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  • Published on Mar 23, 2019
  • Reacting to animations returns and we check out Share my story yet ANOTHER story animation channel
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  • ali saheb
    ali saheb 44 minutes ago +1

    Way do Brandon love tittis

  • Elliott Cartwright
    Elliott Cartwright 21 hour ago

    i was 9 and i was in love and i liked someone for who they are and now im married

  • Marium Mushtaq
    Marium Mushtaq Day ago

    he said Men are pigs your a pig lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😜😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • wolf legend
    wolf legend Day ago

    24:54 there's a lot of ppl addicted to food now there's a girl addicted to scary movies(the story)

  • Kathryn Boyd
    Kathryn Boyd Day ago

    I don't think brandon has a big vocabulary
    Jk love ya

  • sadie love
    sadie love Day ago

    The pretty girl is simone giertz

  • Ronnie Green
    Ronnie Green Day ago

    Your the best

  • Xpertplaz
    Xpertplaz 2 days ago

    I don't have a dad ...

  • Leshauwn Hatten
    Leshauwn Hatten 2 days ago

    This how many times Brandon get sad

  • Alex Coy
    Alex Coy 2 days ago +2

    This is how many times Brandon said damn

  • Sheliza Ali
    Sheliza Ali 2 days ago

    Mess yourself I subscribed your videos blowing up to

  • justchloe
    justchloe 2 days ago

    Take a shot every time Brandon says “no!”

  • The game Gamer
    The game Gamer 2 days ago


  • Zayra Ventura
    Zayra Ventura 2 days ago

    I think I know what he was thinking of

  • Abaas Storm
    Abaas Storm 3 days ago


  • Unshur Ally
    Unshur Ally 3 days ago

    I had the same thing when I was 9 years old but it stopped.My parents told me that l was being crazy and then one night l told myself to be brave.And for some reason it just stopped happening

  • Sanchez Brothers
    Sanchez Brothers 3 days ago


  • IndyGrapher
    IndyGrapher 4 days ago

    Girls mom is an ass

  • boss of bosses
    boss of bosses 4 days ago

    That's pink

  • boss of bosses
    boss of bosses 4 days ago

    Toaster dude I bet it was 💯 times x 10

  • stevie johnson
    stevie johnson 4 days ago +1

    Brandon your beautiful obviously

  • Chelly Lopez
    Chelly Lopez 4 days ago +1


  • Summer Rick
    Summer Rick 4 days ago +1

    This is how much people subscribed👇

  • Ensa Karen
    Ensa Karen 5 days ago

    No i have no edvice for her im tweleve to and shes pissing her self

  • Lacey Akan
    Lacey Akan 5 days ago


  • Lacey Akan
    Lacey Akan 5 days ago


  • Harly Quinn Unicorn Harley Quinn Unicorn

    I've watched the Shining

  • imagamer thanks
    imagamer thanks 5 days ago

    *Real* stories *ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT*

  • DeAndre Mlechick
    DeAndre Mlechick 6 days ago

    The leprechaun back from the hood at age 6

  • Nadia Tafa
    Nadia Tafa 6 days ago

    Him: yo
    Me:stop pausing

  • Nadia Tafa
    Nadia Tafa 6 days ago +1

    This is Layla

  • Ocean Walker
    Ocean Walker 7 days ago


  • Lorena Chacon
    Lorena Chacon 7 days ago

    You should but tell her when it is a good time

  • Geo1310
    Geo1310 7 days ago

    15:56 so she prefers to be called shitty

  • tokadoma drawster
    tokadoma drawster 7 days ago +1

    Good thing that my teacher (hes a guy ima gurl) he didnt touch us (>:3 yay hes not a perv

    SAWSKEE GAMING 8 days ago


  • Demetria Gary
    Demetria Gary 8 days ago

    How may times Brandon says ok and alright


  • Steph Clark
    Steph Clark 9 days ago

    I understand pausing to talk but you do kinda pause too much

  • Gave Dacara
    Gave Dacara 9 days ago

    1 yaer old why i think it was about a vampire so

  • Amy mae YouTube channel

    31: 13 im 11 and I know that

  • 10,000 subs without videos

    I was 6

  • Ghadi Habib
    Ghadi Habib 9 days ago

    I watched a horror movie when I was young and I remember it not affecting me . I did get addicted to it but I never felt fear . I think it’s because I never believed this kinda stuff this all she need to think and know for a fact that it isn’t real

  • deadfire 4531
    deadfire 4531 9 days ago

    U hot

  • Naomi Abdul
    Naomi Abdul 10 days ago +1

    This is how many times he edited his video


  • Jomar Cejas
    Jomar Cejas 10 days ago

    Brah or bruh💃💃

  • Unicorn Nation
    Unicorn Nation 10 days ago

    you want to know my scary movie as a kid? barney the dinosaur

  • vincent lor
    vincent lor 10 days ago

    I don't give a @#!$ about how I look

  • Sarah McMahon
    Sarah McMahon 10 days ago


  • Ninjasrock 25
    Ninjasrock 25 11 days ago


  • Sunilkumar S
    Sunilkumar S 11 days ago


  • Purple_Meifwa Miss lps

    Can you react to Minute videos (another animation story thingy) 😂

  • Willow_Wilt IBENERD
    Willow_Wilt IBENERD 11 days ago

    It makes sense

  • epic animator gamer702

    It and my house got demanatiesed ce

  • Chanelle Temple
    Chanelle Temple 11 days ago +1

    Cara: I did it because I was protecting my frie-


  • Carlisa Harris
    Carlisa Harris 11 days ago

    No no no now I'm not doing what you want me to do lol bye

  • the goal of fortnite Battle Royale Robinson

    That was a good story be who are just be yourself being pretty isnt a problem

  • Bryan Avila
    Bryan Avila 12 days ago


  • Bryan Avila
    Bryan Avila 12 days ago


    THATSOJOSH_120 12 days ago

    I cant stop watching the 3 challenge 1 vid 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Mason Harrison
    Mason Harrison 13 days ago

    i was 2

  • bee 123 v
    bee 123 v 13 days ago


  • Ryan WasHere
    Ryan WasHere 13 days ago

    Yay, another rip off

  • astro 64
    astro 64 13 days ago

    Jason x

  • sandra charles
    sandra charles 13 days ago

    U R sooo AMAZING 🤩🤩

  • TheAssholeProphet
    TheAssholeProphet 13 days ago

    The problem here is not looks in parts of the world most women are treated this way and it's utterly vile that it caused her this much distress that it ruined a young important part of her life especially when she's talented this sets a really poor example for all girls but it's good to have this story heard and not glossed over because of what we see as attractive

  • Ali Bakr
    Ali Bakr 13 days ago

    'millionaire ain't that much to be honest'

  • Iris Enriquez
    Iris Enriquez 14 days ago

    17:29 Is my favorite part.

  • liyah Em
    liyah Em 14 days ago +3

    I know what you were thinking Brandon 💖📼😂😂😂😰📼😂😂😂😂

    • Puffy Tube
      Puffy Tube 9 days ago

      Same but it's age inappropriate for some people
      So that's why he didn't say that

  • Erik Del Rio
    Erik Del Rio 14 days ago

    What if Kara sees this video

  • Electric Gaming
    Electric Gaming 14 days ago +1

    This is how many times Brandon says "bloody" in his vids

  • RiceCakeJake
    RiceCakeJake 14 days ago

    This is how many time Brandon pauses the pretty video

  • Augustė M
    Augustė M 14 days ago

    The exorsist is based on a real story soooooo...........

  • Ysledsira Lopez
    Ysledsira Lopez 14 days ago

    Ohh well who else thought that the last one of them was porn

  • Filiberto Rivera
    Filiberto Rivera 14 days ago


  • Jeannette Bruce
    Jeannette Bruce 14 days ago


  • Eryn Rand
    Eryn Rand 14 days ago

    # J E S U S I S T H E B E S T

  • SGG FearItSELF
    SGG FearItSELF 14 days ago

    I was 5 when I did

  • mergy101 Dalmatians
    mergy101 Dalmatians 14 days ago

    Weird stories r normal because they always happen and normal stories r weird cause they never happen

  • Katarzyna Kinga Znosko

    Nice videos

  • Dello Changa
    Dello Changa 15 days ago

    Brandon is very responsible to himself

  • Loleta Stout
    Loleta Stout 15 days ago

    At least we have feelings

    XxSUPREMExX 6 15 days ago

    Bro go to 8:18🤣🤣

  • Lucien Brown
    Lucien Brown 15 days ago

    When I was 4

  • Rio Rodgers
    Rio Rodgers 15 days ago

    I love how many time Brandon said alright! Great video!!!

  • someone random
    someone random 15 days ago

    If old men are disgusting pigs then you are😐(sorry)

  • Circus Baby 589
    Circus Baby 589 15 days ago +2

    Inspirational Speaker: youre beautiful the way you are, be happy
    Pretty girl: im too pretty and I am always harassed, what do you say about that?
    Inspirational Speaker: ...
    Pretty girl: *MHMMM*

  • Mohammad Fatta
    Mohammad Fatta 15 days ago

    How do you know messyourself named is brandon

  • Miguel Gastelum
    Miguel Gastelum 16 days ago +2

    when you focus on one word he says. "you know"

  • t series
    t series 16 days ago

    "Bright red dress"

  • Stephen Beda
    Stephen Beda 16 days ago

    Ah how many times do you have to say judge

  • Sammy Gail
    Sammy Gail 17 days ago

    LMFAO !!!!!!!!!

  • Samira Mursal
    Samira Mursal 17 days ago

    Baby ur hot

  • Samira Mursal
    Samira Mursal 17 days ago

    Yo you nice

  • XxAsh DarkWolfxX
    XxAsh DarkWolfxX 17 days ago +2

    My friend is dating a teacher

    • JastonGWTV
      JastonGWTV 12 days ago

      FBI we *gonna breach yo door*

  • star girl
    star girl 17 days ago

    that second story is my COMPLETE opposite p.o.v. of my life

  • William Santos Abejuela Jr

    i know u think im lying but this is a real dream

    my mom devorce and marrie a dracula LOL

  • Wolf_unlimited88
    Wolf_unlimited88 17 days ago


  • Juan Rodriguez
    Juan Rodriguez 17 days ago

    365(55(65 yurr54364533546456353645463465365345463365465364536534546364565465346545646535645433653656534356436545645635463456345365643546336455634546346534536456346554634356643556435346564654654655643645453564334564635635446533645434575463537537453743574537435775435743754375465456436543645365475674334574537345743574357453753743573457375475437435745356453654633456645365465435743754375437543574356434753745345634563435665434536645364533465435654636543453645633645465354636545346546345364356654363453456435635464354536453534663434342454265426543465334566453564365435463546334565436364545634254242422456546254356345643564345366534654542645634536453664534536546334565643543645635643654435634655643465334656543574574753475436647636745365344356346)4735654673357574337547543547735434755473745334534545733457543745373536457345775767367365757753453573574375435745743764367434757647547455776753575573577535733547547357375434537354754373754574365433456654353465643564356345436564355463563435663455634453365454634536564353453634653456564324565642564225645642346536453564354635643564354366534534656436543546564354635465364435645365643543643653654345635465436546354366543564353645436435664534536635346435654365436456354656435463565435463564356435645465645463546654456456655643456354653465435346655463453643563546654353454636534654354366543354665435643345654636354653563354645364536564336545546534543543656436534543654345636354653465436345. Call me 🤙

    //LAZΛREL 17 days ago +1

    *02:02** my last brain cell after the math test*

  • Loutes0810 Lizzy
    Loutes0810 Lizzy 18 days ago

    F**k Gabe