E3 2018 in a nutshell

  • Published on Jun 13, 2018
  • E3 2018 in a nutshell... It's not a cringe compilation, it's a supercut montage of random highlights and funny moments + memes and fluffs lol
    E3 in a nutshell playlist : goo.gl/nyJmsu
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    This video contains random moments from: EA, Xbox (microsoft), Bethesda, Devolver Digital, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Sony and Nintendo
    Game : E3 2018
    Music : Flamingosis - Sunset Park
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  • Jameskii
    Jameskii  8 months ago +6542

    E3 2018 in a nutshell : Battle Royale Edition

    • Zack Oldenburg
      Zack Oldenburg 2 months ago

      So you make a lot of jokes about battle royal in these EA games but they actually added it to NHL 19 lol

    • School made me do this
      School made me do this 2 months ago

      Jameskii do a FIFA video

    • João Santos
      João Santos 6 months ago

      Who's the guy reacting at 6:33? Is it SwaggerSouls? Can't find the video.

    • recnaL
      recnaL 7 months ago


    • Travy Bear
      Travy Bear 7 months ago

      They should make a fidget spinner simulation battle royale with dubstep beats, would be lit as fuck.

  • Killerman 666
    Killerman 666 3 days ago

    I really want a Skyrim Battle Royale

  • Alex Belayev
    Alex Belayev 4 days ago

    What is music on 12:06?

  • LABrabbit
    LABrabbit 4 days ago

    3:20 Nice reference, Falador Passa Mal from Originais do Samba. This music is about how liers make a fool of themselves, it's name roughly translates to "People who talk too much end up badly"

  • Eduardo Arizaga
    Eduardo Arizaga 5 days ago

    Where Is my fucking SKATE4

  • Oof Destroyer
    Oof Destroyer 6 days ago

    1:28 this guy was making fricking Apex Legends

  • Lawson Palmer
    Lawson Palmer 9 days ago

    That Vsauce bit at 19:25 murdered me.

  • boorch
    boorch 13 days ago

    i lost it at 11:40

  • MFrosty
    MFrosty 15 days ago

    when r u uploading e3 2019

  • L Nameless
    L Nameless 17 days ago

    7:47 the kinda awkward moment you never ever forgot it.

  • Thor Hoffer
    Thor Hoffer 20 days ago

    Is social awkwardness a fucking requirement?

  • Chameleon1616
    Chameleon1616 21 day ago

    I just came here to say that the woman in the thumbnail looks like James from Funhaus in a wig.

    ILLUSIVE SUSPECT 21 day ago

    Lmaooo @5:20 now I really need to find that Captain Dickhead speech text

  • Billy
    Billy 22 days ago

    6:38 who are these people tell me ples

  • Don't Subscribe
    Don't Subscribe 23 days ago

    i love this shit

  • Seba
    Seba 24 days ago

    My game is ready

  • Bo Bo
    Bo Bo 25 days ago

    12:12 - I'm slightly terrified and extremely aroused.

  • Felipe neves
    Felipe neves 25 days ago

    We don't deserve Devolver Digital

  • Bean Man
    Bean Man 25 days ago

    I can’t wait for crackdown 3 and BGAE2

  • Grobarchina Komanchina

    What the hell is that creature at 12:30???

  • Gangster Goose Gaming
    Gangster Goose Gaming 27 days ago

    Unravel is one of my favourite games but the second game was pretty bad

  • mechaart
    mechaart 27 days ago

    was she talking about ****s?

  • Nelson Army
    Nelson Army Month ago

    Anyone else HYPED for Halo Infinite?!?!?!

  • Mr/s. Kigami [heartbroken]

    I miss command and conquer, it was such a great game

  • Micah Beckner
    Micah Beckner Month ago +1

    a phat chub

  • scierile
    scierile Month ago


  • Sebastian Bishop Corscadden

    2:03 when I was watching this it was late and all I remember is nearly being sick from laughing so hard

  • Ey ohne Dregg alder

    20:22 Dude looks like he's 13..

    ATOMIKxTHUNDER 1 Month ago +1

    Okay to be fucking honest I loved Rage it was probably the most best game I played if only there was more guns and the maps we're better and there was more missions but still it was pretty smooth and bad ass even for an Xbox 360

  • Butter Nutters
    Butter Nutters Month ago

    idk why but it feels like watching wwe specials but on a smaller, stupider scale
    ps the editing was so fucking stellar

  • Valis
    Valis Month ago

    I can already predict what E3 2019 will consist of:
    EA: FIFA, sports, Jedi Fallen Order revealed properly, Andrew Wilson's bullshit, cringe
    Microsoft: "exclusive world premiere" of multiplats and Halo Infinite/Gears 5 gameplay trailers
    Bethesda: E3 2018 Square Enix showcase tier conference with mostly new trailers for games they've already announced because they'll be afraid to show their faces after Fallout 76
    Devolver Digital: as always top tier comedy from Nina and others, with some decent AA games to show off
    Square Enix: same as E3 2018, maybe even less to show this time
    Ubisoft: yet another cringefest with dancing at the beginning and new Assassin's Creed
    PC Gaming Show: more cringe and indie battle royale shit, because that's what we PC gamers deserve amirite?
    Sony... oh wait, never mind lol
    Nintendo: new Switch model (in case they won't announce it sooner), more gimmicks, Metroid Prime 4

  • William H. Thorsen
    William H. Thorsen Month ago

    It just works.

  • Dustin McNiel
    Dustin McNiel Month ago

    E3 is dieing. That's why PlayStation didn't show up

  • BRYANbluesky
    BRYANbluesky Month ago


  • hrdysqw
    hrdysqw Month ago

    They aren't even trying to make games anymore. New games are reaching the end.

  • ASandwichNinja
    ASandwichNinja Month ago

    I think I love the part at 2:05 a bit too much.
    Bellends: Some need to be bigger, some would be better off a little smaller.

  • MrCerebellum2
    MrCerebellum2 Month ago

    Well at least his name was Jose...

  • GalaxyAssasin34
    GalaxyAssasin34 Month ago

    I think Xbox had nearly no exclusives

  • PreDnized
    PreDnized Month ago

    i cried at the end.

  • Razor's Retro Game Shelf

    Lost it at the vsauce part

  • Joseph Su'a
    Joseph Su'a Month ago

    Chick on thumbnail looks like James Willems 😂

  • Chloe Price
    Chloe Price Month ago

    mobile gaming

  • ZERO.Skrrr Gaming
    ZERO.Skrrr Gaming Month ago

    This is to cringy

  • zogmorp
    zogmorp Month ago

    That redhead with the glasses used to be one of the girls that acted on those Gamestop "shows" that would repeat all day in the store with some skinny guy with glasses.

  • Soles x Toes
    Soles x Toes Month ago

    Todd Howard.. how anyone actually cheers and believes in this guy. It’s just been one downward spiral after another, although I’d be lying when I saying I’m not hype for TES..

  • Lethal Tick
    Lethal Tick Month ago

    The Oblivion reference at 2:20 is just perfect lmao

  • mama youm
    mama youm 2 months ago

    I love Nina

  • Ethan Foster
    Ethan Foster 2 months ago


  • TovenOvideoRPC
    TovenOvideoRPC 2 months ago

    Is there any REAL footage of devolver's presentation or it's just the one with all the effects?

  • R White
    R White 2 months ago

    F A L L O U T B A T T L E R O Y A L E

  • Pablo Castillo
    Pablo Castillo 2 months ago +3

    The oblivion dialogue killed me!! Hhahaha

  • sightinsight
    sightinsight 2 months ago

    if you dislike something it actually means that you're trolling and you actually like it - libtardian logic, because positivity is all that matters

  • lphjustin
    lphjustin 2 months ago

    14:58 Square Enix is my favorite part haha

  • Brent Borders
    Brent Borders 2 months ago

    Why is everything these days so fucking cringe inducing!?!??? Also does that jackass not know how to say tricentennial?

  • Edik Orlov
    Edik Orlov 2 months ago

    Fifa 19 Battle Royale where you get to red card the referee as well!
    GAMEPLAY 10/10

  • Nii se on
    Nii se on 2 months ago

    F I F A

  • Ricardio Rodriguez
    Ricardio Rodriguez 2 months ago +3

    That one millisecond I saw skating out of context and immediately thought Skate 4. Nope... just session. Fucking A +
    edit: oh cool 20:45...

  • Dog of Wisdom
    Dog of Wisdom 2 months ago

    Bethesda :D

  • Wyzard
    Wyzard 2 months ago


  • shadow Josephneko
    shadow Josephneko 2 months ago

    Ea suck ass

  • Intru
    Intru 2 months ago

    3:42 (4 months later) *oi*

  • TheN00bpower
    TheN00bpower 2 months ago +2

    devolver girl is pure cringe

    • l1zardr0ckets
      l1zardr0ckets Month ago +1

      Lol it’s satire my dude, and it’s great.

    • Jordan S
      Jordan S Month ago +3

      The whole Devolver conference is supposed to be cringe, since it is a parody

  • grandeurlies
    grandeurlies 2 months ago

    the rage guy who’s just flaunting his second base skills

  • grandeurlies
    grandeurlies 2 months ago +9

    tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies

  • Christopher Crepon
    Christopher Crepon 2 months ago


  • Christopher Crepon
    Christopher Crepon 2 months ago

    I'd say the most entertaining speaker anyway was Bethesda's.

  • Mika Seifert
    Mika Seifert 2 months ago +1

    He was in Chess Club

  • Jean
    Jean 2 months ago +1

    i wish it was crowbcat no offense

  • Nehemiah Bonilla
    Nehemiah Bonilla 2 months ago

    7:21 LMAO

  • Ganesh Jadhav
    Ganesh Jadhav 2 months ago +3

    2018 is a joke!
    No nut November, DD December the best thing about 2018. Also dog died two days ago. 😩

    • Ganesh Jadhav
      Ganesh Jadhav 2 months ago

      billy billy thanks man. He was only 2 yrs old. My family didn’t feed him right while I was away. As soon as I get home... I see him lifeless. They were smiling. 😳👿🤬

    • billy billy
      billy billy 2 months ago +3

      Sorry about your dog

  • Thicc Boi
    Thicc Boi 2 months ago

    7:58 cringest moment of e3 2018 by far

  • Blessed
    Blessed 2 months ago

    1:20 I found George Zimmerman!

  • HadeeHD
    HadeeHD 2 months ago +1


  • Daniel Francisco
    Daniel Francisco 2 months ago

    Uhumm... It's.. ROYALE!

  • Havock
    Havock 2 months ago

    Next e3 todd will be booed lol

  • facelessninetytwo
    facelessninetytwo 2 months ago

    I can't believe it, Jameski predicted it 3:43

  • Willz __
    Willz __ 2 months ago


  • Globox822
    Globox822 2 months ago +5

    No wonder I stopped playing games
    Beta faggotry
    They ruined this as well

  • Ryatt
    Ryatt 2 months ago +7

    15:06 Wow... Haven't heard that song in years.

  • Herofreddy
    Herofreddy 2 months ago


  • Herofreddy
    Herofreddy 2 months ago

    We need a DevolverCon now.

  • AshGottaSmokeEmAll
    AshGottaSmokeEmAll 2 months ago

    12:30 The Biggest Inovation Sinces The 50's

  • peanutbutterrobot
    peanutbutterrobot 2 months ago

    only thing I remembered from E3 18 was kojima showing us a fucking walking simulator. come back to us kojima wtf happned to you

  • Life or Reality
    Life or Reality 2 months ago

    Ubisoft was the least cringey.
    The beginning of the Devolver Digital/From Software show with the irony was spot-on; then it eventually started to go downhill starting with the "GIFs" segment.

  • YourPalHDee
    YourPalHDee 2 months ago +1

    Good vid tbh man.

  • DirtyWeedyy
    DirtyWeedyy 2 months ago

    The battle royale jokes were placed soooo fucking perfectly😂😂 i Love u omg

  • peposo7
    peposo7 2 months ago

    Damn. A 20 min video clip is not a "nutshell"!

  • Luke Not Skywalker
    Luke Not Skywalker 2 months ago +7

    Is that woMan.. A.. Man?.

  • Ioannes Carlgar
    Ioannes Carlgar 2 months ago +20

    The Devolver Digital skinny grumpy woman makes me sweat. All those nice things she says... 💦

      6 GORILLION 4 days ago

      +Tora Chan
      My mom

    • Tora Chan
      Tora Chan 2 months ago +1

      Ioannes Carlgar who was that woman?

  • comacrcakaba
    comacrcakaba 2 months ago


  • Frank Mai
    Frank Mai 2 months ago

    I'm waiting for Phantom Forces

  • DeathFromBelow 11
    DeathFromBelow 11 2 months ago

    16:38 best edit

  • thegrimyeaper
    thegrimyeaper 2 months ago

    2:00 "The goal is to bring all those emotions into bell ends."

  • Seku Tard
    Seku Tard 2 months ago

    11:34 oof

  • Mikael
    Mikael 2 months ago

    That PC gaming show host was a positive surprise

  • IamJacksColon4
    IamJacksColon4 2 months ago

    Cyberpunk was the best thing about E3 2018

  • omegaweaponredux
    omegaweaponredux 2 months ago

    Devolver Digital is the hero we need.

  • MR_x
    MR_x 2 months ago


    CHUS CHUS 2 months ago

    June '18: Everybody freaking out about Todd Howard appearing on stage.
    November '18: Everybody wants to kill Todd Howard for what he did to Fallout.
    Ah, how things change.

  • Ryan Xenios
    Ryan Xenios 2 months ago