Destroying a scam call center

  • Published on Nov 17, 2019
  • Karl Rock and I went to work on a scam call center in Delhi and managed to shut it down. This is how we did it...
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    ScammerBlaster's site:
    Name: Renewed Tech Pvt Ltd
    AKA: Web Infotech LLC / Tech Philosophers
    GPS: 28.699745, 77.107635
    Address: B-5/61,62 Sec 3 Rohini, Delhi, 110085, India
    FB: pages/category/Telecommunication-Company/Renewed-Technology-PVT-LTD-326305451208963/
    Himanshu Nigam's LinkedIn Page:
    WebInfoTechLLC details:
    Director: Mihir Shah
    FB: mihir.shah.7165
    Catch me on Twitter: JimBrowning11 @JimBrowing11
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  • Karl Rock
    Karl Rock 29 days ago +20616

    Thanks Jim. It was fun working with you on this one! I hope we can do it again


      @The Wandering Aristotle Of course , these places always reopen. But at least Jim and his buddies are tossing wrenches in their plans. Jim has a super wealth of knowledge regarding martial arts (He owns Bullshido) , I would totally cheer him on if he went to India and put some scammers in choke holds on camera.
      Donate and it might just happen !!!


      @Scott L I already did that. USclip took my video down because it was too amazing and it made all other UScliprs look lazy... Now I just act like it never happened and I remain inconspicuous . Shhhh... don't tell anyone. 😉

    • Manish Lakhera
      Manish Lakhera Day ago

      Guys you have done a great job.

    • Pokemon Bargains
      Pokemon Bargains Day ago

      Amazing and this needs to a real job funded by the government for the Uk,Usa, Australia and Canada. These dam scammers make like over a billion a year all together and it’s our familys hard earned money and our grandparents are being targeted by these People. It needs to be stopped. If I won the lottery I would fund a team and recruit people like Jim and Karl. Why isn’t there a task force and why isn’t Jim leading it.

    • The Wandering Aristotle
      The Wandering Aristotle 2 days ago

      The company is still active. Check this -

  • Miguel Angel Posada Gonzalez

    Holy crap!! When I was a kid I wanted to be an ethical hacker, nice work!

  • Nunya Biness
    Nunya Biness 3 hours ago

    ...but seriously, legislation does need to be passed to protect our old folks. Parents and grandparents. Until something can be done, this is God’s work.

  • Nunya Biness
    Nunya Biness 3 hours ago

    I would email Trump to fix this, but... this is so much better.

  • PinaCoco
    PinaCoco 5 hours ago

    Hey Jim!
    Was wondering what is your education or what do you know about networking and programming.

    • PinaCoco
      PinaCoco 4 hours ago

      @Jim Browning Oh, wow.
      Thanks for the swift answer, this is really awesome!
      I'm currently an Automation developer with couple of years of experience and my next goal is to become a software developer.
      Really admire how fluently you're using all your skills.

    • Jim Browning
      Jim Browning  4 hours ago

      I've got a degree in electronic engineering and formal qualifications in networking (Cisco CCNA). I'm also a software developer and designer. Prince 2 project management certification of that counts too :) But you can have all the qualifications in the world but still be useless... I value hands-on experience.

  • brisun100
    brisun100 5 hours ago

    I seriously wonder how long it will be before a country makes this kind of thing a capital offense punishable by death.

  • Zelow79
    Zelow79 6 hours ago

    FUCKING HERO! Legendary work. This was more than a treat to watch and I am truly moved by your dedication, passion and skill in the craft. Keep up the good work and fighting that good fight. These scammers need to be hit by a car.

  • HawkyD B
    HawkyD B 7 hours ago

    Simply outstanding

  • Om Kothari
    Om Kothari 7 hours ago +1

    He said "What's happening?"

  • Joseph Ngente
    Joseph Ngente 8 hours ago

    haha ..thiss lazy india scamer id trow them to the celing if they tried on me..

  • Ladurick R
    Ladurick R 9 hours ago

    Thank you for what you've been doing.

  • Baltazar Felix
    Baltazar Felix 9 hours ago

    Thanks for your service. Keep it up.

  • thedriver
    thedriver 11 hours ago +1

    "Greatest country in the world", it's citizens get scammed and they don't do jack Shit. One man team Jim does all this by himself. Unbelievable.

  • Logan Adams
    Logan Adams 11 hours ago

    These people are scum liars.

  • Rumen Rahman
    Rumen Rahman 12 hours ago

    Amazing video! Subscribed.

  • Surrey hub
    Surrey hub 12 hours ago

    Karl you are also a legend let’s see some more pls

  • Surrey hub
    Surrey hub 12 hours ago

    Fantastic Jim keep up the great work. I have told so many people about your work. 👍

  • V A
    V A 15 hours ago

    Why not send these videos to the police and media of India too.

  • A B
    A B 16 hours ago

    Thank you Jim; you are a GEM .... these bastards deserve much more; love and peace from India; these morons are spoiling my name as an Indian too.... please report this to Delhi police on their twitter ... though we dont believe our police anyways lol ... but since it is on twitter - we stand a chance for justice.

    • A B
      A B 16 hours ago

      ... and FBI should have you in their team with 200% salary hike comparatively... i know uncle trump will like your work.

  • Ojas srivastava
    Ojas srivastava 18 hours ago +1

    That's smart

  • jason thomas
    jason thomas 20 hours ago

    I want to see a bomb hit that’s building

  • Martha Sasing
    Martha Sasing 21 hour ago +1


  • TheGamer 210
    TheGamer 210 23 hours ago +2

    *Not* *All* *Heroes* *Wears* *Costume/Capes*

  • Rakesh Rocky Thapa

    90 % of fake calls and promotions call comes from india and indian talking over the phone saying they from London or many european country, but funny side is they have same typical indian curry style accent tho. They think people are stupied

  • Loraine Drosophila

    $90k?! That's lucrative they won't stop

    • Jim Browning
      Jim Browning  23 hours ago +1

      I agree. This is why the authorities in India need to make it easier to report this crime and actually do something about it!

  • Kevin Galey
    Kevin Galey Day ago

    I'm gonna go out on limb and say that it doesn't do any good to get the local authorities involved.

  • Abdul Basit
    Abdul Basit Day ago +1


    MOVIES Day ago

    I am from india and i am thinking you for doing this work for all good humans in world🙏🙏

  • jkirk1626
    jkirk1626 Day ago

    Brown- skinned third world filth should be brought under heal of their clean colonial WASP masters.

    MOVIES Day ago

    I am from india n i feel very bad about this if you want any help from me to get all address n photos of this scammers

  • Dan s
    Dan s Day ago

    Jim you are doing the World a huge favor. These morons take our courteous language as a sign of weakness. Virtually very few Indians are courteous. Most will steal from a BEGGERS, I'm not exaggerating. Their biggest low hanging fruits are ex-pats living in US, Canada, UK & Australia. I HOPE TRUMP CUTS ALL AID TO INDIA.

  • Spooky Boo's Scary Story Time

    is this their facebook group?

  • VulgarVixen
    VulgarVixen Day ago

    Bless you good sir bless you. *Claps*

  • Cody Daniel
    Cody Daniel Day ago

    I love your video good work

  • Gyal Dem
    Gyal Dem Day ago

    Jim you are doing a hell of a job. Every one you shut down, is helping someone in the world. Thanks - Linda x

  • Pilotwhale Productions

    Do people in India just use giftcards as currency

  • Chris P
    Chris P Day ago

    I got a call from social security scammers today 369 268 4628 I almost got arrested 🤣

  • jchristiancaldwell

    This dude is good

  • Erium
    Erium Day ago

    Shithole country, shithole inhabitants.

  • Raffia16th Blaze

    Alt +F4

  • James G
    James G Day ago

    Omg you are the man! Great job!

  • Pokemon Bargains

    Amazing and this needs to a real job funded by the government for the Uk,Usa, Australia and Canada. These dam scammers make like over a billion a year all together and it’s our familys hard earned money and our grandparents are being targeted by these People. It needs to be stopped. If I won the lottery I would fund a team and recruit people like Jim and Karl. Why isn’t there a task force and why isn’t Jim leading it.

  • Robert Marshall
    Robert Marshall Day ago

    those scammers are not going to give any money back or shut down any call center. they are making too much money until the other countries start forcing India to clean out the corrupt police force and putting these criminals in prison.

  • Damilola Adeyemi

    Bad boy shutting down businesses from his bed ! Legend

  • Jimmy c
    Jimmy c Day ago

    Scammers are scumbags

  • pathik kandhari
    pathik kandhari Day ago

    Hi Jim how you get access to their screens/ servers?

  • Ballzee
    Ballzee 2 days ago

    Wowwwwwww You ROCK .

  • R.C. Welding's garage

    Finally someone striking back. Awesome!!!

  • Gokul
    Gokul 2 days ago

    Finally! Great job guys.

  • Dark Machine
    Dark Machine 2 days ago

    Now these guys did some leg work, and homework on these scammers I am impressed! Damn good job!

  • Tony
    Tony 2 days ago

    I just wanna say, good job on shutting down this call center even if it were only for a week or whatever. I'm really proud of the work you are doing. Please keep on doing it, it brings me great joy of watching these videos!

  • fatgirlballet
    fatgirlballet 2 days ago

    How do you access the scammer's files?

  • Brittney Cee
    Brittney Cee 2 days ago

    won’t lie , called forever 21 and immediately hung up. Tombout a $1.95 cancellation fee

  • Karan890098
    Karan890098 2 days ago

    Great work!! How did you connect to his system?

  • The Wandering Aristotle

    Rohini is an area where you are going to find a lot of fraudsters like these.

  • The Wandering Aristotle

    The company is still active. Check this -

  • Caspian Bell
    Caspian Bell 2 days ago

    So how can you see his screen?

  • The Wandering Aristotle

    This is all fraud and to avoid it, Just install paid or even free antivirus like ESET or Bitdefender and Malwarebytes alongside. And don't go through fucking websites and if you going through install extensions like Ublock origin, privacy badger, Decentraleyes, and use Mozilla Firefox everywhere because Chrome doesn't act on such things like in Android and IOS you get see these fraudy ads.

  • Sudeesh Rao
    Sudeesh Rao 2 days ago

    Dear Jim, thanks for sharing this video....... I strictly condemn this and you are really doing a very right thing by exposing such cheats....... I would like to add one more thing. Just like this, there are some bastards based out of China, who do spamming emails of selling premium IPhone & Samsung products at very cheaper rates, these bastards also claim themselves directly from Foxconn where there premium products are made exclusively...... I lost $300/- already like this....... They operate through Skype for communication and ask you to put money first in their account via wire transfer and after receiving money, their tone changes and they don't even respond properly. Please try to make a video on them as well.

  • Duncan Weaver
    Duncan Weaver 2 days ago

    Well done m8! People like u restore my faith in humanity 👍