I TRY CALLIGRAPHY - This is SO Much Harder Than it Looks!!

  • Published on Sep 30, 2018
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  • benscalligraphy *

    As a calligraphy artist, that intro really caused me physical pain. CHEST PAINS. I'm sending you my ER bill, Jazza

  • Annabel Muir
    Annabel Muir 2 hours ago

    I'm bad at handwriting

  • kookie monster
    kookie monster 4 hours ago

    U should see russian calligraphy....

  • Gacha Life
    Gacha Life 4 hours ago

    I used to have the same pen thing and I didn’t know what to do with it so I drew ink pictures😂😂

  • William Balfour
    William Balfour 8 hours ago +1

    Did anyone get harry potter nostalgia when he said partchment.

  • SoldierXie
    SoldierXie 10 hours ago

    Oh I got an art ad-

  • syifa deprinces Ahmad
    syifa deprinces Ahmad 10 hours ago

    This make my myself old 📖✍️👵

  • jack raines
    jack raines 11 hours ago

    Is It just me or does It say something bad

  • Paanda
    Paanda 11 hours ago

    This made me very tired but in a good way like when you watch bob ross

  • Hilma Sundin
    Hilma Sundin 16 hours ago

    Birth day sin on friday (21 december)

  • Joseph Murphy
    Joseph Murphy 17 hours ago +1

    Finally...something artistic that I’m better than jazza at

  • TheRealPingu
    TheRealPingu 18 hours ago

    I heard that Jimin han music in the background (mystic messenger)

  • Plain Old Ryce
    Plain Old Ryce 19 hours ago

    yeah i mean i got a calligraphy set today and the person who wrote the book that comes with it says her hand writing looks like a dogs dinner even though shes a professional calligrapher which is good because I too could be a doctor in a next life because my hand writing is squiggly and all joined

    • Plain Old Ryce
      Plain Old Ryce 19 hours ago

      Calligraphy was also a little easier to start for me because one of the different types of handwriting I use is cursive I use that on Birthday cards, Dates, Titles and signatures

  • s1mulus
    s1mulus 20 hours ago

    0:40 niice

  • JaxomPL
    JaxomPL 22 hours ago

    'I could be doctor in another live'
    Oh, sweet summer child, You know nothing of doctor's nad handwriting :P

  • 𝒸 𝒽 𝒾 𝓂 𝓂 𝓎

    use a brush pen it works better and easier for me. I just draw the word sometimes and color it in so I do fake calligraphy. BUT A BRUSH PEN WORKS THE BEST!

  • lilsees •
    lilsees • Day ago

    The ending should be your new outro .

  • Charith Garusinghe

    Don’t push hard on the paper then it will be much easier Two use Because I have three of them in school and at my house

  • Bhryanna Gowey
    Bhryanna Gowey Day ago

    You normally start off using calligraphy markers instead of the quills... I'm currently learning calligraphy also

  • Ledgebringer X
    Ledgebringer X Day ago

    I really want to get into Calligraphy but currently have two weeks of exams so i guess i’ll have to wait. I think Calligraphy is a great art where not only does it improve handwriting but also teaches patience.

  • Evelyn Azzopardi

    I was cringing

  • Evelyn Azzopardi

    Your bad

  • Rachel Collins
    Rachel Collins Day ago

    you cant glob it all on

  • Delta
    Delta Day ago

    My handwriting sucks.... (It looks exactly like yours ;3)

  • Seun Omisore
    Seun Omisore Day ago

    it was nice to see your journey from inadequate to plausible. You have inspired me

  • Ame
    Ame Day ago

    why am i the only person in my class that knows how to use that calligraphy pen
    guess im the only person that knows how to use it in this comment section too (‘:

  • M.H.A
    M.H.A Day ago

    you can try arabic calligraphy

  • Mr Fluffkins
    Mr Fluffkins 2 days ago

    The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy

  • Beve
    Beve 2 days ago

    Calligraphy is really easy what do you mean

  • richy3454
    richy3454 2 days ago

    I thought you were using fountain pen ink in the intro by mistake but it turns out it was worse than i thought

  • Chary Dolls
    Chary Dolls 2 days ago

    Beautiful I really love it!

  • Laura Martin
    Laura Martin 2 days ago

    It was the Netflix logo was good and you gave it a f

  • Sorasit Suprapoch
    Sorasit Suprapoch 2 days ago

    Haven't heard thee,thou,thy,doest, wouldst for a very long time in a letter. Awesome video btw. Your calligraphy skills , however, needs more practising

  • euphoria hodge
    euphoria hodge 2 days ago

    jazza i dont love u

  • Foxy animator
    Foxy animator 2 days ago

    It's funny because it's my birthday

  • Silver Flame
    Silver Flame 2 days ago

    I see you have table salt on your shopping list…I just came from the drawing with salt video 🧐

  • Boomer1149
    Boomer1149 3 days ago

    He was talking paradiddles

  • Dakitube
    Dakitube 3 days ago

    You're awesome. Currently trying to learn calligraphy (for like the 3rd time - I've given up in the past because it's soooo friggan hard). Seeing someone (especially talented like you) fail, not give up, follow the instructions, keep trying and succeeding, is very inspiring. :)

  • Liam joe
    Liam joe 3 days ago

    good point TJ TOONS

  • Alexa Is Strange
    Alexa Is Strange 3 days ago

    The question i always get when drawing is, “ how do you draw so well but your handwriting is very messy “

  • Ant Espinoza
    Ant Espinoza 3 days ago

    his reaction when he wrote his name was so cute adhkdfsalkfdjlf

  • Bo Peregrine
    Bo Peregrine 3 days ago

    Right left right right left right left left that is called paradiddle

  • Filip Mikulja
    Filip Mikulja 3 days ago

    Its harder to do if your left handed

  • Clark Family
    Clark Family 3 days ago

    well the letter convinced me.

  • Nyxus Scarlet
    Nyxus Scarlet 3 days ago

    Calligraphy pens (the cheap ones) work TERRIBLE on parchment paper. Although costly, use a moderately expensive pen on CARDSTOCK with ink SPECIFICALLY for these pens. Your pen will thank you for the special care you give it. Chemical compositions of inks (like Copics) vary greatly from writing ink, thus, the nibs suffer from improper ink and usage on incorrect paper. Instead of usig a dip pen (which can cause a MESS), try using a pen with a ink converter (makes extracting ink from the bottles so much easier) or an ink tube (the ink is already inside the little tube, all you need to do is pierce the ink cap as you put it into the pen!)

  • Limbo Cat
    Limbo Cat 3 days ago

    Lefties + calligraphy pen ink = DISASTER

  • Jaslene Guerrero
    Jaslene Guerrero 3 days ago

    It just funny to think that your name is jazza and my name jazzy..😂😂but my actual name is jaslene.

  • zara
    zara 3 days ago

    i thought nobody was perfect...

  • ButteryPopcorn
    ButteryPopcorn 3 days ago

    Teacher: *looks at jazza doing caligraphy*
    Teacher: Now jazza , write me a 100 page essay using caligraphy

  • Sjdnakcwxj fisdjoansidj

    Good drawer bad writting/calligraphy thats mee

  • Lucas Allen Black
    Lucas Allen Black 3 days ago

    The fact that i write everyday at school in the second writing style Jazza learnt makes me confused and proud- lmao.

  • andri christodoulides

    There are so many things he’s doing wrong

  • Mad Vlogs
    Mad Vlogs 4 days ago

    Please like this took forever😉😂😏

  • Thomas Ibrahim
    Thomas Ibrahim 4 days ago

    16:47 eww the hand 🤮

  • Olivia Lau
    Olivia Lau 4 days ago

    Ya know they make calligraphy pens wow such a shocker .......not really 😏

  • Ash_Studios
    Ash_Studios 4 days ago

    Omfg I hate calligraphy
    Especially since I live in japan we have calligraphy classes and I absolutely just HATE IT

  • Sheldon TheGodOfCats

    14:15 Rip Bob Ross
    Like = Respect

  • Sheldon TheGodOfCats


  • Olivia Garcia
    Olivia Garcia 4 days ago

    When you did the Netflix you used to much ink.... soo what I trying to say is just dip the pen into the ink and take it out

  • sunset origin
    sunset origin 4 days ago


  • Midnight Lycan
    Midnight Lycan 4 days ago

    00:49 to 00:57 lol XD

  • Simone Bolacklees
    Simone Bolacklees 4 days ago

    you do realise you can get pens for it right?

  • Kreee Sqeeel
    Kreee Sqeeel 4 days ago

    I really like how instead of showing us some calligraphy or being a professional and explaining some pointers, it feels more real and hopeful when you actually show your growth and what you’re doing. It really makes it feel like you can actually pick it up and master it. Thank you so much

  • Viv Wallace
    Viv Wallace 4 days ago

    You learned it too fast. I don't wanna compete with you.

  • KeiraJM 15
    KeiraJM 15 4 days ago

    Please do more calligraphy I love this video

  • GTA_Life 247
    GTA_Life 247 4 days ago

    Hi I'm new if you would like to check my channel out you can I'm trying to get to 100 subs

  • Sakura .K
    Sakura .K 4 days ago

    Your skillshare videos are so fun to watch. I hope they continue sponsoring you because I love watching you start from nothing, learn about it, then come up with something awesome

  • Ali Clarke
    Ali Clarke 5 days ago

    You are awesome! Love your channel!

  • Auschwitz the GSG9
    Auschwitz the GSG9 5 days ago

    In my school caligraphy is a must, and I tell you it's no fun at all

  • UnoAnimatron
    UnoAnimatron 5 days ago

    Ha !, and I thought cursive was too fancy

  • holpipplayz has quit fortnite

    Coligraphy is handist im a lefty and the ink just smears when i try and im not spending a month or two just to become ambidextrous

    • holpipplayz has quit fortnite
      holpipplayz has quit fortnite 5 days ago

      Ftr (for the record) im not hating on it im just saying i cant use my right hand for any thing other than opening a door

  • Sydney Webb
    Sydney Webb 5 days ago

    he’s so hot

  • FaZe bull
    FaZe bull 5 days ago

    btw you were holding it wrong and you need a certain ink for it and don't scoop or dip the whole tip part you do half way on that.

  • morr_13
    morr_13 5 days ago

    way to go jazza!!!!!!

  • The Omega
    The Omega 5 days ago

    i write cursive handwriting in school al the time i quited on print.

  • Candice Smith
    Candice Smith 5 days ago

    Stop lifting the pen in the middle of every stroke. Follow through.

  • Sandrix Hozart
    Sandrix Hozart 5 days ago

    I love it
    lol an the reason I call it killagraphy.

    Parchment×64 !!!! Wish have some then I be flying through my projects, like my toy dog, the future bunk bed, and others

  • Kaigo- chan
    Kaigo- chan 5 days ago

    Omg BEST video ever! 😆🤗

  • Sabina Kamphuis
    Sabina Kamphuis 5 days ago

    am I the only one who liked the first one ( happy birthday)

  • Anubhuti
    Anubhuti 5 days ago

    Not all doctors have bad handwriting jazza 😑

  • Janet Bradshaw
    Janet Bradshaw 5 days ago


  • Şenan Irene
    Şenan Irene 5 days ago

    Was going to leave before the letter, so happy I stayed. You accents kill me!

  • Jacob Higgins
    Jacob Higgins 6 days ago

    Lmao it’s hard to believe that my mum would’ve used this style of pen, well technically it’s the same style but not design like it’s on of those annoying messy fountain pens and she’s like 40 now which isn’t even that old like damn I wish we still used these types of pens cause they’re pretty cool.

  • Shae W
    Shae W 6 days ago

    7 physical planner
    8 virtual planner

  • Lisa Schoeneberger
    Lisa Schoeneberger 6 days ago

    That ending though ...

  • tinks Patel
    tinks Patel 6 days ago +1

    I say this was amazing

  • Monce
    Monce 6 days ago

    I was falling asleep

    • Monce
      Monce 5 days ago

      +Shae W it was 3am

    • Shae W
      Shae W 6 days ago

      Monce why were u watching then.

  • Charles Jespersen
    Charles Jespersen 6 days ago

    Mum 8:40

  • Akira Alexis Soyra
    Akira Alexis Soyra 6 days ago +1

    I prefer digital art since I am 1000x better at it. 😅 I suck at physical art. But even if I am bad at it, it's artists like you that keep me going on. 😏 I love using copics, paints and colored pencils (polychromos). I love all art. 😂

  • antell markus
    antell markus 6 days ago

    Lord Jazzerthethon

  • Brazen Brunette
    Brazen Brunette 6 days ago

    Dont use God as a word

  • manmanthemanman
    manmanthemanman 6 days ago +1

    He didn’t do that bad

  • Jazmin Toth
    Jazmin Toth 6 days ago

    6:01 why did you say this is terrible, I'd give it an A-

  • Simply Shay
    Simply Shay 6 days ago +1

    Finally something I’m better at than uuuuuuu attt!!!😄😄😄😄

  • Octato Draws
    Octato Draws 7 days ago


  • Fling Gonza
    Fling Gonza 7 days ago

    Stage 1: this.
    Stage 2: Cursive
    Stage 3: Calligraphy.

  • Gacha 11 y*o
    Gacha 11 y*o 7 days ago

    try arabic words with calligraphy.
    yesterday my school added a idk some type of event where 5-6th grade draw some arabic word with calligraphy then paint it with water colours.
    i try my freaking best, but i didnt win.
    I'm OkAy :')

  • Lavishy
    Lavishy 7 days ago

    mike boyd?

  • eleora I.S.
    eleora I.S. 7 days ago


  • xXxLunaria CrystalsxXx

    The only thing I want to do is to see my hand writing get better