3 Scary TRUE Sleepover Stories (Vol. 4)

  • Published on Nov 21, 2019
  • Another old theme revisited...
    Story 1 : Angelo Smith
    Story 2 : Erika Chesters
    Story 3 : "Ritsio"
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  • gallimimusgamer and other stuff

    You know with the talk when you say you are going to sleep
    Well in my year. 6 residential me and my room ate chatted everynight

  • Skotty O
    Skotty O Hour ago

    Sleepover nightmare... My so called friends played "Balls to the Wall" by Accept over and over the whole night thru . I'll never forget that shit.

  • Skotty O
    Skotty O Hour ago

    Sleepover horror stories... My friends dad snuck in the room and proceeded to molest me while my friends all slept nearby!! JK!!! Hahah because molestation is funny AF

  • Vanessa Engineer
    Vanessa Engineer 2 hours ago

    When r u gonna upload new ones

  • Chungis 101
    Chungis 101 3 hours ago

    this is cap lol

  • Andrea Echeveste
    Andrea Echeveste 4 hours ago

    Joe mama

  • Karen López
    Karen López 4 hours ago +1


  • Ange Browne
    Ange Browne 4 hours ago

    No. 3 was really scary. Cops in the UK rarely respond that fast, and often don't attend at all. They are shocking these days.

  • Kryshia Leal
    Kryshia Leal 4 hours ago

    aw shoot here we go again

  • BilobedBison44
    BilobedBison44 5 hours ago

    I’m deadass waiting for Thanksgiving and Black Friday horror stories

  • Evan Williams
    Evan Williams 5 hours ago

    Seems unrealistic for the cops to not even bother searching for fingerprints, at least from what the video said. View Bible Flock Box & embrace the truth!

  • 1000 subscribers without any videos

    Who’s joe?

  • Dawg The Dog
    Dawg The Dog 7 hours ago

    I was in the sixth grade when this incident happened. It was about around December b

  • Javen Walker
    Javen Walker 7 hours ago +1

    Who else loves his new logo

  • bruv ok
    bruv ok 7 hours ago +1

    This was all scary until i got a *sprite cranberry* ad...

  • I AteMyAlien
    I AteMyAlien 8 hours ago +1


  • Jrzo
    Jrzo 9 hours ago

    Does anyone know if mr nightmare has merch ?

  • SaucyShotzz
    SaucyShotzz 9 hours ago

    Who else said “Joe Mama!” When he said joe 😂

  • Aika Toyae
    Aika Toyae 10 hours ago

    True Domestic dispute horror stories
    (it can be the person involved or someone who witnessed it or something)

  • puppydog 15
    puppydog 15 10 hours ago +1

    Joe mama

  • slumped star
    slumped star 11 hours ago

    My mans just wanted to find Paul :/

  • Totinos Pizza Rolls
    Totinos Pizza Rolls 11 hours ago

    I'm hiding in the comments peace

  • Kolo
    Kolo 12 hours ago

    Hol up, did this mans just say PlayStation 1?

  • yourdad_left you
    yourdad_left you 13 hours ago

    I love the channel icon

  • water :/
    water :/ 13 hours ago

    Scary School events horror stories

  • Logan Greenamyer
    Logan Greenamyer 13 hours ago

    I would have started the dryer😂😂😂

  • N O S T A L G I C_•
    N O S T A L G I C_• 13 hours ago

    joe mama

  • Spooder Pug
    Spooder Pug 14 hours ago

    0:18 Joe Mama

  • Shark Zone
    Shark Zone 14 hours ago +1

    Please bring on the Christmas horror stories before 2020

  • Addy Frank
    Addy Frank 14 hours ago


  • Pumpkin Spice
    Pumpkin Spice 15 hours ago +2

    Ewwwww a *PlayStation 1*

  • asha b
    asha b 15 hours ago

    I bet the guy under the bed didn't know the mother- I think he said that to manipulate the children. He just knew there was a single lady living there and stalked them.

  • OG Sneaks
    OG Sneaks 16 hours ago

    Nigga where tfs ur new vid

  • Crystal Dawn
    Crystal Dawn 17 hours ago

    Joe. You're not very nice leaving your buddy behind.

  • Nat Plays
    Nat Plays 18 hours ago +1

    These stories are still not as scary as showing your parents your report card

  • Roccimo
    Roccimo 19 hours ago

    Airbnb horror stories!!!!

  • Timmy and his dad
    Timmy and his dad 21 hour ago


    *DEAD JOKE!*

  • Chris White
    Chris White 23 hours ago


  • Danny Rios
    Danny Rios 23 hours ago

    Me: Sees someone in the dryer machine
    Also me: Turn the dryer on and then run

  • Tardis 412
    Tardis 412 23 hours ago

    I want to see some alien stories

  • Tardis 412
    Tardis 412 23 hours ago

    Is no one going to point out that a grown man can't fit in a dryer? Unless hes skinny and 4 feet tall

  • Daniel Youngblood
    Daniel Youngblood 23 hours ago

    I would've turned on that dryer.

  • Daniel Gregory
    Daniel Gregory Day ago

    Joe mama

  • Mia Williams
    Mia Williams Day ago

    Joe momma

  • Zane Adamany
    Zane Adamany Day ago

    WHO'S JOE?

  • malachi bradley
    malachi bradley Day ago

    Mr. Nightmare why don't you post alot anymore

  • Zsófika Wigney
    Zsófika Wigney Day ago

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  • Carlos Hernandez

    Why am i watching this right now

  • Her Fish
    Her Fish Day ago

    wuv u

  • Isaac A. Gutierrez.

    What’s scary is all these fucking advertisements.

  • Lupita Fernandez

    Joe. Ummmm i can't hold it ummmmm. Ahhhhhhh. JOE MAMA!

  • Zay Zay
    Zay Zay Day ago

    This new music u used has a whole new creepy vibe to it

  • Zay Zay
    Zay Zay Day ago

    Joe mama

  • Daniel Malone
    Daniel Malone Day ago +1

    I would turn on the dryer

  • Aubrey Aleace
    Aubrey Aleace Day ago

    Jake is rich

  • Clara Usealman
    Clara Usealman Day ago +1

    It's okay I'm safe I have my blanket shield protecting me

  • Neff DeathWatch
    Neff DeathWatch Day ago

    Story #2 I would have run him over and told the police it was an accident. 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • DiddleLuvsYew
    DiddleLuvsYew Day ago

    Where are the new videos?! I just found this channel and I am addicted!

  • Kye Hendrickson
    Kye Hendrickson Day ago

    i was waiting for my friend joe was stuffed into the dryer

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    Who's Joe?