3 Chilling Camping Horror Stories *NOSLEEP* (Feat. Mr.Sinister & Being Scared)


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  • Jacob Cherian
    Jacob Cherian 4 hours ago

    A Recreational vehicle or Motor Home or a strong tank- like SUV might protect you from bears, wolves and cougars. But a tent won`t help you against wild animals or monsters in the woods.

  • GrimTale Brothers

    I watch your vids alot and you always come though with great vids stay awesome UNIT #522 ๐Ÿ‘ป๐Ÿ˜€

  • Cathy Spurlock
    Cathy Spurlock 3 days ago

    Whst happened to the camper's dog suzie

  • Jacob Lanni
    Jacob Lanni 4 days ago

    First of all, donโ€™t bring a tiny dog to protect you, bring a gun. Second, if something takes my dog, Iโ€™m going around the woods all night shooting the place up until I find that monster, if I donโ€™t find the thing then I use all the gasoline I might have left to light the whole woods on fire. Donโ€™t mess with my dog.

  • rubyjewlcold
    rubyjewlcold 5 days ago

    What a great vid

  • 20jodellvon
    20jodellvon 5 days ago

    Oh no the poor dog, he just left her wherever she was, he didn't know what happened to her, but he just left her, yes it was a good possibility she died but still he could have atleest tried to find her a bury her.

  • Candice Perry
    Candice Perry 8 days ago

    Whenever you think of camping you would think of enjoying nature&getting fresh air

  • Yanni Agrotis
    Yanni Agrotis 8 days ago

    mother fucker the first description of the monster is fucking scary. I was thinking a large bear or maybe bigfoot but that was a fucking cryptid that attacked you I would have killed myself after seeing one of those

  • Ricardo the Lizard
    Ricardo the Lizard 10 days ago

    The first story sounds like he is getting chased by the rake

  • Anton Anderson
    Anton Anderson 10 days ago

    8:59 It's Gollum!

  • Cailin
    Cailin 10 days ago

    Thereโ€™s a reason they call it DEAD silence..

  • Chas Mandina
    Chas Mandina 11 days ago

    Does anyone have an idea of what the thing is talked about in these stories

  • Jessica Tworek
    Jessica Tworek 12 days ago

    The dog is died i mean what kind of dog runs out whinpers and silents what on earth was that thing kill everything in nature im nameing it 'The nature's Shadow'

  • Clasherface 722
    Clasherface 722 12 days ago

    That there sounds like a wendigo.

  • Ila Neadle
    Ila Neadle 12 days ago

    Wow..Had me on the edge of my seat. Really awesome. Thank You !

  • Stephen Key
    Stephen Key 14 days ago

    poor suzi...I always get nervous when there's animals in ththese stories as mine times out of ten they end up coming a cropper unfortunately:(...
    the last thing I'd do would be to respect that evil forest though.....even if I was killed too......I'd be so enraged if it killed (one of my) animals I think that and adrenaline would overtake my fear.....

  • Emilee Geronazzo
    Emilee Geronazzo 15 days ago

    33:10 what about the dog?

  • jay schumacher
    jay schumacher 16 days ago

    What is the piano piece in the second story? Awesome

  • Nathan Allen
    Nathan Allen 18 days ago

    For why they kill Susie uhh Iโ€™m triggered

  • random things and vlogs

    what happend to yu dog

  • Victoria Moss
    Victoria Moss 19 days ago


  • oneoflokis
    oneoflokis 19 days ago

    Yeah great stories!!
    The second one was actually the spookiest: about the little girl(s?) in the backyard tent! Sounded like something to do with shapeshifters... Or aliens? I must say if I were that little girl I would have whacked that scaly tentacle! :)
    The last "woman in the woods" story also seemed like it might have to do with UFO s... All those dead birds!! Or it was some government chemical warfare test!
    The bit I found unrealistic about the last story is that the woman heard her dog yelp, then nothing: so assumed it was dead probably. But she didn't go out next morning to confirm this or even to find some sign of how it met its end. Shakes head.

  • oneoflokis
    oneoflokis 19 days ago

    Cute stories, Unit #522!! ๐Ÿ˜ Especially the first one... So what *was* it your informant saw?? Pale, hairless... Can't be a Bigfoot or a Dogman cos of no hair. So.... A Wendigo?? (Though according to others on here, the latter has deer antlers!)
    Or... Could it just have been a starving sick bear with the mange?? It says on cryptomundo.com that they are responsible for a lot of weird sightings: they look deformed with the fur fallen off!
    Who made the weird spooky growling/gurgling sound on the recording? That was very atmospheric! :)
    Oh - And he said that he saw it well enough to see the colour of its eyes - but THEN failed to tell us what it was?

  • ArctiK F
    ArctiK F 20 days ago

    Footsteps, badadum? my immersion D:

  • exhibbl
    exhibbl 20 days ago +1

    "birds stopped chirping, bushes stopped rustling, i stopped seeing animals too..." yeah cause they're having a nap

    edit: oh.. i see now

  • Erykah Thomas
    Erykah Thomas 20 days ago

    My mama said she love u guys becz yall keep me calm

  • Lisa Gauthier
    Lisa Gauthier 20 days ago

    Omg camping by yourself would be so boring I would never I always have people with me and I would bring a gun never mind dogs they wonโ€™t help they make it worse dogs they run off and meet up with an animal and runs back to your site then you have a big animal beside u

  • charlene mcgill
    charlene mcgill 20 days ago

    How can i get my story posted

  • Elvis Sanchez
    Elvis Sanchez 21 day ago

    This keeps me awake better than coffee.
    I am terrified and it's a thrilling and horrific feeling.

  • Abby 1017
    Abby 1017 21 day ago

    The second was really creepy. (spoiler...ish) was it supposed to be the thing's kid? I must know ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

  • Angelle' a
    Angelle' a 21 day ago


  • sociopasta 23
    sociopasta 23 21 day ago

    Oooo. You cant have a pistol at 18 unless he gave u a 9mm rifle

  • Andy King
    Andy King 21 day ago

    Yeeet onion


    This is good

  • Cody Perkins
    Cody Perkins 22 days ago

    Ha. Dad put yall in the tent when he wanted to get his freak on!

  • Matt Beston
    Matt Beston 22 days ago

    That dad in the second story sounds amazing ! I love my dad in all but that is some next level parenting ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Jennifer Johnson
    Jennifer Johnson 24 days ago

    poor dog๐Ÿ˜”

  • Mgn
    Mgn 24 days ago

    tents only keep out mosquito's ! but mosquito's kill more people than any thing else except for whats in your garage::::your car

  • Mgn
    Mgn 24 days ago

    we gonna get ya..them boots is what i want.. .....chuckle

  • Mgn
    Mgn 24 days ago

    544 sounded like a croc

  • narutoroxanne22
    narutoroxanne22 25 days ago

    So why do people camp in the middle nowhere anyway? Why not camp nearer to people or in an official camping site provided with some sort of security?

    FABULOUS DOLPHIN 25 days ago

    Dude u fell asleep in the bush?? Haha
    Maybe it was the post adrenalin crash
    Listen to David Paulides stories

  • Elke Park
    Elke Park 27 days ago

    Didn't like the last story that much. I mean it was kind of ok, but not ever saying anything about the dog again just doesn't seem right. If she loved that dog like the story says she surely would have seen her in the daylight and cried or tried to cover her up, something so it didn't seem that realistic. I love almost all of your stories as a matter of fact this is the first one that I didn't like that much. Keep up the great work you and your associates are great story tellers and writers.

  • Kevin Cortez
    Kevin Cortez 28 days ago +2

    Thats y i play blasting death metal when i camp
    Woop i bet cannibal corpse scare the Forest

  • It is in fact me
    It is in fact me 28 days ago

    The last one is pretty bad and not scary tbh, didn't even mention the dog or any attempt to look for the dog (dog needs closure) -32/10 would not listen again

  • daAmazin FatB0y
    daAmazin FatB0y 29 days ago

    2nd story. The dad allowing his kids to sleep in a tent in the backyard, at night, by themselves, needs to evaluate his parenting skills and keep bettter care of his kids.

  • William Solia
    William Solia 29 days ago

    Does anyone in the comment section have any terrifying stories? I have two one of them sounds so unatrual like these stories lol iv only told one person in the fear of me sounding crazy ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…

  • William Solia
    William Solia 29 days ago

    I'd be scared if foot steps made that sound aswel

  • Dre Giacanna
    Dre Giacanna 29 days ago

    Uncle unit how do I get my story to you itโ€™s really good.

  • Fernando Mata
    Fernando Mata Month ago

    It's funny bc I use these stories to help me sleep

  • knivesandgunscentral Lafferty

    Bruh if I had a 9mm with me if be pow pow shooting that damn skin frog sounding bitch

    YOSHI X RIOT Month ago

    Budda dum, budda dum,

  • spenser daignault
    spenser daignault Month ago

    Was the first story the Dover demon, or the el chupacoboro

  • Danielle Dunn
    Danielle Dunn Month ago

    I canโ€™t help but think that the creature in the first story it was a large hairless and emaciated bear. And it gave up after realized it wasnโ€™t worth wasting anymore energy trying to chase this person to eat.

  • Jason McDaniel
    Jason McDaniel Month ago +1

    Dad settting up a tent in the backyard means that he and mom have special plans for the night.

  • Nashawn Wilson-Adams

    Son ran into a wendigo

  • Pink Kitty
    Pink Kitty Month ago

    I have become addicted to watching these videos

  • S Stritmatter
    S Stritmatter Month ago

    The first story - well I don't want to call someone *dumb* but less informed... 1. You don't carry a gun without knowing how to use one properly and becoming familiar with it. If you've never shot it, how do you know how it functions, how to aim, what to do if it jams (semi-auto 9mm)? 2. Speaking of 9mm - that ISN'T a woods gun. It isn't strong enough. I live on the east coast U.S. My woods gun is a .357 mag but equally important is the ammunition - Hard Cast Buffalo Bore 180 gr bullets. It is designed to penetrate hard dense objects like large animal chest cavities and bone. You NEED that type of power against larger predators such as black bear and even then. If you can swing it 12 ga. shotgun with slugs is ideal but not so easy to carry around camping/hiking. A .44 mag is great if you can handle it and a 10mm is excellent as well and maybe easier to handle. Use hard cast bullets for that but make sure to TRY IT first. 3. Holding a semi auto close to your chest and shooting it from there is a great way to cause a jam because the slide action will hit your chest and not clear the spent shell causing it to jam in the ejector port. This will create panic in such situations, especially if you aren't familiar with guns. 4. As for no twigs snapping and so on - bears have soft paws. They can walk right up on you without you even knowing. Scary, but true. 5. As for animals relying on things moving to see them and track them - nope. It really depends. Most predators in the Americas use SMELL. They don't have to see you - a bear can smell a small amount of blood extremely far away not to mention human scent and leave long before you see them (or pursue if it is interested). Another way is SOUND. Many animals have extraordinary hearing and know what is a non-threatening sound versus a threatening sound and react accordingly. 6. The story teller mentions making something to eat then going to sleep and also after the event eating something then striking camp. It leads me to think he kept his food IN his tent. This is a no no in deep forest camping where animals can easily smell food from long away and will lead them to it. A bear, for example may have normally passed by and avoided a camp site but the smell of food will make it interested and will much more likely provoke an attack to get to the food. Now who knows the creature he claimed to see. Sometimes you see things that aren't as they are in daylight and under non-stressful circumstances, which is why witness testimony in court isn't always so accurate. He could have seen a bear in reality but it being night and fast movement along with strong fear made it appear something else. The color being pale? Cinnamon bears will look much lighter. Anyway - this is long but important basics to know if it were YOU in this story on how to avoid dangerous encounters in the deep woods and be better prepared if you do.

  • Jade O 'Hara
    Jade O 'Hara Month ago

    You mean you just left Suzie ??? What if she was hurt and needed help or carried out of there ??? Man thats fucked up !!! You Never Leave ร  comrade Behind !!! Fucked up !!! Im not leaving without my dog or lm carrying her body 1 way or another Honor dictates shes coming home with me !!!

  • Jade O 'Hara
    Jade O 'Hara Month ago

    Ohhh my god !!! WTF - Im creped the fucked out !!! Im here in my cabin all by my self ,,, alone ,,, 10.8 miles off a dirt road deep in the back woods of West Va ,,, Curled up in bed with the cat which l will throw upon the first thing l see move !!!

  • Here Tostay
    Here Tostay Month ago


  • Jim Grigsby
    Jim Grigsby Month ago

    Dont hurt my dog ,ill become your reason,for not liveing well!!๐Ÿ˜œ

  • Evan Brown
    Evan Brown Month ago

    26:55 CHICHATTAS?! I think you mean cicadas. Just destroyed my immersion

  • MVP
    MVP Month ago

    5:46 As soon as you said , and then... my alarm rang i almost had a heart attack tf

  • Serenade the Cimmerian

    The hairless creature sounds like a rake.

  • Reinhard Heydrich
    Reinhard Heydrich Month ago

    If something attacks my dogs I will fight "it" to death ,stab it till it looks like swiss cheese even if it kills me in the end ,my dogs are loyal to me ,and I am loyal to them to death and beyond

  • fat cat
    fat cat Month ago

    Do you โค ass

  • TehWhiteTiger
    TehWhiteTiger Month ago

    'Can only see me when I move' someone likes Jurassic park

  • Blitzkrieg Wolf
    Blitzkrieg Wolf Month ago

    The third story monster seems to be ents, living trees with personalities and a bad temper for those that wonder into their land without permission.

  • Nyctophora
    Nyctophora Month ago

    Awesome readings and stories!

  • Shelley Carvalho
    Shelley Carvalho Month ago

    The first story i believe its true there is so many things in the woods and i believe others have see the same thing some people are afraid to talk about it cuz they think others will think there lieing or crazy and its sad when ur own friend and family dont believe u 1st story

  • AvPfan 06
    AvPfan 06 Month ago

    What happened to the dog?

  • kate barke
    kate barke Month ago

    type abc if your watching this at night

  • Steve 240sx
    Steve 240sx Month ago

    How did the vhs tape click woke her up if the fucking thing went flying back unplugging it

  • C the Tank
    C the Tank Month ago

    This guy sounds like Kevin from the office

  • G Bennett
    G Bennett Month ago

    Your voice sucks your voice is so horrible for the story it's worse than fingernails on a chalkboard all my God

    • UNIT #522
      UNIT #522  Month ago

      oh no , I guess I should go kill myself now ....Oh wait , thatโ€™s right I donโ€™t give a shit about what crybabies like u think , In fact ... Iโ€™m charging you 100$ for being a jack ass .... pay me ...NOW

  • scott page
    scott page Month ago

    Can you read this. Am i relevant?

  • Debra Gonzales
    Debra Gonzales Month ago

    I never go camping without a 357 bull dog. If anything wants to get froggy. It won't be jumping.

  • Donnie Miller
    Donnie Miller Month ago

    Bitch didnt even look for Suzy lol smh

  • Travis Bolling
    Travis Bolling Month ago

    I love these videos. I've used them to sleep every night for nearly 3 years.
    But that first story featured some pretty irresponsible use of a firearm.
    Firing through your tent at an unseen thing that scares you is a good way to become a murderer. Please don't do that. Don't shoot into the bushes. Don't shoot things you can't see. If you choose to sleep with a pistol, make sure the safety is on and that no idiots or children can touch your weapon and kill you or themselves. Fear doesn't excuse homicide.
    I know this is a USclip comment and I'm opening a can of worms by speaking up. If you feel like replying try not to be an asshole.

  • Debbie Maytom
    Debbie Maytom Month ago

    Curious as to why all the birds lay dead.. Only birds she didn't mention any other dead animals very weird and spooky! Seeing all dead birds like that all you see from me is the dust behind me as I tore out of there!! Like shouldn't they have been enough of a bad sign to get the hell out asap!!!

  • Tj Ray
    Tj Ray Month ago

    Butter doom, butter doom, butter doom.

  • Allen ishac
    Allen ishac Month ago +2

    The first one must of been an wendigo

  • HighTime 6661
    HighTime 6661 2 months ago +1

    2 things needed in the wilderness besides food and medical supplies a shotgun with plenty of Shell's and a pistol with an extra clip.

  • Blackpink, 2ne1 and bts Forever

    Wait but what about the dog?? The last one?? The dog?? ๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ฐ

  • Crown
    Crown 2 months ago

    R. I. P. Suzzie El doggo

  • Celeste Smith
    Celeste Smith 2 months ago

    NO! SUZIE! NO!

  • Benny Xiong
    Benny Xiong 2 months ago

    no cha-chaddas lol 26:55

  • Lavetta Thomas
    Lavetta Thomas 2 months ago

    These stories sound so made up

  • Mighty KC
    Mighty KC 2 months ago

    Are these true stories? Or just made up?

  • Taisha Ortega
    Taisha Ortega 2 months ago

    The first person sounds like you saw a skin walker man . Your lucky ...

  • Kobra
    Kobra 2 months ago

    that english dudes mic is HELLA bassy

  • SomethingDifferent 77
    SomethingDifferent 77 2 months ago

    Well that's scary

  • jason slayton
    jason slayton 2 months ago

    The dude with the foreign accent was the most annoying narrator I've ever heard....

  • Cody Miser
    Cody Miser 2 months ago

    Butter dumb ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Hayden Roseth
    Hayden Roseth 2 months ago

    Damn I live right down the road from the Ouachita National Forrest

  • Hayden Roseth
    Hayden Roseth 2 months ago

    That first story sound like the rake

  • Mick Swann
    Mick Swann 2 months ago

    Tip to aspiring authors:
    If you intend to tell a story from a particular character's perspective; aim to achieve it by telling the story and giving your character the depth and complexity they need to come alive.
    Try not to do it by prefacing your story with something like, "The following story is told from the perspective of a female."

    • Confused Loner
      Confused Loner Month ago

      Bruh. Aspiring authors don't get direction from USclip comments. Also that's an opinion. Different people find different narrative tools and methods satisfying. Give advice to people that want it.

  • alexander antelo
    alexander antelo 2 months ago

    What happened to the dog

  • The Wolf of Fire
    The Wolf of Fire 2 months ago

    *hears growl*