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How BTS Love Each Other - Try Not To Cry Challenge

  • Published on Jun 12, 2017
  • I have been into Kpop world for about 8 years, but I'm only a fan of two groups. I love groups that treat members as family. And I think BTS definitely love each other as family members, which I appreciate a lot. This is my first video. I hope people can know how they treasure each other after watching this video.
    *I DO NOT own any video clips used.
    *I just subbed some clips and edit them.
    *Credit to the rightful owners.
    *No copyright infringement intended.
    Hope you enjoy this video(heart). Happy BTS 4th anniversary!

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  • Just an international Army crying in the toilet

    In case there are new ARMYs who want to know the titles of songs used in the video, here's a list for you:
    0:00 Born Singer
    1:52 Awake - Jin
    2:24 Let Me Know
    4:22 So Far Away - Agust D ft. Suran
    4:55 Intro: Boy Meets Evil
    7:04 MAMA - J-Hope
    7:12 Converse High
    9:45 Reflection - Rap Monster
    10:00 Butterfly
    10:32 I NEED U - Suga (Piano Ver.)
    13:11 Lie - Jimin
    13:24 4 O'Clock (네시) - V & Rap Monster
    14:48 Hug Me - V & J-Hope
    17:12 Love Is Not Over
    19:02 Begin - Jungkook
    20:42 Move
    Hope it helps!

    • martha wiley
      martha wiley 7 days ago

      I love BTS ❤️💖😍 and appreciate all army members!!!!😘😘😘

    • BTS ARMY
      BTS ARMY 10 days ago

      Just an international Army crying in the toilet I love your name

    • 박 슬 채Fi
      박 슬 채Fi 12 days ago

      Just an international Army crying in the toilet thank you. Very thoughtful

    • Nikkie Pattyn
      Nikkie Pattyn 15 days ago

      (J)-Hope it helps😏*me trying to be funny

    • salsabila irwara putri
      salsabila irwara putri 24 days ago

      Thank you so much

  • anzalina anz
    anzalina anz 4 minutes ago

    I couldn't hold my tears while watching this video

  • arpita thakur
    arpita thakur Hour ago

    Whoever made this video I just wanna say I'm really thankful to you and I owe you alot just because this video is the ultimate reason of me Digging deeper into BTS I watched this video late at night during 26th August 2018 and couldn't stop my years from flowing that's just how this video impacted me but at the same time made me curious of these most beautiful human beings on the planet and it won't be wrong to say in the whole universe so thank you so much I love you and pray for your well-being and beautiful happy and healthy life....
    Somewhere around BST realise in 2016 I came across that MV and enjoyed their beautifully sycronised dance moves and their eye appealing choreography and ofcourse the music and it urged me to watch their other MVs so I watched fire and dope but then those we my exam days or I don't know the exact reason but I forgot about them and just knew in my head that there is a Korean boy band known as BTS and that's it and then times passed I started watching Korean drama like binge watch for months during vacation and watched a show called as exo next door and I really liked that show and then suddenly along with exo I was reminded of BTS but still I didn't try to know about them nor exo neither BTS but in my head I had a change of opinion and that is that I like exo more than BTS (yeah I know how can I do that but soon things are going to be changed) and then I forgot about exo as well but one fine day I was so bored and didn't have anything to watch coz I got bored of even binge watching kdrama so that night I came across I video named *HOW BTS LOVE EACH OTHER - TRY NOT TO CRY CHALLENGE* and then everything in my life changed from that very moment and I'm not even kidding I fell for them so hard that I myself didn't want to not love them so soon after that night the next day in the morning I started my research and tried learning their names faces hair colour but things were quite hard I didn't get it when I was trying hard but as soon as I just focus on them their music their speech their conversation I got to know them and that it this is how I fell for them and how they made me rise

  • Jenica Seokjin
    Jenica Seokjin 2 hours ago

    The only reason why I don't want to unstan BTS. I love them not just because of their talents and looks but also their personality that inspired everybody.

  • Peter Perker
    Peter Perker 4 hours ago

    This really make me crying.

  • Sanjib Burman
    Sanjib Burman 6 hours ago

    I love v and junkook

  • Panha Leang
    Panha Leang 7 hours ago

    I love BTS how they love , take care and support each other like families , friendship and soulmate . And I have found that 1. Kim Seokjin Oppa is Eldest Hyung and Eomma of BTS. 2. Suga Min Yoongi is Bangtan’s Protector . He’s silent outside and friendly inside and Kihyun oppa also said this . He’s really lucky that have him as friends. 3. J Hope or Jung Hoseok is Bangtan’s Hope . And especially he’s second mother of BTS and main dancer. 4. Rap Monster Kim Namjoon is Bangtan’s Leaders that charge of BTS members and lead groups and deciders to choose Bangtan boys not solo solo. 5. Park Jimin is Bangtan’s angel and he good at take care and comfort members when they have problems or injuries. 6. V Kim Taehyung is Bangtan ‘s Hidden weapon . He’s faced of group , vocalist and actor in BTS and Maknae line with JiKook. 7. Jungkook Jeon Jungkook is Bangtan ‘s Golden Maknae. He’s good at everything. He always make his Hyung laught by his imitation.

  • Almera Lee
    Almera Lee 18 hours ago


  • jiminoppa army
    jiminoppa army 21 hour ago

    Jiminie so protecting ❤👍 I am proud of my bias ❤❤사랑 왜 요 지인 and 밤 탄 소 난 단 ❤❤💖💖

  • Lori Ann Miller
    Lori Ann Miller Day ago +1

    Beautiful! Seven sweet souls! Thank you all for making this world a better place and caring for each other!

  • Riko Chan
    Riko Chan Day ago

    Im not crying

    Namjoon is right over there cutting onions

  • Destiny Simon
    Destiny Simon Day ago

    I lost it at maknae line 😭😭😭😭😭💞 they truly do love each other and that's what made me stan. I wanted to be a part of that love.

    JENNY ZAMORA Day ago

    did he really scold namjoon?

  • Sara Gohire
    Sara Gohire 2 days ago

    I also cried at kookies

  • Sara Gohire
    Sara Gohire 2 days ago

    I cried at jimins

  • ja boi
    ja boi 2 days ago

    the whole ARMY is coming after that one girl

  • viki army
    viki army 2 days ago +1

    Bikin mewek😭😭😭

  • Emilyfool ya
    Emilyfool ya 2 days ago +1

    8:04 was the best 😂😂 and that really shows how namjoon cares for his members... but srsly though that face was SOOO priceless AF😢😂😂

  • luna
    luna 2 days ago

    this video's name should be How JIN Is Such An Amazing Angel And Cares For Everyone Around Him

  • Mary Sanchez
    Mary Sanchez 2 days ago

    I fear for these boys they're at the height of success internationally equalled to the Beatles. I pray they stay as they are humble and loving one another.

  • Lujain M
    Lujain M 2 days ago

    Every time I see bts having a hard time I JUST WANT TO GO AND SEE THEM AND TELL THEM THAT EVERYTHINGS FINE but i can’t...that’s sad but I’ll always support them through social media..

  • Subhasmita Dhar
    Subhasmita Dhar 2 days ago +1

    My💕💕💕💕 JHOPE plz dnt cry 😢😢..

  • Rekha Chowdhary
    Rekha Chowdhary 2 days ago

    Im crying

  • 대표귀요미
    대표귀요미 2 days ago

    눈물 많이 흘렸다...
    이제 그만울어.. 우리가 있자나...
    영원히 함께할께...♡
    방탄페밀리 화이팅~!!!

  • Yennie Kim
    Yennie Kim 3 days ago

    BTS FIGHTING 😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • Kirsten Yssabelle Benguan

    I cant help but tooo fvkin fall inlove with them again,seeing them happy makes my heart soooo fast.cant also help but toooo cry :((

  • Amber Powers
    Amber Powers 3 days ago

    Why was J-Hope crying???

  • Rannie Tejada
    Rannie Tejada 3 days ago

    Why is jhope crying so hard there?😔 I'm a new fan please bare with my ignorance.

  • aimee aquino
    aimee aquino 3 days ago

    how dare that girl skipped the ever charming, innocent, and true-to-his-self tae tae! she must be regretting it now

  • GachaLuna Unicorn123

    Is it ok that I cried before this because of BTS aka V crying on stage I think so but if I cry more then Iose

  • Jhelen Temblor
    Jhelen Temblor 4 days ago

    This video makes me cry. 😥 I will keep supporting you Bangtan 💞

  • Dè ROSÈ
    Dè ROSÈ 4 days ago

    Why some people hate BTS just tell me why ? why they keep saying that BTS are gay why they keep say bad words to them why they take their feelings as the joke why tell my why?😭

  • Anisa Muthia
    Anisa Muthia 4 days ago

    Who the fck skipped our prince Tae 😭

  • Chiara Vallini
    Chiara Vallini 4 days ago

    They are so genuine and loving. Wish them the best

  • lily
    lily 4 days ago

    As soon as jimin came i started crying

  • Swapan Gogoi
    Swapan Gogoi 4 days ago

    I lose the challenge I wasn't able to hold my tears and it burst out😭😭😭😭😭

  • Zahra Syed
    Zahra Syed 4 days ago

    how can you nut cry in this video

  • Kanishka Sharma
    Kanishka Sharma 5 days ago

    Namjoon stop cutting the freaking onions...
    God knows How much i love them.. My throat hurts I've been stopping my tears from escaping but now I'm just a mess.. They are a family. My family is such a dysfunctional family even though we're blood related and they are not even blood related and they are still so precious. One doesn't need to have blood relations to be close to another and they have proven that. No other artist has made me feel this way. It's only been 7 months since I became an ARMY but it feels as if I know them since such a long time. I'm so glad I got to know them and be a part of this wonderful beautiful fandom

  • Divyanka Samantaray
    Divyanka Samantaray 5 days ago +1

    They love each other like a mother

  • M A
    M A 5 days ago

    May Allah keep this LOVE and caring relation prevailed. Ameen
    Mashallah you guys are doing great. Wish you all the luck health and blessing from HIM.
    From Pakistan ❤ (South Asia)

  • Recherche Debonnaire


  • k yoonie
    k yoonie 5 days ago +2

    *try not to cry challenge*
    *born singer stars*
    me: cry

  • _.Rose. _
    _.Rose. _ 5 days ago

    I almost cried when hobi was crying cuz he’s our sunshine 😭

  • the little troll that could

    duck it....i lost it at them saying “Jin hyung...” why you do this????😭😭😭😭😭

  • Ecah Ahman
    Ecah Ahman 6 days ago +1

    I just look at this video without read the title and now im regret 😭😭😭

  • Wendy Piggy
    Wendy Piggy 6 days ago +1

    Wow I can't take it I feel so much eye water waa

  • SunTree
    SunTree 6 days ago

    6:54 after Jhope jumped for team, Suga cried actually, He hidden his tears
    it was RUN episode
    during their debut jimin jhope RM called ugly
    13:40 many k-Armys hated Taehyung, because he is unique, he is very unique in korea
    maybe only international ARMYs understand him, he is innocent pure, but how he express himself , comes to korean people wrong way, always, they misunderstand him always, that is why members said to him, should be careful with words, think more about what he said, after he said , they correct him to korean narrow minded people
    after BTS won 1st weekly chart, tae sang BB loser song, they korean criticed him disrespectful, But that song BB Loser was song about BB, not diss track
    always happened this little things, that is why Tae can't make Vlive alone, he needed always one member
    BTS is another LEVEL, THey are different than other kpop group, other western artists!
    BTS is family!! real borthers!!!!
    They slept one room 5 years, 50m2 apartment 5 years, they could have roommate since 2015
    I know kpop over 20 years , i know all groups, i watched their videos, Interview, variety shows, backstage etc.. too
    i watched all their characters
    BTS has best personalities, best characters,most hardworking most talented, loves eachother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BTS is different level, that is why during korean music industry dragged them , looked down,
    international BTS blown up,
    that is why during Kcon ( kpop concerts with many groups in usa, france, england, brazil, kjapan, hongkong ) BTS had most fans
    because BTS performed always live, did never lipsync like other kpop groups
    They produced, wrotten own songs
    practiced 12-15 hours a day, even New Year, i am telling you
    BTS is NR.1
    I watched , interessted kpop groups after i watched their character personalities, BTS is real real real so real one,
    infront of camera, behind the camera,
    That is why now BTS is my multi Nr.1
    i didn't support other group any more, because of many small details, from big company rich kids, lipsync, arrogant, couldn't write own songs, couldn't rap 2 line , bullying eachother in their group etc..
    there are so many things
    BTS is pure innocent extra dorkies

  • Hailie Le
    Hailie Le 6 days ago +5

    To be honest, i’ve always had a bias for Jimin but after watching this video, I love the rest of the members more than before. I purple BTS 💜

  • J Lava
    J Lava 6 days ago

    5:18 Anyone please tell me, what is this show please? Thanks much much

  • Otaku and ARMY
    Otaku and ARMY 6 days ago +4

    I dont know why but yoongi's part made me cry so hard . ...

  • worldwide pretty park
    worldwide pretty park 6 days ago +2

    Jin: Together,let's make a legend.
    You Guys are legends now and forever

  • Russian girl
    Russian girl 6 days ago +7

    Most biological families aren't this close... it's a beautiful thing.

  • bts is my lifeu
    bts is my lifeu 6 days ago

    If they're happy, I'm happy
    If they're sad, I'm sad

  • Sorc Gt
    Sorc Gt 6 days ago

    u mean try not to laugh together its funny lol

  • Rainbow_Sunshine _Wolf-Gachatuber

    4:42 JungKook you is hyped 😂😂😂😂

    BTS ARMY 7 days ago

    That all love each other no matter what because they are not just band mates that are family and the care for each other and throw the hard times they will love each other

  • Bantangerine
    Bantangerine 7 days ago +3

    I watched this when I first started stanning them (2017) and I cried and now that I watch it two years later ( 2019) I cry even more.

  • Jala Millzent Pareja

    I cried in jins part most

  • Alissa OOf-erson
    Alissa OOf-erson 8 days ago


  • Khadijh Maulina Andhini Wijanarko

    Well jin u r being my bias now

  • chase jobelle
    chase jobelle 9 days ago +5

    Woah Jin... So much love for you for being a very responsible hyung! ... If jin is not your bias here, just take time to thank him for taking good care of your bias(es).. Much love for you Jin.. I love the 7 of them but i really admire Jin's good heart for his lil bros 💜💜💜

  • suga lover
    suga lover 9 days ago

    That made me cryyyyy

  • Zofeya Dookie
    Zofeya Dookie 9 days ago +3

    poor taehyung good thing he has his members to take care of him aweee

  • Laboni Akter
    Laboni Akter 9 days ago

    Who THE F***K skipped V

  • peggy bear
    peggy bear 9 days ago +4

    jin is abs0lutely l0ving man has a s0ft heart f0r all the members a family man.👌👍

  • Lucy Link
    Lucy Link 9 days ago

    How tf can you skip one of them at a fan sign?? I don’t understand how someone would be able to do that

  • Arona Sanchez
    Arona Sanchez 9 days ago +3

    Anytime J-Hope cries, I cry. He is such a cheerful person, it’s very powerful when he cries

  • suga taekook
    suga taekook 9 days ago +2

    a shiteu fan : skips taehyung

    me : tf am i doing here

    me too:dying to see there twitter tweet only

  • Marie Rivera
    Marie Rivera 9 days ago

    Teaaaars of Love.

  • Angelina Playz
    Angelina Playz 10 days ago


  • Barbie elcamil Abubakar

    AF a I cried a lot ..

  • *Layla Msp*
    *Layla Msp* 10 days ago +5

    I almost cried when Hoseok gave rm the medal

  • dylanobrien arianagrande



  • ima Akiyama
    ima Akiyama 10 days ago

    I think I like their bond more than their music

  • kathleen Zeledon
    kathleen Zeledon 10 days ago

    first 13 seconds and I'm already crying

  • tiger RM
    tiger RM 11 days ago

    The leader 😢😢

    he committed suicide for him😿💔😍

  • Jesus The light bringer

    I don't know what was going through that girls head when she skipped tae

  • Skarzu Plays
    Skarzu Plays 11 days ago

    I cried every clip

  • Joonie with Luv
    Joonie with Luv 11 days ago


    RM RAZZI 11 days ago

    i'm here to cry i'm readyy

  • Nidhi Kulkarni
    Nidhi Kulkarni 12 days ago +1

    The reason why I love them not because of their looks I love them because it's rarely to see some band be like a family take care of each other be together in such tough situations create good music for their fans. BTS love their army so much respect them I have not seen some other band does this for their fans out there I really respect BTS their work . I have seen this video so many times still cry 💜

  • sheila maria anggraini


  • sheila maria anggraini

    😭😭😭😭 ny heart melting..

  • Yanna Kei
    Yanna Kei 12 days ago

    When Jhope shouted “BTS Forever” I cried😭😍

  • Kamlesh Kaur
    Kamlesh Kaur 12 days ago +3

    OMG Junkook made so cry I can't !😭😭😭

    I love you BTS !!!!❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕

  • Khairul Fahmi
    Khairul Fahmi 12 days ago


  • Iris Alexa's fabulous life

    The 1.1k people who disliked this has no hearts at all

  • lucy pattanayak
    lucy pattanayak 13 days ago +1

    I am crying. Idk about you 😢💔

  • Loren
    Loren 13 days ago

    Cried approx 7million times

    FUNKY BOY AKASH 13 days ago

    They are too much caring

  • xXBlueAngelXx
    xXBlueAngelXx 14 days ago

    This should have been a try not to cry challenge, cuz I swear to god. Who the heck is cutting the onions here!

  • Swaeg Bunny
    Swaeg Bunny 15 days ago

    Let's appreciate Namjoons caring heart

  • Little ashy loves kookie
    Little ashy loves kookie 15 days ago +1

    7:46 *yoongi lost his swag*😂

  • Sydney McGee
    Sydney McGee 15 days ago

    19:49 almost had me

  • jodie j
    jodie j 15 days ago +2

    there all amazing in there own way i hope they succeed further on through life and continue as the way they are. i hope they take care of themselves because this video made me love them a lot more then anything besides my family i just love the fact they are so close as a group they are brothers

  • • SeanandKaycee •
    • SeanandKaycee • 16 days ago

    How could ANYONE skip Taehyung I’m pissed

  • Nikkie Pattyn
    Nikkie Pattyn 17 days ago

    I am watching this on school btw. RIP REPUTATION ( i cried) lmao but i didn't had Friends before it so it's not a big deal * cries inside while typing this

  • Nikkie Pattyn
    Nikkie Pattyn 17 days ago +1


  • Min Yoongi
    Min Yoongi 17 days ago

    "I cant eat if you're not eating"
    "I'm full just by watching you eat"

    AHHHH i love you Min yoongi

  • Asia Hoyt
    Asia Hoyt 17 days ago +1

    J-Hope: *Fixes Jimin's jacket
    Me: Hobi, he can put his jacket on by himself, he is a big boy now don't act like the dad of the group
    Also me: *Signs really loud