Best of Game Grumps Ten Minute Power Hour (2018)

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
  • "10 hundred
    10 one thousand
    10 hundred minutes" - Rent
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 377

  • Press L 2 P
    Press L 2 P 17 hours ago

    Was the email thing real?

  • JesseRoxII
    JesseRoxII 19 hours ago

    Whoa, this series already has over 2.5 hours of footage!?

  • Full-Metal-Girl
    Full-Metal-Girl 23 hours ago

    Dan dropping his legos will forever be one of my fave moments. It gets me everytime, especially Arin's reaction LOL

  • Davey647Returns
    Davey647Returns 4 days ago

    33:27 Is it bad I was expecting him to break out into a variation of the Mr Wilson rap?

  • Manuel Lardizabal
    Manuel Lardizabal 6 days ago

    I love how comic sans was the most perfect font to use during the episodes.

  • Eagle_001
    Eagle_001 7 days ago

    14:07 SONG NAME PLEASE??? R E E E E E

  • A.S. Front
    A.S. Front 9 days ago


  • 『 愛 』levi
    『 愛 』levi 9 days ago +1

    and *BEGGING* for c r e a m"

  • Not Pyrocynical
    Not Pyrocynical 10 days ago

    savour the peelies

  • LuiDaBlue
    LuiDaBlue 12 days ago

    Someone needs to make a gif of 36:30

  • Infinite Inertia
    Infinite Inertia 12 days ago +1

    Who are Ann and Daron?

  • Infinite Inertia
    Infinite Inertia 12 days ago +1

    35:20 got me shook

  • Katt Sky
    Katt Sky 12 days ago

    i miss the old intro :(

  • MiniMochiJimins :3
    MiniMochiJimins :3 13 days ago

    Danny with a beard... fuck

  • Plez Shtap
    Plez Shtap 13 days ago

    Am I the only one who loves this guy’s intro? It’s short and sweet... kinda like that d

  • Sophia Keras
    Sophia Keras 15 days ago

    COKE AND OPIUM ...copium

  • J.J. Shank
    J.J. Shank 15 days ago

    > "Do you know how to use it?"
    > *""*
    > "That's a hard no."

  • Dragon Orb
    Dragon Orb 16 days ago

    wtf was that one with ryan roaming around the world?

  • Dragon Orb
    Dragon Orb 16 days ago

    i lost my shit when Dan coughed the brownie powder

  • sothopery
    sothopery 16 days ago

    Whenever I'm bored, I watch the entirety of this video

  • Nick Currie
    Nick Currie 17 days ago

    Sips laughing in the background at 1:41:40 gets me every time.

  • Chelsea Aiken
    Chelsea Aiken 17 days ago

    why is Dan so fucking cute I can't

  • CLivz100
    CLivz100 19 days ago

    I laughed so hard the sushi I was eating went up my nose

  • Rusty Shackleferd
    Rusty Shackleferd 22 days ago

    2.4 hour power hour

  • camcam
    camcam 23 days ago

    can someone PLEASE find me the clip of dan going “It’s a boat, or a hat!”

  • Antonio Bonilla
    Antonio Bonilla 24 days ago

    Oh my god just realized this but at 32:40 the urkel has arin's face on it.

  • Antonio Bonilla
    Antonio Bonilla 24 days ago

    why you take out wholesome hug?
    one of my favorite gg moments is grump wholesome hug...

    • Sbassbear
      Sbassbear  24 days ago

      it's already 3 hours long man, some stuff has to go

  • PersonaHizara2
    PersonaHizara2 26 days ago

    never have i seen such an amazing display of wasting good food lol. still funny tho

  • DankDonkeyCdv010
    DankDonkeyCdv010 27 days ago

    I have watched enough Good Game to know that Dan is not the best Actor. This makes me want to believe 10:33 is at least not scripted on Dan's end...

  • CalypsoSteampunX
    CalypsoSteampunX Month ago +1

    53:22 - 54:06

    Count Olaf in a nutshell

  • Mikey MineZ
    Mikey MineZ Month ago

    16:48 best part

  • MagicWolfPlayz
    MagicWolfPlayz Month ago

    Just Marking Where I Left Off Don't Mind Me...

    2/16/19 - 37:56

  • Saarim Arshad
    Saarim Arshad Month ago

    i can't believe you cut good content out of the newly wed game but kept the weird desperate matt bit

    • Sbassbear
      Sbassbear  Month ago

      could it be possible that not everyone considers the same things "good"?

  • StrayMutant:TGO
    StrayMutant:TGO Month ago +1

    they look like they just got jizzed on by a unicorn in that make up bit

  • Meggie Mags
    Meggie Mags Month ago

    correction, a number percentage of people want to fuck clowns.

  • funkrok2010
    funkrok2010 Month ago +1

    God damn that subtitle crunch with the jello made me sick lol

  • Knextlegend
    Knextlegend Month ago

    the asmr made me lose it

  • Cinna Bear
    Cinna Bear Month ago

    Years after its death, chubby bunny is still the funniest shit in the world to me.

  • claire montgomery
    claire montgomery Month ago

    1:04:36 what does the binary say

  • claire montgomery
    claire montgomery Month ago

    I love the arin beatbox counter

  • Kang Up-B
    Kang Up-B Month ago

    35:20 it... blinked

  • Vincent Adict
    Vincent Adict Month ago

    At the time in the video 1:04:40 - 01100001 01101100 01101100 01101111 01100110 01101100 01101001 01100110 01100101 01101001 01110011 01100001 01100110 01100101 01110110 01100101 01110010 01100100 01110010 01100101 01100001 01101101 = alloflifeisafeverdream All of life is a fever dream. The one at 1:59:24 someone else do, it the other one took to long, same with 2:09:21 2:10:47 and 2:21:58

  • zelos1826
    zelos1826 Month ago +2

    2:31:49 THAT IS ALL

    M92FSINOX Month ago

    Boy, be careful around glue gun kids. It's a terrifying pain and will leave a mark for exactly a year.

  • KytusGAME
    KytusGAME Month ago +1

    *power hour*
    *video is 2 hours long*
    Angry noises

  • Paul Woelke
    Paul Woelke Month ago this just the entirety of 2018's Power Hours?

  • deathking2o11
    deathking2o11 Month ago

    Tell me why dan looks like Henry Cavil

  • Aaron wiseman
    Aaron wiseman Month ago

    I love Danny’s princess calls me daddy shirt

  • AnarchyRocker
    AnarchyRocker Month ago

    *TIP* Cover the left half of the video and whenever Dan isn't talking just ignore it.

  • Señor Shoulders//Worldwide Cutie guy

    I have to build a whole LEGO ‘millennium falcon’ with my dad and we’re competing with his friend and his daughter

  • The LEGO Geek 123
    The LEGO Geek 123 Month ago

    27:41 golden moment

  • John OConnell
    John OConnell Month ago

    its only now ive realized that i had their names mixed up....

  • Kara
    Kara Month ago

    Leighton is adorable

  • Logan Geary
    Logan Geary Month ago

    is there an underlying joke about a jew playing with an easybake oven?

  • Maya A.
    Maya A. Month ago

    Wait this is 2 hours long?!

  • Miniglugg
    Miniglugg Month ago +8

    40:24 when Dan though Arin was dying and genuinely tried to save him

  • Mephostopheles
    Mephostopheles Month ago +1

    "You know how much I wanna be a girl, so... turn me into one.
    "....." _looks into the camera like The Office_

  • Hawk the Pig
    Hawk the Pig Month ago +2


  • Hawk the Pig
    Hawk the Pig Month ago


  • Toad
    Toad Month ago

    38:13 why did that scare me so much??

    ANGRY MARINE Month ago

    Dan's french isn't so bad...
    Arin's made me barf a bit...

  • Ruthiecat
    Ruthiecat Month ago

    I translated the code at 1:04:42 in case anyone else was as curious as me??
    01100001 01101100 01101100 01101111 01100110 01101100 01101001 01100110 01100101 01101001 01110011 01100001 01100110 01100101 01110110 01100101 01110010 01100100 01110010 01100101 01100001 01101101
    'all of life is a fever dream'
    g-good luck with that

  • Macdongr
    Macdongr Month ago +1

    2:42:18 my favorite table clean off.

  • John Roads Channel
    John Roads Channel Month ago

    "¿Por qué María?"

  • American Angel
    American Angel Month ago

    Are you rolling?

  • Ashley Burton
    Ashley Burton Month ago

    how have i never noticed that someone made their build-a-bear turtle-cow

  • Emily Pillet
    Emily Pillet Month ago

    10:58 "Please turn off the light you heathens"

  • Stephen
    Stephen Month ago

    I love the 'Seasons of Love' reference in the description.

  • MasterVanitas
    MasterVanitas Month ago

    “It was...nothing but gay pornography.”

  • WebbedMann
    WebbedMann Month ago

    This entire sequence is fucking incredible

  • LmfaorozMinecraft
    LmfaorozMinecraft Month ago


  • Miss-jerk
    Miss-jerk Month ago

    Dan is a cat

  • Skippy Dinglechalk
    Skippy Dinglechalk Month ago

    Why does arin look like a chimney sweeper?

  • Nickisadankmeme
    Nickisadankmeme Month ago +6

    36:46 Suzy married this man

  • M J
    M J 2 months ago +7

    these men are the most powerful chaotic neutrals I have ever seen

  • dwescro TM
    dwescro TM 2 months ago

    Excuse me, but that was the best channel intro I’ve ever fucking seen

  • Crandria 2001
    Crandria 2001 2 months ago

    It really should have been edited down to fit into an hour so that the title could make sense.
    Still a great video for playing in the background while i play sims though :)

  • Nick Currie
    Nick Currie 2 months ago +4

    That bit with Matt and the emails is a masterpiece of surrealist comedy.

  • Shelby Beeimus
    Shelby Beeimus 2 months ago

    16:48 are my last two brain cells...

  • Akio
    Akio 2 months ago

    "It's teetrys"

  • firefist x
    firefist x 2 months ago +1

    When Dan throws his plane then walks off in a tanty. If you turn on captions the balls he drops on the ground subtitled as (applause) and when he screams it says (music) I used to think these captions were good

  • SadBoi Ari
    SadBoi Ari 2 months ago

    i'm watching this with an entire bowl of cool whip on my face

  • Shoop Da Woop
    Shoop Da Woop 2 months ago

    1:36:17 You're welcome

  • Chriss Alsop
    Chriss Alsop 2 months ago +2

    what we really need from the game grumps is a 2 hour power hour

  • DrknssRules1
    DrknssRules1 2 months ago

    I genuinely didn't like those early episodes of the bit of Dan being an asshole and always winning anyway.

  • Emerald King
    Emerald King 2 months ago

    I was just peacefully watching these 2 grown men make bath bombs when theres just arin screaming out of nowhere. That scared me so bad im trying to go to bed man
    Edit: I think I see why that scream was there now 2:31:50

    • Emerald King
      Emerald King 2 months ago

      +Sbassbear its ok it keeps people on thier toes

    • Sbassbear
      Sbassbear  2 months ago

      yeah we fucked up :[ sorry

  • Charles Moreland
    Charles Moreland 2 months ago +1

    dam danny soickbangs wu tang'd tha roacj

  • whatabesch
    whatabesch 2 months ago +1

    What's more in the spirit of Christmas than eating ass?

  • whatabesch
    whatabesch 2 months ago

    2:26:58 i could smell that burp all the way from here

  • Spooky Loves Boba
    Spooky Loves Boba 2 months ago

    _but this isn't ten minutes_

  • zelos1826
    zelos1826 2 months ago +2

    *A R E W E R O L L I N G?*
    The entirety of the 10MPH series is the "best of". I just love watching these 2 gems play together. They're so cute.

  • fairy puddles
    fairy puddles 2 months ago

    i feel so high watching the easy bake episode

  • Em !
    Em ! 2 months ago

    I appreciate the little crumunch they have dan

  • funkrok2010
    funkrok2010 2 months ago

    Mother! Father! Get my celebratory clean diaper!!!!

  • Jexonite
    Jexonite 2 months ago

    UPDATE: 2:31:50

  • Colton Hufford
    Colton Hufford 2 months ago

    Jesus Christ that intro scared the shit out of me.

    • Colton Hufford
      Colton Hufford 2 months ago

      +Sbassbear I honestly have no idea. I wasn't expecting it tbh. I also had my volume Al the way up so that probably had something to do with it.

    • Sbassbear
      Sbassbear  2 months ago +1


  • nathan spivey
    nathan spivey 2 months ago

    1:42:32 not even turps is safe from dans humour

  • Jeremy Wadsley
    Jeremy Wadsley 2 months ago

    The Thanksgiving cocktail affected Dan's sense of Flurg 😂

  • LividCreativity
    LividCreativity 2 months ago +14

    36:49 what you see at the corner of your room during sleep paralysis

    • ArtBloqued
      ArtBloqued Month ago

      I laughed way too hard thanks XD

    • B. McAllister
      B. McAllister Month ago

      While Tiptoe Through The Tulips plays in the attic on the antique record player, thought to be broken.

  • Joshua McKay
    Joshua McKay 2 months ago

    Sbassbear I can't thank you enough for this Best Of.