WOLF 7 days ago

    Where did Eminem or Hopsin go with the rap answers?there was only one of Eminem

  • Bmo Bro
    Bmo Bro 7 days ago

    A nice hair cut for me it worth 1.50$

  • Tigga Ente
    Tigga Ente 7 days ago +2

    Please what is the Song at 6:43

  • FBI Undercover Loli
    FBI Undercover Loli 7 days ago

    15$ Haircuts are for men 500$ are for women basically

  • Jehstur
    Jehstur 7 days ago

    So no one is commenting about them saying that one of the top 3 alive rappers are Tupac

  • Jose Ponton
    Jose Ponton 7 days ago

    Chang you shouldve asked for half the price because you have half the hair of a normal chang man

  • Eric Hernandez
    Eric Hernandez 7 days ago

    15 bucks!!!...HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHA..........oh man.....I'm dead😂😂😆😆😆😂😌😌😌😅...I take 4 dollar haircuts!!!!

  • ✨bruno vasconcelos✨

    steven legit looked like draco malfoy for a sec

  • Dzenin Zus
    Dzenin Zus 7 days ago

    i pay 5euros for mine ;=)

  • TNT Gaming
    TNT Gaming 7 days ago

    And here’s me who has to get a £4.00 haircut

  • Swavy isaac
    Swavy isaac 7 days ago

    My 18 dollar haircut looks way better than that 500$ one lol

  • Tfdxgjb Cfhbv
    Tfdxgjb Cfhbv 7 days ago

    Does anyone else wonder why Alex always doesn’t talk and always has headphones on

  • Gillian Biel
    Gillian Biel 7 days ago

    Kwesi looks like Gucci Mane

  • toby fastpants
    toby fastpants 8 days ago

    Hey drake? I guess

  • Aravind Krishna
    Aravind Krishna 8 days ago

    in india the average hair cut price is 1$

  • Sai Hariesh
    Sai Hariesh 8 days ago

    1 Eminem
    2 Jay-Z
    3 2pac

  • Mattew Videos
    Mattew Videos 8 days ago

    I live in San Antonio whooo

  • propoopin games
    propoopin games 8 days ago

    Bootleg nigahiga

  • Kaitlyn Garcia
    Kaitlyn Garcia 9 days ago

    puro san antonio 😜

  • Fanficandthisdic k
    Fanficandthisdic k 9 days ago


  • Toga Bone_Crusher123Z

    Hope y’all do more worth its with this guy he’s funny af 😂

  • Beamer Guy
    Beamer Guy 9 days ago +1

    Man i live in the hood my haircut costs 10$

  • The Narrator
    The Narrator 9 days ago

    Hey uh...I found this on a music memory playsilst for uil....WHAT?!

  • 100 pennys
    100 pennys 9 days ago

    Slick Rick ..NWA ..Nice and Smooth

  • Devin Valera
    Devin Valera 10 days ago

    Lets be quiet and let that joke die!!! Love it! 😂😂😂

  • Holden Rayburn
    Holden Rayburn 10 days ago

    With bleached hair you look like Malfoy

  • Quang Phạm Việt
    Quang Phạm Việt 10 days ago

    My hair cut is just 1$

  • Jackson Huesman
    Jackson Huesman 10 days ago

    My level of low medium and high are 15 20 25😂😂

  • TheGamerTamer Gaming, Animations and more!

    5:51 dude be looking like Malfoy

  • persona
    persona 10 days ago

    That joke that he told still hasn't died to this day.

  • Eru S.
    Eru S. 11 days ago

    Stevens hair was trash

  • StrappTHC
    StrappTHC 11 days ago

    "Mom, look at my pal."

  • mathew tran
    mathew tran 11 days ago

    Wkxdkdkxkexkedk hey this is my art do not see it ;( since you saw it give me 1 like ok

  • Kitten and Puppy
    Kitten and Puppy 12 days ago

    When Steven got his hair bleached his hair looked like Draco Malfoy or am I the only one thinking that?

  • Man united 18/19 treble winners

    That $500 is dope

  • Man united 18/19 treble winners

    I would go to the $13 haircut

  • Patrick Gattelaro
    Patrick Gattelaro 12 days ago

    Bleaching your hair is so bad for you

  • Kaitlyn Shorter
    Kaitlyn Shorter 12 days ago

    "okay before we start name your top three rappers that are alive"

  • Jean Arkley
    Jean Arkley 12 days ago

    4:00 they were called barber surgeons (actual name).

  • Gymnastic Nerd
    Gymnastic Nerd 12 days ago +2

    4:27 😆😆😆😆

  • rajinder yadav
    rajinder yadav 13 days ago +1

    9:47 Me to my mom when she says get a haircut

  • Bryant Nut
    Bryant Nut 13 days ago

    2 pac wtf

  • Cristhebest 1
    Cristhebest 1 13 days ago

    My hair cut is 15$ and they be cutting good

  • Bitcc Please
    Bitcc Please 13 days ago

    This made me insecure about my ugly hair

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith 14 days ago

    N spot all day

  • Chuboi
    Chuboi 14 days ago

    I only cut my hair for 1$

  • Manas Batchu
    Manas Batchu 14 days ago

    "I touch areas that nobody touches"
    me: what could that possibly be?

  • Sophia Zeledon
    Sophia Zeledon 15 days ago

    5:52 he looks like Draco Malfoy

  • Unoriginal Name
    Unoriginal Name 16 days ago +44

    Imagine your job is to go to high-end places and test out high-end products, all of which is paid for by the company. Goddamn *Dream Job*

  • Liam Young
    Liam Young 16 days ago

    $500 haircut was terrible

  • Landon is here
    Landon is here 16 days ago

    I live in San Antonio