Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 2 | Preview (HBO)

  • Published on Apr 15, 2019
  • Death has many faces.
    The final season of Game of Thrones airs Sundays on HBO.

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  • Mohan Gahalot
    Mohan Gahalot Day ago

    Comments on here are more exciting than the actual show......LoL🤣🤣🤣

  • Abir Mahmud
    Abir Mahmud Day ago

    why the fuck is this stupid fucking slut talking to jaime as if he did something wrong,your father killed the adoptive brother and father of the guy you're fucking now you dumb sow

  • Cje
    Cje Day ago

    Anyone else Team Cersei?

  • Matteo Valdora
    Matteo Valdora Day ago


  • Arun Gokul
    Arun Gokul Day ago


  • Anushka M
    Anushka M Day ago

    Dany is not allowed to kill Jaime before he confesses his undying love to Brienne, I don't make the rules

  • CyberSloth
    CyberSloth Day ago

    Daenerys is becoming more and more like her father.

  • Tae’s spoch-kah
    Tae’s spoch-kah Day ago +1

    I'm pretty sure Danny's gonna complete her sentence in Jaime's favour. They just showed the half of it in the trailer. Chill out.

  • Milan Rainford
    Milan Rainford Day ago

    Im just thirsty for more gendrya

  • Sara Devi
    Sara Devi Day ago

    I hope they think about the dead in the tomb ... ;-)

  • the1onlynoob
    the1onlynoob Day ago +1

    Jamie Lannister: I’m gonna go help my pals up north.
    Brann: ‘stares’
    Dany: ‘stares’
    Jon: ‘stares’
    Arya: ‘stares’
    Tirion: hooo boy.

    Jamie: I have made a huge mistake!

  • Blue Eyed Giants

    Check out this cover we did of the theme tune !

  • Entertaindaily
    Entertaindaily Day ago

  • r y
    r y Day ago

    I don't think she's sad that her father is dead I think she is more sad that she had to live in exile and fear because her father was dead

  • Shubham Garg
    Shubham Garg Day ago +2

    Bran: Can you push me
    Jamie: What?
    Bran: I mean the wheelchair

  • chelsea bts
    chelsea bts Day ago

    I don’t even watch this show

    CMDR JAY Day ago

    Is it just me or is this promo making Daenery's out to be the bad person in this episode. First it's Jamies trial, then Tyrion and the others are looking at her as if something didn't go her way. Both Vary's and Jorah looking down and Tyrion looking at her with worry. The 1st episode really weighed in on this as well, with Daenerys really expressing her dominance such as basically saying even though Sansa doesn't like me I'm still her Queen, and also the hinted feud Jon and Daenerys may have with Sam saying Jon should be King, and would she do same thing, give up her crown for her people. Somethings cooking….

  • wayne king
    wayne king Day ago

    didnt the bitch kill sams father?

  • Frosted Cat
    Frosted Cat Day ago

    game of thrones won't have a happy ending anyway

  • riddler2004
    riddler2004 Day ago

    I’m so sick of Dani

  • Rubaia Anzuman
    Rubaia Anzuman Day ago

    I don't know why i am starting to dislike Daenerys more and more 🙄

  • Annika
    Annika Day ago

    GOT is life!

  • Kristaps Jankovskis

    Looks like next series will be bad-ass. Hype IzReal

  • Çŏsa ŊosŧЯǺ

    Put out an APB on Brienne.

  • Çŏsa ŊosŧЯǺ

    What is Arya doing at 0:23?

  • lon leiweilyn sweet

    Nice 1

  • Ahrihub
    Ahrihub Day ago

    Gonna rewatch s1 so I dont feel bad about what is going to happen to Jaime

  • raman jain
    raman jain Day ago

    Who else waits for the complete video to end just like a marvel one?

  • N. R.
    N. R. Day ago

    Bran: 👀

  • M A I Dolon
    M A I Dolon Day ago

    That's the whole seasons preview. Not only episode 2

  • El Cid Li
    El Cid Li Day ago

    Why Dany this motherfucker can't concentrate on those fucking White walkers?

  • Nikola Matic
    Nikola Matic Day ago

    Where is Ghost?!

  • SmoothCriminal
    SmoothCriminal Day ago

    I'm gonna burn some shit down if you do anything to Jaime

  • Arlan Skauzer
    Arlan Skauzer Day ago

    What the great

  • Allusio
    Allusio Day ago

    IMO, it is Dany's chance to show that she can learn from her mistakes and earn everyone's respect... First, she can show people of North that she can forgive and accept help of her greatest enemy herself for the sake of winning this war... Second, she can show Sam that she has learned something and can be a greater Queen.
    Well, I think she can use this chance wisely.

  • Sanjay Dantani
    Sanjay Dantani Day ago

    Please release in Hindi language in India...

    • Joy C
      Joy C Day ago

      Most Indian people understand English. I know because I'm Indian too, but grew up in Europe.

  • 212th HQ
    212th HQ Day ago

    If this is episode 2. Seeing them in battle and prepare for battle. what the frk happens in the rest of the episodes o-o

  • FalloutReaper
    FalloutReaper Day ago

    How many episodes is there gonna be?

  • Anekant
    Anekant Day ago

    M very upset....i mean it's the penultimate season but still they are not giving any airtime to night king and his army??
    Same thing happened in previous two seasons.....
    They should have shown us how the night king attacked the last hearth and created his sign!!!

  • åhfan
    åhfan Day ago

    I have still not watch got

  • Sanjay Nayak
    Sanjay Nayak Day ago

    they better not kill Jamie Lannister!!

  • Darin Anthony Tinasas please subscribe

  • NZjames
    NZjames Day ago

    Spoiler alert

  • emma derose
    emma derose Day ago

    sorry your dad was a psychotic murder, no one feels bad that he was killed

  • Farid Musbah
    Farid Musbah Day ago


  • Owen Wilson
    Owen Wilson Day ago

    Will we ever learn the mistery of tri-Pod and what happened at the brothel that day?

  • Hmingthana Colney
    Hmingthana Colney Day ago +2

    Khal Drogo would come back as Aquaman and flood the path of the walkers with water... Problem solved

  • pintu singh rajput


  • Erfan
    Erfan Day ago

    we don't have time for your father dany

  • Mr. Perez
    Mr. Perez Day ago

    Someone close to, if not Robb himself, had to have known that Roose Bolton raped his own bastard's mother and murdered her husband. So my question is why in the seven fucks would Robb make a man like Roose Bolton his closest advisor?

  • Rebe Joy Alomina

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  • cardinal151515
    cardinal151515 Day ago

    dany was my favorite. not anymore

  • theFreebornBrothers

  • Dieg. Oz
    Dieg. Oz Day ago

    Solo dire estara cool ..nunca pense que esta semanas fueran tan largasss WTF

  • Tyus Fontana
    Tyus Fontana Day ago

    They got tired of pushing around Bran on his wheelchair so they just left him out in the cold. Poor guy.

  • Auto Bot
    Auto Bot Day ago +4

    Jon : Its cold up here for a southern girl..
    Dani : So keep your queen warm.

    Drogon: Am I A Joke To You..🔥🐲

  • Kiddo The Great
    Kiddo The Great Day ago


  • Cheval Duval
    Cheval Duval Day ago

    I do love Danny and the dragons, put if she speaks like that to Jamie one more F-ing time I'm switchin' teams !

  • Rubaida Allen
    Rubaida Allen Day ago

    The fact that I have to actually wait for episode 2, is giving me anxiety.

  • Antony Rdgs
    Antony Rdgs Day ago

    Don't hurt Jamie!

  • Abdul Latif
    Abdul Latif Day ago

    Is it possible to download this episode freely fron any website ?

  • Not Alfie
    Not Alfie Day ago +1

    Leave Jaime alone!!!!!!!!!

  • kashish gautam
    kashish gautam Day ago

    These dumbasses not gonna show us the podrick magic 😒

  • Lorrie R
    Lorrie R Day ago

    How to move on after GOT?

  • Blood-Ghost
    Blood-Ghost Day ago

    When Will episode 2 come out

  • Lingga Ailangga
    Lingga Ailangga Day ago

    film legendaris nih

  • Sabeel Ek
    Sabeel Ek Day ago

    I guess Sansa, Cersie, Jaime and Theon will die..

  • Roland Aloysius
    Roland Aloysius Day ago

    Greyworm gonna bite the dust

  • Baby Eagle
    Baby Eagle Day ago

    Have you seen this game yet? It's very easy to think, but very difficult??

  • WOW16JPL
    WOW16JPL Day ago

    Ok I'm officially done watching these trailers. The spoilers totally suck!!!

  • Fransiska Vitta
    Fransiska Vitta Day ago

    ngak ada abisnya nih film, juaara

  • LV-Gamer 25
    LV-Gamer 25 Day ago

    Emilia Clarkes acting is just god awful. She has only 2 faces - resting bitch face and annoyed/surprised brat face...they both got old REALLY fast in the first season.

  • Teddy Bear
    Teddy Bear Day ago

    So,Tyrion is a Targaryen.Son of Mad king and joana lannister.
    He would ride Rheagal.

  • ɢᴀʀʙᴀɢᴇ ᴋᴇɴ

    The last scene on both s1 ep 1 and s8 ep 1 directly shows cause and effect.

  • Dream Killer
    Dream Killer Day ago +1

    I cant wait

  • Leandro silva
    Leandro silva Day ago

    Pqp melhor série de todas véi

  • Nadia Shami
    Nadia Shami Day ago

    For some reason i wanna still see the Lady Stoneheart

  • Aprilia Rider
    Aprilia Rider Day ago +1

    Jamie bore his soul to Brienne and she is in Winterfell. She knows why he killed the mad king. I wonder if she will speak up and save him?

  • Alan Brown
    Alan Brown Day ago

    Have yet to see a single episode, are there dragons in this ?

    RANJEET SAH Day ago +1

    We can't wait.plz air it faster

  • ReconUnit64
    ReconUnit64 Day ago


  • damn man
    damn man Day ago

    F*ck Daenerys

  • Easy Noted
    Easy Noted Day ago

    Damn it they Gunna leave us hanging waiting for the sun to come up 🤣

  • Pranav
    Pranav Day ago

    honestly who tells a bedtime story about your father getting killed? some of the worst writing I am witnessing..

  • Karan Biradar
    Karan Biradar Day ago

    This episode is going to be so lit. I can’t wait. The final war already started.

  • Chicken Puc
    Chicken Puc Day ago

    *Waiting...Waiting...Waiting everyday!*

  • Kapps Lock
    Kapps Lock Day ago


  • PercyxHermione
    PercyxHermione Day ago +3

    When Dani is sitting in the chair of the man her father brutally murdered and watched with glee as his son strangled himself to death to save him...and she is sitting beside the man whose father and brother she killed for not bending the knee...while Jaime did what he did to save 500k people with no other motive but to save the innocent ones...
    The whole freaking North better rally around Jaime once the truth is made known!

  • Daville 710
    Daville 710 Day ago +2

    🤔Jon thinking about his relationship with Dani... (Shame...Shame..Shame..)😳

    • Ilove beanbag
      Ilove beanbag Day ago

      I don't think he really cares about 'THAT' part of the relationship

  • DaVinci Memes
    DaVinci Memes Day ago


  • HD_Dylan
    HD_Dylan Day ago

    Am I allowed to promote my channel?

  • HD_Dylan
    HD_Dylan Day ago +1

    Go to my channel to watch my first ever video!

    WMH WHM Day ago

    Also, I always wonder how intelligent Nightking is. Considering last season, Dany rides her dragons to The Wall in minutes, how long should NightKing take if he directly flies to King's Landing??? Maybe he is afraid of the hot weather???I don't know. But in many RTS games, I really prefer to cut the stronghold first. What if Knightking flied to the south alone and gave some deadly attack through the dragon he just got? Hell, without dragonglass, South is completely vulnerable. Nightking's new dragon might also be unkillable since it has already the living dead. North and South definitely cannot fight both sides. Even tough South won't really send armies, crushing the South can still be a message. I guess when North gets that message about South falls, Soldiers in North will believe there is no backup and lose faith. Some of them might even run away. Then White Walkers should get this perfect timing to start the formal attack to the North.

  • Sarah M
    Sarah M Day ago

    How dare that little bitch be bitching about her vicious daddy in Winterfell sitting in Brandon's and Rickard's place?

  • Wilmer Alita
    Wilmer Alita Day ago

    Someone is about to die

    WMH WHM Day ago

    Actually, there is one very simple way to deal with this kind of situation. Jaime killed her father? Good. Sent him in the front when facing white walkers. After all, he is here to help isn't he? If he died in the battle field, Danny never needed to bother how to execute him. If he survived, doing that "been the knee or die" game again. But of course, after the holy battle, everyone will consider as heroes, so whether you let your anger to consume you, will define your future.

  • Nina Maria
    Nina Maria Day ago

    Dany talks about how her brother, Viserys, used to tell her about their dad’s killer. But Viserys also embellished the truth about theur dad. Didn’t he also like burning people alive? Dany is acting like her family was victimized.

  • Tommy Later
    Tommy Later Day ago

    Does Danny really serious about her father the mad King.

  • Tommy Later
    Tommy Later Day ago

    "Hello Jaime, you had a great stamina that day in the tower with Cersei."

  • misslornamae
    misslornamae Day ago +5

    I want to see Brienne and Tormund get together lol in her culture she's manly, unattractive. But he thinks all that strength is sexy! I'm shipping them!