What Happens If You Fall Into A Black Hole? [CRAZY HYPOTHESIS]

  • Published on Apr 9, 2017
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  • Ridddle
    Ridddle  Year ago +10312

    Did you like it?

  • xSilver
    xSilver 12 hours ago

    Why do i feel like i should be on the other side of the universe. I dont wanna go through that man

  • Loarde PRO
    Loarde PRO 19 hours ago

    I thought it was like a hole in space and there's just emptyness there! Like that you're sucked up from space and are just floating around outside.

  • TRagik_Instakill YT

    Hi I'm a black whole wondering threw the universe.

  • TheGalaxySapphireGem YT

    For those who don’t knOw Singularity means black whole

  • Dark-collision
    Dark-collision Day ago

    2:27 - 2:32Idk why but that made me laugh

  • goldie and mrpizza


  • Danny Boi
    Danny Boi Day ago

    So basically a black hole stretches you like spaghetti and you die 👍🏻 life learned lesson kids

  • Myriad iCat
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  • Mr. DrogZ
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  • Jose Workman
    Jose Workman 4 days ago

    Were talking about space people turn on the shitty tech music

  • Astronomical3xpert
    Astronomical3xpert 5 days ago +2

    Turn down the music, I can't hear your voice.

  • ErolTheGod
    ErolTheGod 5 days ago

    I’ll go in a game

  • Disaster Girl-X96
    Disaster Girl-X96 5 days ago

    Ik for a fact that if i decide and actually move inside a black hole ppl will do the same.. I can't get away from these silly humans wtf

  • Dekof mansour
    Dekof mansour 5 days ago

    its amazing but if you could lower the background music a bit that would be more better.

  • Alexdronepro247 Alex

    That’s why i never want to go to space

  • ItzJemimaBlogz x
    ItzJemimaBlogz x 6 days ago

    Imaging how scary it would be to be on your own without any connection to earth and going through the black and white holes not being able to return

  • Kinga K
    Kinga K 6 days ago

    Is there white holes in our universe and black holes in a universe that u entered through a black hole in this universe?

  • Robert Letosky
    Robert Letosky 6 days ago

    Cool hypothesis but the EDM music was very distracting. I had to turn it off, too confusing

  • Maher Awali
    Maher Awali 6 days ago

    Is it reall

  • Taha Esat
    Taha Esat 6 days ago


  • Matthew Collins
    Matthew Collins 7 days ago +1

    The singularity is the purge but for physics

  • Turtles are awsome
    Turtles are awsome 7 days ago


  • Jesse M.
    Jesse M. 7 days ago

    Jesus, where is Zenon when you need her!

  • Aiden2000 coolcool
    Aiden2000 coolcool 8 days ago

    I've been stuck in a black hole and went in White hole then I'll just start living in the white house

  • Omar Seal
    Omar Seal 8 days ago +1

    Too much music disturbance in background. The essence of your information has been lost in my ear hole.

  • Emmanuel Agudo
    Emmanuel Agudo 9 days ago +1

    "In other words. Einstein's theories don't work here." at 1:44 omg! I love you man.

  • xnnoying
    xnnoying 10 days ago

    u *D I E*

  • Silver Hood
    Silver Hood 10 days ago

    what would happen if i fall into a black hole?
    probably get an identical clone to take my place

  • Dinah Lewis
    Dinah Lewis 10 days ago

    The white hole is pretty and the universe.

    RYAN GAS MASK 11 days ago

    I want the song

  • Sanjaya Tiwari
    Sanjaya Tiwari 11 days ago

    It is super fake

  • shootum1
    shootum1 12 days ago

    Background music does not help

  • Roblox Exploiter
    Roblox Exploiter 12 days ago

    Type black holes in internet and girls

  • Roblox Exploiter
    Roblox Exploiter 12 days ago

    lets say its a hole to the nether :D fr if u end up in black hole you end up in 5 dimensional space XD

  • Matrix9761
    Matrix9761 12 days ago

    White hole is just hypotesis and it's no proof of that however it's very interesting topic

  • Mithran U.S
    Mithran U.S 12 days ago

    its not a vaccum

  • Taseen Ariq
    Taseen Ariq 13 days ago +1

    Imagine scientists risked u to go through the black hole and u magically survived and got pictures of what's inside the black hole, and u come back to the lab and the scientist's dont believe u.

  • Cplcash
    Cplcash 13 days ago

    I love that, explains what will happen but admits at the same time that we know nothing about them lol

  • Epic and beyond Gaming and adventures

    🕳 oh no I’m falling!

  • Csi Tarantulas
    Csi Tarantulas 14 days ago

    Hopefully when you die you go through a black hole and the white light everyone sees is you coming out of the white hole, so we can all see whats there.

  • Gianmaria
    Gianmaria 14 days ago

    Prestigio ti copia

  • enio marku
    enio marku 15 days ago

    5:05 This is now an iPhone wallpaper

  • Mrjaylin Baptiste
    Mrjaylin Baptiste 15 days ago +1

    A black hole

  • Gabija Stankute
    Gabija Stankute 16 days ago +1

    But if we can’t see them how do we know there’s not a black hole close to earth?

  • Sami Star
    Sami Star 18 days ago

    Just throw invincible camera in one ;)
    Jk I wish it was that eazy

  • Jaxx Take
    Jaxx Take 20 days ago

    Is riddle meet Arnold

    AC BEAN 20 days ago

    Idgaf I will be gladly to die in space

  • lepertic
    lepertic 21 day ago

    I have to say, I _love_ the background music on this video - excellent job!

  • NotEvenClose
    NotEvenClose 21 day ago

    The music is so loud i cant even hear what he says

  • Bronze galaxy
    Bronze galaxy 22 days ago +1

    Do stars like black holes because they attract stars

  • uyen thu
    uyen thu 22 days ago

    Even though I learn about space and I get scared, I’m still watching this

  • xo ept
    xo ept 22 days ago

    Wait, so if you went through any black hole you would come out in another universe or just in those special ones?

  • [燮]๖ۣۜRєνєяѕєGod[燮]

    Will I meat cooper from interstellar?

  • bbbf09
    bbbf09 23 days ago

    1. If the black hole is large enough (millions of solar masses) you don't get stretched as you cross the event horizon
    2. There is no discussion of supposed quantum information firewall possibly at the event horizon - that could zap you - currently hot discussion topic in physics.
    3. There is no mention of spacetime behaviour inside the black hole. Time dimension becomes space-like. i.e you should then be able to move through time as you would through space outside. However, space itself then becomes one directional (as time is here). All space directions then point only towards the singularity. There is no direction that ever point up. You could not see anything above you at the point. Weird

  • -Furious The Destroyer- Nayg07

    You Can't Awnser A Question About A Black Hole If You Don't Even Know What It Looks Like Yet

  • iam icyy
    iam icyy 25 days ago

    What if other galaxies lead to other planets like ours and its another earth with ppl like us😧💯💯💯

  • Kiwi Hayden
    Kiwi Hayden 25 days ago +2

    Jeez, space is so scary but so interesting!

  • heyitsjen /:
    heyitsjen /: 27 days ago

    This made all my brain cells die

  • Jesh Sharma
    Jesh Sharma 27 days ago

    Ok I'm in a black hole o a worm hole ok baby our sun exploded years am sure flames are still in there huh

  • technoboydanijel
    technoboydanijel 28 days ago

    You obtain Ultra Instict

  • Reapeter Shooter
    Reapeter Shooter 29 days ago

    Maybe the black a is a portal to another dimension to 2d land

  • Niah Shanne Laxa
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  • Special Play
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  • V Bvd
    V Bvd Month ago

    It have a baby

  • Juan Pena
    Juan Pena Month ago

    You die hahahahaha thats for real

  • Joshua Matthew M. Samarita

    Can we throw our waste in the black hole?

  • Diana Goh
    Diana Goh Month ago +2

    Wormhole: % I made a wormhole

  • mai doan
    mai doan Month ago

    Black holes white holes asian holes

  • jamica and hugh chen

    What if you survived 14200000000000000000000000000000142°F?

  • 72Alvaro72 Gaming
    72Alvaro72 Gaming Month ago

    Nigga hole

  • Silver bullet Pro
    Silver bullet Pro Month ago

    I think our spiders got revenge because we keep sucking them into our vacuum cleaners!😟☹️

  • Lloyd Scrolls
    Lloyd Scrolls Month ago

    What If black holes transport us to the creators of our virtual reality

  • Ian Ware
    Ian Ware Month ago

    on of albert einstein's theories was that when something falls into a black hole if it does not get completely demolished, when the object reaches the center it will be brought to a different dimension. that is weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeird

  • Ian Ware
    Ian Ware Month ago

    well....we can detect gamma rays when black holes are made. so...we can see them depending on how define see.

  • {Sunset Alissa}
    {Sunset Alissa} Month ago


  • Krishna Bc
    Krishna Bc Month ago


  • Slytherin Pure
    Slytherin Pure Month ago

    If we’ve never seen one how do we know they exist 😏

  • Okay.
    Okay. Month ago

    Here is what I think. i think that if you were sucked into a black hole in one galaxy, it would bring you into another. I have literally thought this since I was in 3rd grade but who knows maybe im wrong or maybe im right

  • Georgia Stott
    Georgia Stott Month ago +1

    That’s not a black hole that a giant Hoover XD

  • NOEH 1607
    NOEH 1607 Month ago

    Throw Arnold in 😉👉 ⭕

  • Red Controler
    Red Controler Month ago

    how do you know

  • Razvan Gheorghe Ciubotariu

    Did you guys know that there are more than 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 stars? or even more

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  • bogdan mihalcea
    bogdan mihalcea Month ago +1

    just waching this freaks me out

  • Mr. FORGET
    Mr. FORGET Month ago

    Woah I was thinking about that too, Black holes and white holes

  • PYFF
    PYFF Month ago

    simple answer: you die

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    #7 WALKER Month ago

    Back hole is thirsty af!

    • Okay.
      Okay. Month ago

      if it can have a child then i guess it can have a lady xD

  • TheOnly Sypher
    TheOnly Sypher Month ago

    Whats the music??

  • Isaac Ortez
    Isaac Ortez Month ago

    Hmm time travel is possible take for example your 15 years old and all your friends are the same age as you then you dicided to steal a rocket and fly all the way to a black whole when you approach the whole you start feeling your body stretch and the rocket it too once you know it you start going really fast in the whole (light speed) and that causes time travel.Now ik it’s impossible to escape a black whole once your in one but let’s say you did you get to earth and now your 20 years old but all your friends in earth are 60 now this happens because what you went thru was going slow but in earth everything was fast the years,the people, and all that idk that’s what I think 😅

  • TheNewsHater
    TheNewsHater Month ago

    You die no matter what you believe, there i saved you almost 8 minutes


    in side black hole


    get fucked

    DEEPAK KUMAR Month ago

    Can you guys reduce background music a bit because it hinders your voice and observations

  • Charlie Dallachie
    Charlie Dallachie Month ago

    Even if you punch out the other side how do you survive if no one picks you up?

  • CrazyPenguin880
    CrazyPenguin880 Month ago +1

    A Schwarzschild radius is not the same as an event horizon.
    Everything in existence that has any mass has a Schwarzschild radius, that is a radius that if you were to compress the mass of the object into a small enough space it’s density would be so great that it would create a blackhole. More massive objects have a larger Schwarzschild radius than less massive objects. Which is why a large star will become a blackhole and why a person never could become a blackhole (a persons mass is so small and our Schwarzschild radius so ridiculously small there is no way to compress our mass into such a small space that we could ever create blackholes from people - even though it’s mathematically possible).
    An event horizon is simply the boundary of a blackhole where once crossed there’s no going back, because to escape its gravitational pull you would have to be moving faster than light. The event horizon is what separates the blackhole from the rest of the universe.

  • Clara Denobile
    Clara Denobile Month ago +2

    Singularity you mean the song by bts V

  • Macabre
    Macabre Month ago

    Why can’t a black hole simply not be the universe’s recycling machine: crumbling everything it sucks down into the most basic subatomic particles and spitting it out through the other side?

  • Mittenator2000
    Mittenator2000 Month ago

    If you fell into a black hole you’d die there’s your answer your welcome 😃