• Published on Dec 5, 2018
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    ✔ P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D
    Blinged Brushes // 5 Piece Bring On The Bling Set $69
    Goop Body G.Tox Ultimate Dry Brush // $20
    Biti Bands by Rebecca // (Set of 4) $16.95
    Myro Deodorant // $10
    Origins Blooming Bold Lipstick // $20
    - 01 Nude Blossom
    - 02 Nectar-Licious
    - 04 Petal Blush
    - 03 Pink Carnation
    - 05 Sweeter Than Honey
    - 20 Dahlia Diva
    Origins Blooming Sheer Lip Balm // $20
    - 02 Pink Blossom
    - 03 Honey Blush
    Regime des Fleurs Fragrances // $125
    - Waves
    - Falls
    - Leis
    - Vines
    - Shells
    Col-Lab Palette Pro Eyeshadow Palette // Get Ready With Me $14.99
    MUFE Star Lit Diamond Powder // $26
    - 101 White
    - 102 White Gold
    - 104 Blue White
    - 108 Burgundy
    - 109 Golden
    - 111 Champagne

    ✔ M A K E U P W O R N
    100% Pure Mattifying Primer
    Tarte Clean Slate Timeless Smoothing Primer
    Graftobian Cosmetics HD Glamour Creme // Warm
    Stellar Beauty Limitless Concealer // L02
    100% Pure Bamboo Blur Powder // Translucent
    MAC Studio Fix Sculpt And Shape Contour Palette // Light/Medium
    100% Pure Cocoa Pigmented Bronzer // Cocoa Kissed
    Gosh Natural Blush // 43 Flower Power
    100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Better Naked Palette
    REN Clean Skincare Flash Defence Anti-Pollution Mist
    MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot // Painterly
    Col-Lab Palette Pro Eyeshadow Palette // Get Ready With Me
    Make Up For Ever Star Lit Diamond Powder // 102 White Gold
    Make Up For Ever Star Lit Diamond Powder // 109 Golden
    Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Color Paint // M-10
    Zoeva Graphic Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner // Glance
    Essence Volume Stylist 18 HR Lash Extension Mascara
    Duo Brush-On Adhesive Eyelash Glue
    Flutter Lashes // Hannah
    Anastasia Brow Definer // Medium Brown
    Milani Color Statement Lipliner // 04 All Natural
    MAC Cremesheen Glass // Boy Bait
    H&M Nail Polish // Bitter Chocolate
    Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish // Dream Weaver
    Seche Vite Instant Gel Effect Top Coat
    Bodysuit // Laura’s Boutique lauras-boutique.com
    Necklace // Revolve

    ✔ S N A P C H A T
    ✔ I N S T A G R A M
    ✔ T W I T T E R
    ✔ F A C E B O O K
    ✔ E M A I L

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  • Sohail Butt
    Sohail Butt Day ago


  • cinnamonic
    cinnamonic Day ago

    First 5 minutes of pure nothing :(

  • Sylvana Bercx
    Sylvana Bercx 2 days ago

    Those bottles are so pretty!!! 🤩

  • AlexandraCamille
    AlexandraCamille 6 days ago


  • Baby Goose
    Baby Goose 10 days ago

    Dayyyyyummm those fragrances are so expensive but they’re gorgeous!! 😻😻

  • Brigita  Bockovac
    Brigita Bockovac 14 days ago


  • Grace Gniazdowska
    Grace Gniazdowska 14 days ago

    I am so with you on the natural deodorants, I have tried almost every brand out there, not one works the way my degree baby fresh does, thank you so much for the Myro recommendation. Hopefully this one will be the end of my search

  • Angele6553
    Angele6553 14 days ago

    I want to try halo kiwi so bad :( i cant afford it right now....does it really work well on the skin?

  • Kaleid Oscope
    Kaleid Oscope 16 days ago

    You look amazing in this video! Would love a GRWM for this look!

  • Jázmin Krutek
    Jázmin Krutek 17 days ago

    omg that is wonderful😍✨

  • Hamda Alali
    Hamda Alali 21 day ago

    I will try the halo❤️

  • Thom Yorke Dance Guide

    The big hair ages you a ton

  • Rachel Kl
    Rachel Kl 23 days ago

    Interesting about the brush, hmmmm.

  • Megan Nicpon
    Megan Nicpon 28 days ago

    Omg my husband would love this dry brush thing! Also I would love to see an updated skin care video now that you are cutting out all these Irritating ingredients. I have such sensitive skin on my face and hands I'm at a total loss for Moisturizers.

  • Hannah Kohler
    Hannah Kohler 29 days ago

    Hi Tati! As a fellow gluten free girl, not sure I'd use that deodorant since it has barley powder in it. Gluten can lurk in beauty products, but I'm so into your channel!

  • Loveace
    Loveace Month ago

    The dog gif !! 😹😹youre so funny

  • Rebecca Deckert
    Rebecca Deckert Month ago

    Try kopari deodorant! It's natural and I find it much more effective than Myro!

  • Annie Bridgforth
    Annie Bridgforth Month ago

    Last year before my 30th birthday I found a lump and I went to my doctor freaked out. It turns out it was just a cyst, but it was the size of a quarter. I'm with you as far as the scare goes. Remember, no matter what happens you can get through it. Remember to give yourself a pep talk daily. Mine is you're beautiful, sweet and one badass chick. You got this!!!

  • angela lagioia
    angela lagioia Month ago

    I don't understand why people keep bashing Tati for talking about HER product on HER channel. This is HER channel, so she can do whatever she wants to!

  • Emi P
    Emi P Month ago

    You never even showed the lip balms 🙄 the whole reason I clicked on this video

  • Laura Isabel Llamas


  • Kayleigh Edwards
    Kayleigh Edwards Month ago

    love love love everything that shines and sparkles 😍😘💖🦄

  • Jenna Hamilton
    Jenna Hamilton Month ago

    Love the col lab eyeshadow palettes!

  • TrineFlak
    TrineFlak Month ago

    You should do Halo Homeware!

  • Kasey-ann Lane
    Kasey-ann Lane Month ago

    I love you so much tati your videos are so amazing and inspiring 😘😘😘

  • Liz Nagy
    Liz Nagy Month ago

    Not sure if you’ve done the cutoff for the contest, I’m sure you have. I always miss everything

  • Melissa Piontek
    Melissa Piontek Month ago

    Does anyone know what scent Tati has for the deodorant 😻✨✨✨✨???

  • Dexamene0
    Dexamene0 Month ago

    Wow, what?! I had given up on trying Halo Beauty because shipping to Canada was an insane $30. I'll give it a look now that shipping is so affordable.

  • Jen Reed
    Jen Reed Month ago

    I can’t find the bell Tati!

  • Edith Fenn
    Edith Fenn Month ago

    Hi Tati, you mentioned in your video you have lowered the shipping prices for the Halo I was so excited!!!! 9.95 USD wow... I just tried to purchase the 2 halo products and the global shipping is ....€25.38 EUR?!?!

  • Maria Buenano
    Maria Buenano Month ago

    I'm totally gonna start saying "So good" and "so right" all the time now haha love it. PS: I purchased a bunch of your past favorites after saving for high end products, and my husband was joking around saying that "Tati made me do it" and I laughed so much. Love it and love you

    • Maria Buenano
      Maria Buenano Month ago

      I also have the same problem finding aluminum free deodorant. I'm allergic to so many and it honestly sucks getting rashes in your pits, it's impossible to manage. I used to have to put baby diaper cream on my armpits! After years of trying deodorants of all sorts, I have found success with Arm and Hammer Essentials natural deodorant in "Fresh"--which is pretty cheap and can be found at any pharmacy--and Native Deoderant in "Coconut and Vanilla"--which is rather pricy in my opinion, but it works none the less. Hope this helps anyone else struggling with this issue.

  • Patti Brown
    Patti Brown Month ago

    Love all your videos!

  • Cassie M
    Cassie M Month ago

    Tati: which halo product would u recommend for ur hair?

  • Virginia Baggett
    Virginia Baggett Month ago

    I will never ever understand the rudeness people feel they’re entitled to in these comments. Take that mess elsewhere. You look beautiful as always!!

  • IsaiahRyan1 Wheeler

    I would love4 to braid your hair. It's absolutely gorgeous

  • Debra Jarnagin
    Debra Jarnagin Month ago

    Breast cancer is everywhere and thank you for talking about it. We cant stop talking about it even though it's not fun, it may save lives by talking about it.

  • Lacey Long
    Lacey Long Month ago +3

    I watch a lot of your videos, but PLEASE never ever push GOOP products. They are a terrible brand only looking to gain financially on pseudo-science. (Snake oil?)

  • Tara VanAelstyn
    Tara VanAelstyn Month ago

    Those bling brushes are gorgeous!!!

  • Fofee 2903
    Fofee 2903 Month ago

    I love, love,love your eyeshadow it really brings out your eyes and personaly I think it accentuates the size of your eyes. BTW if u haven't noticed im obsessed with ur eyes.

  • Taylor Morris
    Taylor Morris Month ago

    all the packaging in this video was too pretty

  • Therese Allen
    Therese Allen Month ago

    Tati you look so beautiful 😘

  • LizziChi Ⓥ
    LizziChi Ⓥ Month ago

    Your eyes are always STUNNING but even more so in this video!!! Your top just enhances how beautiful they are! And I'm absolutely amazed that you coordinate your nail polish like 95% of the time. 💓❤💓

  • chele10580
    chele10580 Month ago

    I am a breast cancer survivor :)

  • Monica Ortega
    Monica Ortega Month ago

    I only watched this video to find out what the colorful bottles are lol

  • Tessa Moore
    Tessa Moore Month ago

    Can u pleaseeee do a few videos about your fitness routine?? I know its very different for your channel but I would love to see that kind of content!

  • Milleny Rodriguez
    Milleny Rodriguez Month ago

    Can I used the halo beauty and kiwi beauty the same period of time?

  • Autum Dew
    Autum Dew Month ago

    I think it is great that you are talking about back problems because that is. a huge thing these days. With how much people sit at desks. You are so pretty that it’s nice to know you have every person problem. Also, the home porn I am with you. You just bought your house that is great.

  • BlopBloo
    BlopBloo Month ago

    Schmidt’s deodorant is natural, works wonders (I’ve never had any luck with other brands and I’ve always ended the day smelling rank) and is only $5!

  • Michele Blais
    Michele Blais Month ago

    Your eyes look beautiful😍

  • Katie Fulton
    Katie Fulton Month ago

    You are so completely beautiful, Tati! Relatively new subscriber. Just sending you some love & gratitude for your plethora of knowledge. But mainly: Thank you for being so candid and so strong & MOTIVATIONAL! You’re really helping me to keep my head up during this tough time I’m currently going through. Thanks for everything, Tati 🙏 Best wishes in all you do. 💋

  • Lediana Lushi
    Lediana Lushi Month ago

    It's just me that loves seeing her videos before sleeping?! Her voice it's so relaxing 😍🥰😘💆🏻‍♀️

  • Andreja Vi
    Andreja Vi Month ago


  • Bethany Rosier
    Bethany Rosier 2 months ago

    I'm not going to lie, you've been donating PR to your "upcoming giveaway" for the last few months or so, and now your giveaway announcement is your own brand's supplements? Are you actually going to do a giveaway like you've said in every video for weeks now? Im from the UK so I can't enter anyway, just questioning if it's just a lie to get people to subscribe or not lmao.

  • gamedev beauty
    gamedev beauty 2 months ago

    My Husband and I are big lover's of Halo Beauty from the start! But that bling bottle is just AMAZING!!!! omg LOVE!

  • Jessica Nicole
    Jessica Nicole 2 months ago

    Can you please do a video of all the natural/chemical free items you use? Like you said: toothpaste, body wash, etc.

  • janine t
    janine t 2 months ago

    honestly want a HSN Halo bc my nails grow long but they're so brittle and i cannot afford to have acrylics done :(((

  • Michelle Llamas
    Michelle Llamas 2 months ago

    i’m so mesmerized!

  • Erin Sarin
    Erin Sarin 2 months ago

    Can you do a healthy, nontoxic product video? I’d love to see what you have success with!

  • sydney ann
    sydney ann 2 months ago

    you should sell the blinged bottles as a more expensive option!! i would totally buy the blinged bottle once for more and then keep refilling it they're sooooo prettyyyy

  • nikole hoskinds
    nikole hoskinds 2 months ago

    Could anyone recommend a scent for the deodorant? I'd like to try it and it's affordable but I'm bad at guessing scents...

  • Isabell Blanche
    Isabell Blanche 2 months ago

    What flavor for deodorant?

  • Erica Coleman
    Erica Coleman 2 months ago

    Who else needs a full body products video??? She makes me realize so much but I’m not even sure where I’d start without her telling me 😂

  • Rache Gem
    Rache Gem 2 months ago

    Is halo safe for pregnant women? I'm thinking of looking into getting halo for my horrible acne; both normal acne as I'm 16 and pregnancy acne. The before and after are absolutely stunning and I've always wanted clear skin without faking it with makeup

  • Stephanie Gardner
    Stephanie Gardner 2 months ago

    Love you!!

  • Hannah Tschappat
    Hannah Tschappat 2 months ago

    I love when you go on mini rants about Halo! First of all, yes girl, hype yourself up! You deserve it. Second of all, the knowledge you exhibit in your videos about Halo and the ingredients it contains shows just how passionate you are about this product! It adds a huge sense of credibility!

  • Merissa Pringle
    Merissa Pringle 2 months ago

    Love this video! Make more please

  • Jaqui Rox
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    Can we please get a YT or Twitter giveaway? :( all the giveaways are always for insta only it seems like, but I don’t have an insta. :( But as someone who watches all your videos for years now.... can we get some love on these other two platforms? 😘♥️

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    Can you please do a video on all of the natural products you use??

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    Hair! What did you put in your hair to make it so voluminous today?! Gorgeous 😍

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    Your have a very strong inner beauty, tati :)

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    Aussi Ha 2 months ago

    forget all of these over-rated celebs. Tati is so genuine and down to earth I admire her so much. she is the type of woman that young women should be inspired from. Not these crazy celebrities that make young adults want to ruin their lives.

  • Urja Mangukia
    Urja Mangukia 2 months ago

    I saw those bottles on thumbnail and I quickly tapped to watch the video

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    “I’m looking at houses” I’m dead.

  • tashadoll22
    tashadoll22 2 months ago

    Just bought my first bottle of Kiwi! My skin started getting really dry and irritated on my fingers, so I'm hoping it will help that! I'll def be doing before and after photos!

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    supriya chodavarapu 2 months ago

    Tati thank you so much for telling me what ingredients I should stay away from.

  • Elena Blas
    Elena Blas 2 months ago

    Will you make a video sharing the natural products you’re integrating into your routines? I’ve been trying to do the same but get overwhelmed.

  • eat - the - rude
    eat - the - rude 2 months ago

    I like the Aluminium free rexona shower fresh deodorant 😊

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    Emily Potts 2 months ago

    I was looking forward to this video until she starred going on about her own product.

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    Nikki Schaffner 2 months ago

    Those bottles are preeeeetty....

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  • Leanna Vance
    Leanna Vance 2 months ago

    Please do more favorite videos!! You have such good taste (or, we just have the same taste lol) favorite High End & Budget friendly video's and not just make-up, do everything you love and would actually recommend to family and friends!!! They are great!!

  • Jessie ____R
    Jessie ____R 2 months ago

    From video 1 Tati has been talking about starting beauty from the inside out.

  • Teresa Feltner
    Teresa Feltner 2 months ago

    I love your make-up esp ur eye look. Thanks, u are so informative, i had no idea about dry brushing. I suffer from fluid retention, & im checking this out. Also, im glad u talked more about ur product, I don't have time to research but im taking advantage of Halo free shipping. Im so far down, that these are 2 small things i can do to make a change with my health. Thanks so much Tati 💜

  • Kaiya Iacobucci
    Kaiya Iacobucci 2 months ago

    Tati I really wish you’d do an in depth video about Halo beauty. I’ve seen the Instagram and been on your website but I still feel uninformed about the ingredients. Why is it so special? How do those things better your skin?

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    16:08 👈🏻 what's in the bottles

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    Monica B 2 months ago

    That toms deodorant is the absolute worst!!!! It gave me BO when I didn’t even have it before smh

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    Omg i want to smell all of those perfumes, the bottles look so interesting and unique, im for sure addicted to beautiful packaging!

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    If you have halo beauty bottles you can literally bling them out yourself and get the gems from your local arts and craft store ...

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    Trina Kae Renfroe 2 months ago

    Thai deodorant is my favorite. But not the solid. I love the pump. I have sensitive skin. Need natural products that work 😉

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    Carmen Holcomb 2 months ago

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