Things Are Changing


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  • LaurDIY
    LaurDIY  2 months ago +3237

    I'm SO excited for this launch and cant wait for the #prettylittlelaur fam to have an official friendship bracelet!!! make sure to tweet me a screenshot if you get a pack 💖🙌🏽

  • pizza zombiegirl
    pizza zombiegirl Day ago +1


  • TrizzMcBizz &TrizzMcFun

    You broke up with him?

  • TrizzMcBizz &TrizzMcFun

    Why did Alex Wassabi cried in the same day he was recording at the Same day as you

  • Kawia Puppy
    Kawia Puppy 7 days ago

    This the video before the perge the break up.....

  • Lolz & Lolz
    Lolz & Lolz 7 days ago

    Mia is so funny 😂🤣😂

  • Ruby Riddle
    Ruby Riddle 19 days ago

    Things r changing. More then we knew

  • Ruby Riddle
    Ruby Riddle 19 days ago

    Now we know why Alex wasn’t there to take care of her..

  • JOSE chaves
    JOSE chaves 21 day ago

    The bracelets are expensive as Costa Rica 😹😹 Pura Vida


    where is alex wassabi i dont have
    laurex team now

  • BarelyTsunami
    BarelyTsunami 24 days ago

    So what’s going to happen to Laurex’s shared office designed by Mr. Kate??

  • Akshu Infinity
    Akshu Infinity 26 days ago

    Awww’re so sweet and caring I love you ❤️

  • Lilia Steen
    Lilia Steen Month ago +1

    You are really Purtee

  • Molly Elizabeth Borchers

    Alex has to be in this because u guys both own your dog

  • its ashley
    its ashley Month ago

    When we went to joans frabric store i saw laurdiy art supplies that you made and i was like OMG

  • Mia Perelman
    Mia Perelman Month ago


  • Vy Vu
    Vy Vu Month ago +1

    I don’t no why
    But the broke
    Up give me a
    😩 day.

  • Katie Hurley
    Katie Hurley Month ago

    I loved you and Alex together I really want you to get back together why did you break up you guys were such a cute couple😥

  • Luna Loon
    Luna Loon Month ago

    At least she happy bc they broke up but does she even feel alone

  • Cat bread the 1st
    Cat bread the 1st Month ago

    Y'all taking bout it being $45 dollars in my country it $295

  • Amaris Moreno
    Amaris Moreno Month ago

    I miss Alex in these videos. 😟😟😟😟😟😟

  • Kaitlyn Guevara
    Kaitlyn Guevara Month ago

    That is model goals!!!!!

  • Mr.pickles
    Mr.pickles Month ago

    This a suuuuuuper good vid and I'm about to get all the bracelets

  • Ali -a
    Ali -a Month ago

    Laurdiy you clean up that backyard

  • Ali -a
    Ali -a Month ago

    Guppy love me

  • ToyMonsterCrazy163
    ToyMonsterCrazy163 Month ago

    Why isn't she with alex

  • Kristen's Production
    Kristen's Production Month ago +2

    I miss Laurex:( #laurex

  • Samantha Budtke
    Samantha Budtke Month ago

    I love how the first thing Aaron said was it wasn’t me Alex did it

  • Aditi Parekar
    Aditi Parekar Month ago

    You are the best laur I know you wouldn't see this but just want you to know❤️❤️

  • Officially DoveDisney2552

    Why the heck is the thumbnail so said

  • Vally Baskar
    Vally Baskar Month ago

    My bracelet pack is on the way woohooo🤓🤓🤓

  • Araceli Irene
    Araceli Irene Month ago

    I got the pack!!!.....I’m so excited!!!🤩💘

  • Amy Macmillan
    Amy Macmillan Month ago

    ✂ love you Lauren ✂

  • Starry Slimes
    Starry Slimes Month ago

    Who else is here after their breakup 😩😩😭😭💔💔

  • Sumaira Merzais
    Sumaira Merzais Month ago +1

    14:00 Lauren is way too pretty😍😍

  • Atheara
    Atheara Month ago

    Her eyelash extensions are a bit weird.. I don't know why

  • The Brannon Life
    The Brannon Life Month ago

    I just got your new scissors there awesome love you!!!❤️💕😍

  • Fort Panda
    Fort Panda Month ago

    Is 2018 the break up season???? Like

    • XLilymaeX :3
      XLilymaeX :3 Month ago

      ikr 😥 a lot of yt couples broke up...

  • Peyton Malzewski
    Peyton Malzewski Month ago

    Love you Lauren your the best and Moose is so cute

  • Ellie • Gordonn
    Ellie • Gordonn Month ago

    Awwww he’s soooo cute!❤️

  • llands3110
    llands3110 Month ago

    I can't believe laurex is over😔😔

  • patricia dechos
    patricia dechos Month ago

    I already ordered them its so amazing i gave some to my bff's

  • Wenceslao Zingapan
    Wenceslao Zingapan Month ago

    We are all happy your happy😇

  • Naggget Pair
    Naggget Pair Month ago

    Love that halter sis

  • Naggget Pair
    Naggget Pair Month ago

    I hope Laurex still hangs out off camera

  • XxPuReFiGhTeR -
    XxPuReFiGhTeR - Month ago


  • Celeste Contratto
    Celeste Contratto Month ago

    my dog knows he brings me the tv remote and everything he is so sweet

  • Jannette Gonzalez
    Jannette Gonzalez Month ago


  • the Dee family
    the Dee family Month ago

    I don't want to watch double dare any more

  • mia inlander
    mia inlander Month ago

    girl you need to hit us up with a diy challenge with liza 🤩💖💓❤️🌻🧡⭐️💛‼️😽✨

  • Summer Hay
    Summer Hay Month ago

    You're so happy in this a year you're so happy with any other video the last video that you posted and made me cry and I might unfollower you because of that I only followed you because of him

  • Summer Hay
    Summer Hay Month ago

    We're so happy in this video

  • Yolo Man
    Yolo Man Month ago +5

    LOL Mia at the end 😂😂😂 I’m subbed to both y’all

  • Michael Slo
    Michael Slo Month ago

    I can’t stop laughing when Lauren said “ for the DIY FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMM” 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Emerald Cordova
    Emerald Cordova Month ago +26

    Does someone else miss Alex in the videos ? 😢

    • AnimalWhisperer Plays
      AnimalWhisperer Plays Month ago +1

      Of course i do i wish they would just stop hiding their feeling as they said that they still love eachother but i respecg their decision but at the same time disspointed that they broke up i just cant believe this thank you for readjng this and i hope you guys will respect her aswell

  • TheBuildingFreak
    TheBuildingFreak Month ago

    Love you

  • Lmstars13
    Lmstars13 Month ago

    Happpy birthday

  • Marilyn Burke
    Marilyn Burke Month ago

    I can’t wait to see you on nickeldon

  • Kawia Puppy
    Kawia Puppy Month ago

    Video before breakup😭

  • VloggingWith LeyLey

    What apps do you use to edit videos and upload thumbnail

  • Hannah Flouder
    Hannah Flouder Month ago

    Dogs can smell your hormones and detect hormonal changes and also sense your emotions, so yes, your dog does know when you are sick or just in a sad mood; this is why they are amazing for support! Like if you love doggos

  • Crazy girl
    Crazy girl Month ago

    Um $63 dollars for bracelets?!

  • Giadah Samson
    Giadah Samson Month ago

    i need your phon nuber

  • Holly Fullington
    Holly Fullington Month ago

    super dead super dead super dead unis!

  • JustPeachyy
    JustPeachyy Month ago

    literally an ad of lauren and alex together on nickelodeon

  • Breah Kutt
    Breah Kutt Month ago +1

    Lauren is just the prettiest, cutest most awesome bean in the whole world

  • JiMiN HaS SmOL HaNdS BUT BIg # ?

    And what ad did I get before watching? A Nickelodeon ad with Alex and LaurDIY before they broke up..

  • NatieG_ 24
    NatieG_ 24 Month ago

    I was confused at first bc at 1:20 I heard her say (eight dollars) and then she's like the set is 45.........😐😑

  • Ansleigh Guice
    Ansleigh Guice Month ago

    please give me a shoutout next video

  • Precy seño Guevara

    This cant be true-

  • Jackie’s Camera Roll

    same i have the biggest fear of throwing up and anything related to that. that’s kinda one of the reasons why i got anxiety and cried on my first flight. other than the fact that i was sacred of the plane crashing.... i’m rambling so bye now

  • Janett Gordon
    Janett Gordon Month ago +1

    I love you!

  • zoe torres
    zoe torres Month ago +1

    First things are changing now a break up. I AM DYING!!!!😭😭😭The world's gonna end if another youtube couple breaks up.

  • addi1230 addi1230
    addi1230 addi1230 Month ago

    The ending got me shook

  • chica and puppy and other TOYS

    No I wish y'all were still together

  • addi1230 addi1230
    addi1230 addi1230 Month ago


  • Samantha Geary
    Samantha Geary Month ago

    I just watched Alex video you seam so ok

  • Anjelis Guale
    Anjelis Guale Month ago

    You are so cool

  • Anjelis Guale
    Anjelis Guale Month ago

    Lauren I would love to collaborate with you

  • Jenna Marie
    Jenna Marie Month ago

    Omg I just read your article in Girls life magazine💖💖💖btw I love you

  • Sintouche Maritz
    Sintouche Maritz Month ago


  • Mannwife Enjoyinglife

    Or make your own unique brackets or if u can't be bothered download wish pay £2 and get a full bunch £40 pffffff😂😂😂😂😂

  • Daddy
    Daddy Month ago

    I told u she would leave wassabi soon she is smashing her bald gym trainer

  • Heather Morgan
    Heather Morgan Month ago

    I don't know what it says about me that you filmed Ro's dog's birthday party, and I totally recognized people's dogs better than I recognized people in the footage.

  • kuroPG YT
    kuroPG YT Month ago +1


  • sara castro
    sara castro Month ago

    when she said she had a fear of getting sick i can so realte

  • Mirza Haider
    Mirza Haider Month ago

    Guys this vid was posted before the break up video and she isnt happy obviously she was a part of the break up too stop coming at her the break up video is an entirely different thing so plz

  • Gerardo martinez
    Gerardo martinez Month ago

    I miss u🙁

  • Brett Peterson
    Brett Peterson Month ago

    Will you make more and send them to any one who has your Murch because i love those bracelets and keep typing with me

  • LaCaiya Hill
    LaCaiya Hill Month ago

    Kinda confused on why the intro is so happy and alex is crying his eyes out. We cant sing my side anymore.

  • Nicholas Toh
    Nicholas Toh Month ago

    backyard makeover missionnnnnnnn

  • Amelia Cease
    Amelia Cease Month ago

    You and Alex were the perfect couple. I was sad when you guys broke up

  • Kim Nhi Nguyen
    Kim Nhi Nguyen Month ago

    I'm looking through the comments and all I want to know is, what is Lauren's friend's name!? I couldn't catch it ='D what's her youtube? I want to find her ! I like her too! =D

  • kitty whinny
    kitty whinny Month ago

    Moose is sooooo cute

  • Georgia Fellows
    Georgia Fellows Month ago

    Does anyone else have the same sick anxiety? I’ve got a 7 year streak 😅 Can’t believe there’re other people the same!

  • iRifle87YT
    iRifle87YT Month ago

    I wanna fuck the shit out of you you’re so god damn sexy lol

  • Camille Rose
    Camille Rose Month ago

    OMG!!! Literally I have the biggest fear of throwing up and no one understands!! I can literally feel how you were feeling. It’s the most irrational fear but it can take a hold and sit in your head. Girl I feel you and I feel like you talking about it makes me feel better !

  • Lori Star
    Lori Star Month ago

    Cute bracelets

  • Joy Williams
    Joy Williams Month ago +1

    Now Lauren, as much as you’ve taught us how to DIY, why would y’all price these bracelets for $45???!?😭🤷🏽‍♀️

  • red 19
    red 19 Month ago

    This is weiiiird!!! I got anxiety and just got over food poisoning. Trippy. And b4 that i wasn't sick in like 7 yrs.