Walking Our Cat For The First Time • Saf & Tyler

  • Published on Mar 3, 2017
  • Yes, our elderly ex-feral cat with cat herpes is in fact named Crusty. Here we are trying to walk him on a harness and leash and it went...well, it was interesting to say the least. Click the bell icon to turn on post notifications!
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  2 years ago +5423

    hope u guys like this silly but loving tribute to the epic crust himself!!! he's a keeper, what a cutie. love you guys so much!!! look out for a poll on my twitter @safiyajn that i would love for u guys to vote in very soon, i'll probably put it up tomorrow morning about a video i'm going to be making! 🖤🖤🖤🖤

    • Billithekat
      Billithekat 9 days ago

      He is very cute

    • Sid Mac
      Sid Mac 2 months ago

      Safiya Nygaard yaaa

    • Daisy Richardson
      Daisy Richardson 2 months ago

      Awww. That cat must be enjoying himself, you two are the kindest people. Most people leave poor cats alone without owners. But you have such a kind heart and gave him a nice retirement.

    • FlameCatPrincess
      FlameCatPrincess 2 months ago

      More cat videos plz new walking locations more cat :D

    • Megan James
      Megan James 3 months ago

      Do more cat videos!😻

  • maisie debeck
    maisie debeck 7 hours ago

    i want a crusty

  • courtney boucher
    courtney boucher 21 hour ago +2

    So I know it's kinda been a while since this was posted but I walk my cat as well

  • Alexis Politi
    Alexis Politi Day ago

    Crusty is so cute!!

  • Xanthia Morgan
    Xanthia Morgan Day ago +1

    Y’all are great cat parents.

  • Young&Relatable
    Young&Relatable 2 days ago

    they talked about the grove like it was a local mall

  • Jane
    Jane 2 days ago +3

    “they have a food disposal, I am a food disposal”
    Lmao same

  • Jane
    Jane 2 days ago

    1:02 awwwwwwww

  • doccer9
    doccer9 3 days ago +1

    You need to train the cat in harness before u even leave the house haha haha they can walk like a dog and even learn to sit... good job for his first time!!

  • Trish Thomas-Mink
    Trish Thomas-Mink 3 days ago

    I have two ex feral cats. One I could walk the other, is inside for so long, doesn't like the outside. Think Ollie is going to get a harness and see if he can go outside.....

  • BearTeaParty Msp
    BearTeaParty Msp 3 days ago

    I have a cat stroller and I walk my cats with that

  • Aiman
    Aiman 4 days ago

    I missed my “see you a next time” in this! You are the best Saf!

  • leahmusic
    leahmusic 5 days ago

    :( If the cat was 15 and this video was posted 2 years ago it probably died since cats usually live up to 16 or 17 years old :(

    • Jane
      Jane 2 days ago

      leahmusic I think he’s still alive!

  • Jessica Vernon
    Jessica Vernon 5 days ago


  • Nikki Gerhardt
    Nikki Gerhardt 6 days ago

    i'm hoping once I adopt a cat that I can eventually train it to walk on a leash so it can have some safe outdoor time. Crusty is so cute, you can tell how much Tyler loves him ^_^

  • Bianca Coetzee
    Bianca Coetzee 6 days ago

    Crusty’s Ear is sniped and usually when cats ears are snipdemis to show the are or was veral

  • Cats Are The Best
    Cats Are The Best 6 days ago

    i wanna watch them walk crusty again

  • Blandy McBlanderson
    Blandy McBlanderson 6 days ago

    Dem kittys.

  • Nikkie
    Nikkie 6 days ago

    I have a cat backpack that my cat comes out in and people honestly love seeing her. I definitely get some weird looks (also because I'm a weird person that will take pics of her in the backpack infront of scenery!) but the majority of the responses are positive. When my cat comes home she meows at the door waiting for the next adventure which is so cute. It keeps her active and she gets to see the world that way

  • Pamir Karakaya
    Pamir Karakaya 6 days ago

    Which mall did you guys went to??

  • green poodle2
    green poodle2 7 days ago

    my cat is outside 247 and he lost 3 pounds in 6 months. clearly crusty just needs a big garden

  • Faith Murphree
    Faith Murphree 7 days ago +1

    I have two female cat's but they hate the harness and leash they were dumped kittens that someone didn't want them. But we took them in and they love the inside more then the outside can't get them to go out.

    MICHELLE DALTON 8 days ago

    He did so good, crusty is adorable

  • Aimz360
    Aimz360 8 days ago

    Didn't know Crusty was a feral, so lovely that she chose to settle down and who better than Safiya and Tyler :)

  • Squishy Mochi
    Squishy Mochi 8 days ago

    How did I MISS THIS?

  • Harper Winchester
    Harper Winchester 8 days ago +3

    I'm watching this two years later, and they're engaged

  • Kaleidoscope Eyes
    Kaleidoscope Eyes 9 days ago

    I tried this with my cat, Pip. A barely got the harness on him before he bolted under the bed. I knew I would not win this battle.

  • Cece and Stefi
    Cece and Stefi 10 days ago

    Crusty is your child💜

  • Sarah Mitchell
    Sarah Mitchell 10 days ago

    I tried this with my cat, same harness and everything. He just laid down and ate grass the whole time -__-

  • Cakeontheroof
    Cakeontheroof 10 days ago

    This is the video that made me decide to subscribe

  • Exoxe Blue
    Exoxe Blue 10 days ago

    I tried to walk my cats... One was spooked the other just plonked

  • Ashley O.
    Ashley O. 11 days ago

    Such good kitty parents!

  • Lara Palma
    Lara Palma 11 days ago +1

    I walk my pet mice
    Not one though, she's an escape artist

    • Moon explorer
      Moon explorer 5 days ago +1

      I walked my turtle once
      It went missing for 6 hours and I later found him in his tank
      I live alone
      It was a deja vu or he is a turtle-man

  • Lara Palma
    Lara Palma 11 days ago

    Crusty thought he was OUT for a minute 😪

  • Lara Palma
    Lara Palma 11 days ago

    I think people would just watch your lives tbh

  • seham aga
    seham aga 11 days ago

    i’m pretty sure that meow broke my heart-

  • Hoots
    Hoots 11 days ago


  • Gacha_KatCorn *_*
    Gacha_KatCorn *_* 11 days ago

    I got a commercial with a fat cot that looks like crusty

  • Love Star
    Love Star 11 days ago

    We all love Crusty!!!!!!

  • Susan Angeline
    Susan Angeline 12 days ago

    My friend's cat who she's had since it was a kitten wandered off out of their yard and someone took him to the shelter and he got adopted to another family :( my friend is heartbroken and blowing up the shelter trying to get him back. Microchip your pets please!!

  • laylacat meow
    laylacat meow 12 days ago


  • Dima Llanos
    Dima Llanos 12 days ago

    I like to put my cat in my old baby stroller and run with him😂😂😂

  • Nox
    Nox 13 days ago

    My question is, why would you take him to the mall of all places, on his first walk? Where it's crowded, and you know there are dogs running around without leash? Seems like the last place to take an elderly cat that you don't want to stress out too much. : /

  • Amanda Mitrani
    Amanda Mitrani 13 days ago

    I walk my cat Artemis and he LOVES IT. It seems that many cats born and raised indoors are more difficult to walk but since he too was likely an outdoor cat before shelter life (and eventually apartment life), he has that desire to explore the neighborhood and he definitely gets jealous if I go outside without him

  • Couldntthinkofaname 1
    Couldntthinkofaname 1 14 days ago

    My cat is a indoor outdoor cat. We let him out in the morning and he comes back in the evening. He came to our back porch when he was just a little kitten (he’s like 2 or 3 now)

  • Lilly Rose
    Lilly Rose 14 days ago

    When I went to Vegas and tried sprinkles I wasn’t too fond of it.

  • theperksofbeingkylie
    theperksofbeingkylie 15 days ago +3

    omg so crusty is 17 now??

  • Denise Nicholson
    Denise Nicholson 15 days ago

    where did you used to live?

  • Courtney Skinner
    Courtney Skinner 16 days ago

    He through tnr thats why he had an ear tip missing

  • BamitzSam
    BamitzSam 16 days ago

    Crusty looks like my cat Abby who was also a stray but she was indeed a kitten when we found her. Now 11 years later her and crusty are almost the same age but Abby is less feisty and has a more... "as soon as you sit down I will plop myself onto your lap wither you like it or not" attitude.

  • Rachel Brown
    Rachel Brown 18 days ago

    I love crusty

  • Victoria Aranzazu
    Victoria Aranzazu 19 days ago +1

    I know this is late, but another cool way to allow Crusty to have still have some outdoor time in a safe way is to build a catio( cat patio)! Look on Pinterest for some simple diy ways to do so.

  • patricia G
    patricia G 21 day ago

    Lol I meant Americana at Brand

  • Callie Reynolds
    Callie Reynolds 22 days ago +10

    Those tiny Crusty meows at first were HEARTBREAKING

  • Mariana _playz
    Mariana _playz 23 days ago

    Wait.. are cats supposed to be inside and an isnide cat? Lol! My cat is an adventure cat. He lives inside and goes outside for fun for a few hours or like minutes xD

  • Emily Ledford-McAninch
    Emily Ledford-McAninch 24 days ago +1

    Those meows right outside the door made me sooo sad! I'm glad he ended up enjoying himself, but that initial fear at being locked out was heartbreaking.

  • Amani Malik
    Amani Malik 24 days ago

    That's like so cute though like Tyler with just pick up Crusty and people would pet him

  • What Ever
    What Ever 24 days ago

    Why does Crusty walk better
    than my dog?

  • D Salty
    D Salty 25 days ago

    He's such a good cat. I think he did well. A lot of cats will just panic or try to run away when on the leash

  • Smelly DOnut
    Smelly DOnut 25 days ago

    crusty is so cute haha.
    what breed is he?

  • onequartercanadian
    onequartercanadian 25 days ago

    I love to think that Crusty was basically like, 'I'm tired of living on the streets. I'm too old for this shit. Let's find some humans to feed and shelter me."

  • Natalie Caballero
    Natalie Caballero 27 days ago


  • Ambika Jagessar
    Ambika Jagessar 28 days ago +2

    Please dear gods, do this again

  • Anežka Jandová
    Anežka Jandová 28 days ago

    You scared him so much the first time. He looked terrified, that you want to kick him out back on the street, poor baby. You should let him know, that he can go back inside.

  • lou burnett
    lou burnett 28 days ago

    We tried a harness on our cat and he just lay on his side like he was shot *Nope not happnin* 😂

  • Greta Tarnowski
    Greta Tarnowski 29 days ago

    More crusty videos!

  • N Draws
    N Draws 29 days ago

    I got the same brand leash as you to walk my cat!

  • Mel Lor
    Mel Lor Month ago

    Out of interest, do you guys still walk him? I wonder about it, in Australia cats are a huge problem to our native wildlife and I often wonder if it would be better to make cats complete indoor animals and take them on a lead. A lot of people have cat cages (enclosed areas outside they can run in) my brother had one that was around his house, just a cage that was kind of a maze up onto the roof and over and then back around, which his little kitten loved to bits lol; but yeah I don’t particularly like the idea of a cage and I worry that the old ‘put the bell on the collar’ might not work either, they are nothing else if not cunning 😆 I mean I don’t have a cat and won’t for at least 3 years but it’s always something I think about

  • Anthony Cirami
    Anthony Cirami Month ago

    Aww soo cute

  • Caleb Peterson1104011

    I have 6 feral cats on my pourch😂🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Aastha Patel
    Aastha Patel Month ago

    I think that tyler put his hand in crusty’s butt so thats probably why he got slapped( at the beginning; you can see his hand moving down)

  • Unicorn The great
    Unicorn The great Month ago

    You live really near piper rockelle

  • Eilie Boylan
    Eilie Boylan Month ago

    I walked my cat once around my yard she seem satisfied but the pain is getting the harness on did you guys have trouble with the harness?

  • Julia Rose
    Julia Rose Month ago

    I am snuggling with my cat well watching this.

    She is about 8 now.

  • Yandere Chan2002
    Yandere Chan2002 Month ago

    Please do more cat videos

  • Awesomecat 6529
    Awesomecat 6529 Month ago

    Crusty kinda looks like my cat scarr just for fun and also useless info we call him scarrford

  • Haven Oppelt
    Haven Oppelt Month ago

    My cat didn't like the harness but she followed us when we walked the dog. Miss her so much.

  • Munya Elawar
    Munya Elawar Month ago

    Crusty is older then me

  • Gina Fancy
    Gina Fancy Month ago

    This was so cute 😊
    I tried walking my cats before and all they did was drop to their side and not move 😂

  • Francie Greenberg
    Francie Greenberg Month ago

    Crusty is adorable

  • Alison Batovsky
    Alison Batovsky Month ago

    This is adorable. I love Crusty. he is handsome and has a great name

  • Christina Fidance
    Christina Fidance Month ago

    That’s hilarious cuz I have a cat named Crustito! When he was a kitten, he had an eye infection so I spent a lot of time wiping the crusties out of his eyes and I would use a towel to wrap him up into a “purrito” and hence, Crustito just rhymed when I was making up cute little songs to sing to him while I did it so when I heard u call your cat Crusty, I just about liked to die!!!! I never dreamt that any other cat would have a name similar to mine so thanks for helping him to feel just a little less weird! Hahaha

  • Fabulous Jules
    Fabulous Jules Month ago

    i. love. this.

  • Lauren ‘Draws
    Lauren ‘Draws Month ago +2

    I have something to tell you saf
    If Crusty meows too much and sounds like he’s nervous
    Thats him crying

  • Kelly O'Keefe
    Kelly O'Keefe Month ago

    *Andy Dwyer voice* Cat Daddy Jitters new band name

  • Ellie Jayne Moon
    Ellie Jayne Moon Month ago

    I need to do this with slinky

  • Roxxann Bennett
    Roxxann Bennett Month ago

    Cutest thing ever

  • Meep. All meep.
    Meep. All meep. Month ago +1

    Crusty is JUST like my cat:)! So cute......... 😻

  • Cece and Stefi
    Cece and Stefi Month ago


  • Cece and Stefi
    Cece and Stefi Month ago +1

    Crusty looks like my grandma's cat Jake from state far

  • Gia 456
    Gia 456 Month ago

    I wish I could have a cat but I am allergic to cats but I could have a hairless cat. :(

  • Sharon  Aguirre
    Sharon Aguirre Month ago

    i fuckin love cats and crusty is sooo cute i SMASHED the shit out of the like button

  • Mekenzie.Knowles
    Mekenzie.Knowles Month ago

    pls make more crusty videos

  • Georgia 11
    Georgia 11 Month ago

    It get proposed to in da future Saf

  • Mac Walker
    Mac Walker Month ago

    That is the Calmest Feral cat I have ever seen

  • Vic Davis
    Vic Davis Month ago

    My elderly cat Simon also has cat herpes!

  • Chelsea BreAnn
    Chelsea BreAnn Month ago

    Do a pet and owner spa treatment

  • Chelsea BreAnn
    Chelsea BreAnn Month ago

    More crusty videos!!

  • Marci LK
    Marci LK Month ago

    My cat finds the first patch of grass, lays down, and starts munching. The only walking is to get to the nearest greens.