E3 2018 in a nutshell

  • Published on Jun 13, 2018
  • E3 2018 in a nutshell... It's not a cringe compilation, it's a supercut montage of random highlights and funny moments + memes and fluffs lol
    E3 in a nutshell playlist : goo.gl/nyJmsu
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    This video contains random moments from: EA, Xbox (microsoft), Bethesda, Devolver Digital, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Sony and Nintendo
    Game : E3 2018
    Music : Flamingosis - Sunset Park
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  • Jameskii
    Jameskii  6 months ago +6440

    E3 2018 in a nutshell : Battle Royale Edition

    • Zack Oldenburg
      Zack Oldenburg 6 days ago

      So you make a lot of jokes about battle royal in these EA games but they actually added it to NHL 19 lol

    • School made me do this
      School made me do this 20 days ago

      Jameskii do a FIFA video

    • João Santos
      João Santos 3 months ago

      Who's the guy reacting at 6:33? Is it SwaggerSouls? Can't find the video.

    • Juicy Pickle
      Juicy Pickle 5 months ago


    • Travy Bear
      Travy Bear 5 months ago

      They should make a fidget spinner simulation battle royale with dubstep beats, would be lit as fuck.

  • R White
    R White 6 hours ago

    F A L L O U T B A T T L E R O Y A L E

  • Pablo Castillo
    Pablo Castillo 23 hours ago +1

    The oblivion dialogue killed me!! Hhahaha

  • sightinsight
    sightinsight Day ago

    if you dislike something it actually means that you're trolling and you actually like it - libtardian logic, because positivity is all that matters

  • lphjustin
    lphjustin 3 days ago

    14:58 Square Enix is my favorite part haha

  • Brent Borders
    Brent Borders 3 days ago

    Why is everything these days so fucking cringe inducing!?!??? Also does that jackass not know how to say tricentennial?

  • Otis Kilgore
    Otis Kilgore 3 days ago

    Fifa 19 Battle Royale where you get to red card the referee as well!
    GAMEPLAY 10/10

  • Nii se on
    Nii se on 5 days ago

    F I F A

  • Kevin Jones
    Kevin Jones 5 days ago

    That girl in thumbnail is fine as hell

  • Ricardio Rodriguez
    Ricardio Rodriguez 5 days ago +2

    That one millisecond I saw skating out of context and immediately thought Skate 4. Nope... just session. Fucking A +
    edit: oh cool 20:45...

  • Dog of Wisdom
    Dog of Wisdom 6 days ago

    Bethesda :D

  • Wyzard
    Wyzard 6 days ago


  • shadow Josephneko
    shadow Josephneko 6 days ago

    Ea suck ass

  • Bartek H.
    Bartek H. 7 days ago

    3:42 (4 months later) *oi*

  • TheN00bpower
    TheN00bpower 7 days ago +1

    devolver girl is pure cringe

  • grandeurlies
    grandeurlies 7 days ago

    the rage guy who’s just flaunting his second base skills

  • grandeurlies
    grandeurlies 7 days ago +4

    tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies

  • Christopher Crepon
    Christopher Crepon 9 days ago


  • Christopher Crepon
    Christopher Crepon 9 days ago

    I'd say the most entertaining speaker anyway was Bethesda's.

  • Mika Seifert
    Mika Seifert 10 days ago +1

    He was in Chess Club

  • Kan Stanja
    Kan Stanja 11 days ago +1

    What in sopping fuck gravy is wrong with these people? Is this what constant smart phone use does to stage presence?

  • Jean
    Jean 11 days ago +1

    i wish it was crowbcat no offense

  • Nehemiah Bonilla
    Nehemiah Bonilla 11 days ago

    7:21 LMAO

  • Ganesh Jadhav
    Ganesh Jadhav 12 days ago +2

    2018 is a joke!
    No nut November, DD December the best thing about 2018. Also dog died two days ago. 😩

    • Ganesh Jadhav
      Ganesh Jadhav 10 days ago

      billy billy thanks man. He was only 2 yrs old. My family didn’t feed him right while I was away. As soon as I get home... I see him lifeless. They were smiling. 😳👿🤬

    • billy billy
      billy billy 10 days ago +3

      Sorry about your dog

  • Thicc Boi
    Thicc Boi 13 days ago

    7:58 cringest moment of e3 2018 by far

  • Hellraiser
    Hellraiser 13 days ago

    1:20 I found George Zimmerman!

  • HadeeHD
    HadeeHD 13 days ago +1


  • Daniel Francisco
    Daniel Francisco 13 days ago

    Uhumm... It's.. ROYALE!

  • Havock
    Havock 14 days ago

    Next e3 todd will be booed lol

  • x d
    x d 14 days ago +1

    12:05 Hotline Miami 2 flashbacks

  • facelessninetytwo
    facelessninetytwo 14 days ago

    I can't believe it, Jameski predicted it 3:43

  • Willz __
    Willz __ 14 days ago


  • Globox822
    Globox822 14 days ago +2

    No wonder I stopped playing games
    Beta faggotry
    They ruined this as well

  • Ryatt
    Ryatt 14 days ago +5

    15:06 Wow... Haven't heard that song in years.

  • Herofreddy
    Herofreddy 14 days ago


  • Herofreddy
    Herofreddy 14 days ago

    We need a DevolverCon now.

  • AshGottaSmokeEmAll
    AshGottaSmokeEmAll 14 days ago

    12:30 The Biggest Inovation Sinces The 50's

  • peanutbutterrobot
    peanutbutterrobot 15 days ago

    only thing I remembered from E3 18 was kojima showing us a fucking walking simulator. come back to us kojima wtf happned to you

  • Life or Reality
    Life or Reality 16 days ago

    Ubisoft was the least cringey.
    The beginning of the Devolver Digital/From Software show with the irony was spot-on; then it eventually started to go downhill starting with the "GIFs" segment.

  • YourPalHDee
    YourPalHDee 16 days ago +1

    Good vid tbh man.

  • DirtyWeedyy
    DirtyWeedyy 16 days ago

    The battle royale jokes were placed soooo fucking perfectly😂😂 i Love u omg

  • peposo7
    peposo7 17 days ago

    Damn. A 20 min video clip is not a "nutshell"!

  • Luke Not Skywalker
    Luke Not Skywalker 17 days ago +3

    Is that woMan.. A.. Man?.

  • Ioannes Carlgar
    Ioannes Carlgar 18 days ago +3

    The Devolver Digital skinny grumpy woman makes me sweat. All those nice things she says... 💦

    • Tora Chan
      Tora Chan 8 days ago

      Ioannes Carlgar who was that woman?

  • comacrcakaba
    comacrcakaba 18 days ago


  • Frank Mai
    Frank Mai 18 days ago

    I'm waiting for Phantom Forces

  • DeathFromBelow 11
    DeathFromBelow 11 19 days ago

    16:38 best edit

  • thegrimyeaper
    thegrimyeaper 19 days ago

    2:00 "The goal is to bring all those emotions into bell ends."

  • Seku Tard
    Seku Tard 19 days ago

    11:34 oof

  • Mikael
    Mikael 19 days ago

    That PC gaming show host was a positive surprise

  • IamJacksColon4
    IamJacksColon4 20 days ago

    Cyberpunk was the best thing about E3 2018

  • omegaweaponredux
    omegaweaponredux 20 days ago

    Devolver Digital is the hero we need.

  • MR_x
    MR_x 21 day ago


    CHUS CHUS 21 day ago

    June '18: Everybody freaking out about Todd Howard appearing on stage.
    November '18: Everybody wants to kill Todd Howard for what he did to Fallout.
    Ah, how things change.

  • Ryan Xenios
    Ryan Xenios 21 day ago


  • Ryan Xenios
    Ryan Xenios 21 day ago


  • TheMasterEmerald
    TheMasterEmerald 21 day ago

    “It just works”

  • snorre andersen
    snorre andersen 21 day ago

    Slighlt over edited. You compare this to the famous 2017 super edit, this one gets annoying after a while. Sometimes you just gotta let the cringe/fail moments play themselves out without you over editing the shit outta it. I'm just glad I didn't have to sit through another ''Battle Royale'' joke though, that shit reminded me of how tragic the gaming industry has become haha

  • teldrah
    teldrah 23 days ago

    And I thought the Oscars were cringy

  • Antonio
    Antonio 23 days ago

    Feefa sucks

  • MisterDevos
    MisterDevos 23 days ago +3


    • MisterDevos
      MisterDevos 8 days ago

      +Space junk well put

    • Space junk
      Space junk 11 days ago +1

      People guy consoles and build gaming PCs because they want to play games. People don't buy phones so they can play mobile games. They play mobilegames because they bought phones.

    • Zack Smith
      Zack Smith 20 days ago

      Cash grab

  • Link, o Stalker
    Link, o Stalker 24 days ago +1

    Comment Session: Battle Royale

  • The Big Lebowski
    The Big Lebowski 24 days ago

    12:30 I don't like her

  • Jubba
    Jubba 25 days ago

    fuck sake jameskii that bethesda one made me cringe so hard LMAO

  • Sylvee
    Sylvee 26 days ago

    2:00 Bellends?

  • Ali Rohani
    Ali Rohani 26 days ago


  • C Babs
    C Babs 28 days ago

    what the actual fuck was happening during the Rage 2 presentation?

  • Scorch 620
    Scorch 620 29 days ago


  • Papayas Teh Skeletor
    Papayas Teh Skeletor 29 days ago

    3:42 OH FU--

  • Senór Killah Qween

    Real Life: Battle Royale

  • L0N3W0LF HUN
    L0N3W0LF HUN Month ago


  • EthalaRide
    EthalaRide Month ago

    Bethesda reactions: No one gives a shit who any of you are we just want- TODD!!! *TODD!!!! WOOOOOW*

  • How2Derp 2k18
    How2Derp 2k18 Month ago

    Just pure silence

  • Golden Freddy rocks1987

    I was thinking Nintendo was gonna be more like *EARRAPE SUPER SMASH BROS ULTIMATE THEME* then be done.

  • Gwadolyn
    Gwadolyn Month ago

    17:11 ??????????????

  • PlayStation Phil
    PlayStation Phil Month ago +1

    Ah man those battle Royale edits where great !

  • Yah boi
    Yah boi Month ago

    tod the absolute *U N I T* of a human being

  • Salty Salmon
    Salty Salmon Month ago

    Devolver are just psychos tbh

  • V - Trigger
    V - Trigger Month ago

    Only Cyberpunk and DMC 5 was good in the whole e3 😂

  • TNovix
    TNovix Month ago

    Loot...Box... *BITCONNEEEEEEECT*

  • Tam Ho
    Tam Ho Month ago

    I thought the woman on the right of the thumbnail was James willems of funhaus dressing up for a stream lmao

    • peposo7
      peposo7 17 days ago

      I also thought it was a guy.

  • Matthew Reynolds
    Matthew Reynolds Month ago

    For Bethesda to even suggest they are anywhere close to the very best in gaming... Used to be one of my favourite developers before they started true cash grab practices.

  • Chris Rankin
    Chris Rankin Month ago

    Was... Was that grog and Percy audio?

    MG FARMA A Month ago

    DMC is BACK!!!

  • YunGut Man
    YunGut Man Month ago

    5:10 had me dead 😅😂😂

  • Christopher Rumantono

    0:10 it reminds me of the BitConnect guy LOL

  • Beatenwithspoons.
    Beatenwithspoons. Month ago

    Swagger's reaction when Todd came out, it was so priceless.

  • Alex Ya
    Alex Ya Month ago

    *EA = King of Greed, Hated, Cringe, and Chasing Money!!!*

  • chalK
    chalK Month ago


  • Савелий Сорокин

    Not bad.

  • spencer mcbride
    spencer mcbride Month ago


  • Denny Juandi
    Denny Juandi Month ago

    bad editing.....go back to your fortnite video

  • Jump n Shootin' mans Red older brother

    20 minutes of pain and cringe

  • Invection
    Invection Month ago

    I'm excited for Undertale 2

  • Elmar J. Fapp
    Elmar J. Fapp 2 months ago


  • PurpleBacca
    PurpleBacca 2 months ago

    Well, enough words said, Fifa it is.

  • Isaac
    Isaac 2 months ago

    The worst part about E3 is usually that the people doing the keynote speeches know fuck all about games and are usually directors paid $100k+ a year to read from a script and do cringe worthy acts. Most of them know nothing about what gamers want.

  • Li Qin
    Li Qin 2 months ago

    Well, this games stuff was cool while it lasted. Now it has simply turned something just as fake, stupid and greedy like the rest of anything spawned by capitalism. Natural evolution of things in the current world.

  • Ezequias Lopes
    Ezequias Lopes 2 months ago

    Gonna watch this while crowbcat sleeps until april next year.

  • un tipico stormtrooper
    un tipico stormtrooper 2 months ago +1

    Jameskii:Battle royale