What Happens If You Fall Into A Black Hole? [CRAZY HYPOTHESIS]


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  • Ridddle
    Ridddle  Year ago +10124

    Did you like it?

  • van guilatco
    van guilatco 2 hours ago +1

    Of course you will die

  • Edu Latorre
    Edu Latorre Day ago +2

    I think that there are things in the universe that the human being is not meant to understand.... I mean, they are beyond of our knowledge, like an ape, it won't ever understand that the world is round.

  • Rumstine bossmode
    Rumstine bossmode 2 days ago +1

    Would seeing inside a black hole be difficult because of brightness not darkness? Since gravity is condensing so much light into a much smaller space, looking outward from within the event horizon should be blinding.

  • Rumstine bossmode
    Rumstine bossmode 2 days ago +1

    A black and white hole pairing looks sort of like a magnetic field of sorts, except in higher dimensions, and matter as well as energy moves in a polarized motion through the singularity. I think of it as separating the two poles of a magnet, but the magnetic field is still linked between the two through some unknown quantum means, a singularity, so as to have a magnet that is purely + or purely - and its corresponding -or+ side at another coordinate of space connected through this singularity.

  • angelia Johnson
    angelia Johnson 2 days ago

    You are now all in the

    Twilight Zone

  • ItzRoxieBlue 02651
    ItzRoxieBlue 02651 4 days ago

    For the food a human mouth is a black hole for them

  • ItzRoxieBlue 02651
    ItzRoxieBlue 02651 4 days ago

    a black hole is my brothers mouth... he eats everything

  • Team Clan
    Team Clan 4 days ago

    Mathematical singularity

  • Jupiter The Stormy Planet

    You can put all of humanity in this baby

  • Cherubin Rex
    Cherubin Rex 5 days ago

    What if a Black hole is a power generator...... working to give countable infinite times of energy cause we all know the black holes are the ones balancing and sucking most energy produced in the universe. So, it can be possible that someone's using that energy like we use it to do different types of things and because of our small existence they might even not know of our existence. When the chemical reaction is over All will die and there will be no energy to cultivate from. What do we know, we might be doing it right now to some people without even knowing about it.........as we all know the atom and sub atoms of different elements are the same as out galaxy.

  • Truth Rock
    Truth Rock 7 days ago

    There is no black or white hole all the holes are pink. Just turn on the light.

  • My man Tabassum
    My man Tabassum 7 days ago

    I don’t know why, but falling into a black hole is actually my biggest fear. I know it’ll never happen, but just the thought of it almost makes me cry. Prolly just me being irrational

  • Tiger Rocc
    Tiger Rocc 8 days ago

    Chuck Norris begs to differ

  • Cardster 101
    Cardster 101 9 days ago

    This guy has it all wrong black holes are a infinite area of nothing and can suck in anything including light or other black holes they are created when a star implodes and its gravity pulls it in so hard it practically consumes it self.

  • DC_ Troopz
    DC_ Troopz 10 days ago

    If u fall in a black hole

    Then u fall in a black hole

  • SnazzyFat Raccoon
    SnazzyFat Raccoon 10 days ago

    You would be crushed

  • Reddz0
    Reddz0 10 days ago

    You cant fall into a black hole...... Or go in one

  • Delilah Nataren
    Delilah Nataren 10 days ago

    3:28 -3:41 You can rap

  • Salman xD
    Salman xD 10 days ago

    We are watching video,in fact we are in black hole 😂

  • Takeshi Gen
    Takeshi Gen 11 days ago

    So where can I sign up to get sent through a black hole? What if I go head first so that my legs get cut off instead of my head?

  • niebieska kaczka skacząca po zielonym wielorybie

    LOL NO!!! Inside a black hole is a bookshelf xd

  • thegigadykid1
    thegigadykid1 11 days ago

    Its the vioce from arnold

  • mrsshaw07
    mrsshaw07 12 days ago

    i no what jesus will pick us up

  • shaik asfiya
    shaik asfiya 14 days ago

    Ds video looks more lyk physchedelic video

  • Colourful Unicorn
    Colourful Unicorn 14 days ago +1

    sooooooo.......a blackhole is like a portal teleporting you to another universe????

  • Punker87
    Punker87 14 days ago

    Could you imagine?... Stephen Hawking gets to heaven and god says "Being the giant benefit you have been to mankind, I shall grant you one wish.
    Hawking pipes up and says in a robotic voice that doesnt ever take a breath " I want to go inside a black hole, I need to know"
    As he gets instantly teleported to the outside of a black hole, and he starts travelling toward it, he hears a growl. An unholy growl which makes him frightened and yet excited. As he crosses the event horizon, he finds himself weirdly shaped and cartoonish. He reads a sign above his head:
    The Helen Keller Theme Park.

  • Phobia Gaming
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    Does it hurt? And I need this music. What's it called?

    • SC Mui
      SC Mui 8 hours ago

      Voigt Kampff - Martin Baekkevold

  • rat girl
    rat girl 14 days ago

    you you tear apart and die. Also, it would freeze your time as you die, so others will see you floating in air at your last moments alive.

  • Diggs Morete
    Diggs Morete 15 days ago

    I wonder if it is a portal🤔🤔🤔

  • Subhan Ali
    Subhan Ali 16 days ago


  • Purlyn Tan
    Purlyn Tan 16 days ago

    It not true you are traversing super fast so teleportation is not true

  • Kyseenalaista Kaikki
    Kyseenalaista Kaikki 16 days ago


    You go to anus

  • Alexi Vandenbussche
    Alexi Vandenbussche 16 days ago

    nice voice
    nice music
    nice effects

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  • Agariobro
    Agariobro 18 days ago +1

    My head hurts

  • BèbèSušenka
    BèbèSušenka 18 days ago

    Why is there a random Spirit Of Fire ship flying by at the start? :D:D

  • Soranoyo FlyBeyondTheSky

    nasa needs you ,to make their videos

  • Chris  Cary
    Chris Cary 18 days ago

    Will we ever actually know for sure

  • Gabriel Justo
    Gabriel Justo 18 days ago

    How did you know that are you A GOD

  • ••Apex Fiend••

    You become gay

  • Charles Andrei Degollado

    When You throw a go pro camera in the black hole🤔

  • Plus4XP
    Plus4XP 19 days ago

    Did you just say fall into? You don’t “fall” into a black hole, you get sucked in or pulled in!

  • hgjf3
    hgjf3 19 days ago

    in legends a blackhole in center earth like as at minute 6:05 is the infinity dungeon presented in games FATE and TORCHLIGHT where the planet has infinity vortex in center from solid matter hollowed with endless system of caverns and catacombs filled by monsters and demons, this vortex don't have progressive gravity and has same shape like a black hole.

  • Sugar Woomy
    Sugar Woomy 20 days ago

    Not even flex tape can keep my head on

  • ShErLOIne bAI
    ShErLOIne bAI 21 day ago

    It leads to Earth 124

    Ya know what I mean?

  • Roma Parmar
    Roma Parmar 21 day ago

    The topic is, What Happens If You Fall Into A Black Hole?
    Well duh you will get sucked up and DIE.
    He just gives some EXTRA information!
    Thank you! It will help me with my homework now :D

  • MihneaTV
    MihneaTV 22 days ago

    soo there are other universes? =]] where's universe 11 i wanna beat jiren

  • \\ ducki //
    \\ ducki // 22 days ago

    3:27 - 3:35 sounds like he’s singing xD

  • chewing gum
    chewing gum 23 days ago

    4:54- did he just say 'this nonsense'😂😂😂😂

  • Weird StarX
    Weird StarX 23 days ago

    Would there be an other earth on the other side?

  • Russertafukk you
    Russertafukk you 23 days ago

    i love this channel need new vids and the way you narrate awsome like my dad lecturing me .

  • shreesh dutta
    shreesh dutta 23 days ago

    these black holes are stupid and nonsense laws of physics

  • Phantomling
    Phantomling 23 days ago

    You would actually come out of the white hole *FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR* in the future, and you will have no hopes of getting back to Earth because the sun has long since died.

  • YumYumGiveMeGumGum
    YumYumGiveMeGumGum 24 days ago

    By closing your eyes you are already inside a black hole.

  • Џон Мастерман

    Jesus Christ, I'm having extremely hard time getting grasp over some of these concepts..

  • Jessica Ramsey
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  • Learners Nation
    Learners Nation 25 days ago

    Astronomy compels the soul to look upwards and leads us from this world to another...

  • Joseph Gallegos
    Joseph Gallegos 25 days ago

    I don’t think we really knowanyhing not even about planets in our solar system...y would they have nickels and methane and shit found on earth? It’s probably made of stuff we can’t comprehend. Send some probes or drones there is probably things living under the surface or something.

  • Joseph Gallegos
    Joseph Gallegos 25 days ago

    So they think....it could be something we can’t even fathom

  • Rajan Sahu
    Rajan Sahu 25 days ago

    Can't you speak in hindi

  • Pats On Back
    Pats On Back 26 days ago

    whats the music at 3:40

  • Victoria Levesque
    Victoria Levesque 27 days ago +1

    Awesome video

    My teacher will be impressed

  • Scout Eye
    Scout Eye 27 days ago

    If only all black holes can suck itself

  • Lil_Mis_Cringey
    Lil_Mis_Cringey 28 days ago

    hmmm if only scientist found a way for a camera of some sort to make it out and into the "white hole" but lets all be serious if cant im pretty sure nothing can escape a black hole

  • r/woosh
    r/woosh 28 days ago

    Do you starve to death in a black hole?

  • Gaming with normalDude 123321

    Am I the only person who has no idea what he means :/

  • Arbaiel Noman
    Arbaiel Noman 29 days ago

    Yar I love physics and when I will grow up I will become an astronaut InshahAllah

  • Stefan Besonen
    Stefan Besonen 29 days ago

    Mind blown

  • Traci Smith
    Traci Smith 29 days ago

    Singularity is a song by BTS. ❤️❤️

  • Ayden Nichols
    Ayden Nichols Month ago

    So basically it’s the storm from fortnite but your at 1hp going against a John wick

  • Paresh parekh
    Paresh parekh Month ago

    it was amazing high

  • Crippling Depression

    This just made me believe that there’s another universe

  • My Imaginary World Exists!

    Русские есть?

  • YourMom187
    YourMom187 Month ago

    Describes it as a vibe portal from the flash

  • Jade Sola
    Jade Sola Month ago +1

    Please don't go snatching mah weave

  • I’mtoocreepy4u //

    Then that sums up to the question, what if a white hole appears in our universe and starts pushing out unneeded things?

  • Fan of Jeff
    Fan of Jeff Month ago

    I wish it was an anime universe

  • Gamer Apocalypse
    Gamer Apocalypse Month ago +2

    NASA Should make a mission to Black Hole... But Considering all the bad things... With a Thing from which we can Communicate... Would be a super thing... I know Its dangerous... But even then would help the MILKY WAY

  • Sadiyo Abdi
    Sadiyo Abdi Month ago +1

    Can black swallow the sun

  • Jacob Munoz
    Jacob Munoz Month ago

    Black holes suck up matter and light that's why it is black but the crushed up neutron star and the burned fuel of the star zaps anything that goes in it

  • Christian Christensen

    It's very hard to hear you, because of the really loud music.

  • Kimberly Lentczner
    Kimberly Lentczner Month ago

    thanks for helping me with my school assignment!

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  • HVZE 7
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    you die....

  • Zem_Tex _kryptic_alcantar

    Who’s scared that’s why you don’t watch these kind of vids and live your life like if this is scarier than dollars and scary movies and ghost.......................etc

  • Ricardo Dhanraj
    Ricardo Dhanraj Month ago

    It sounds like he's rapping

  • Leah fun
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  • ZuBSuB 15
    ZuBSuB 15 Month ago

    And thats a GAME THEORY

  • Amber Flame
    Amber Flame Month ago

    The place where out missing socks go.

  • Silver Addie Fun Pack

    So, inside a black hole, the purge is eternally legal?

  • Vas Gr
    Vas Gr Month ago

    Anyone who is scared of this, come to me, free kisses :* Squeeeeeee :*

  • Alien Gaming
    Alien Gaming Month ago

    i love black holes

  • McGame On
    McGame On Month ago

    what will happen is you will see minecraft world

  • Jason Marin
    Jason Marin Month ago +1

    When I was a kid, I heard three different theories of what would happen if someone entered a black hole. 1. A person would be killed. 2. A person would end up in a different dimension. 3. A person would travel through time.

  • Hacker Dude
    Hacker Dude Month ago

    3:28 - 3:33 that is some sick beats bruh

  • DoughBoy
    DoughBoy Month ago

    Well i watched this and didn't understand a thing

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson Month ago

    This is harry
    1 like=1 year
    How old can he get?

  • Jon Bain
    Jon Bain Month ago

    this is pop mythology.
    black holes do not exist.
    relativity is a scam