I TRY CALLIGRAPHY - This is SO Much Harder Than it Looks!!

  • Published on Sep 30, 2018
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  • Daniel Bonfante
    Daniel Bonfante Day ago

    wait the a

  • Princess Genorga

    *”No mistakes, only Happy Accidents.”*
    I love the use of reference 😂👍🏻

  • george lee yun ze


  • Hafiy Sham
    Hafiy Sham Day ago

    Im dislike your video not because im jealous.seriously i hav'nt feel hate or what ever .i dislike because my self .its up TO ME Ok

  • jeffmurnahan
    jeffmurnahan Day ago

    That Netflix looks bloody

  • Darissa Montillo Montillo

    Love the end 😂😂❤️❤️

  • Rachel Nepumoceno

    My classmates (girls) are obsessed with calligraphy

  • 1123 RK9
    1123 RK9 Day ago


  • Emma Budke
    Emma Budke Day ago

    *looks at his normal handwriting* That’s better than my handwriting them I’m TrYiNg to have nEaT handwriting for an eSsAy. I would kill for your handwriting.

  • Badgamer 6123
    Badgamer 6123 Day ago

    0:50 NO GOD PLEASE NO!! NO!!!NOOO!!!!!!!!!

  • Isabella Peut
    Isabella Peut Day ago

    why do so many artist have bad handwriting

  • Joshua Iorio
    Joshua Iorio Day ago

    Jazza you should sell the picture you just drew that says Jazz I loves you with that splash drawn as a heart

  • Candy Apple Art
    Candy Apple Art Day ago

    Oh, I love calligraphy! It’s so fun and relaxing to do! It just takes a little practice!

  • Oppa Jimin
    Oppa Jimin Day ago

    My pen is quite different from jazza , mine is like a fill-in than a dip one , its easier to use i suggest you

  • Sans animations
    Sans animations Day ago

    Boi I’m 8 and I have better hand wʀιτιƞϑ τհαƞ ψɸυ αƞδ ψεσ τհισ ισ ʍψ հαƞδ wʀιτιƞϑ

  • jb buss
    jb buss Day ago

    I hate the fact that I can't do the skill share thing, because I'm not an adult. I don't have a credit card

  • Rowen Kay
    Rowen Kay Day ago

    I'm also an artist and I have such terrible handwriting it made me do so bad in Elementary to the point where I didn't even try and just picked the most random syllables and sounds

  • Crystie Crystal
    Crystie Crystal Day ago

    Hello! im a calligraphy writer, and in advanced art! you might wanna start out with a cheap pen caillgraphy then work your way up! dipping in ink isnt the best. you should try it!

  • Youtube_slime_review

    Try go Fountain pens

  • Løvely Lady
    Løvely Lady Day ago

    You're amazing

  • Løvely Lady
    Løvely Lady Day ago

    Did you just show me that LIST and tell ME that you don't have GOOD handwriting!

  • Creative Cat
    Creative Cat Day ago

    That love letter though XD

  • Sheryl Christensen

    Calligraphy and handwriting and drawing are not the same, or even similar as you just learned! I can't draw to save my life, my calligraphy is okay, and my regular handwriting is anal-retentively awesome. You can draw like a MF, your handwriting is better than a serial killer's and your calligraphy, with practice will be as good as your drawing. Drills, patience, practice, more drills, and... I find brush tip pens easier to work with. Dip pens are the hardest instruments I've tried! Even fountain calligraphy pens are easier. Good luck. Practice makes progress!

  • Sadtiger
    Sadtiger Day ago

    But you need to draw as a doctor cause you need to draw a body

  • Sophia Akinfolarin

    His writing isn't bad tho

  • Yente Giegas
    Yente Giegas Day ago

    I used to do this for a spare time activity, but it was so boring. cuz you needed to learn every letter type one at a time

  • Adam Childress
    Adam Childress Day ago

    “No mistakes, just happy accidents.” -Bob Ross

  • BTS.edits
    BTS.edits Day ago

    The brown fox jumped over the lazy


  • Gaming Stickytv Reactions

    You should try it with the brushes

  • Emily Ponce
    Emily Ponce Day ago

    Good job!!!

  • Munson Family
    Munson Family Day ago

    ι ¢αи ∂σ вєттєя тнєи тнαт αи∂ ι αм 11

  • MineSpawn//Forestleap

    This is beautiful. 10/10

  • David Parrish
    David Parrish Day ago


  • Jimin_Slayz
    Jimin_Slayz Day ago

    The ending was beautiful

  • GamingWithGirls
    GamingWithGirls Day ago

    Im left handed 😔

  • Toxic Lover
    Toxic Lover Day ago

    Happy accidents

  • Filip Anjou
    Filip Anjou Day ago +1

    2:03 "This wasn't cheap, so I'm hoping it's not like cheap crap." If anything, it would be expensive crap, right?

  • Kithat
    Kithat Day ago

    If you learn how to do calligraphy and you can draw, this channel will fly through the ranks. You're the best drawer, *Calligraphy-er?* and animator, I'm saying that because you can do calligraphy, animate and draw! I haven't seen anybody who can do that, I'd like to see you try to write old letters. It seems as thought you have written old writing, I mean Harry Potter Writing. Okay, you might not be a Harry Potter, Naruto, MHA, Death Note (and more) fan like me. You might need to find this part in the movie, It's either, The Prisoner Of Akazaban (If that's how it's spelled) or The Half-Blood Prince. If that takes to long try to google it. I'd enjoy if you do calligraphy more, oh and especially use the ol' Feather pen like you use in the love letter/ outro. I don't know if it's a outro, but I mean. "Gotta do what you gotta do." Am I right?
    (P.S) You don't understand how many red underlined-lines *(If that's a word)* were in this, I made so many grammar mistakes it's unbelievable. I enjoy watching your videos and I also find calligraphy soothing or in the "2018" satisfying. *If that's even the "2018" way.*

  • Amanda Lockridge

    The first thing you learn in calligraphy: You never PUSH the pen! All your strokes should be pulling the nib along, never pushing. That demonstration video he was watching may have made some nice art there, but their technique was all kinds of wrong XD.

  • Extatikk42
    Extatikk42 Day ago

    I still can’t even draw a smiley face right bro wtf 😩😂

  • SoelRain Drop_
    SoelRain Drop_ Day ago

    I tried calligraphy and I’m horrible at it 😂

  • Jonathan Nizam
    Jonathan Nizam Day ago

    Make a drawing with those pens please.

  • Ashton Carroll
    Ashton Carroll Day ago

    Are you going to send that letter to all your subscribers?

  • Bird Red
    Bird Red Day ago +1


  • Maher Alsayid
    Maher Alsayid Day ago

    I find it hard to do calligraphy for left handed

  • Kauri Townes
    Kauri Townes Day ago

    Has anyone seen my jaw I dropped it somewhere

  • Cuteness Bunny
    Cuteness Bunny Day ago

    The end note killed me 😂

  • Kaitlynisvip
    Kaitlynisvip Day ago

    What the fuck.

  • The Diamond Dimanian

    I'm left handed....This might be a bad idea...

  • Rugma P.U
    Rugma P.U Day ago

    You're awesome!!!

  • Hoang MVP
    Hoang MVP Day ago

    you dip in too much. that's what happened

  • Coffee Base ☕
    Coffee Base ☕ Day ago

    That's WAY too much ink you're using, Jazza xD

  • Coffee Base ☕
    Coffee Base ☕ Day ago


  • old Gaming with green. Poole

    Boy you suck

  • JoshyPlays287
    JoshyPlays287 Day ago

    have you had your inner health plus today? "listen here you little blue cunt no one CARES" only Aussies know what im talking about.

  • Olivia Robinson
    Olivia Robinson Day ago

    I’m cringing so hard I’m 11 years old and I’m an expert (good try though it looked decent)

  • Hardi Ka
    Hardi Ka Day ago

    Now that was cool

  • River Fan
    River Fan Day ago

    I love doctors'

  • Potato
    Potato Day ago

    jazza dont worry your handwritting is better than mine

  • Bownie Tomazini
    Bownie Tomazini Day ago

    I think the trick with cursive calligraphy is to learn to draw the letters before ever bothering with fancy pens and whatnot. Many say it’s best to learn it with a fountain pen but I only had a pencil when I started and didn’t have problems transitioning into fountain and brush pens later on since the stroke technique is applicable for both. I recommend the spencerian books you can buy on amazon (or find a pdf online if you wanna take the illegal route) which have many great exercises and worksheets to get started

  • Katarina Lodi
    Katarina Lodi Day ago

    In the intro the ink looked really watery btw i love calligraphy its so satisfing to draw

  • Master Debate
    Master Debate Day ago

    that ending was stunning💕

  • DrTrinitrotoluene


  • LolWithGames
    LolWithGames 2 days ago

    What would people be thinking if this were made at their birthday

  • Kellie Beverley
    Kellie Beverley 2 days ago

    i wish i could do calligraphy but it would be to hard for me bc im left handed

  • Fjoxhhnvhj Jznshdjdkf

    Jazza has such good hand writing vs mine when I can’t even read my handwriting

  • Y Robert
    Y Robert 2 days ago

    He is using the wrong tip

  • Billy Horrible
    Billy Horrible 2 days ago

    The office omg

  • Annika Erickson
    Annika Erickson 2 days ago

    I started learning some caligraphy last fall. So as someone who knows a little bit about the art, it was cringy but also really funny watching your intro! You improved a lot, great job!

  • xXCOOKIESYAMXx skree

    See, in America, we call rudiments perididles.... you quoted perididle number 16

  • Birdie 1983
    Birdie 1983 2 days ago

    Thats a ton of ink☺️

  • michelle navalle
    michelle navalle 2 days ago

    Awww, thank you so much for the belated/advanced happy birthday calligraphy! ^^

  • Woomy and VEEMO
    Woomy and VEEMO 2 days ago


  • DaniKay Plamp
    DaniKay Plamp 2 days ago

    You should try wood burning

  • Payton Francis
    Payton Francis 2 days ago

    You probably won't see this and probably already know, but when drawing anything with a calligraphy pen, move your whole arm instead of just your hand. It helps your lines look smoother and more natural. Also, you can buy calligraphy pens that do not require inkpots and instead of metal attachments they have one flexible felt-like feeling, but I don't think they come in color.

  • Coco Wei
    Coco Wei 2 days ago

    i like how how dropped the wax and there was just a lonely dot of red wax

  • Sean West
    Sean West 2 days ago

    That first piece would be hilarious in red

  • Amy DeMoney
    Amy DeMoney 2 days ago

    Dude do all artists or just people that draw have terrible handwriting bc I can’t even read my handwriting sometimes but apparently I can draw really well.?

  • Katlynn S
    Katlynn S 2 days ago

    Subscribed. 🙃

  • Fandom Feels
    Fandom Feels 2 days ago

    Obnoxious but consitent

  • Tomas Viane
    Tomas Viane 2 days ago

    ░▒▓█►─═ 𝕴 𝖆𝖕𝖕𝖗𝖔𝖛𝖊 ! ═─◄█▓▒░

  • Fandom Feels
    Fandom Feels 2 days ago +1

    This looks really fricken difficult but it looks cool at least

  • Ambia Begum
    Ambia Begum 2 days ago

    Love it

  • Aislinn Graves
    Aislinn Graves 2 days ago

    Jazza, dear heart. I was a teacher for almost 30 years and have seen more handwriting than you can imagine and trust me on this darlin, your handwriting does NOT suck. It may not be as a perfect copperplate but it is legible. I've seen handwriting that you literally could not read. Handwriting is a line like any other and when you can draw as well as you do, well... just think of the letters like you would any other drawing.
    As for Calligraphy, we practice... a lot! Also a dip pen is for a master of the art. For a beginner I suggest a calligraphy marker or a pen with ink cartridges. They are much easier to control and you won't have all the drips and spatters while you are learning. Save the dip pen for later. :)
    Each font you try you will have to start at the beginning to learn how the letters are formed so don't be discouraged at all the repetition. As you found all that is teaching you control and muscle memory. You will get there!
    And then once you get your hand down comes the fun part of illumination! :D

  • ZwartWitte Panda
    ZwartWitte Panda 2 days ago

    fuck hes good at it

  • Dragongirl 20claw
    Dragongirl 20claw 2 days ago

    The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. THERE IS NO S IN THAT SENTENCE

  • ZwartWitte Panda
    ZwartWitte Panda 2 days ago

    im so hoping that you aint good at this we need something ur bad at

  • Ivan Emma
    Ivan Emma 2 days ago

    This is insanely satisfying

  • Camille lorenzo
    Camille lorenzo 2 days ago

    soo satisfying!!!!

  • crazy gamer231
    crazy gamer231 2 days ago

    You might need some stiffer nibs brause nibs are very stiff you can get them at dickblick.com it's an art whole sale site.

  • Murloc Ekoshin
    Murloc Ekoshin 2 days ago

    Ja33a Loves You

  • LachVonMagma
    LachVonMagma 2 days ago +1

    Next try cuneiform

  • norlaify
    norlaify 2 days ago

    13:26 the z's look like 3's

  • Ying Yang Studios
    Ying Yang Studios 2 days ago

    “ no mistakes, only happy accidents “
    Am I the only one who thought of accidental pregnancy?

  • Erin Edelweiss
    Erin Edelweiss 2 days ago

    Somewhy the first letter in his " Happy Birthday " was looking like F to me...Yeah...Weird...

  • Izzy Turpin
    Izzy Turpin 2 days ago

    id never be able to do this i write with my left hand and i would mess this the frick up

  • Rhegan 02
    Rhegan 02 2 days ago

    U said a paradiddle when ur voiceovering

  • lily holly
    lily holly 2 days ago

    someone told me if you have a bad handwriting you are a good artists but if you have a good handwriting your a bad artist

  • Neo17_got_ Nicolai
    Neo17_got_ Nicolai 2 days ago

    Now im jealous bc of all the pens you own lmaoo
    Im happy u learned it, good job :D

  • Neo17_got_ Nicolai
    Neo17_got_ Nicolai 2 days ago

    Now im jealous bc of all the pens you own lmaoo