Film Theory: Is Deadpool Trolling Us? (Deadpool 2)


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  • Someone
    Someone 13 days ago +15531

    Theory: MatPat gets every theory correct, and movies change the script, plot, re render everything after his video.

  • 101whiteshnow
    101whiteshnow 4 hours ago

    Matpat who is yokio?

  • Liam Morin
    Liam Morin 5 hours ago

    he dieded

  • AJ's Channel!
    AJ's Channel! 5 hours ago

    Do a theory on Marvel and DC being connected somehow because in Deadpool 2 Deadpool has multiple DC Universe references I hope you hear this idea matpat sincerely AJ

  • Literally Jamie
    Literally Jamie 5 hours ago

    MatPat was right!! What an awesome film and an amazing theory, as always.

  • anthony diaz
    anthony diaz 5 hours ago

    Holy shit

  • Samuel Byerly
    Samuel Byerly 5 hours ago

    Am i the only one who got the psysh easter egg?

  • penny wise
    penny wise 6 hours ago

    saw da movie

  • Zach Baldwin
    Zach Baldwin 6 hours ago

    Peter isn't just a nobody he is a sugar bear

  • Gabriël Ozo
    Gabriël Ozo 6 hours ago

    holy fuck, you couldn´t be more right

  • Bryce Rapley
    Bryce Rapley 6 hours ago

    Peter did die

  • Mythical Sky
    Mythical Sky 6 hours ago

    okay mat. you were completely spot on on this one. even with his death! you did well on this one.

  • bob
    bob 7 hours ago


  • oBioHaz
    oBioHaz 8 hours ago

    god when will these channels die, talking BS for no reason

  • Garrett Reven
    Garrett Reven 8 hours ago

    Peter W did survive the movie, so there's hope

  • Phoebe Fogel
    Phoebe Fogel 8 hours ago

    You were right!

  • Vighnesh Bilgi
    Vighnesh Bilgi 8 hours ago

    Very accurate.

  • cece0cares
    cece0cares 8 hours ago

    10:40 ... well....

  • Bill Cipher Cipher
    Bill Cipher Cipher 9 hours ago

    .... not again....

  • redmig5
    redmig5 9 hours ago

    Wow he actually got one right

  • Lando Merando
    Lando Merando 9 hours ago

    Gus from psych 😂😂

  • tanish adarkar
    tanish adarkar 10 hours ago


    ahh yes, this movie is about the x force a team which was on screen for 3 mins before all of them died including brad pitt

  • Shively Films
    Shively Films 11 hours ago

    He actually did it everyone, he got it right! 😮😆

  • Derrick Niblack
    Derrick Niblack 11 hours ago

    Mat gets one right

  • Ja Crispy
    Ja Crispy 12 hours ago

    And how wrong you were

  • Water Agua
    Water Agua 12 hours ago


  • Erika Portillo
    Erika Portillo 12 hours ago

    No one tell him what happens in the movie

  • PugNation The Pug King
    PugNation The Pug King 15 hours ago

    Marvel: oh no he got it right, time to rewrite the movie

  • Ginger Ninja
    Ginger Ninja 15 hours ago

    It was a really good idea Mat , didn’t get much screen time of peter tho

  • Positivitea
    Positivitea 15 hours ago

    This might be me being stupid but I thought Thames was pronounced Thames, not Thams...

  • LegosRus 2
    LegosRus 2 16 hours ago

    Nope he just dies

  • Nico Bus
    Nico Bus 16 hours ago

    Matpat you were right. Nice

  • technoman e
    technoman e 17 hours ago

    uh, i dont think so pal

  • Renaissance Nerd
    Renaissance Nerd 17 hours ago


  • Little Mac Punch Out Boxer

    MatPat, those infinity war jokes were too soon. Everyone is still trying to move on from peter dying in Tony’s arms! Also you need to take and deal with criticism and not assume that the people are haters!

  • Morten utk
    Morten utk 19 hours ago

    sorry mat but he dies

  • Daarkvader
    Daarkvader 20 hours ago

    ANNND U WERE RIGHT =))))) finally !! But sadly deadpool didnt even acknowledge u :(

  • Robin V
    Robin V 21 hour ago

    I couldn't stop laughing when Deadpool said "hey big guy, sun's getting real low" while fighting Juggernaught

  • Bendy1967 Ink
    Bendy1967 Ink 21 hour ago

    You got right finally also you got firefight right too.😃😃😃😃

  • xXSw4gmite 3000Xx
    xXSw4gmite 3000Xx 22 hours ago +1


    Juggernaut : knock knock

  • Blair61911
    Blair61911 22 hours ago

    You are right haha!

  • Flamingnova 007
    Flamingnova 007 23 hours ago

    Wow it's about dam time that he got a theory correct

    • Flamingnova 007
      Flamingnova 007 21 hour ago

      Joel Miller well it's a spoiler so spoiler alert...

      It really turned out that Peter was an ordinary human who just saw the ad

    • Joel Miller
      Joel Miller 22 hours ago

      Flamingnova 007 how

  • Daniel Godínez
    Daniel Godínez 23 hours ago

    Look at that, finally you got one right!!! XD

  • Emilio Samayoa
    Emilio Samayoa 23 hours ago

    Damn you are genius! You nailed it Matpat!

  • Ben
    Ben 23 hours ago +1

    Holy shit you were right

  • bis_CUTs!
    bis_CUTs! 23 hours ago


  • Rodrigo Andrés
    Rodrigo Andrés 23 hours ago +1

    You were so right man smh hahaha

  • WaroftheSoulites

    Check out his new Linkedin profile! Sales Manager of Excalibur Cutlery!

  • Alienami
    Alienami Day ago

    What if...he was right...and wrong...
    I.E. he is a nobody in this movie...but later...he does become that guy...
    Especially possible given the time travel edits. Imagine DP, or better yet, Peter, goes back in time, gives past Peter a serum...suddenly a badass in the moment of need in present...
    Mind blown.

  • Jorge Villafaña

    Finally! One theory that was correct!

  • UJK 10H
    UJK 10H Day ago

    Do a theory on the science of the Infinity Stones!

  • Vlogging Doggy
    Vlogging Doggy Day ago

    My pack when you read this comment or whenever you read this comment I just watched Deadpool today and you were sort of right he did that at the very beginning so there's a bunch of other X-Force characters but then in the end he was brought back to life by Deadpool using a time traveling machine that cable used so he can try and kill Russell but then Russell turned into a good guy because of Deadpool and Deadpool was going died or when he died cable reverse time and then brought him back to life and stuff so you are sort of right also at the very end if you see in the theaters or maybe even if you see it when it's like on DVD N Stuff then you might see how Deadpool says I'm just cleaning up the timeline and there's a bunch of things like brings back his wife or girlfriend when she died kills the Deadpool from Logan and a bunch of other stuff this is my favorite Marvel movie yet best Marvel movie ever I love it

  • Mark Lewis
    Mark Lewis Day ago

    Saw Deadpool Saturday night... really funny... even the opening and closing credits are funny! Go XForce!!!

  • 401 Paradox Productions

    That Peter guy is who you think he is!!! I just watched Deadpool 2. No Spoilers but Deadpool shows a picture of the Peter W from the comics that looks real! That photo is also what this diabetic Peter gave to Deadpool to show what he looks like

  • Stephen T
    Stephen T Day ago

    And for once, Film Theory ends up being right....sort of. But sort of is better than not at all

  • PanDanyull XD
    PanDanyull XD Day ago


  • Ghost of the Brave Gaming

    Watch as this ends up being real.
    I bet you it will end up being real.
    He gets us to doubt ourselves, and think we're wrong...
    and then we are going to have been right all along.

  • M. Fer Ashida
    M. Fer Ashida Day ago


    • Stephen T
      Stephen T Day ago

      Almost. But almost is leagues above none.

  • Noah aurilio
    Noah aurilio Day ago

    You were wrong

  • Gangsta King Yeet

    Good theory but it’s not true. Deadpool 2 was actually a really good movie

  • Aurelio Villarreal

    Well, to bad. The beginning of deadpool wasn't him teaching a PSA.

  • pickle rick awsome

    He does die

  • Michael Braun
    Michael Braun Day ago

    Shit matt patt got a theory right?! A seal is broken get ready for the apocalypse...

  • mep co.
    mep co. Day ago +3

    The 10:40 theory was actually kind of correct just instead of dying he is badly hurt, but later Deadpool prevents this from happening.

  • Dark Angel
    Dark Angel Day ago

    Wow MatPat was right about this one... sort of...

  • morphuimax XD
    morphuimax XD Day ago

    Oh my God mat Pat fucken nailed it. That is so cool. It seems like Peter W though might be significant in the sequel. Or dead pool 3

  • Efrain Zepda
    Efrain Zepda Day ago

    I saw the movie and he got it right

  • Haruko Hoshiko
    Haruko Hoshiko Day ago

    after having seen the movie... hahahahahahahahahahaha ~

    CTAVI Day ago +1


  • Sell2dabone 7000

    peter just fucking dies in the movie he gets acid vomited

  • super super
    super super Day ago

    Welp peter died...

  • HomeRun
    HomeRun Day ago


    • HomeRun
      HomeRun Day ago

      I mean the Cable Deadpool one not the Peter theory. ALTHOUGH I LOVE HIM SO MUCH.

  • Wade Thigpen
    Wade Thigpen Day ago

    You wasn't completely wrong, lol.

  • Tipsy Unicorn
    Tipsy Unicorn Day ago +1

    Just watched Deadpool 2


    This is a RErelease before Deadpool 2 came out and this theory came: I bet Peter W dies in the airplane because his parachute fails. XD
    (I deleted it because i didn't want to be attacked and made fun of in the next video)
    But hey I was right :D

  • FalconPan
    FalconPan Day ago

    Well whaddaya know, this one's actually mostly right

  • Panda girl Kendall Cochran

    I love u but you were wrong about peter.

  • Zuleyshack Maduro
    Zuleyshack Maduro Day ago +1

    He was kinda right

  • Save the drama for the llama

    Matpat: I bet my theory is, no...
    (Peter turns into Peter Wisdom and finds his powers)
    Deadpool: Oh, sorry hope it didn't ruin your theory *Cough cough Matpat*
    Matpat: NOOOO
    Theater: SHHHHH

  • Rlamas478
    Rlamas478 Day ago

    Peter was never ment to be a deep message or anything he was just there cause they couldnt figure out another mutant to put on the team it was just a joke

  • Emily Flanders
    Emily Flanders Day ago

    Holy shit ( spoiler alert )


  • Aniea Cody
    Aniea Cody Day ago


  • Chat lunaire
    Chat lunaire Day ago

    I see he looks like Gus from Psych,Omg you should totally watch it and then do a theory on it pls? For all the old crime shows who just so happen to have gotten a movie last year? Thanks

  • R64 4750
    R64 4750 Day ago

    Matpat was actually correct. Wow

  • Kenneth Allen
    Kenneth Allen Day ago

    This will be the last “theory” based off trailers I ever watch.. my god u were wrong... get aids..

  • Norbert Mojsej
    Norbert Mojsej Day ago

    The movie is about X-Force.
    *all members except domino and deadpool die before they do anything.

  • LuckyDiamond
    LuckyDiamond Day ago

    I swear i saw someone put clickbait in the comments

  • Rio Hanson
    Rio Hanson Day ago

    He said he got tipe 1and 2 biaditys

  • Wool Sweater
    Wool Sweater Day ago

    Or he isn’t as interesting. I guess.

  • Dragon Knight
    Dragon Knight Day ago

    Everyone dies in the movie except domino

  • Zombie Gaming
    Zombie Gaming Day ago


    Mattpatt is right about him dies fast

  • Dragon Knight
    Dragon Knight Day ago

    Peter dies in DP2

  • Raihan Alfitra
    Raihan Alfitra Day ago

    Pete Wisdom in x force?

  • Manti Studios
    Manti Studios Day ago

    was that intro throwing shade at BvS?

  • KowaiZuzu
    KowaiZuzu Day ago

    SUGAR BEAR!!!!~~~

  • Pierce
    Pierce Day ago

    The Film Theorists sounds a lot like the Game Theorists were they doing a collab?

  • Ivan Aguilar
    Ivan Aguilar Day ago

    Correct Peter just died by acid

  • Its Quindrome
    Its Quindrome Day ago

    He guessed how peter would die thats funny as

  • Benjamin Rodriguez Reyes

    The biggest troll is still The Mandarin. The worst bait and switch in the history of cinema :P

  • Benjamin Valerio


    Matpat was right