What Happens If You Fall Into A Black Hole? [CRAZY HYPOTHESIS]


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  • Ridddle
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    Did you like it?

  • Hoover Dam LOW WATER LEVEL

    True Story.

  • LeucoPlayz
    LeucoPlayz Day ago

    Sorry, if this is a stupid question. If laws of physics don't exist in event horizon and singularity world, there may also be a chance, that our body won't be stretched?

  • Dawn Wright
    Dawn Wright Day ago

    It took me a long time pls like 👍 🔜 ⌛and the black hole will invade

  • Dawn Wright
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    Just like that... I got sucked into a black hole but I survived. I went out
    Of the white hole and I tried to go back but then I crashed into an alien 👽 but I did not get killed. It was awsome. I had a good trip but I couldn't record it because my tablet was dead.
    When I went out of the white hole my tablet was fully charged. It's so weird but it's because of electricity from the middle of the second layer. The second layer pulls then pushes and pushes and then here comes the first layer... And I took my tab. And the electricity signal was connecting because of the power 🔋 solar electricity in space.

  • Kwasi_ playz
    Kwasi_ playz Day ago

    Thanks vs black hole

  • filipe spalk
    filipe spalk Day ago

    Teleportation does exist

  • evita mcbride
    evita mcbride 2 days ago

    So what if the earth is in a black hole but we got stuck in the part were nothing makes sense

  • Harry Andruschak
    Harry Andruschak 2 days ago

    You die.

  • ItsAlyssa XDDD
    ItsAlyssa XDDD 2 days ago

    Im scared of black hole :(

  • Landezz
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    Send an old person that's on deaths door with a camera in to a black hole with a camera because he's about to die anyway and when I'm about to die, I want then to send me in one.

  • Hannah Lamey
    Hannah Lamey 3 days ago

    Yes riddle

  • Zuheir ✌
    Zuheir ✌ 3 days ago

    Music plz

  • C'Pot d
    C'Pot d 4 days ago

    What happens if a black hole comes in contact with the sun ?

  • BTGPlayZZ
    BTGPlayZZ 4 days ago

    Aliens made these black holes to grab things that are in space.

  • maly gnean
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    If I fall into black hole I’m in a black hole

  • Manjeet Sandhu
    Manjeet Sandhu 4 days ago

    This is wrong if we enter in a black hole then it will transport us in any another dimension

  • da_asian_ Jesus
    da_asian_ Jesus 5 days ago

    Now tell me did you join the illuminati??? Jk lol

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    VAPO 5 days ago

    SONG?!!! 1:40

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    Black holes go SUCC

  • DannyPlayzGames 27
    DannyPlayzGames 27 5 days ago

    Do we have a white hole

  • Gaming Vids
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  • Real Beginning
    Real Beginning 5 days ago

    What if we enclose a black hole with a sphere?

  • Real Beginning
    Real Beginning 5 days ago

    White holes are supposedly big bangs in another universes so you would be part of the creation of the other universe.

  • Real Beginning
    Real Beginning 5 days ago

    Can you be enlongated sideways? What if my body is elongated sideways instead of being spaghettified?

  • butterfly_tutorial
    butterfly_tutorial 6 days ago

    Black holes are definitely black no light can escape

  • WolfyClaw Jamaa
    WolfyClaw Jamaa 7 days ago

    Am pretty sure I will turn to a Spaghetti For the black hole.

  • Several Babies
    Several Babies 8 days ago

    this video assumes WAY too much

  • Lefy Zee
    Lefy Zee 8 days ago

    Black holes are like the French language, many exceptions

  • Keji Ya
    Keji Ya 8 days ago

    The music in the video made it very intense

  • Manj U. Gotts
    Manj U. Gotts 8 days ago

    Nothinɡ.Black Holes do not exist.

  • BladedData
    BladedData 8 days ago

    I made a poem and I don’t think many people will understand.And I’m only 11 guys.
    Life can be freedom but can thy be destroyed,
    Time is an illusion which can be wasted,
    Information is key to a purpose of living,
    Though any mistakes can be pointless,
    Death is the end,forbidden and trapped in life,
    For what reason it cannot be answerable,
    The unknown formula has been awaited.
    Energy can be provided in movements,
    The beginning is a new story,
    Life is a limited path,
    Death is always last,
    All that are gone shall be an endless cast.

  • Gastroesophageal Reflux

    Did that guy just say multiverse? 😂

  • Srilatha Y
    Srilatha Y 9 days ago

    Did u go inside a black hole

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  • ernis Yea
    ernis Yea 10 days ago

    riddle, can you please put a link for that background music, please

  • -K9-
    -K9- 11 days ago

    2018 anyone?

  • Arthur Trauer
    Arthur Trauer 11 days ago

    I am convinced that there are objects and phenomena in the universe that mere human language is incapable of describing them. I guess mathematics is the only way to depict these things and fully comprehending them may be forever beyond our capabilities.
    J.B.S. Haldane quote: “The universe is not only stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we CAN imagine”. I think that sums it up as well as anyone can say.
    To say something is impossible is perhaps an innocent but also ignorant statement. I find the world, life, consciousness and the universe to be far more peculiar, wonderful and even horrific than I ever realized earlier in my life and that is still from a minute ability to perceive what is really out there and within us all. We can only perceive a fraction of what exists with our five senses and instrumentation. You and I are as much a part of it all as anything else and that makes us miracles and magic as well.
    Albert Einstein quote: “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. He to whom the emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand in awe is as good as dead - his eyes are closed”.
    With that, I think I’ll put in a load of laundry and make some lunch. Oh yeah, I’ve gotta finish some paperwork. Man my back hurts.
    The miracles never end.

  • misterx zxc
    misterx zxc 12 days ago

    a load of crap if you enter a black hole you'll die nothing survive in space

  • WILD WUNZ Machine Productions

    Never buy a black hole from ACME. That company never has working products. Aye! Coyote!

  • The Pixel Key
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    Sooo the Quantum realm?

  • GDItzFunneh
    GDItzFunneh 13 days ago

    You'd be a stream of atoms by the time you get the event horizon

  • *GOOD* boye
    *GOOD* boye 13 days ago

    My special black hole doesn’t suck things up it lets something out

  • B. T.
    B. T. 13 days ago

    amazing vid

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  • Evan Rabin
    Evan Rabin 14 days ago

    I love this video

  • Arthur G. Machado
    Arthur G. Machado 15 days ago

    Of course it is Black. The definition of Black objects are objects which absorb light in the whole visibile espectre, which it does.
    And obviously you will die, since the diference in gravity between your Head and your feet is enough to tear your apart.

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  • Tez Tv
    Tez Tv 15 days ago

    Thats how ass-holes are born

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  • TTT Teo
    TTT Teo 15 days ago

    Who say teleport dont exist?

  • Abel Sk1
    Abel Sk1 15 days ago

    tbh i came here because i had a dream of me being sucked by a black hole and suddenly i exploded and my body was floating then i died and after that i spawned into a house that looked as much as a hospital but i said in the dream it was heaven.... then i could come out of that place anytime and went to speak to all my siblings it was a fun dream and i promise im not jk

    REAPER DOWN 15 days ago

    You don't fall... You get sucked it

  • Lutrian Lutria Wolfe
    Lutrian Lutria Wolfe 16 days ago

    My own suspicion, is that there is no singularity inside a black hole. There just isn't enough time in the universe for one to form. Also, hawking radiation may preclude one from ever forming. So as a guess, if you fall into a black hole, you may find yourself encountering the mass of infalling matter and energy, stuck just below the event horizon. You'd probably end up chasing it down into the well of the black hole, as the universe dies above you, before you burn and disappear, as you get converted to hawking radiation due to your extremely accelerated temporal point of reference.

    • zorbathegreek
      zorbathegreek 14 days ago

      All this stuff about black holes sounds pretty theoretical, given the lack of concrete proof. If they do exist, exactly what function, if any, do they actually serve? And do they eventually die out(i.e., have a finite existence), just like everything else? If they are, as some claim, the gateways(shortcuts)to other regions of space and time, that offers exciting possibilities, at least as far as manned space travel is concerned.

  • The Boost Ghost
    The Boost Ghost 17 days ago

    Imagine if you get sucked into a black hole it takes u to a white hole then the white hole spits u out to the future universe

  • michael connell
    michael connell 17 days ago

    Actually this huge cloud named v-ger will threaten the earth, thank God William Shatner & 3 remaining enterprise bridge crew members are still alive to pilot the enterprise into danger & save the earth AGAIN.

  • Zege
    Zege 18 days ago

    *One of the dopest videos ever*

  • TheActs Of Crazy
    TheActs Of Crazy 18 days ago

    0:00- 7:41 my fav part ❤️

  • rita loria
    rita loria 19 days ago

    Those voice is so scary...

  • Roger G2
    Roger G2 19 days ago

    You can’t fall into it. You’d fry and poof! Your body is just more superheated gas to rotate around it. Some falls in, some gets ejected back to space.

  • wolf army
    wolf army 19 days ago

    Outer space is infinite we cannot and whatsoever.

  • Meriam janier Oco
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    Roses are red
    I came here to hear
    A sound of the blackhole
    But then im a -rip- -headphone- -user- (at the beginning)

  • David Johnsen
    David Johnsen 19 days ago

    Finally, something is attracted to me.

  • SLime myHouse
    SLime myHouse 20 days ago

    i don't have much time tell me what would happen in a black hole plz

  • Stuti Moulik
    Stuti Moulik 21 day ago

    I watched the whole video imagining my own body ...and donno why I was crying😢

  • mati
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  • [IQ remedy]
    [IQ remedy] 21 day ago

    In a minute in black hole you will die
    REASON: our body don't have enough jisim

  • Georgia Mcheard
    Georgia Mcheard 22 days ago

    Black hole is time travel

  • Shahmeer Hamza
    Shahmeer Hamza 23 days ago

    Well! my Ex has two black holes and I fell in many times.
    trust me guys nothing happens at all

  • Mind_Detergent
    Mind_Detergent 23 days ago

    Music is too loud

  • Snix.-. ._.
    Snix.-. ._. 24 days ago

    Nobody knows what happened in a black hole... Rick Sanchez dont know Whats there...

  • Suchada Chuamuangpan
    Suchada Chuamuangpan 25 days ago

    Heck no i am too,scared to watch anymore...

  • Edward Moll
    Edward Moll 25 days ago

    I’m not quite sure how to phrase it but shouldn’t the gravitational pull be so great that you wouldn’t necessarily spaghettify but just be pulled in? Or does the pull just increase at a significant rate by the foot, meter, etc.?

  • Shantanu Kushwah
    Shantanu Kushwah 26 days ago

    first throw this fucking background music..

  • Princess Eironn
    Princess Eironn 26 days ago

    It seems like he's rapping.

  • Aarav Singh
    Aarav Singh 26 days ago

    stop spreading bullshit.
    blackhole is not actually a pipe like hole. Its just gravity of highly densed planet or material just earth which pull object.

  • kert pearl
    kert pearl 27 days ago

    BLACK HOLE is the OPPOSITE of WHITE HOLE..vice versa

  • Svein Grimstad
    Svein Grimstad 27 days ago +6

    Interesting! A white whole may exist at the other end of an black hole, which is shown only in the other universe. There may be white holes in our universe too, that appears as a black hole in the other universe. Logically thinking we would expect the entrance to another universe would be found at the edge of our universe, unless the're are no edges to our universe. It could be infinite. So if a black hole is a portal to another universe, logically thinking that universe would exist within our universe. But it might exist in another dimension, or very far away, but the black-hole-portal makes an incredible lapse in time and distance. It's also interesting that a worm hole may be same as a black whole. But is it? I truly believe black holes exist and that they are portals to other universes. All the answers about the universe we'll probably never get, cause the more we find out, the more we get to know we do not know. New answers raises new questions, and this way the universe will remind a big mystery.

  • Sameer Kumar
    Sameer Kumar 28 days ago

    Have we sent anything into a black hole?

  • Htet Ye Yint
    Htet Ye Yint 28 days ago

    What if the Black hole sucked UI Scoti

  • Raberto lollol
    Raberto lollol 28 days ago

    All of you are wrong! If you go in a black hole it can cut your head off and you will be floating in space and in 2903 a space man got killed in the black hole and he came back dead in 100 month ago and he was dead there I'm right it's the truth

  • David Colorado
    David Colorado 28 days ago +5

    Why Do We Need A Black Hole When We Have Vacumes

  • joseph rayner
    joseph rayner 28 days ago

    just a quick question, what if we built something that was able to withstand the force and then let us pass through a black whole, leading us into another dimension, is it possible to find another planet similar to earth, therefore finding somewhere else to live?

  • Jovon Johnson
    Jovon Johnson 28 days ago

    black whole, white whole? this is racist

  • Gambit The Exiled
    Gambit The Exiled 29 days ago

    Matthew flew in a black hole just like my ex gf flew away with my best friend smooth like a icecream Nolan does make stupid unscientific movies and push it as the most scientific.

  • Hosny Gaabass
    Hosny Gaabass Month ago

    What about Gray holes

  • Spooney Cupid
    Spooney Cupid Month ago

    What would happen if we accidentally created a black hole in our planet instead of it being in space. Hmmmm...i wonder 😕😂

  • Biman Chakraborty
    Biman Chakraborty Month ago

    I think there is an other universe inside a black hole. It's a portal

    COC CHAMPS Month ago

    So I don't have to read physics in black hole

  • Emikitty Nguyen
    Emikitty Nguyen Month ago

    **falls in black hole**

  • The Awsome Gamer
    The Awsome Gamer Month ago

    if no laws of physics work then i could be alive inside of one of them

  • Kamryn C.
    Kamryn C. Month ago

    What about assholes?

  • Toby Rogers
    Toby Rogers Month ago

    Can I just have an mp3 of you talking

  • TheRealOreo
    TheRealOreo Month ago

    You go on the other side but you cant come back


    are there Butt Holes?

  • Denzil Cameron
    Denzil Cameron Month ago

    Im 😖😖😱😱😱😱 scared

  • MAbduser
    MAbduser Month ago

    The comments hahahaha

  • Zahirul Islam
    Zahirul Islam Month ago

    If the law of physics does not work into the black hole......?

  • phil savage
    phil savage Month ago

    Narrator sounds like flint from gi Joe

  • Midnight wolf
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    Now i don't want to go to space BTW i like my own comment cause this is a year ago