How BTS Love Each Other - Try Not To Cry Challenge

  • Published on Jun 12, 2017
  • I have been into Kpop world for about 8 years, but I'm only a fan of two groups. I love groups that treat members as family. And I think BTS definitely love each other as family members, which I appreciate a lot. This is my first video. I hope people can know how they treasure each other after watching this video.
    *I DO NOT own any video clips used.
    *I just subbed some clips and edit them.
    *Credit to the rightful owners.
    *No copyright infringement intended.
    Hope you enjoy this video(heart). Happy BTS 4th anniversary!

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  • Just an international Army crying in the toilet

    In case there are new ARMYs who want to know the titles of songs used in the video, here's a list for you:
    0:00 Born Singer
    1:52 Awake - Jin
    2:24 Let Me Know
    4:22 So Far Away - Agust D ft. Suran
    4:55 Intro: Boy Meets Evil
    7:04 MAMA - J-Hope
    7:12 Converse High
    9:45 Reflection - Rap Monster
    10:00 Butterfly
    10:32 I NEED U - Suga (Piano Ver.)
    13:11 Lie - Jimin
    13:24 4 O'Clock (네시) - V & Rap Monster
    14:48 Hug Me - V & J-Hope
    17:12 Love Is Not Over
    19:02 Begin - Jungkook
    20:42 Move
    Hope it helps!

    • Rhyz TeTomo
      Rhyz TeTomo 5 days ago

      Woow you is a true army and a helping person I purple you💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    • Drink bleaach
      Drink bleaach 14 days ago

      love how u take into consideration the new ARMY cuz other fanbases be ridiculing the new fans

    • Catherine Nghaki
      Catherine Nghaki 16 days ago

      How can i be in armys

    • Jassie Love
      Jassie Love 23 days ago

      Thank you, love ❤❤

    • Maroon Cloud
      Maroon Cloud 23 days ago

      this video is a treasure! it will always be one of the essentials why I became part of this loving family.. thank you so much 💜

  • S Broyer
    S Broyer 2 hours ago +1

    Who else saved the video because they will watch it when there sad. I did.ARMY FOREVER.😣😣😣😣😣😣

  • Aarti Mathura
    Aarti Mathura 3 hours ago

    Love bts

  • ゴルドCreator
    ゴルドCreator 3 hours ago

    this was cute as fuck

  • sweta roy
    sweta roy 8 hours ago

    I am a new fan, recently found out about BTS & obsessed with them but I couldn't make out who is who this made it much clearer thanks 👍 Now I can follow who is singing when Go A.R.M.Y 🤘

  • lilsweetener tutorials
    lilsweetener tutorials 10 hours ago

    Inam again watching it because first time i watched it i don't know who is who lol 😂 😂

  • lilsweetener tutorials
    lilsweetener tutorials 10 hours ago

    The video that made me army

  • Nijin Nijin
    Nijin Nijin 14 hours ago +1

    So cute....wish I was one of them!!!!! I long to have such friends

  • 방탄사랑해
    방탄사랑해 14 hours ago

    After watching this: omg I love you all bts seriously 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • vanessa hizkia
    vanessa hizkia 22 hours ago

    i want download it..... 😔

  • Campur Sari
    Campur Sari 23 hours ago

    The army like 👍

  • LittleFriendKids Forever

    BTS came from a small company, they started with nothing.
    Jin who was casted just because of his looks, Suga who left his family and gambled his education just to do what he really wanted to be,
    Namjoon who was never been supported by his parents,
    Jimin who thought himself as ugly and fat,
    Taehyung whose always been part of BTS but was never showed in any promotions- not until debut,
    Hoseok who seemed to always laugh but never felt as an accomplishment to his father and Jungkook who was very shy and have saved his parents at a young age by auditioning to companies.
    Remember the days when they were struggling?
    They even had to sacrifice and work hard just so they could eat?
    They were squeezing themselves into one small apartment and had to take responsibilities- the reason why they wrote the song ‘move’

    Those times when Jimin has to starve himself just because people call him fat and ugly.
    That one interview where Yoongi said that; it was nice that people listen to their music because Taehyung and Jungkook are good looking.
    And he thought that it was at least enough. Do you remember when Hoseok was supposed to be the vocalist and Taehyung the rapper, but he chose to rap instead and learn it because Taehyung wanted to be the vocalist.
    It was Taehyungs dream and Hoseok loves his dongsaeng that much he would sacrifice.

    Other fanbases were accusing them for plagiarism just because they had the smallest detail whose the same with other big Kpop groups which was actually just a coincidence.
    There was a time when Yoongi packed 300 gifts and Letters just to give to their 300 fans who will attend at their mini fan meetings.
    So why do people judge them so fastly?
    Did you know that Jimin came all the way to Seoul from Busan just to persuade his dreams?
    Did you know that Taehyung lived with his grandma for almost half of his life making him innocent from what else is out there in our world?
    Did you know that Jungkook set aside his embarrassment just to meet the others expectations?
    Yes, he is the Golden maknae, but he suffers too when he sees his hyungs having a hard time, he cries.
    And there was a time when Jimin caught him crying and the reason was because he missed his family.
    Jungkook often cries secretly so that his hyungs wouldn’t worry.
    Did you know that Jin auditioned to make his mother proud of him and so that his mother had something to brag off to those judgmental neighbors they had.
    He worked hard on his vocals yet people called him talentless.
    Did you know that Namjoon worked hard just to produce songs yet there was a time when his mother ruined his computer and broke his mike so he could focus on studying?
    Did you know Hoseok auditioned because he wanted his father to be proud of him?
    Because he felt he was a disappointment?

    Those rookie days where they only listened to the awardings and be amazed by their seniors.
    They couldn’t do anything but watch those idols who received the awards.
    They were contented.
    And now they reached the top and became more successful. From 150 fans to 6mil and counting,
    From a small practice room to a bigger one
    From a cramped dorm with roommates to a big dorm were they each a room,
    From one daesang award to more awards and they’ve even won on BBMA’s.
    BTS never expected this before their fourth year anniversary, they’ve com so far- so far that the only chance we have to see them is to go to their concert (NEVER)
    meet them along the street with 0.01% chance.
    But really ARMYs!! We’ve came this far fam, let’s love them and give them our support till the end!
    I wanted to thank you all . I love you fam! I love u BTS! Let’s stay together until the end. If you believe in what I’ve said. If you believe in 1!2!3!

    A true ARMY shall spread

    And once again... I PURPLE YOU ARMY! 💜💜💜

  • Victoria. Manoharan

    00:47 how can anyone even think of skipping him ????????

  • Allhailtomemes
    Allhailtomemes Day ago

    I cried when Hobi cried...LIKE SERIOUSLY I DONT WANNA SEE HOBI CRYING 😫😪


    I can't hold my tears...this challenge is to hard for me...and it's to sad 💖💖💖

  • Alex _the wolf girl
    Alex _the wolf girl 2 days ago

    there like brothers

  • farnaz zinnah
    farnaz zinnah 2 days ago

    I wish I could give your video infinity of likes

  • I love Lisa
    I love Lisa 2 days ago

    This was supposed to be a "try not to cry challenge" but yah!! Namjoon -ah I told you not to cut onions

  • the girl
    the girl 2 days ago

    At 14:10 tae hyung looks just like kim woo bin baby has grown up 😘😘😘

  • ella ocana
    ella ocana 2 days ago


  • Potato e
    Potato e 2 days ago

    *yoongi oppa, why do you make it so hard for mehhhh*

    *i’m gonna sue yoo!*

  • waa wa
    waa wa 2 days ago

    Watching this in 2018 literally make my tears keep falling for the whole vid.. it is great to see how bts love each other as much as we love them,,the supports they give to each other make me as an army want to keep loving and support them whatever they do..BTS + ARMY = LOVE!! ❤️

  • 1000 Without videos
    1000 Without videos 2 days ago

    I cried

  • Kawaii Candi
    Kawaii Candi 3 days ago

    nuuuu I almost cried at namjoon's part! ;-;

  • Flamehopes
    Flamehopes 3 days ago

    BTS family:
    Jin: big brother (protective, always looking out for youngers)
    RM: parent (always checking on them and their safety)
    Suga: big brother (a bit quiet and reserved, but loves family most)
    J-Hope: middle brother (the optimist of group, wants to cheer up everyone)
    Jimin: middle brother (kind brother, always there to offer emotional support to family)
    V: little brother (soft bean brother, always seeks to help and be helpful to family)
    Jungkook: little brother (although loves to be funny, is very thoughtful and loves in his own way)

  • Kookie!
    Kookie! 3 days ago

    I always cry when others do and when people feel left out and when people are kind to those.This really got me.

  • Kookie!
    Kookie! 3 days ago

    Awwe i feel bad for v at the begining he just got skipped :(

  • Duati _IpurpleBts
    Duati _IpurpleBts 3 days ago

    5.6M failed this challenge🤧

  • May Hnin Yati
    May Hnin Yati 3 days ago

    A real army can not pass this!! I bet they will cry!! I did too!!!

  • ZarZar London
    ZarZar London 3 days ago

    You're an evil person for this I think I just cried 15 gallons 😭

  • aiminath ali
    aiminath ali 3 days ago

    *speechless* taers of joy though

  • PyranoMusic
    PyranoMusic 3 days ago

    why does jimin thinks he's ugly if jimin was rapped up in trash he would look better than me in makeup

  • PyranoMusic
    PyranoMusic 3 days ago

    I cried when the manager asked rm if he wanted to go solo and I cried tears of joy for rm's answer love u bts

  • Josie Roy
    Josie Roy 3 days ago

    I’m not crying... YOU ARE!!

  • PyranoMusic
    PyranoMusic 3 days ago

    9:52 omfort

  • PyranoMusic
    PyranoMusic 3 days ago

    rm don't quit bangtan would not be the same without you

  • Articpuppy
    Articpuppy 4 days ago

    Litterally 5 seconds in and I want to cry

  • 한국Bts
    한국Bts 4 days ago

    Omg i was like easy No Its not😭😭💕❤️💞❣️😊🌻

  • Vi Vo
    Vi Vo 4 days ago

    jin takes a very good care of his cute brothers

  • Vi Vo
    Vi Vo 4 days ago +1

    how can people skip taehyung, im gonna take every members sign, wtf, the fan literally skip her nice chance, poor taehyung..but no worry, theres still so many people loves him

  • Imagine Butterflies
    Imagine Butterflies 4 days ago

    I CRIEDDDD!!! And it's 6 am!!! But this video made me love them more than before. MAH BABIES!!!

  • Its Skyna
    Its Skyna 4 days ago

    Taetae was SKIPPED by a FAN!? No, no, NO that was NOT a fan! Arghhh tae`s the cutest thing ever!

  • sabeena Ahmed
    sabeena Ahmed 4 days ago

    wanna know how i feel? im feeling like a mother when she sees all of her children caring and loving each other.I'm their mom anyways;-);-);-)

  • lιlмєσωмєσω υωυ

    This made me cry 4 times 😅😅😂😂

  • Just Lollen
    Just Lollen 5 days ago

    When a fan skipped tae tae😭😭😭 how can you skip any of them???
    Jin Awww.. Take my soul're so sweet😭❤
    I love them,I LOVE BTS❤❤❤

  • Dewie Nurhikmah
    Dewie Nurhikmah 5 days ago

    I'm crying.. :(

  • ana ana
    ana ana 5 days ago

    0:47 now he/she will regret the whole life🤣😂

  • BangtanChic BTS
    BangtanChic BTS 5 days ago

    I cried the whole time😭

  • The Girl Who Works At McDonald’s

    I was already crying because I was in the mood to watch sad BTS moments.
    On a side note, I saw the like button change from 166K to 167K.

  • V the fox
    V the fox 5 days ago

    I WAS, CRYING!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💜😭💜😭💜😭😭💜💜😭😭💜😭💜😭💜

  • BTS Army for life
    BTS Army for life 6 days ago +1

    WOW just WOW.I love them all so much!

  • Darafshan Gaming Channel

    Jungkook v suga jin jimin j hope no one loves RM I m so sad why they don't love RM jungkook said to jin you do worse dance like Rap Monster right so why he take name of rm what he did no one care about her and jimin was talking with jin rm come and he was angry with rm why why why I love Rm no one loves rm =(

  • Sakshi Sah
    Sakshi Sah 6 days ago

    It's literally 3 am and I am crying mess

  • Wahida Afrooz
    Wahida Afrooz 6 days ago +1

    I used to love and respect BTS and it's members a lot but after watching this video my love and respect has increased a lot more. Love BTS always. BTS love you 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 Although their new album is called 'Love yourself' but still they love each other more then themselves 😄😄😄

  • Lizzi Beetle
    Lizzi Beetle 6 days ago +1

    Man, I don’t know who these lovely people are, but I haven’t even experienced a romantic relationship this loving.

  • Of Course Gabby
    Of Course Gabby 6 days ago +1

    Jimin, you made me cry. :(

  • Pure Soul.
    Pure Soul. 6 days ago

    I cried a lot.... I have known them only a while ago but now I'm laughing with them and crying with them... They have become a part of my daily life.... All the best BTS... I'm truly inspired by you 😘

  • Fangirl Bish
    Fangirl Bish 6 days ago

    The first time i made through the whole video without crying! Yayyy!!!

  • Tameka Coleman
    Tameka Coleman 6 days ago

    WHOEVER’S THE “ARMY” WHO SKIPPED TAE CAN SQUARE TF UP. We shoukd love all 7 of our wonderful angels

  • Rebecca Egan
    Rebecca Egan 6 days ago

    You got me 😭

  • Arleen’s Wolfezss
    Arleen’s Wolfezss 7 days ago +1

    I hate when they think they did a bad job at a concert because we go there to see them and it’s very nice even tho I never went to one and I don’t like it because they actually do a great at the concert if I went to one I would be happy and I wouldn’t care if they messed up I’d rather be at home if ima stress them out because they messed up now if their injured I would worry and I still worry because all the stress I know this has nothing to do with this video but I saw jimin in a video stressing over a voice crack were still happy we got to see them

  • Khaleesi RED
    Khaleesi RED 7 days ago +1

    *Who would skip Tae at fan meeting? My gosh! I wouldn't!!*

  • Chi_Ma_ Ka YT
    Chi_Ma_ Ka YT 7 days ago +1

    I’m not cry ;-; I’m just hungry at the thumbnail

  • Kathy
    Kathy 7 days ago

    I really love this boys. This is not a boy band nor an idol group . This is a family. A beautiful and wonderful family

  • Haniya Macabantog
    Haniya Macabantog 7 days ago

    I salute you Kim seokjin for always taking care of your brother's👏👏

  • Jenni Aileen
    Jenni Aileen 7 days ago

    I cried a lot... From the beginning of the video until the video is done... I feel really proud of them that they can love one another, motivating others... Well I got motivated tho... To always love myself, and love others... I feel really thankful for them... They make my life better than before... Bcs before I know BTS, I always think that I was nothing, but since I know them, I can really appreciate myself... Thanks Bangtan ! ARMY always support y'all ! I purple u ! 💜

  • Andrea Gabriella
    Andrea Gabriella 7 days ago

    I quit i cried since jin started his message to suga😢😢😢😭😭😭

  • Trishia Corpuz
    Trishia Corpuz 7 days ago

    Cried a lot. worth watching. i love my boys!!!!

  • Isobelle Denise Supetran

    2: 03 WAIT DID THEY KISS?!?!?!?!! 😯😯😯😯😯😯😯

  • aishu dreamer
    aishu dreamer 8 days ago +2

    *Now i know why people are crazy about BTS I'm teary, speechless*

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    Cheyenne GUERRERO 8 days ago

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    Rhashanie Salendab 8 days ago

    I forgot the Challenge........(I cried)

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    nnad 8 days ago

    They surprised by 350 fans back then but look at them now😩

  • Solan Shaiza
    Solan Shaiza 8 days ago

    God can't see them cry😢😢😭

  • nahida akter
    nahida akter 8 days ago

    sorry I fell

  • Arissa Batrisyia
    Arissa Batrisyia 8 days ago

    When I was a new ARMY I was so so so so so confused because they all look the same like they were actually brothers it took me a whole month to memorise all their faces

  • Justina Ebanks
    Justina Ebanks 9 days ago

    I cried🤧

  • Bts is amazing I love bts

    My beautiful Angels😢MY BABYS HAVE GROWN UP

  • Lamiya Bistry
    Lamiya Bistry 9 days ago

    I love BTS and they always took care of each other so softly I love you BTS😊☺😍😚😘❤💙💋💚💛💜💓💕💖💗💘💝✌👌💞💟👍👏💋❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Syabil Oziar
    Syabil Oziar 9 days ago

    The part when Jimin bowed a long time to his fans hits me really hard

    • Ivy N
      Ivy N 4 days ago

      do you mean at 10:44? cause if so that’s suga (yoongi) and he’s just crying (or bowing I’m not 100% sure) because his parents are there (the first time his parents came to a concert) and Jimin is comforting him. If it’s not a that time I’m sorry I wasted your time

  • Neha Pandey
    Neha Pandey 9 days ago

    i cried like hell ... soo touching ...T.T

  • Pamela Batchelor
    Pamela Batchelor 9 days ago

    Make your LEGEND.

  • Pamela Batchelor
    Pamela Batchelor 9 days ago

    Wow. So much talent, passion, energy, feelings, pressure for these young men to handle at such vulnerable time in their lives. I’m praying they don’t blow themselves apart as a group and family. Need to talk talk talk. Personal and Professional lines are completely blurred. Then these lines are blurred it is a ticking time bomb. Be careful. All of your ARMY want the best for you always. Please work it out.

  • sahiya sahlan
    sahiya sahlan 9 days ago

    Can somebody tell me what is hyung I'm a new army so please

    • Ivy N
      Ivy N 4 days ago

      sahiya sahlan Idk if you still need help cause it’s been five days but hyung is what you call an older person (male to male) in Korea

  • BbyKiS2y
    BbyKiS2y 10 days ago

    How could a fan skip V at fan meet??? I would've died for a sign!

  • Karissa DIY
    Karissa DIY 10 days ago

    Omg I’m crying

  • watify Villarosa
    watify Villarosa 10 days ago

    I'm happy when they're happy..i cry when they cried!😢 I'm totally crying rn! I want a jin hyung in my life( the 7 bangtan hyungs!)😢😊

  • Maren Gilles
    Maren Gilles 10 days ago

    This video is so great! Thanks for your great work! I love it so much. ❤️😍❤️

  • gachamix 1
    gachamix 1 10 days ago

    Well I failed I cried

  • Alexandra Wise
    Alexandra Wise 10 days ago

    i purple you BTS

  • Alexandra Wise
    Alexandra Wise 10 days ago

    BTS has more personal relationship in the band then most bands, i dont get how there can be BTS can have haters ecpecially when there is this much love amongst the seven of them.

  • ·*Angelica playz*·
    ·*Angelica playz*· 10 days ago

    95% of comments:

    😭😭😭im crying!😭😭😭

    5% of comments:

    Didnt cry.

  • Lullabye K
    Lullabye K 10 days ago

    I don't know, watching their relationship made me think that love stories don't only occur in a romantic way, i mean how lucky you have to be to find not only one but six of your soulmates?
    I wish their friendship would last forever💜

  • Shannel Nakisya
    Shannel Nakisya 10 days ago

    Namjoon pulled jimin to the front because he is short
    Sorry i'll leave.

  • Malaika Waseem
    Malaika Waseem 10 days ago

    2:02 WTF, why did I not know bout that !!!

  • Doggy Dawg
    Doggy Dawg 10 days ago

    *Jimin can’t eat no more*
    *V is dying*
    *Jungkooks just eating*

  • Touya X_Y_Z
    Touya X_Y_Z 10 days ago

    Theyre the best kpop boy band ever

  • Blackpaw AJ
    Blackpaw AJ 10 days ago

    this what i love about watching them! (not the music videos) how much they appreciate each other. :)

  • Nargis Akther
    Nargis Akther 10 days ago

    MIN YOONGI doesn't shows his feelings.. AND J HOPE who is afraid of heights he said bangtan forever and jumps...😭😭❤❤ heart melting